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Bears Put Norv in Awkward Spot

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The Bears have received permission to speak with Chargers' assistant head coach/tight ends Rob Chudzinski, according to a knowledgeable source.

Chudzinski is expected to interview with coach Lovie Smith and perhaps even recently hired offensive line coach Mike Tice at Halas Hall today.

The Bears' request to interview Chudzinksi put Chargers coach Norv Turner in an interesting situation. Turner didn't have to grant the request because Chudzinski remains under contract and the Bears aren't offering a head coaching position. On the other hand, he doesn't want to stand in the way of a coach moving on and up if Chudzinski wants more autonomy, which he would likely get in Chicago since Smith is more involved with the defense.

Then again, does Norv want to help out a head coach who just fired his brother? Smith fired longtime Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner and several of his assistants earlier this month.

The NFL is an interesting place. The Turner Boys have been in the league a long time. They know how things work. But there's no denying that Smith's request put Norv Turner in an awkward spot. Lovie is basically saying, "I fired your brother and now I want to steal your assistant head coach to take his place."

I'm told Chudzinski has one year left on his contract but is expected to remain as long as Norv Turner is San Diego's head coach, and Norv just signed a three-year extension.

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Actually it probably let's Norv off the hook at bit as he can hire his brother into the position vacated by Chudzinski if he comes on board with the BEARS. It's a WIN, WIN for the Chargers.......
Look everyone knows that the Chargers situation is not much better than the BEARS imagine what will happen to Norv if they lose another playoff game they are not supposed to in San diego, Norv got the extension, but don't think he is in anyways off the hook, Hell he has more pressure on him than Lovie does to get it done, he has to WIN a Super Bowl, we just want back into the playoffs!
Seriously, this is who we need to get in here, he has been around has experience running an offense and as Sean says being O-coordinator here is the closest you can get to being a head coach without having the title.... Rob come on DOWN!!!!!!.........Go BEARS

This is sort of intresting. Sean I give you credit, you didn't put up the BS article about him the Trib did. Talking about how great he was with Cleavland as the offensive coordinator in 07. Which is true, his offense had a solid year in 07. What they didn't say is that he was also the OC for cleavland in 08. When they were ranked 30th in points, 31st in yards and dead last in total offense with largly the same offense. So which OC is he? Did the league just figure him out or did he have a bad year?

Am I the only one that finds it funny that this is the third TE coach they have brought in? Whats up with that? Same exact title as Tice. He's better than nothing, I think.

Chi I don't think he has more of a burden than Lovie. Lovie is on the hot seat big time. I don't think anyone will get fired at the end of this year, no matter what happens. Cause it looks like their is a lockout in 2011 so they can just let the contracts expire the that year. Everyone in the nfl really only has one year, becuase of this. I hope they get that resolved ASAP.

Anyway at the very least he is a good TE coach. Maybe they will let him pick his QB coach.

One thing that stands out as being strange, is that it is only a 1 day interview, didn't Tice and Zamp get two, and why not wait till after the funeral? They have enough to worry about, meet with the guy when you are not rushed to go bury a teammate. Lovie worked that kid so he can't really be in the best state of mind right now. To me thats just strange.

You know what I did just miss that you arte trying to confirm this, when I looked at Biggs and Pomaid over at the Trib they actually didn't confirm it either but say the interview is Wednesday, which as I wrote seems a really strange time to do an interview. Pomaid could be making things up again.

So the Bears should be interviewing him right now, and nobody knows if he is in town?

Now sense people say I am to hard on the Bears, I will say this. They picked the worst year to hire a bunch of coaches. Its just not a good year for it, with the lockout looming and the CBA up in the air.

I am also putting together a brief history of Mike Tice as the line coach with the Vikings, to show why I feel he maybe overrated. This will have no stats. Just point a to point b. Who he worked with and coached and who taught him. Their is no opinion involved in it, just his career.

