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Bears schedule interview with Fewell

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Former Chicago Bears defensive backs coach Perry Fewell will interview for the team's defensive coordinator position on Monday, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Fewell, the Bears defensive backs coach in 2005, is interviewing today with the New York Giants for their defensive coordinator position.

He left the Bears organization to become the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator in 2006, and he was elevated to interim head coach when Dick Jauron was fired midway through the 2009 season.

Fewell has already interviewed for the Bills head coaching position, but he is being hotly pursued by two coaches with whom he's working in the past.

Fewell was the defensive backs coach for Giants head coach Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville from 1998 to 2002; he worked with Bears head coach Lovie Smith in St. Louis in 2003 and 2004 and then in Chicago in 2005.

It appears both the Giants and Bears are aggressively pursuing Fewell, even though he remains a candidate to be the Bills head coach. The Bills were reportedly in Minnesota today to interview Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

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If he can choose between the talented Giants personnel or the Bears lackluster personnel... why in the world would he ever choose the Bears?? especially if this roster isn't talented enough on D to save Lovie's job next year. I doubt he'd want to be one-and-done in Chicago when he can be 3+ in New York with better organization, coaching and talent around him.

I'm not sure how much impact a new defensive coordinter and a new offensive coordinater will have, but I do think some of the offensive calls this year were obviously pretty stupid.On defense, someone who really knows how to coach rushing the passer, at which Fewell seems to have had some success, would certainly help.A coach who knows how to use the pass to set up the run would also be a boon. Let's hope the Bears manage to luck out in both respects.

I just read that Weiss took a job as offensive cooredinater for Kansas City, which means K.C. will be even worse next year. The good news is that the Bears will not make the stupid move of getting him. I think I'm leaning toward Martz after reading Dickerson's article about him.The Bears could do a lot worse than Fewel and Martz bringing in some obvious changes.

Fewell will go to the Giants, as the Bills won't make him a head coach. He's only interviewing here to get leverage with the Giants. The McCaskeys vs. the Maras. Who would anyone with a brain rather work for?

awwww....shucks......who cares.
The Bears already know who they are hiring, otherwise they wouldn't have done any firing.
Why would they bring in anyone without any experience when they
just fired someone who had tons?
remember they didn't fire anyone on the defensive side, so what
DC would not want his own people?
Lovie is our DC. We'll go from there. ---------- curses.

know what I miss about FCP? No captcha.

btw.... I am enjoying reading about all the people who would "love to
help a jay cutler and Brian Urlacher." All none of them.

Paul, the DC does not teach pass rushing thats a position coaches job, the DC comes up with the game plan for the defense and works with the head coach to execute it. Marinelli was suppose to make the defensive line better at rushing the passer, thats actually his job and he did a poor job. The defense was just as bad as the offense this year and has been for the past 3 years. Worst in the nfl in third and long, which is the ideal pass rush situation. Whats funny is none of Lovie's guys were fired for doing a bad job.

Looks like the Bears would be third on Fewell's list, but who else are the giants looking at? Crennel? These are the big names for DC's out their Jim Haslett, Dick Jauron, and Jerry Gray. Uggggg.

Martz is desperate and a friend of Lovie's he has a really good chance of comming here because nobody else wants him cause he is such a great coach. Someone will take the Bills job before they take a coordinator job. The coaching seen won't heat up till after the playoff's, Rivera and Frazier are big names that the Bills will look at. For the most part really good DC's are not going to make a lateral move to another team. Not when they have already established themselves and their defense on another team, and not when Smith is nothing more than a lame duck.

Fewell could be a good coordinator. He directed middle of the pack defenses (8-16) when they really were supposed to end on the bottom half..... talent wise speaking. Personally I would like them to bring someone with 3-4 defense experience and can provide some insight into maybe a couple of hybrid packages..... just for the fun of it. And I cannot waste this opportunity to tell:
Creighton, your endless babbling and complaining doesn't mean u know anything about football.... it just shows what a dumb fan you are. Of all the complainers around here (and I am one of them) you are the worst. Just shut up and get your own football team so we can cackle about what a bad pres/gm/coach/ and coordinator you are.

Yo Fellas...

I will miss the Bears not being in the playoffs..

Hey.I have found JulieB, Gig, WRD, Keith, Bubs Mom..and others over on Facebook...

Also...we have started a little facebook club..called the lost tribe of Full Court Press

Check it out...

The BCS game is pretty interesting. The Bears would get their butts kicked by Bama.

That is a good idea Culzie except Facebook is kind of lame. It just seems like Jr. to me.
Myspace is lame as well but it is much easier to create, join and participate in a group over there.
Easy to customize, add pics, start new topics, quote other posts…
If any of the former FCP guys are interested I would be glade to create a Chicago Sports group there.
You can even use your old blog names from FCP.

Then again you may not even see this.
I have submitted three comments here in the last few days and not one of them was posted.

Lovie, please hire one of your boys to be the new defensive coordinator. Seriously, we love group think and continuously missing the playoffs.

Who better than your defensive backs coach who can't even teach his DB's how to bump and run in a cover 2 defense? Let the receivers run unhindered without being bumped under the cover 2 umbrella! Awesome strategy. Glad to see you're elevating a fundamentally sound coach, and got rid of that terrible on fundamentals coach Ron Rivera.

I'd rather have Leslie Frazier: he has already proven himself in Minnesota and was a Bear as a player. (I realize the latter has no value for winning, but many of us appreciate keeping things within the "family" if possible. Having Mike Ditka as a winning coach was as good as it gets.) But like Creighton said, Frazier is not going from Minnesota to the Bears just to remain a coordinator, and especially when the Bears have a lot less talent on defense.

Paul, what exactly is it you dislike about Weiss? Forget Notre Dame, he did a good job in New England as offensive coordinator, which is what his job would be on the Bears. New England had a lot more talent, but at least he showed he knows what to do with it. And you like Martz? Do you know that 1) in St. Louis he tried to pass almost every play and got totally indignant when he was asked about that and 2) he was a failure as offensive coordinator in San Francisco and Detroit? I don't understand the logic of anyone who likes Martz over Weiss. But far more important is that NO offensive coordinator will be able to do anything with the Bear offense until the line starts blocking and the receivers learn how to play, including getting at least one really good receiver.

I think hiring Fewell might not be a bad idea. He is creative and knows how to mix up the scheme. Having some 3-4 time in Buffalo only adds to his bag of tricks. Here is the kicker.. hes demanding. Practise or game you better perform. Plus hes not been here for a few years and comes in with fresh view on the current roster. Give JA some credit for forcing Lovie to go outside the team to find a new DC. Could be worse people to put in there. Plus, Fewell helped develop players quickly when he coached the DB's in '05. Hes fiery and will do some yelling on the sideline. On a side note.. JA said Lovie is not a lame duck coach this year? Ummmm lol. Ok. If the OC does the O and the DC handles the D, what exactly are you doing Lovie? Just curious???

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