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Bears receive permission to speak to Rogers

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The Bears were spurned the last time they asked an NFC North team to interview their quarterbacks coach.

The Green Bay Packers turned down their request to talk to Tom Clements for the Bears offensive coordinator post.

But the Bears have received permission from the Minnesota Vikings to speak to quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers about their vacancy, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

It's believed Rogers will do the interview later this week.

Rogers is under contract to the Vikings through next season, and Vikings coach Brad Childress can decide whether to grant or deny the Bears request. But Childress -- a former quarterbacks coach -- has generally allowed his assistants to interview for promotions.

Rogers drew interest from the University of Miami last year, and he's well-respected, most notably for his work with Donovan McNabb while at Syracuse. In Minnesota, he's worked with Tarvaris Jackson and Brett Favre in 2009.

Rogers is a good communicator, with a strong knowledge of the position and NFL offenses.

A website called Football Scoop is reporting that Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone has "great interest" in bringing Rogers back to the Orange.

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Will the Bears get rejected for a college team. If Jackson was a slap in the face, that would be a kick in the ####.


Any reason why Al Saunders isn't getting any attention?

I'm hoping that they're just holding out for Christensen, but I'm sure he'd rather stay put in Indy rather than take the most thankless job in Chicago.

oh geez,


Hows about Martz??? Why hasnt anyone thought of him???


This signing would be the ultimate desperation hiring. If he didn't have Brett Favre, he wouldn't even be considered for the Q-baCK coach position. Look at MIKE LEACH.....

He worked with Tarvaris Jackson?
This is just the guy to lead the Bears offense to glory.
And to think they still have to find a puppet, ahhh I mean defensive coordinator too.

What a joke this whole thing has become.

Of COURSE the Vikes gave permission to speak with this clown. It's their contribution to the Bears awful season in 2010!

J, Christensen will probably named OC of the Colts after this season ends, Moore is 72 and only came back for reasons reguarding his pension. Christensen has been getting paid like a top end OC already and was named OC for the Colts last offseason when Moore origanlly retired, but their was mistake and he had to come back. No chance he leaves Manning.

Hey but this guy has 38 years coaching experince and made it all the way to position coach in the nfl.

Kevin Rogers is actually a legitimate offensive play caller. I am from Syracuse and when they were good (McNabb era) he was extremely imaginative in his play calling, used alot of shotgun and roll outs which would benefit Cutler. I realize he has not called plays at the NFL level but this guy is well thought of around both college and the NFL. Don't forget, Doug Marrone was running the Saints offense before he left for the head job at SU so if he wants Rogers, you can be sure it is because he respects his knowledge of offense.

Phil, Hitman, Creighton, Chuch....and everyone who posted on FCP over the years...

we have created a group for all us SunTimes blog keep up with each other when our favorite seasons end.

Come check it out...and there is a bounty on Hitmans head...if anyone can get him to join the throwing in some hard core cash. or maybe ill break out the pink sox hat...either way!

I'm sure Rogers will blend effortlessly with Coach Smith if he is chosen. After all, he is the Bear's 8th best choice after 7 previous talented potentials turned down the job.

No secret that job security at Halas Hall is at a 7 year low. And everyone in the NFL knows it.

Why not just sign Doug Plank to D-Coordinator? Not like he will screw it up anymore than Smith and Babich the previous 3 years, and he is a homer. Give him a chance.

My dream: Bears trade Briggs, Tillman, and their 3rd round pick to Rams so they can Pick Nsamukong Suh, the Beast.

I fail to see how an experienced, well-respected assitant coach with over five years of play-calling experience is a "bottom of the barrel" candidate.

In fact, he could be pefect, if you actually bother to look at his resume.

Who has he worked with in his career? McNabb, Vick, Tavaris Jackson.

In other words, he likely knows hwo to get the most out of a mobile, strong-armed QB.

And to the Jackson detractors. . . he isn't nearly as bad as you make him out to be.

He's gone from a project to a player who can manage a game very well, one who will certainly get a chance to start again in the NFL.

And I'm willing to be that Rogers ability to work with a mobile QB played a major role in his development.

Jackson doesn't have half the talent of Cutler. So I would actually be excited to see what he can do with Jay.

Frankly, this is the beauty of a longer search. The team has taken its time -- intentional or not -- to find guys who would be a good fit wit the personnel they have.

And no, these are not the seventh or eight choices. Unless I'm mistaken, the Bears have only been in negotiations with one person -- Bates.

