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Forte: "If I couldn't make anybody miss, I probably wouldn't be" in NFL

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Matt Forte claimed he had no idea what Brian Urlacher said to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports over the weekend when the linebacker was critical of the Bears' running game, and said the Bears have lost their identity on offense.

"We've got to do a lot of things,'' Forte said. "We've got to make people miss, we've got to block people, we've got to do a lot of things. It's not one particular thing that is hampering the offense. We're hurting ourselves most of the time.

"Urlacher has his own opinion. If I couldn't make anybody miss, I probably wouldn't be playing pro football.''

Forte. who set a franchise rookie record with 1,238 yards rushing last season, has only 543 yards and three rushing touchdowns through 11 games.

"It's frustrating,'' he said. "But you can't harp on being frustrated because it carries over into other games. Then, you'll be focused on being frustrated instead of being out there and trying to do things right on the field.

"When you don't get rushing opportunities as a running back, you have to try to impact somewhere else.''

Urlacher criticized the Bears running in the fourth quarter of their 36-10 loss at Minnesota, and then said more to Silver.

"Now we're gonna run that [expletive]!" Urlacher told Silver. Earlier, discussing a screen pass to Forte that was stuffed, Urlacher had said, "You know why that doesn't work? We don't make anyone [expletive] miss. I guess I just don't realize what great tacklers these [opposing defenders] are. They're amazing."

The Rams are 28th in the league in rushing defense, allowing 148.5 yards per game. Maybe Forte makes some defenders miss on Sunday.

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The majority of this teams problems start with that patchwork offensive line. Among the ripple effects of the line's poor play is the fact that it's tough to "make anybody miss" when the first thing you have to do is get out of the way of your own offensive lineman being blown off the line of scrimmage.

The Bears KNEW there was trouible brewing there and signed 3 players to address the issue. Unfortunately, they have apparently whiffed on all 3 attempts to improve it.

As for Mr. Urlacher's comments, Brian, please read and heed these sage words of advice:

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt." - A. Lincoln

Ok... Urlacher just needs to shut his mouth. He is not helping anything by making comments like this. Cutler has no help..nothing.. The OL is 100% awful and Forte has nowhere to go.. Plus WR's that arent reliable and you have a giant mess. Forte is a class act. Hes not a power runner, but more of a marcus allen glide and cut runner. And Forte can make people miss, but its hard when you are getting hammered the second you are getting the ball. Hes got great hands and is a darn good pass blocker. Yes Forte needs a power back to compliment him, but hes a fabulous 3rd down back that can bail out the QB. Urlacher who has shown his true colors many times is off his rocker bringing up Orton. Does Url not remember how bad his D was last year? How they blew lead after lead??? The time has come to send Mr. Urlacher on his way... He cried and pouted over wanting a new contract..he got his $$$$ and he had a horrible year along with his vaunted D brothers. Hes a distraction and is causing rifts on the team. Now is not the time to jump on your team mates Brian.. The team is in trouble and you are running your mouth???? Be a leader and help out. Coach them.. do something.. but dont do this.. Just plain dumb!!!!!


And this from our team captain. Bravo. This guy hasn't done enough over the past couple years to justify railroading the two new pillars of this offense. Trade him. Trade him now while he still has some value. I would trade urlacher for a good young offensive lineman in a second.

Nice comeback by Forte.

I don't think I've ever seen an injured player rip his team and mates. Urlacher's job is to shut up, be supportive and do all he can to get ready for when he is on the field.

Remember when Mike Brown said "we suck?" The difference was he was playing, he didn't call anyone out by name, and he definitely included himself.

To hear this crap from a guy who is sitting on the sidelines is too much to bear. Maybe the Bears should just tell him to stay home for all the games. I certainly wouldn't miss seeing him.

BTW, the guys he sucker punched will be here long after he's gone.

Brandon Jacobs didnt make Urlacher miss, he just ran right over him.....

I remember Tom Brady making him miss once too. Wow, what an amazing tackler!

Lots of frustration and hurt feelings down on the near south side of Chicago.

I understand Brian is injured and not helping the team, but he is 100% right. If you think he is not then you are kidding yourselves. Also, you are a fool to knock Urlacher because he has been and still is the face of this franchise. Brian has done more for this team than any other member of the Bears for the last 10 years. Olin has definitely contributed on offense and Briggs has definitely made a name for himself but Urlacher has been the man in the middle the whole time. Don't dog him for injuries because they can happen to anyone (ie Brady, Big Ben, LT, etc.). This team would be much improved if Brian was playing this year! Forte hasn't done squat for the Bears - he is slow, soft and has no vision as an RB. I would take #32 over #22 for the rest of the year easily.

Screw Urlacher. It is time to cut him - the s.o.b. does not deserve to wear the uniform of the Chicago Bears.

I guess Forte could have made a comment about linebackers who can't shed blockers...

Urlacher is the same dummy that made sure Benson paid for being a 1st rounder and threatened to replace another veteran (dancing Thomas Jones). He and the other veterans drove Benson out of town where he doing just fine. How are Urlacher and the vets doing?

People need to take it down a thousand! Regardless of what these guys say someone ALWAYS acts like it off the deep end. Frustration causes all types of problems and fans/media add to the frenzy. He had a right to speak his mind and he didn't owe anyone an apology-seems the only ones asking are fans who got their feelings hurt.


Yeah right, OK !!

Since Bells 4/81 debut vs Philly Forte has 22 rushes for 61 yards and ZERO TD's.... That looks about status quo for Forte this year to me. 2.7 yards per rush average in that span.

Go Bears !!

What's truly amazing was that he said this to Mike Silver. Did Jay Glazer have a better party to go to that day?

Hey PartyUp!, you're right, this is America, where any fool has the right to say anything he pleases. But most people are smart enough not to rip their place of employment publicly. There's a sort of code, you know?

But apparently Urlacher thinks he is above the team and the coaches and can do and say anything he pleases. I'm guessing that's why he has so much love for Lovie, because I remember the hypocrite saying he couldn't stand the Cover Two when Lovie brought it in.

By HAHA on December 2, 2009 6:58 PM

Brandon Jacobs didnt make Urlacher miss, he just ran right over him...

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