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Bears denied chance to speak to Green Bay's Clements

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The Bears didn't look far in their search for an offensive coordinator.

After being informed that USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates cancelled a scheduled interview, the Bears' request to speak to former Notre Dame star quarterback Tom Clements was quickly rebuffed by the Green Bay Packers.

Clements, who led the Fighting Irish to a national title in 1973, practiced law in Chicago for five years before joining Lou Holtz's staff at Notre Dame in 1995. Since then, he's earned a reputation for developing quarterbacks, most recently Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Rodgers was selected to the upcoming Pro Bowl, and he completed 28 of 42 passes for 422 yards with four touchdowns and one interception in a 51-45 loss to the Arizona Cardinals Sunday.

Bates was scheduled to interview on Tuesday but cancelled to follow USC coach Pete Carroll to Seattle.

Carroll was introduced as the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks Monday afternoon, and Bates will reportedly be his offensive coordinator.

Bates was interested in re-uniting with Jay Cutler, with whom he worked closely in Denver, but he opted for more security with Carroll and the Seahawks, ESPN reported.

Meanwhile, the Bears entertained Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for the same position on Monday. Fewell, who was the Bears defensive backs coach in 2005, is considered the favorite for the Bears defensive coordinator position.

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How can a team not allow another team to interview a coach if it is for a possible promotion? Is it up to the team or clements?

A team can deny any employee under contract, unless they are interviewing to become a head coach, general manager or team president.

Used to be that a team couldn't stand in the way of anyone in line for a promotion. But the rule was changed to the present one in 2001, I believe.


Is this a joke? The Bears asked a intradivision rival to allow them to speak to their talented QB coach, so they could interview him for a job. Hahahaha is this football stupid 101. Division rivals are never going to allow you take their guys if they have a choice. Asking for an interview is just a sign that the Bears are not that serious about finding an OC. They know who they want, they want Martz. Bates and Carroll where all but locked up when the Bears called Bates everyone knew that. You think the Seahawks were going to eat a 12 million dollar contract from Mora and not have a sure thing lined up? By the way I love the fact that the Seahawks have no problem eating a 12 million dollar contract and the Bears refuse to, even though they make about the same amount of money.

Lets see... Bates wants to come here, but he can see whats coming with good ol' Lovie at the end the year. Canned.. Then a new coach and staff to go with it. Whoever comes here to be the OC and DC already know it could be a 1 year thing and gonzo if the team tanks. It might be Martz as the OC by default. The packers were smart to deny Clements a chance to interview. He would be a gold mine of info to the bears. Martz may not be bad in the long run. Our current group of players on the offense favor a more open passing attack. This team is no where close to a power O that lovie refers to when hes not living in fantasy land. Forte is the perfect back to run a one back O. Hes great out of the back field and is pretty good picking up the blitz. If they are smart, Hester needs to move into the slot. Hes a jitter bug and can create YAC. Martz has experience and hes creative in game planning. Gonna be interesting. Funny that we have heard nothing more about the Fewell interview today... hmmmm..

This here is funny! And here goes my theory on all this:

1) Lovie and the Gang are just naming guys that they know are going to either go to other teams or simply deny or get denies of an interview because they already know who they want in Martz as previously noted.

2) Nobody wants to take up a gig with this joke of a coach, especially with the huge insecurity of job security after the year or next two years.


3)Nobody wants to work under this coach simply because Lovie wouldn't allow the OC to do ANYTHING unless Lovie approved it and NOTHING is acceptable under Lovie unless it sucks.

There you have it.

This is too funny! They actually thought a team that spent years/money in player/personnel development was going to help them out because they couldn't get the job done on their own? Comedy Central is alive and well!

Perry Fewell is the Top Candidate because he knows Lovie? Why is that a criteria for a job? Whatever happened to hiring the best person or someone who is capable of transforming this Defense from the disaster that Lovie and his Butt Buddies have made it to one that can actually stop the opposing Team's offense.

What has Perry Fewell ever done? The Bills Defense sucked!!!!!

Why is it the Bear's always hire coaches that are at the bottom of the barrel? Ron Turner? Rod Marinelli? Bob Babich?

And they let Lovie fire the good ones like Ron Rivera.

2010 will be worse than 2009. Pray that Cowher holds out for the Bear's Job which will be open in 2011??

Until then there is NO chance this Team gets better!

I don't quite agree with all the Lovie hate. Fewell is been said to be an in your face coach, he didnt have much to work with at the Bills and had injuries this year and our secondary needs help and he is a former secondary coach. He has also been interviewed by the Giants and Bills (not that it seems he has a chance there) so he isnt no dumby. The bottom line is that Lovie and others believe in the defense system and I like to think with a good DC and a few better players/no injuries he will be right.

Coaches who come back after winning superbowls are known not to be so successful again so I'm not looking to next off season waiting for a prayer to be answered.