Maybe so, but Norv is in an major awkward spot because he is planning to spend the weekend at home instead of in Indianapolis.

In comparison making a decision on Chudzinski is relatively about as awkward as noticing your nose is itching while being strapped into the electric chair. It may be irritating, but you probably have other things to occupy your mind.

I wasn't big on the Bears bringing in Rob Chudzinski for the offensive coordinator job at first, until I read up on him a little. I didn't realize Chudzinski had experience as a play caller, to me, thats key for the new hire. I'm not big on the idea of the Bears bringing in a position coach who has never called plays to be the new o-coordinator. But Chudzinski has experience calling plays as an o-coordinator, he did it for the University of Miami, and for the Cleveland Browns. In 2007 as the Browns offensive coordinator, Cleveland put up 402 points under Chudzinski. Thats impressive, especially when you consider the personnel he had to work with in Cleveland. I like the idea of Chudzinski coming in, I just don't know if its gonna happen. Although, the fact he could be in line to be the new head coach for Chicago might be enough to bring him in. If Lovie's defensive unit continues to falter, and Chudzinski can get the offense up to par along with Jay Cutler, the head job could he his in 2011, it should be interesting.

As far as Rob Chudzinski as an o-coordinator, he likes to run a vertical passing attack along with a power rushing attack. Chicago has the perfect Quarterback for the vertical passing attack, its the power rushing part they might have a problem with. But, I'm sure Chudzinski could adapt to Chicago's personnel. Under Chudzinski, Angelo would have to go into the draft and get some bigger more powerful o-linemen, especially inside at guard. And we all know guard is need #1 heading into the draft anyways. Also, maybe trying the 6-8 310lb James Marten out at right tackle could work also, just an opinion as always GO BEARS!!

The bottom line here is is that nobody, and I mean nobody with two cents worth of a brain would take up this job under this present org. The present coach is a lame duck as many point out, the GM is an idiot who doesn't know how to draft or to sign the correct players that are not of the rams. Nor will they hire an OC who will most likely take over the helm of Lovie when he gets fired after next year. The guys on Lovies and Angies List are no more intelligent and independent than a 2nd grader trying to figure out trigonometry. Love and Angie don't want somebody who can operate on their own recognizance and will power because it would make the two of them truly expose their incompetence. So us die hard bleeding orange and navy blood will have to suffer one more year of this grueling administration and its horrid decision making and hope, pray, fantasize, ect that 2011 will bring a brighter light with a new regime. Please Lord let there be a new and successful regime for the Bears in 2011.

Hopefully with Tice coming on as the OL coach, he will look at changes all along the line. James Marten was a fairly high pick if I remember. He has that perfect size to be a RT. Does he have the power and tenacity is unknown. Depending on who comes out in the FA market, JA could shore up some areas quickly. If the OL pickings are good, open the check book and sign them. A big road grader at LG would do nicely. Wonder if the Saints let Jhari Evans test the waters? What about trying Shaffer at RG? Hes pretty well built. Maybe he does better shifting inside. If any decent FS hit the market that also needs to be a priority. I still think moving Tillman to FS may be the best option. We have more then enough young CB to make the move now. One last thing.. call me crazy, but I thought Steltz was steady and played well as the SS spot. He made a very nice open field tackle on Peterson during the monday night game. Problem was lovie never gave him enough playing time to figure it out one way or another. One thing if for sure.. with a new DC coming, there will be a fresh look at many players on that D.

Norv Turner is not in an awkward position, and he certainly is not doing the Bears a favor...This scenario was well thought out, in fact it was a no-brainer for him...Turner saw a situation where he could add his brother to his coaching staff...If Chudzinski takes the o.c. job with the Bears...Turner will hire his brother Ron in a heart beat...After all blood is thicker than water.

