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Bears eye Cignetti

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Frank Cignetti is the latest name to emerge in the Bears' search for an offensive coordinator, according to two sources.

The University of PIttsburgh offensive coordinator is credited with developing quarterback Bill Stull, who became the first quarterback since Dan Marino in 1981 to lead the Panthers to 10 wins in a season. Stull passed for 2,633 yards last season while throwing 21 touchdown passes and eight interceptions.
Before arriving in Pittsburgh, Cignetti was the offensive coordinator for a California team that averaged 33 points per game in 2008.
Although Cignetti has spent the bulk of his career coaching in the college ranks, he also has pro experience. He served as the 49ers quarterbacks coach in 2007 and coached Jeff Blake and Aaron Brooks as the Saints quarterbacks coach in 2000-01.

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Wooooo! Hot dog! Next go for the high schools, Lovie! I'm sure they're knocking the door down! This goes to show that nobody in the professional league wants to join us. Oh man. A train wreck just waiting to happen. And call me what you want, but I hope we have a Lions style season. It's for the best. Go Bears.

Oh god? Really, we have fallen this far? Now you know their is a problem, they are not waiting on anyone. This is pure scramble mode. Pep Hamilton was a 49ers QB coach as well and I wouldn't want him calling the offense. This guy isn't even a top college coordinator, he's a journeymen college coach.

This must be the Bears famous whispering eye.

Is this a joke?

How do you know he would not do a good job?

He has play calling experience, at two schools that run pro-style offenses.

Just because someone isn't a designer name doesn't mean they can't do the job.

It's not scrambling, because they haven't offered the position to anyone besides Bates, that we formally know of.

They are doing what they said they would do. Weighing various options.

So, with the above being said, the Bears will hire a run of the mill OC and likely promote Rod to DC. This will result in a 2-14 season with Cutler on IR after week 2. Ok, maybe Tice gets the line to block enough and Cutler is on IR in week 3. Maybe.

This will result in JA and Lovie getting canned, but not before they trade the first round pick to Carolina for... Chris Harris. That's right, the Bears get their safety back and it only cost a first rounder.

The second round pick will get traded to Tampa for Barber, I'm sure he is just the veteran presence needed in the backfield to take the defense to the top and he understands the cover two.

The next head coach will have an injured and mentally screwed up QB, no offensive line and no picks until rnd 3. Let's not forget all the contracts to the old and no longer dominant defensive players!

I used to be omptimistic. Lovie and Angelo killed that loving feeling.

Whispering eye.....Role Models was hilarious.

This just gets more and more pathetic as the search goes on. Seriously, does anyone at Halas Hall have a clue or even care????


Maybe Obama will take the offensive coordinator job. He has the Chicago connection and you have to admit, his performance has been offensive and that way we all will be better off next year when all these clowns are gone.

I think there's a monkey at one of the Illinois zoos who could co-ordinate the Bears' offense. And best for the McCheapskies, he would work for literal peanuts.

OMG, maybe the McCaskey's can promote one of the family to be the offensive coordinator, nothing could be more offensive than that?

What a joke this organization has become.

Dear Virginia & are missing out on a marketing gold mine. Even the media is losing interest in the current farce taking place with coaching & personnel management. Just think of what will happen with the public....liscensed sales will plummet. Fire the dim-wits & non-organizationals you currently employee, and replace them with Cowher organization. Restore credibility & interest and watch the renewed interest and marketing sales more than replace the lost'll even have more fun and pride watching the games.

Sean, you are a lot better than Roman. Brad was good. Welcome!

