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Tillman, Brown return to the snowy practice field at Halas Hall

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Charles Tillman, who left Sunday's blowout in Minnesota with a concussion, is back on the snowy practice field this afternoon, four days after suffering the head injury.

That means Tillman passed with flying colors the stricter guidelines handed down by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday. It was the second lopsided loss that Tillman has pulled himself out of this season. He left the Arizona game with a shoulder injury, and there were at least two games that he didn't finish in 2008. But he usually returns to play the next week.

As expected, defensive end Alex Brown returned from his calf injury, and is also practicing. He has played in a team-high 122 consecutive games. Defensive tackle Tommie Harris (knee) is also a full go.

Linebacker Lance Briggs remains out with his left knee injury, and will likely be replaced Sunday by Jamar Williams. Left tackle Orlando Pace (groin) is also out.

Check back later this afternoon, following practice, for reaction from Tillman on his situation.

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Poor Alex Brown he says he thinks the defense hasn't played as bad as they have looked or what the numbers say. Looks like Brown is still stuck in the first stage of grief, Denial. Lovie has skipped anger (or was that when he said Crap twice) and jumped to depression, Cutler got sacked right into anger and pressured into acceptance, Tillman is stuck in anger. Hester lives in denial, and Anglo has spent most of his life in bargaining.

Oh and Brad Emitt Smith wanted to know if Tillman Brown was that really good reciever from the Raiders?

People watch the Cowboys for the same reason they watch NASCAR -- for the crashes. In the Cowboys case, they watched to whether T.O. (when he was with them) would crash and explode and destroy the entire team in the process. Now they watch in hopes that the 800 foot long TV will fall from the roof and crush Jerry Jones.

People watch the Colts to see robotic-like perfection (and all those cute Peyton Manning commercials)

People watch the Giants to see whether any of their receivers might commit a crime during the game (it's Gotham City, Batman)

People watch the Bears to point out how a football organization shouldn't be run. Don't believe me? Go into a Sears or Best Buy during a Bears game. Watch all those big screen TVs with the Bears game on. Listen as fathers pull sons close to say, "See son, that is not how you play ____________ (fill in the blank -- QB, running back, center, left tackle, defensive end, strong safety, etc.)."

Creighton, take it easy on Brown. He comes to play, he plays hard and he's a good guy. I know he's been a bargain for the Bears.

Bob I am not bashing, i actually feel bad for him. He's one of my favorite players. But most of the guys have said they don't think they are playing bad, the defense has been saying it for year. Lance Briggs actually think they have been playing good football, just having a spot of bad luck.

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