It's hard to get excited about these experienced coaches when they weren't even our top 3 choices... Bates and Fisch are in Seattle, Fewell is in NY, and heck, even Gailey and Chaney went elsewhere. What's left in the pool? Craig Johnson, Ken Zampese, Paul Hackett, Mike Martz, Bill Musgrave, Hue Jackson. Plus, some playoff coaches like Christensen or Chudzinski. Even Pepper Johnson, Will Muschamp, and Herm Edwards are still around. I say wait for Alan Williams from Indy and aggressively pursue Tom Clements (who cares if McCarthy has an apoplexy?) for our coordinator positions. In the meantime, fill in the TEs or QBs coaching jobs if you need to kill time (though it might be prudent to let them hire their choices for assistants; hopefully Jon Hoke and Darryl Drake get fired soon).

I think they believe that Olsen, Clark, and Davis are not getting the most out of their talent, and they are the strongest group of skill guys we have on the team. With Tice there to help with the blocking aspect of their game (or at least the play action "sell the block" game), the offensive coordinator will be tasked with helping them work the intermediate routes and deep routes rather than short to intermediate as they did this year.

I see them trying to make this a Kansas City style offense when Trent Green was there, focused around a running back who can also catch the ball out of the backfield, and a pass catching tight end. The Eddie Kennison-type wideout group we have will be a little more dangerous, but equally as inconsistent.

The missing piece is the offensive line. The Chiefs were able to do very well because of Roaf, Shields, Waters, Wiegmann, and Tait. We do not have a single guy on our projected line that has that kind of pedigree as a professional. Williams is our only 1st round pick, and maybe could be a good left tackle, but they had 2 HOF level guards, and a tackle that wasn't far off in Roaf. Should be interesting to see if Tice can get more out of this group in 2010 and beyond.

It is hard to get excited as dasuperfan88 said - about what the bears are doing with their interviews, as its hard to figure out what they are trying to accomplish, as I thought the O.C. would want a say in all this, maybe they are talking to Martz behind the scenes or something. I still like Hackett....
Is this SOP for hiring Coaches? or does anyone else feel they should get the OC/DC first??

NFL Elite teams:
Here is a link to an Indy Star article on what I have been thinking about during the playoffs. All the elite RB's are gone (except A.P.) and the Top QB's are there...Sanchez excluded as he has the top D

And actually we have some great young TE's so I am not surprised by the TE Coaches coming here to interview, as we did not get top production from them last year, not a bad thought there.

Joe I am not sure that the TE group is that strong. Mostly because Desis getting up their, but Davis didn't do much last year and Olsen did vanish for like 5 games after the 9ers game. He really plays soft. I am also not a big fan of using TE's as your primary weapon in the recieving game.

I don't hate Rob Chudzinski, but I am not sold on him. Lots of people like him, but that 3-6 start in 08 before the injuries happened doesn't speak well. He was a play caller for only 2 years which makes it hard to figure out which year was the fluke. I also never listen to the so called sources around the league about coaches, becuase I have never heard the so called sources around the league say anything bad about anyone. Everyone is always really good.

I also get wanting a good TE coach. So hire one, not three. Thats a little excessive.

Anyone know the name of the offensive line coach that preceeded Tice in MIN? I can't remember and I can't find it anyplace.

Everyone hear about Forte? He had his knee scoped. Thats a little early in his career but hey maybe he will be a little faster next year.

WE accomplished the first taks getting him here for the Interview, now comes the HARD part getting him signed....This is our guy, and if he wants the job it should be his. At this time for Chudzinski it'z the closest he can get to being a Head coach without having the title, Ron had no interference from Lovie in 5 years at the helm, it should be a no-brainer for any offensive mind who wants to run the show....why else do you think Martz has campaigned so much for the slot......

If we can get this done, we can spend the next two weeks focusing on the defensive coordinator, plenty of candidates should be at the Senior Bowl, we should find someone worthy there looking for work!....Go BEARS, but don't miss the boat Angelo get this DONE!

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