I'm a Jerry Angelo fan, everyone that post here knows that. I think he does a pretty good job bringing in personnel overall. He's had his hits like Briggs, Tillman, Olsen, Forte, and even A. Brown. And misses like Okwo, Bazuin, LaRocque, and Chester Adams. You throw in some pretty good players on other teams that Angelo drafted, like Kyle Orton in Denver, Cedric Benson in Cincy, and Marc Colombo in Dallas, and Angelo's overall body of work isn't all that bad. But, Angelo's biggest problem is he tries to get way to creative. On draft day a lot of the time he tries way to hard to find that small school gem by trading down, when maybe he should just stay put and draft the safe bet player where he's at. Now he's trying to get creative in his search for an o-coordinator. Instead of trying to find the next Sean Payton or Jon Gruden, well, thinking you are by going for all these QB coaches and college guys. Go for a guy that can come in and get results, someone that has experience calling plays in the pros, and someone that runs a scheme your current personnel can execute. This regime simply doesn't have time to play around, they gotta win now. I still say bring in a Greg Knapp, or someone else who runs a west coast system similar to what the Bears ran this year and has NFL experience, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Why not bring back Wannstat (sp?) while they're at it.

GrumpyBear this is not the political page its the sports page. Keep your idiot political remarks to yourself or call Fox News they will listen to that crap. Most coaches got their start at the college level, just because he is a college coach doesn't mean he can't do the job. All these coaches and hopefully the GM are lameducks so It really doesn't matter. Here's hoping the Cowher rumor is legit.

I've watched lots of NFL and CFL games and went to lots of my high school games back in the day. Where should I send my resume cause I'm figuring I've got a real shot at this...unless the Raiders are needing a QB coach,then I'm there!!!

By ldc on January 27, 2010 12:00 PM
How do you know he would not do a good job?

Wow did you read my post? I just said how I know he wont be good. I swear you kids need to start paying attention to what I say. How many times have I been wrong on this blog? Oh yeah zero times. Ive nbeen right about Lovie and Angelo this hole time. I have been right about Forte and Hester when everyone they though were sure HOFers. I waa right about Marinelli nd Babich. Show me one time I was wrong abou someone on the bears. I know this team inside and out and I know what a total mess Angelo has turned it into. The only positive is Jay Cutler who is easily a top ten qb in the NFL but is stuck in a s### sitiuation. TRhe Bears will go 6-10 nest season and the reason we wont go winless is jay Clter and Dave Tuob.

Oh can you guys holsd on? I got my ipod turned up to loud.

Puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh poker face...boom!
Puh puh puh puh puh puh puh puh poker face....shh
Camn't read my canm't read my no he cant read myuh poker face...nuh uh nuh uh nuh uh yea!

IDC, my guess as to why he may not be a very god NFL coordinator. Is pretty simple, you usually hear about the best guys, people know who they are and people talk about them. They have great resumes most of the time, and yes you get the rare undiscovered gem on occasion. But most of the time everyone in football goes wow.

Don't tell me you knew who this guy was. But you know who Norm Chow is, and Pete Carroll. Kiffen, and Peyton, you know who these guys are for a reason. Its pretty simple, people talk about the good coaches.

The second reason I will give you is that under Lovie Smith the Bears have fired more coaches than anyone else. SO their eye for talent is not very good. I know you don't like Rivera, but let me point something out to you. Rivera held the DC job in Chicago longer than anyone else under Smith and that includes Smith himself. They are looking for their third DC sense Rivera was let go and their 3rd OC sense Lovie got here. Its pretty clear they struggle with coaches. If they were good at picking good coaches they wouldn't be firing guys all the time.

Last take a good look at the staff. The only coaches that stay are Lovie's friends. No matter how bad they are, and just remember you were one of the guys calling for Babich's head.

The firs coach Lovie tried to hire in the off season was Fewell, a friend of his. The coordinator he wanted was Martz a friend of his.

Now ask youself this. Given the Bears situation, if you are a coach who is looking to step up, would come to a place were your boss who you don't know has a history firing people he doesn't know and promoting people who don't deserve it because they are his friends?

I wouldn't, thats just bad buisness. The Organization is a mess to begin with and you know being an outsider mean that Lovie is going to throw the blame on you.

"By GrumpyBear on January 27, 2010 12:23 PM

Maybe Obama will take the offensive coordinator job..."

HAHAHAHAHA soooo funny when you make "jokes" like this. Because it has soooo much to do with football.


