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Four Down Territory coming later today

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I will be dipping into the mailbag later this afternoon or tonight for Four Down Territory. Go ahead and send your questions in and I will get to as many as possible. Thanks.

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With the Bears having so many holes on their team (D-line, O-line, D-backs, and LB's including injuries)and no first or second round draft pick next year, how are the Bears going to reload their team? Will they keep Pisa Tinoisomoa?

Brad: With no playoff hopes for the rest of the season will we finally see Gilbert and some of the others from this draft class or are will still going to see Lovie's "players that will help us win each week?"

Also, how hard is it to hear each week "that there is still alot of football left?" He has been spewing this crap ever since the loss to GB week 1. I can't believe he is still preaching this garbage.


Brad do you think the Bears might look to trade for some draft picks at the end of the season? Briggs, Olsen, Hester and Vasher might have some value to other teams. If not do they hit Free Agency hard and make plays for Brandon Marshall and Logan Mankins if they become available?

Brad, if you were in Jerry Angelo's shoes, not that I'd wish that on anyone, where do you go from here? It seems like our window is all but closed. On offense we have a talented young QB, and a talented young RB that can be difference makers when they have a strong supporting cast. Unfortunately, the supporting cast on offense is either in the twilight of their careers or simply not good enough. It seems that the defensive side of the ball is in a similar state. Is it time to dramatically overhaul the roster and make an attempt to rebuild this team around the minimal young talents that we do have in the 4 year window that you have remaining on your contract, or do you try to add pieces through free agency to make a last ditch attempt at putting together a playoff contender since there will be little chance to add the significant talent that this team needs in the 2010 draft?


Would you please help analyze the poor performance of the defense when it comes to allowing third down conversions. In years past the Bears used to be good in this area. I know the Bears are close to last in the league, somewhere 30 or worse. I would like to know how many times this year when it was 3rd and 6 yards or longer the Bears rushed more than the normal 4 lineman. Favre alluded to it in his interview that the Bears do not do anything "exotic" on third down.

This predictable defense on third down is killing the Bears and I don't think Lovie is smart enough to find a solution, geez do something, put some pressure on the QB for once. The blitz that always comes up the middle, how about some outside pressure from a linebacker or safety, or stunt more often.

Something has to be done about this 3rd down problem, the Bears were essentially dead on Sunday when Favre took the Vikings from their own 4 yard line and marched 96 yards methodically for a touchdown and demoralized the defense in the process.


How could the pending lock-out next year affect free agency? Is it likely to make owners less likely to go out and land top talent? Would it affect the trade value of any talent the Bears might want to use to extract more draft picks? You've mentioned before that it could affect them paying for a new coach. Can you shed some more light on the overall impact of the lock-out? Is it possible a conservative organization like the McCaskeys could simply choose to do nothing next year and just weather the storm?

How about a breakdown of the coaching staff, as far as how many years they each have left on their contract, and how much they are making? It would help to have a real perspective on how much the McCaskey family would be set back if they cleaned house this offseason.

Here are a few questions --

How could our receivers still be running incorrect routes 11 games into the season?

Whatever happened to our best free agent signing of the off season, Rod Marinelli?

At what point did you know that when Lovie said, "... and we'll go from there" he actually meant we would be going in circles instead of moving forward?

Do you think it would help the Bears offense if we called the "red zone" something that is less scary to them? Like the "O-zone" (for Olsen), the "Oh-no zone" (for Cutler) or the "I-zone" (because it sounds like I-Phone and we could download some apps to help us score)?

OK, I'm not totally done with the Bears forever, but I'm realistic enough to know that this season's pretty much shot. I've always been a Bears fan and I don't really cheer for any other team unless it's isolated cheering for one team against another in a particular game. The Bears will always and forever be my #1.

So with the Bears out, I think I should pick up another team to cheer for. I like the Saints and am an EIU grad, so there's a connection with Sean Payton. They seem a little too good though, but if they go all the way I can say "Oh I always liked them."

In the AFC, I've always sort of liked the Colts and the Steelers. The Chargers are OK as well, I suppose, and they have Ron Rivera.

So who would you recommend that we cheer for until next year?


With Ron Turner all but gone. Who do you see the Bears hiring as OC.

Brad, traditionally (until this year) improving the offensive line has been something the Bears have been able to do through free agency...Reuben Brown, John Tait, etc.. Are there any free agents to be that could make an immediate impact with the Bears?

Is our o line as terrible as it seems, even olin isnt holding his own. Where do we go from here. The best way to play better is shore up both O and D lines but we have no picks - what to do...

Lovie: Hi my name is Lovie and I am a coach for an unnamed team. Ummm do you have any idea to help generate a pass rush for a Tampa 2 style defense?

Angelo: So ummm Brad I am a GM for an unnamed team and I was wondering who do you like in this years draft? Ummm starting in the third round.

So Brad it looks like Hub was right about his report that the Bears were putting out feelers, even though you and every other reporter in this town stuck your nose up at this report. I notice Lovie didn't discredit the report at his press confrence when asked about it. In fact he kinda hinted that it was true. Ooops.

Ryan the Bears haven't improved their Oline sense 2005. As for FA's it depends on the new OC and what type of line he runs, Zone or Man. Their are some big names out their and they are young but most of them will not see the open market, Gaither form the Ravens, Evans from the the Saints and Mankins from the Pats are the best players. Their are no top end FA centers at this point and I doubt Angelo makes a play on any of them sense he prefers to build his line with aging vets who come cheap. You see this with the fact that he new he needed line help more than anything and traded for a DE.

