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Carmichael Satisfied With Saints

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Pete Carmichael's name has been mentioned here as an intriguing possibility to become the Bears' next offensive coordinator.

Some readers have questioned why the 39-year-old Saints' offensive coordinator would want to leave such an envious situation in New Orleans. The high-octane Saints will host the Vikings in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, after all, and quarterback Drew Brees has developed into one of the league's most prolific passers.

But coaching is about climbing the ladder, remember. Carmichael doesn't call the plays for the Saints and as long as he's under Sean Payton his head coach will get most of the credit. If Carmichael went to another team his success would be his own and it might make him a more attractive head-coaching candidate down the road.

Not that that's the case, necessarily. A colleage in New Orleans tells me he would be surprised to see Carmichael take a different coordinator job right now, assuming the Saints would allow him interview. Evidently, he has turned down the Dolphins twice, when Cam Cameron and then Tony Sparano came calling.

He may not be calling the plays in New Orleans but he appears content for now.

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Welllll Duhhhhh! It was a far-fetched idea to begin with. Why would a guy leave a cushy job with a stable coaching staff for the complete opposite? Come on!

this is a test

uh did I miss a couple posts???

I still doubt Pete Carmichael would have given up his job in New Orleans for the Chicago job, if for nothing else, job security. He has that in New Orleans under Sean Payton. Now, I can see if the Bears had an all new coaching staff/regime, but again, they don't. If Lovie doesn't get his defense going this season, he's probably out in Chicago. As a Bear fan, I hope Lovie does although.

Creighton, when you asked, who preceded Mike Tice as the offensive line coach in Minnesota, I thought you meant, who came after Mike Tice as line coach of the Viking's. You wanted to know who came before Mike Tice, that would be Keith Rowen. Mike Tice was actually the tight ends coach while Rowen was the line coach. Tice would then precede Rowen as the line coach of the Viking's. GO BEARS!!

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