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Bears looking to interview Baltimore's Hue Jackson

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The Bears are believed to be seeking permission from the Baltimore Ravens to speak to quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson for their offensive coordinator opening.

Jackson has been widely credited for the quick development of quarterback Joe Flacco, the 18th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Jackson, the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator in 2007, joined the Ravens when John Harbaugh was named head coach.

Jackson has a strong reputation as a coach, and his experience includes coaching both receivers and running backs in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders reportedly interviewed Jackson for their head-coaching position last week, according to multiple reports. But since he's under contract to the Ravens, Jackson would need the club's approval to interview for the Bears job, even though it represents an obvious promotion.

Teams can deny permission for any employee under contract, except for those who are under consideration to be a head coach or general manager.

Jackson played quarterback at Pacific in the 1980s, and he also played basketball there.

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We can't find a coach on our own can we have one of yours? Please?

Ravens are great at picking staff, but I am not sure if they want their QB coach leaving while they are still developing Flacco. Remember if they let him go they have to replace him and their is not a lot on the market. The Bears are basically asking teams to make holes in their coaching staff to help them out, in market that is seeing a coaching shortage. Lets also not forget the Raiders have said they are not sure Cable is comming back. So some OC candidates may be waiting for the job to open, including Martz.

What's below the bottom of a barrel? The Ground. The Bears have hit ground running to find a real offensive coordinator. They can't dig much lower or else they may hit China.

I actually like how the Bears are taking their time to select just the right guy for the offensive coordinator job, no need to jump on the first guy you interview. After all, this is a very important hire for the organization.

As far as Hue Jackson, he seems well rounded. You gotta like the fact he has experience coaching running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks. This experience bolds well for a guy who needs to come in and help turn an offense around fast. It should be interesting whoever it ends up being GO BEARS!!

The Chicago Bears are the Laughing Stock of the NFL. I see this, and I live 1000 miles away. The Chiefs did it right- They targeted to X New England Coaches and reunited them. The Bears are going to name MARTZ - just do it and be done with it - This is all a mirage. Nobody wants to coach a defense in Cover 2 because it does not work anymore. We had a DEF Coordinator in Rivera but pride and personality got in the way. Wake up BEARS. Players will be the next obstacle. Nobody will want to come to Chicago.

I seriously doubt John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome are going to block Jackson from taking a promotion. That's not how they operate, and I really don't think Newsome is going to block an African American assistant from a job promotion. The Ravens are a class organization, and they are not in the Bears division.

He's had some rough times as an offensive coordinator, but his last stint was on the disaster known as the Petrino-run Falcons. No one is going to look good with Joey Harrington and Chris Redman.

I don't know anything about how he would operate, but given that he was brought in to lead Vick, he may have some ideas on how to operate with mobile, big-armed QB.

That said, given his experiences -- he was with Spurrier too -- he may be more leery than most about going to a dicey situation.

But he is an option.

I also dispute that they have hit the bottom of the barrel. If they call up Paul Hackett, they are at the bottom of the barrell

"We can't find a coach on our own can we have one of yours?" What?! Name a coach that hasn't been plucked off of someone else's team, besides guys that just got fired. Where else are you supposed to get coaches from? The grocery store? That was one of the lamest posts I've seen.

People need to relax. Just because they haven't hired someone in the first week after firing Turner doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. Let them at least hire someone before you decide they don't know what they are doing.

It's common practice to let coaches interview with other teams to move up through the ranks, unless they are going to a divisional rival, a la Green Bay, or if they're just a jerk like Bruce Allen.

What a joke! No one wants this lousy job, because 1) the Bears have no offensive talent aside from Jay Cutler and 2) when Lovie Smith gets fired after next season, this job becomes a one-and-done.

And for all of you who've been crying for Ron Turner to be replaced: talk about "careful what you wish for, you might get it"! Whoever replaces Turner won't be as good, and the Bear offense will be even worse. The Bears didn't need a new offensive coordinator, they needed a new front office to give Turner some talent for a change.

By retaining Smith and Angelo, not to mention Phillips, the Bears have given us no hope for next season. Sure, by the time August rolls around we'll all be dreaming about how if this, that, and the other happens the Bears can get to the Super Bowl. But while we can still be clear-headed about it, it's crystal clear that the Bears don't have a snowball's chance of even making the playoffs next season. Any ideas how to get rid of the McCaskeys?

Now who is Hue Jackson?

Let's see...he was an offensive coordinator with 2 teams, 1 year each.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm....something sounds fishy. Why was he let go 2 times after a one year stint?

Let's see...
2001-2002 ..Running back coach for Washington
2003 ...Offensive Coordinator and Running back coachfor Washington
2004-2006 ...Wide Receiver coach for Cincinnati
2007 ..Offensive Coordinator for Atlanta
2008-present ...QB coach for Baltimore

This guy surely gets around and doesn't stay very long.

Yep....this is the perfect guy for the Bears. He is willing to come over for a 1 year job.
You can find out more at...


You make a good point.

I think the only viable pro candidates who seem interested at this point are Martz and Hackett. I agree that a Martz system may not be the best fit for Jay and the pass-blocking sponges on the offensive line, but he is a great play-caller.

Let's hope the Bears can nab SOMEBODY.

Here's an idea:

What about Norm Chow? At BYU and USC, he ran the original West Coast offense AND the now-popular College Spread. Why do you think Walsh grabbed Steve Young from Tampa? He coached and/or worked with Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Carson Palmer, Reggie Bush, Ty Detmer, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren - and had a hand in recruiting Austin Collie if I'm not mistaken. Austin Collie, you know him, the young WR that caught 7 passes for 100+ in the AFC championship game? Chow had a bad experience with Vince Young - but really, who hasn't at this point?

Just a thought.


And, DOWN GOES JACKSON, DOWN GOES JACKSON. Jackson does not even interview with the Bears and takes the Raiders OC job. Called them from a plane and said thanks but no thanks, didn't even want to meet with them to compare offers.

Wow the Bears just dropped below the Raiders.

I heard Chow was happy were he was at. But who knows, you would think Chow would have been hire on the list, but who knows. He may also be more of a college coach than an NFL coach.

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