Wheew, you should go on Leno.


6-10? Wow, you must be feeling pretty happy. I say 4-12 or worse. Cutler and Taub are both very good, but they're not miracle workers and this is the ultimate team sport.

BTW, I think everyone on this blog should apply for a Bear coaching job. It's only 50-50 that we'd be any worse than whoever they end up with. I thought I was embarrassed being a Raider fan, but this situation takes the cake.

Hey deputy dog, what are you talking about when you are mentioning Fox News. What's wrong with Fox? They are the only news on television that is not slanted to the far left. Does it hurt you when you hear balanced news? Last time I looked CNN, C-SPAN and others are kissing Obamas butt, and FOX tells it how it is from both perspectives. This is not a left or right thing, thats just a simple fact. You can put whatever icing you want to on the facts about where Obama's leading this country, but the facts are still the facts and it aint going good!! GO Bears!!

Let's not condemn the organization until they hire the guy. Right now it's just an interview. I will freak out after the guy gets hired.

Creighton, I can think of one big example of when you were wrong about this team. Does the name Jay Cutler ring a bell? You said the Bears will never ever pull off a trade for Jay Cutler... Oops!

Poor deputydawg, he's so in love with Obama he lashes out at anyone that doesn't love him too. He said the same things to me a while back. You must be so disappointed with Obama's total failure so far. There, there... cry yourself to sleep.

Fox news is balanced? Now that's hilarious. Even my republican friends don't believe that.

All this coordinator failure can only be good for the Bears. They need a terrible year to wash out Lovie and his crew and get a high draft pick. Brace yourselves for an ugly year, but then things will start looking up.

Bill, BBB, GrumpyBear, This is not a political site!!!! Does unity mean nothing to you Reps and Neocons? Here's my take as an IND: I respect the Reps for their stubbornness bc when they say the sky is green it is green. No matter how much fact you bring to their table that the sky is blue they look at you like you're the insane one and the sky will be green. I disrespect the reps bc they are warmongerers and favor the wealthy while hiding under the guise of religion when 99% of what they preach is not even remotely related to the Bible.

I dislike the Dems bc they are too weak and always give in to the reps. Obama in particular has been trying far too hard to get good with the Reps who will never say yes to ANYTHING he says, and he is beginning to lose his own base. I respect the Dems bc they are the lesser of the two evils and they are the ones that actually fight for the common man. Again, GO INDEPENDENTS!

PS to the Reps,

Congrats on the little wiretapping issue in Louisianan with the ACORN org! Stay classy and keep showing the public your true colors. How about actually committing to the people in our country as a whole rather than a split sect. Plus how many of you here truly believe that any of these politicians give a flying crap about us individuals? Unless any of you are a CEO or a big money tycoon I strongly suggest you take a closer look into yourself and the system because the reality is they play us and manipulate us like toys!

Again and this will be it for me. Please keep the politics on the trolling of the Huff post, Fox, daily beast, msnbc, etc. Not on a sporting website. We are here to complain about how the Bears org is shafting us fans and how we need to unite (despite our political views) against the Bears org and show them that we the people are truly in charge.

You made my point Creighton.

Chow, Carroll and Kiffen were busts in the NFL. So was Terry Shea as an offensive coordinator, who was very, very well respected, as a QB coach.

I don't know who he is. But I know he has NFL experience, and know he has called plays. At the end of the day, a successful offensive coordinator is someone who knows how to call the right play at the right time, based upon his personnel.

Maybe that is why they are looking at college. Because, if they really wanted a player with a resume, he could call on the dozens of guys who have experience on the 32 NFL teams. They could have just hired Martz. They seem to be going for a specific type of fit. And if you look at the names recently, they are guys who know how to work with mobile QBs.

It's not a panic. It's smart. I like that they are moving slow.


Man you just don't understand the perfection formula. All you have to do is forget all your screwups and you can be perfect too.