Oh I got one, now some reporters are saying if Lovie had more talent his system would work, even though he says they are really talented. But here is a guy who was hired as a defensive genius, who for the last three years has not been able to create a pass rush. He has not been able to design a blitz scheme to compensate for his poor line play and was even given Rod Marinelli who was suppose to fix the line. Who Lovie said would fix the line, yet the line is still bad. Now some people like myself said this wouldn't work and it hasn't. What a shock.

Why is Angelo not getting more grief from the media? This team is a disater and his drafts are a disaster, so are his FA signings.

Bring on Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher.

Keep Lovie, Throw RT under the bus(because he belongs under one) and hire OC and DC. Since Lovie took over D play calling(illedgedly)things have not gotten any better.We all know McFamily will not eat Lovies contract so I think this is the way to repair coaching woes. Now for players we should trade away the few big names we have, keeping cutler and Forte of course, for draft picks....what do you think?Go Bear!

With as horrid as the Bears' defense has been on 3rd down, wouldn't they benefit from the George Castanza approach: take what you would normally do and do the exact opposite?


PS: I do plan on "holding my breath" on Bill Cowher. Either the Bears will hire him, and I'll breath again, or they'll keep Lovie, and I'll suffocate and not have to watch this horrid team anymore. It's a win-win.


I have been poring over some defensive statistics, trying to get some insights into where the holes in the swiss cheese defense are. Look at these totals for the position groups, based on the adding up individual player stats from the Bears' web site:

Defensive Backs: 285 tackles, 3 sacks, 19 involvements in a turnover

Linebackers: 210 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 8 involvements in a turnover

Defensive Line: 147 tackles, 16.5 sacks, 6 involvements in a turnover

From this, it looks like a major problem is underproduction by the defensive line. Looking a little deeper, we see:

Defensive Ends: 86 tackles, 11.5 sacks, 4 involvements in a turnover

Defensive Tackles: 61 tackles, 5 sacks, 2 involvements in a turnover

Some of the numbers might be slighly off, since some linemen flex inside and outside, and since special teams numbers are embedded in all the stats, but I think the basic pattern is obvious.

Is it too simplistic to conclude that the defensive tackle position is the weakest link?

Marinelli did do one thing to the "D" line.......They lead the league in lining up in the neutral zone!!!!!


Do you think if we ask the McCaskey's in a very polite way they will.

Bring back the Honey Bears?
Fire Lovie?
Fire Turner?
Fire all coaches except Marinelli and Toub?
Light a Torch under Angelo's ARS?
Sell the Team to an owner that cares and will spend the money to win?
Hire a Defensive Coordinator (or promote Toub), Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach, but hire the Head Coach first and he hires his own staff not Angelo?
Let the coach have more authority in choosing the draft picks and Angelo less authority?
Play the best players, not the pet projects of the GM?
Get Brandon Marshall as a Free Agent and a stud left guard as a free agent?

Could any of these wishes, really come true?
Ya Right!!!!!

Of course I am kidding about Johnson and Cowher well more hopeful wishing but you know this. Do you actually think I believe they would pay either of those guys and Johnson would cost a lot of money. They could do it but that doesn't mean I think they will do it. They could loose to the Rams but I don't think they will, see how that works? Oh and are you saying Hub didn't report this? About Cowher and about the Bears putting out Feelers cause your own paper wrote an article about it. Why don't you give a listen to the radio station you work at cause B&B have been playing the quote all day and Hub just got done talking about it. I will send you the link as soon as 670 posts it.

If you want to know what I think the Bears will do and what I what want them do just ask. Their is a difference. What I think they will do is fire Turner and bring in another of Lovies buddies Martz. I already know they didn't like the response Cowher gave them and rumor has it it involves Angelo leaving. But sense Phillips is protecting Angelo, the pecking order will be, Turner at the end of this season. Lovie after the Bears suck again next season, and Angelo 3 years from now. Know matter how many picks he blows or bad contracts he signs, the Bears don't know enough to know he sucks. They are a bad organization and you know this.

The only way Lovie gets fired is if they loose 4 of their last five. If either detroit or the Rams beats them he is gone. Another blowout against GB or Baltimore might do it to, two more blowouts and he should be gone.

Now if you are saying you think Johnson and Cowher would be a bad mix then I think your insane. I think Johnson would be a great GM for any team if he ever decided he wanted to get off his yacht. Which I don't think he wants to do. Cowher is a very good head coach, if your going to argue that then you are lost.

Like I said their is a difference between what I want and what I think they will do. By the way you seem a little touchy about this whole Hub, Cowher thing, most reporters seem to be bothered by it. Why does bug this you that he got what appears to be a scoop about the Bears actually being smart and looking around a little. No one ever said they would replace Lovie, but pointing out they are looking at options is not a bad thing. Actually it would be really smart.

Now anytime you want to show me where Lovie has debunct this rumor then you post it. Cause where I come from, where there is smoke, there is fire. Not a PR person, Lovie. Cause eventually Cowher will be asked and he will say something. Anyway the podcast will be up in an hour or so and I will post it for you then.

Here you go Brad. You wanted the quote and the interview herre it is. This is the pod cast interview, they play the direct quote and you can skip to the last 5 minutes of the interview and Bears report to get it. Ok.

Yes fire all of them all!
Url has to go period, stupid is as stupid does. A Captain NEVER speaks like that to the media, and he has done it what 2 times or more? Does he want out?

The only possible thing we can do is draft Olinemen and Dlinemen as many as possible untill we get someone to open holes/pass block/get to the QB.
and yes Creighton they will probably hire Martz, someone started that talk on purpose.

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