They have balked at Martz, and never made offers to anyone else.

Let them take their time and chill out.

Give Jim McMahon a call. He was the spark that got us to the top in '85. He could do it again.

Kevin Rogers has HELLO coached in the same division, is familiar with The Bears Personnel, GB Personnel, and HELLO Minnesota Personnel. He is well respected around the league and would be a great pick up for the Bears. People are so stupid.

Hey Idc, you see where the Titans just dumped Chris Johnson's position coach? After a 2000 yard season.

Managment was probably worried about Fisher being a lame duck and didn't want to pay the dude. Boy the Tennesee francise is in chaos isn't it? The Bills just hired some no-name our of college to coach their linebackers. Probably got him cheap. He was probably hired just because he knows Chan Gailey. Wonder who was asleep on that one? The world as they know it is probably going to end in Buffalo and Memphis.

Either that or this is just the time of year when NFL teams fine tune their staffs by hiring and firing assistant football coaches.

Chill out and let them take their time?! The Bears would be much better off hiring the first name that popped into the rumor mill. Sitting down and exchanging ideas with a list of reputable people is proven to be over-rated as a method of finding good employees. They should definately panic and just hire somebody to put an end to the blogging.

This could be a gem people. He has experience and has worked with a very diverse offense in Minny. Plus hes a rival coach. Imagine the insight he could give us. I would rather have Rogers as the OC as opposed to Martz. Minny has the power running game and Rogers will want to keep that. It was the running game that kept Favre healthy for most of the year. Yes we dont have an Adrian Peterson, but he will bring a run first mind set. With Martz, my fear will be 40 passing attempts a game. Cutler has a great arm and good mobility, but the run game has to get going. A solid rushing attack with Cutlers arm = a damn good O. Just need some OL help and (cough cough) Chester Taylor as a FA??!?!

I was not refering to Rogers as much as I was to all the candidates the bears are looking at and being turned down by. That would surprise me that the Vikes would give permission? does anyone else see that? This is their rival, now that does not make any sense.
But I dont feel he did a good job with Jackson, if he did why need Favre? and Favre does not need a QB Coach the man IS a QB coach.
I have never seen so many candidates looked at by an org. Heard Cutler is in the interviews, now that I like alot! I really feel that is best and I cant believe I like the bears org more for doing that. After all he is our franchise.
It would appear? the bears were taken aback by the early refusals of their top candidates.

Randy --

Tavaris Jackson was a project. Go back and look at the draft reports. Strong arm, fast, but very inaccurate and very much rattled under pressure. Played on a bad team at the IAA.

Guys like that rarely do anything in the NFL. But Jackson has steadily improved each year. Last year, he had a QB rating of over 95, and threw very only two interceptions compared to nine TDs in nine games. Sorry, but that's managing the game at the QB positon.

Some guys at the QB position need a few years of polish, and Jackson is well on his way to being a productive starting QB.

Getting Favre has more to do with Favre. If you can get a Hall-of-Fame QB who is still productive, you get him. Jackson will never be Favre. But that doesn't mean he stinks.

Moreover, this was arguably Favre's best year. He has never been known for taking care of the ball. Championship game aside, that is what he did all season. Ya think Rogers may have had something to do with that? Looks similar to what happened with Jackson.

If that is the impact he had on Farve, can you imagine what he would do with Cutler? Favre has said himself that Cutler has superior skills and instincts to himself at 26.

It terms of the candidates. . . did they not say this was their most important hire ever? I don't know why people are so up in arms about this. I can't think of any corporation that would just hire someone on a whim to run a major part of their operation. They would look through resumes, and bring in a lot of people.

I'm sorry, but its better to get this right than to get it done. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know anything about how to run a business.

And if someone doesn't want the job, so be it. That's not someone you want anyway.

Idc you do make a good point on Favre int etc...yes I did notice the change, he settled down and I am not that concerend that he lost that game as the entire team played a big role in that loss. But still even looking at Jackson, making a big improvement is different from making it, I did not feel he was making it, nor do I feel he will make it to a level as ProBowl - which is where Cutler was before he came here, Favre did it with basically the same team Jackson had, Favre is one in a million but do you jeopardize a gret young QB career by bringing in a one year wonder if you really believe that Jackson will be all that? I feel we can do better than that, do I think the bears will be able to do better than that? As much as I dont want Martz here, it sure looks like he is coming here and he does have alot of experience, someone will be QB Coach.not an upgrade, so why would the Vikes let him interview??

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