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Report: Bears rank fourth in prime-time ratings

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The Bears have fallen off on the field since their appearance in Super Bowl XLI, but that hasn't made them any less of a draw in prime time.

The Sports Business Journal broke down the numbers for prime time audiences on a team-by-team basis since 2006 on NBC and ESPN, detailing the activity for Sunday and Monday night time slots. The Bears came in fourth place, averaging 16.316 million for their 14 prime-time games in that period, according to the report.

They trailed only Dallas (19.152 millions), Indianapolis (16.664 million) and the New York Giants (16.599 million). Interestingly, the Cowboys top the list despite having not won a playoff game in 13 seasons. It's a real testament to the star appeal of the team that wears a star on the side of its helmet.

With 14 prime-time appearances, the Bears are tied with four other teams (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Denver) for fourth. The Colts are tops with 17 followed by Dallas (16) and the Giants (15).

Rounding out the top 10 are New England, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Kansas City (only one appearance), Pittsburgh and Washington.

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I hope this doesn't mean they'll put us on alot next year! Keep them Sunday at noon, please!!!

Must be all those retirees in AZ and FL. They probably think Ditka is still coaching. It's the dementia, stupid.

But hey, this is the third biggest city in the country, so it makes sense. NY makes sense too and all of TX loves the Pokes. The interesting one is Indy. That's got to be due to Manning.

The other teams have fans too guys. I am sure rthe Philly/Bears game put up pretty good numbers but I can't imagine the 9ers/Bears was all that great. Getting beat by Indy is just wrong, 2nd largest demo and 4th place.

Bears get some pretty good matchups usually so you have to include that. I don't think a Bears/Browns game would dray major numbers. Not to mention they are not actually in 4th they are in a 5 way tie. So you could say 4th or 8th. They will never be down at the Jags or Browns level. By the way how can their be a 5 way tie? I can't imagine the odds that the exact same amount of fans turn in to each of these teams every week. The odds of that happening over a three year period doesn't even exist.

No one should be surprised that the Dallas Cowboys are in the #1 slot. They are the biggest franchise in the NFL and people watch them regardless because they're "America's Team." Regardless of where you are, they're on the TV. They simply managed to do the impossible and it is probably why alot of people don't like them.

The Bears not being playing their best this year. But I still like to watch them play. Every game is a nail biter and its always down the the wire.

Lets just hope this is a re-building season....

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