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Turner on Urlacher remarks: "I heard that he said something"

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Ron Turner heard a little something about it, and talked to Brian Urlacher on Tuesday, but can't comment on the remarks by the middle linebacker that the Bears have lost their identity on offense. Would you have expected much different?

"I hate the way our identity has changed,'' Urlacher told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. "We used to establish the run and wear teams down and try not to make mistakes, and we'd rely on our defense to keep us in the game and make big plays to put us in position to win. Kyle Orton might not be the flashiest quarterback, but the guy is a winner, and that formula worked for us. I hate to say it, but that's the truth."

Urlacher made some other comments to Silver, like questioning a run call in the fourth quarter when the Bears were being lambasted at Minnesota. There's certainly a lot of truth in what he said, but airing it in a public fashion with the Bears 4-7 and having lost six of their last seven games only makes it appear, at least from the outside looking in, that things are coming apart at Halas Hall.

"I can't comment on that because I didn't see. I heard that he said something, I haven't seen it, I haven't read it, I'm not exactly sure what he said,'' said Turner. "I talked to Brian yesterday. I think he's got a lot of confidence in us, he's a team guy and again whatever he said, he said, but yeah, do we want to run the ball more? Yeah, there's no question about it, we want to run the ball more and better, and I have to give our guys a chance to do that, and sometimes the game dictates what you do and where you go, and that's kind of been the case this year a little bit."

So, there you go, yet another vow that the Bears will get their running game going this week against the St. Louis Rams. Just remember, if Forte has a big game, St. Louis has the 28th-ranked run defense in the league. The Rams surrendered 170 yards rushing last week to Seattle, 183 the week before to Arizona and 203 on Nov. 15 to New Orleans.

Stay tuned.

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Brad, I'm a little surprised by some of your passive agressive support of Urlacher. It doesn't matter if what he says is true or not. Injured players, who can't contribute, should be good teammates, shut up, be supportive and do all they can to get back on the field.

I do agree with you that sucker punching Cutler and Forte adds to the problems. I'd really like to know what his mates think of him now, but they are too professional and classy to rip him the new one he so richly deserves.

And where is the love for Lovie coming from? Urlacher is the ultimate hypocrite because we all know his expressed disdain for the Cover Two when it was installed. He must really think he can say anything, do anything and get away with it.

It doesn't matter in the long run because the guys he ripped will be here long after he's gone.

I'd like to know what Butkus, Buffone and Singletary think of his bold stepping out. I can't imagine they'd think it was positive.

I'm pretty sure the reason he loved Orton so much, who never won anything of significance for the Bears, and who would have been on IR weeks ago if he took all the hits Cutler has taken, is because Kyle was so mediocre he was no threat to 54's ego and defacto rep as the face of the franchise.

Right now he is the two-faced face of the franchise.

Brian, just shut up and go away.

you shut up and go away. the bears run the ball and play d. that is how they have always played, thats what they were built to do. if the bears didnt give up the world to get cutler it might be different. we did nothing to help us in the draft really and this year with the record we have denver should be set up in the first two rounds. why would anything change just because we got cutler, even with good rex we ran the ball and played d. If we hadnt we would not have won the division for consecutive years or made it to the superbowl. Im not saying cutler was a bad pick up it will take some time but forte rushed 8-10 times against the vikes and that is not bears football never has been never will be. so let jay throw but forte and bell need to run more that 12 times a game.

Hey Bob K.
Urlacher certainly has earned far more right to comment on anything Bears related than you have. The fact is that Urlacher said what the so called great players like Briggs and Cutler should be saying. I don't see any of those "team leaders" calling for a players-only meeting or leading the charge in any way whatsoever or even opening their yaps to say anything motivational like the great Mike Brown did when he said, "We suck!" Butkus, Buffone and Singletary would have done what Urlacher did and probably even more to try to light a fire under their team mates. As for Orton, he was talking about QB who fit the system and the players in it. Bob, even one such as yourself can see that the players on this team are not a good match for Ron Turner's offense, or a fit for Cutler's style of play, and if you would read what Urlacher said more carefully and had a football aptitude you would see that for yourself. If you are representative of the typical Bears fan (and I don't believe you are)then you are getting what you deserve this season. Educate yourself on pro football before you open your pie hole and embarrass yourself again. Geez!

how did all those player's only meeting go last yr

a team should be able to block and tackle and if you HAVE to have your teammates huddle up together and tell you that you suck and play better than thats a serious problem thats beyond the realm of a players meeting...

and urlacher is what he is...which is an idiot...hes a great football player but as a person hes a dolt...and he would do us all a favor by STFUing...what he did was subversive and had nothing to do with motivation and had everything to do with his dislike of cutler, the trade that brought him here, and the organizational shift to modern football...

defense and special teams arent going to win championships, they arent going to keep you in the nfl elite...its not that kind of league and the quicker we, as bear fans can get over that the better off we will be...

Hey Mac, I don't know if you've been watching the Bears for long, but they haven't had a running game since they lost the Super Bowl. They haven't had a defense either. Look up the stats; they've finished closer to the bottom than the top every year since 2006. And thanks for telling me to shut up and go away. That's a great way to have a discussion. I thought anyone was allowed to say anything on this blog and not have to be subjected to junior high school immaturity.

And Mac, thanks for telling me one has to be a player to comment on the Bears. I'm sure Brad and all the other columnists would agree. BTW, when Mike Brown said "we suck," he was PLAYING, not hangin' with friends and writers, where he must have felt like a big deal. And Brown included himself. Maybe Brian could have added how amazing a tackler he was when Brandon Jacobs ran him over and Tom Brady faked him out of his jock strap.

And thanks again for also telling me to shut my mouth. That's real cool. But why don't you just tell us you're a Packers fan or whatever you are. Cuz you sure haven't been watching many Bears games this year.

Hey, Ditka said it best Sunday night. If you have a problem with your team mates you talk to them man to man. You don't talk through the media. I used to be an Urlacher fan, but I've been done with him for a while now.

I'm not sure why anyone would say a player, who has been with a team less than a decade, has "earned far more right to comment on anything Bears related" than someone (like me or any other fan) that has been a fan longer than that player has been alive. If it weren't for us no one would even care about the player(s).
In my opinion, we have as much if not more right than a player to comment on anything Bears related. We've been here & will be here longer than any player would even think about. I've been a Bears fan longer than Urlacher has been alive so I'm pretty sure I have that earned right or over him!

With regard to the Bears offense, Ron Turner has to go. His play calling is so predictable it's ridiculous. When you need ten yards you don't call a three yard play. He has been doing this since he has been calling the offensive plays. They will never be a good offensive team with Turner calling the plays.

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