For example, after two years of continuous crowing, we have not heard anything this last two months about Chris Williams being a draft bust at left tackle. This is a guy our perfect blogger had labeled as a perpetually injured bust. Williams played every game this year, and when he finally got a chance at left responded by man-handling Jared Allen.

Such a colossal miss would shut the average person up for awhile. That's where the perfection formula comes in.

Bill Holland, Fox reports BALANCED news ? Your head is farther up your @$$ than Jerry Angelo's ! Go to the Huffington post or your butt buddy Glen Beck's blog if you want to talk politics.Back to the REAL point of this blog, the Bears have totally screwed up this process. By allowing Ted Phillips to make the decision to keep Lovie and save $$, they have made themselves into a national punchline. Hire a president/GM with actual football knowledge and start fresh. NONE of the clowns at Halas Hall has a clue sbout running a professional NFL franchise.

Ish, deputydawg, mrmick and the like... yes this blog is for the Bears, a quick comment off topic is more than acceptable. What is unacceptable is what you people are doing. Attacking and insulting other bloggers. This is not an attack site. If you want to attack people go to one of the far left blogs. State your opinion on the Bears and whatever else you want and stop. Don't attack others.

Bill agreed Fox news is best. But politics aside, I would think a College Coach/Coordinator would not make it as history say they wont. Most that try dont get the job done, its alot different having players to Coach that you didnt buy, er I mean have drafted for you by someone else. Look at the 2 games. Totally different, different schedules, didnt someone try that at Washington? Very well respected College Coach, but its different here. - Do you really think Lovie wanted to throw away his firsts like that? Ced/Rex/Haynes etc... but he still had to Coach what he was gave, not Coach what he recruited on his own.

oh and yes Ced was a good pick I like that pick, but then why was Ced sold AND Jones? geez BOTH RBs are gone and we had to do another pick on Forte, when Turner was available for the $$, and Wolf/Peterson and how many others? oh yeah another Jones... and how many QB's? and 7th round Linemen? :) Columbo got kicked pretty good at Vikes but still a good pick, but still, what t f happened there as well? Jinxed
I agree he has had some good picks but shil happens with Jerry on a regular basis.
This team is all his picks/pickups coordinators and where is his team? Especially after the SB?
He did a great job picking up those Olinemen for 2006 SB, but wtf happened last year when he picked up all those dogs? Basically ruining the Franchise QB which he did such a marvelous job getting.

So many things. Coaching/players/injuries - now Adams, we are jinxed

IDC If what you are saying is true, and Cutler is in on the interviews then I would have to agree, as we do need a Coordinator, QB's Coach that likes the QB to move around, and calling the right play at the right time, I hope thats what is happening as that would be a good thing.
Anyone see how Sanchez looked so good?? Good Oline but he could really throw while rolling out as well. Turner was not a good fit for Jay at all.
It looks bad them going through all these interviews though as usually a team hires pretty durn fast. And if I was a Ocoordinator I would want to hire my own staff for sure, who wants to have to Coach another mans idea of a good system player or Coordinator?

IDC, Carroll was considered a top coordinator in his time in the NFL. He made the playoff's two out of three years as head coach of the Pats. You are calling that a bust? Lets not forget he supplied the NFL with a third of its first round picks and was just named Head Coach of the Seahawks. I don't see how he is a bust? His NFL RECORD WAS 27-21 with two playoff apperances. If that makes him a bust then sense his winning percentage and playoff percentage is better than Lovies, does that make Lovie a super bust?

Kiffin was the Raiders head coach what do you excpect when your owner does nothing but undermine your team. He was never a coordinator, so not sure where you got that.

At this poing I am still trying to get over you calling Carroll a bust in the nfl.

As fpr Norm Chow your calling him a Bust. Let me just point this out to you: "In 23 seasons as an offensive coordinator, Chow coached 8 of the top 14 career passing-efficiency leaders, and 13 quarterbacks who rank among the top 30 in NCAA history for single-season passing yardage. His list of pupils include: Steve Young; Philip Rivers; Robbie Bosco; and, Heisman Trophy winners Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart."