"The sky is falling, the sky is falling"

There, I summed up everyone's thoughts. Bates was contacted before Carroll's first interview and was mentioned by sources before Turner was even fired. The Bears had no way of knowing that Carroll was bolting from USC for Seattle at that time.

Asking to speak to Clements was a long shot, but one worth it. Now at least Clements can go read up in the morning paper about how his team denied him a chance to advance his career.

The best part about the Martz thing is how much everyone hates a guy just because he has worked with Smith before. Martz has successfully run great passing offenses everywhere. He even improved Detroit's offense by 8 positions over 2 years, despite having Millen for a GM and one of the single worst offensive lines to ever pretend to play pro football. He took SF from 32nd in the league up to 23rd, while going through a mid-season Head Coach change and 3 quarterbacks.

Millen may have conflicts with front offices, but he has been successful as an OC for years. Everyone says he only looked good because he got to have Warner, Holt and Faulk, but no one was calling any of them a "pro-bowl" anything, much less a hall of fame anything before Martz took over as the OC and then HC. St. Louis was 27th in offense in 1998, and #1 the next three years (and top 15 through Martz' career in St. Louis). Players contribute, I 100% agree, but they don't do it automatically with no coaching.

but by all means, keep hoping and praying for us to have the organizational competence to promote a positions coach from some other team and make him into a dynamic OC in one season.

And for those that missed it, Fewell's defenses are middle of the pack in Buffalo, but his pass defense was top 5 and top 10 consistently and were turnover machines from the DB perspective.

Why all the hatred for trying to get a guy like Clements? Yeah, maybe Lovie and Angelo knew GB would say no, but what would we as fans do if they did not make that effort? I remember reading all these same bloggers' complaints about how Chicago does not even try to do this or that. I remember all the BS about how Chicago needs to at least make an effort to acquire Cutler (before the trade) so that we as fans at least can see that they tried. Now they try and everyone is quick to say, "you knew they would say no" or "hahaha football stupid 101".

As a Bears fan I am glad they recognized the offense was too bland and have moved on and are at least trying to get a new guy at OC.

I don't know if it will improve in one season with a new OC, but who knows. If the defense plays better and stays healthier, the offense might not need to be leaps and bounds better in one season. Let's be real, Chicago is .500 the past two years, look at the Rams and Lions and be grateful that there remains hope in Chicago.

Take a look at the record this season and last. How many games were the Bears leading in the 4th quarter and how many times did the Bears Defense lose the game? Heck, even if Chicago wins half those games (which is easily possible) they are in the playoffs at least once these past two seasons if not both times.

Once again the Fans are not stupid like the owners think.

1) Lovie and the Gang are just naming guys that they know are going to either go to other teams or simply deny or get denies of an interview because they already know who they want in Martz as previously noted.

My opinion exactly
Boy r we fans of the stupidest franchise in history or what

so the WRs that ran the wrong routes under turner's complex system will fare better under martz's MORE COMPLEX system? moose isnt around anymore to tell hester where to line up...please find someone other than martz, or if martz is the man, PLEASE INVEST HEAVILY IN THE O-LNE!

what big name o-lineman are due to be free agents?

Miami is also looking for a Def.Co....the only difference is they have a VP who knows football.

Decent, but not great, list of free agents for 2010 with some write ups, but not the most updated:

Depending on what happens, Guards like Jahri Evans, Logan Mankins, and G/C David Baas may be free agents. Tackles like Willie Colon and Donald Penn are both adept at pass blocking and decent in the running game. There is actually a lot of "free agent" offensive line depth if you look at it right now, BUT we all know many of those will get tendered (no CBA means 6 years of RFA not 4), franchised, and re-signed, especially good linemen on playoff teams.

Safety looks much thinner already, unless Atogwe escapes St. Louis (and yes, I am prepared for the million complaints about "no more Rams on the Bears", really, it never gets old).

Our best free agency options look to be at O line, but even if we do that, we need to draft a top end Guard/Center still. We have been living off of Free Agent linemen since Angelo got here, that's why we are in this mess. Luckily, Guard happens to be a position you can still get a top 5 player at come the top of the third. Safety looks nice and deep this draft too.

irst, it's clear the team's first choice was Bates. They had agreed on a contract with him before he decided to go with the Seahawks. And they asked Clements for permission. If they wanted Martz, they would have hired him.

Second, Bates is fooling himself if he thinks he will have more job security in Seattle. If the offense stinks the first year, Paul Allen won't hesitate to sign him a check and tell him to go elsewhere. He just fired his head coach after a year. You think they are going to afford the same patience to an offensive coordinator? Do you think Carroll is going to risk his job for Bates?

In Chicago, he may have survived any firing of the staff, especially if the team improved offensively. Heck, they may have named him coach, since he'd come cheap. It was a dumb move in my opinion.