How is that a bust? Norm Chow is very respected.

As for my point on the Bears, I made it perfectly and you did not argue it at all. If they where good at hiring coaches, they wouldn't keep firing coaches. Thats all their is to it. Basically your hoping they get lucky.


Chow was not a bust in the NFL. He has a larger coaching tree in the NFL than Bill Belichick. Run 3-degrees of separation between Bill and Norm IN THE NFL and see who has more influence.

He had a bad experience with Vince Young, who, shortly after, went crazy and allegedly tried to commit suicide and was suspended from the team.

Chow coached Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinert. He has 3-national titles to his credit and one could argue he pioneered the West Coast offense before Bill Walsh.

Chow would be a great OC.

And Lane Kiffen is just crazy - you can't call him a bust. That's ridiculous. Who can coach the Raiders, really?

Bill H. once again this is a sports blog if you are offended by my Fox remake then thats just too bad, I have the right to disagree. I will not dicuss politics on this blog if that's the only thing you can answer go the same place I told your whiney BFF Grumpy and you and he can bash the President to your hearts content but I'm here to bash Lovie and Jerry. Randy Larry Johnson was out there at one time this season and the stingy Bears wouldn't budge. Forte and Johnson would have been a great tandem.

deputydawg... this isn't your blog. Sean moderates it, not you. Drawing parallels to other aspects of life is common and useful everywhere. You just took offense because you love Obama. I'm sure a Bush insult would cause no response from you. Why don't you just do what you say you are here for which is to bash Lovie and Jerry. Maybe we can all get along better then. All I really want is for the Bears to be champs again.

BBB, you obviously need to address the post that started the food fight - GrumpyBears. I agree that deputy dawg went too far in his response, but GrumpyBears comment wasn't trying to draw parallels to other aspects of life; his comment was meant to insult people who happen to like Obama. For example, lets look at another "controversial" topic in Chicago:

The Bears' coordinator search proves that the Bears front office is as stupid as a Cubs fan.
Even if the Bears do suck next year, they will at least have more wins than White Sox fans have teeth.

Clearly these statements are less about the Bears, and more about insulting Cubs and Sox fans. That is what happens when people bring politics into these conversations. Please people, if you love/hate Obama or Bush, I don't give a crap. Just stick with football.

By the way, I can't believe that Cignetti was a serious candidate.

T Dawg, you said I need to address GrumpyBear's comment. There's nothing to address. He in fact did draw a parallel to Obama in the form of a play on the word "offensive". Offensive coordinator vs. offensive performance. That's all he did! There's no reference to people that like Obama at all as in your examples, none! Here it is, read it:

"Maybe Obama will take the offensive coordinator job. He has the Chicago connection and you have to admit, his performance has been offensive and that way we all will be better off next year when all these clowns are gone."

You said his comment was meant to insult people who happen to like Obama.

Where? Quote the part that insulted people that like Obama. Help me, I don't see it.

You know why I don't see it? Its not there.

It was the Omaba lovers that came down on GrumpyBear that started the insults to other people. Go back and read those.

The fact of the matter is that the Obama lovers that insulted other bloggers here are practicing the same tactics that most left-leaning people practice... insult and attack those that disagree with you. That's what I object to. They can't simply state another point-of-view and engage in a discussion. They immediately try to insult and discredit those with an opposing opinion.

Another factor in play here is the Obama lovers take such offense to anything negative about Obama because they feel like failures themselves for voting into office someone so incompetent, undeserving, partisan, and dishonest.

If I had done so, I would be embarrassed and ashamed of myself. But I wouldn't attack others, no, I would admit to and learn from my mistake and redeem myself and never make the same mistake again.

I know where you guys will go next... "but you BBB insulted people". Yes I did. But that was in response to deputydawg's highly offensive insults to Grumpy and then those directed at me. That's fair in my book. The one that throws the first punch is the bad guy. Giving a bad guy a taste of his own medicine does not make someone the bad guy.

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