Third, if Martz had not previously worked with Lovie, half of you would be crying to have him. He is a proven offensive coordinator who has gotten the most out of the QBs he has worked with, sans Alex Smith. He is innovative. He will bring an explosive offense. He has dramatically improved the offense everywhere he has gone.

This is what some of you had wanted for years. But because he's worked with Lovie, you want someone else? Give me a break.

Fewell is also a proven defensive coordinator. His defenses were average because the Bills can't draft, which is why they canned the GM.

And frankly, they need to continue running the Cover 2. They do not have the personnel to run any other system, and will not have the opportunity to bring in other players for another system. Who on the defensive line could operate in a 3-4? What great cover corner would allow them to run 46? The team is designed to run Cover 2, and it would take at least a year of rebuilding to run any other scheme.

Fact is, some of you won't like anyone Lovie brings in, because you like him. You don't want him to succeed. So I HOPE he continues to give the peanut gallery the finger.

Brendan are you kidding? People have been talking about Carroll to Seattle sense last year. They ate a 12 million dollar contract. The only guy on the Bears who was calling Bates was Cutler. Thats how speculation started, people have known for like 2 months Turner was going to be the fall guy. On and I already posted the numbers on Marts and they are not that impressive, he has not had a winning season his last 6 seasons coaching. His players always complain about him, he always fights with managment. Oh and his system features a pocket passer. How is that good for Cutler. Talking about Martz and you don't even know how his system works.

Did you just say nobody was calling Marshall Faulk a pro bowler or saying anything about him till he met Millen. Are you that stupid? Nobody new anything about Warner, thats true but Warner is on another team know and playing great so its clear he had the talent. Do you actually think Coaches make players talented. Faulk was a three tim pro bowler before he ever met Martz you moron, Issac Bruce had been to two Pro Bowls before he met Martz, Tory Holt was the 6th overall pick in the draft and was drafted in Martz's first year. Orlando Pace was drafted in 97 before Martz ever showed up. Nobody knew these guys you say? Kurt Warner was not found by Martz he was found by Vermiel. All these guys got their right before Martz, but too say he made them???? To say nobody new who Pace 1st overall pick in the 97 draft, Holt 6th overall pick in the 99 draft, Bruce 2 time pro bowler before he met Martz and Faulk a three time pro bowler before he met Martz. The fact is the Rams got a lot better the moment they traded for Faulk and discovered warner. Who Vermiel hired in 98.

Martz needed a team loaded with super stars to be good. Warner is still playing great so I guess it wasn't Martz's game plan. Sense 2002 lets see how well Martz has done. 02 23rd in points scored, in 03 2nd, in 04 19th, in 05 11th, in 06 21st, in 07 16th, in 08 22nd. Wow its funny how you claim it wasn't the players but then say he didn't have the players in Detroit and SF. He didn't make Warner, Warner made him. Last I checked Warner played in the Super Bowl last year, what did Martz do? I believe Warner is also the highest rated QB in the playoffs in NFL history. Oh yeah he made Warner. Thats why Warner is still doing it on the Cardinals in a different system. Cause of Martz. Don't even get me started on the number of sacks his QB's take because of all the drop backs about 40 a season, or all the interceptions they get because of all the passing. I believe his QB's average about 23 interceptions a season. Oh yeah that Martz he is a real peach.

If Martz does come here, he needs to eval the talent and taylor the game planning accordingly. You dont need a team of pro bowlers to be a competitive team. Problem with the bears is that Turner never adjusted his O to match up with Cutler's abilities. All we need Martz (and no doubt he will get the gig) to do is look at what he has and play to their strengths. As I said before, the offensive side of the ball talent wise is better suited to run a more open (1 back/3 WR) type of O. If Martz utilized more traps and quick hitting plays to the underneath guys, we can make it work. Putting Hester in the slot (and motion him for god sakes) will create Wes Welker type YAC underneath. Devin Aromashodu is a stud in the making and Bennett has fabulous hands. You have a great set up to run a 3 WR O if need be. Or run the 2 TE set. We have weapons on O. We just need someone smart enough to use them properly. In terms of the D, thats another story. Whoever said they need to stay with the Tampa Cover-zero D was right. (LOL) The D roster is built for that D. It would take 2-3 years to re-make the roster to go in another direction.

The Bears need to stick with the Cover 2 because they do not have the personnel to run any other system?

Let me ask you this...
Where is the dominant DT needed for this scheme? (and don't say Tommie Harris)
Where is the ball hawking Safety that can also play the run?
Where is the dominante MLB? (Urlacher should have been traded after the 2007 season for a WR like Anquan Boldin)
With out all of these this system is just waiting to be picked apart and it has been for some time now.

The Cover-2 in general has been exposed and the worst version of it is the Tampa-2.
That is why no one runs the Tampa-2 anymore... except Lovie Smith. We have seen where that has gotten them over the last three years.

Why cling to that?

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