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Chris Williams to move to left tackle with Orlando Pace sidelined

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The left tackle of the future is the left tackle for now as Chris Williams will be moved to that position for Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams with veteran Orlando Pace expected to miss with a groin muscle injury.

That's the spot the Bears were going to play the first-round pick from Vanderbilt at last season before he went down with a back injury on the second day of training camp and eventually required surgery. Frank Omiyale is expected to remain at left guard and veteran Kevin Shaffer will play right tackle.

Williams has 11 starts at right tackle this season and it's been a work in progress for him. The hope the Bears have is that his athletic ability will serve him better at his more natural position. The line has struggled throughout the season and the first step moving forward to 2010 has to be to determine if Williams can handle the position. He'll miss the Rams' best pass rusher as Leonard Little plays left end for St. Louis. Williams is expected to be lined up across from veteran James Hall.

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Stick a fork in Orlando. He's a done turkey.

About friggin' time. Williams was average to marginal on the right, but when you play your entire career at left tackle, and the offseason program preparing to be the left tackle, and then are asked to move in March/April, it will take some adjustment time.

Pace was getting worse by the week, and appears to be breaking down as the season wears on. Cutler needs better protection than he has been getting on his blind side, and it's about time to find out whether this kid can do that.

James Hall is a much better matchup for him to start with than Jared Allen would have been this past week. Even if they move Little around, he should get more Chris Long and Hall than anything else.

If Williams plays better on the left, it means we missed again in evaluation, and wasted 11 games on a washed-up Orlando Pace when we could have been jelling with our future line instead of playing mix and match with the line.

Shaffer belongs on the right, but he is only a stopgap as well. We will need a right tackle to develop for the future as well as a center and right guard.

I'm all for this move simply because the offensive line has been miserable to this point, and any change would hardly make them worse. I would also put the guy desdribed as "the center of the future" in place of Kreutz.Pace is reminiscent of Fred Miller in swinging door fashion, so anyone taking his place is likely to be a step up. Why is it that former all-pros seem to suddenly become incompetent when playing for the Bears?

So, wait a second. You mean to tell me that Williams is going to the spot that he was supposed to be at from the get-go??? No no no no. That is unacceptable, because it makes sense. That is way too far off Lovies true agenda!

On a lighter note. I say next year we clean house. Aside from the obvious staff changes, I say we release or if by some divine miracle possibly trade for either other players or picks...


And if possible acquire the following:

2)Brandon Marshall
4)Chester Taylor
6) A decent backup QB
7) Draft a front line if unable via FA

So therein lies my Christmas wishlist and I pray that we can at least acheive some of this. If there's anything I respect about the Vikings owners is the fact that they are not so conservative about hiring and penny pinching on those who we need. But also I don't think I'll ever understand who is/are those who commit the research on who to hire, because they too need to get fired for they are extremely pathetic and choosing the right players.

Then again I could be wrong.

Ish, If I remember correctly, Rick Speilman, who put together the Vikings current roster , was once employed by the Bears. Another total screw up by the McCaskey family. I guess they thought he wanted to spend too much $$ on good players rather than picking up broken down players cut by other teams.

On a lighter note. I say next year we clean house. Aside from the obvious staff changes, I say we release or if by some divine miracle possibly trade for either other players or picks...


Pisa, Roach and AP will all be Free Agents after the season I believe.

Joe, Chris Williams didn't play his whole career at LT. He played Guard and RT in college as well. I got news for you guys RT is easier to play. It was Chris Williams that said he could either be a great RT or and good LT. You generally move a goy from the right ot the left when he has played really well on the right. You don't generally move a guy from the right to the left when has been bad and excuse me he has been bad. They have on of the the worst lines in football, and he has been the worst player on that line after Omiyale.

Ish their are dreams and their are fantasy's what you wrote is a fantasy. Its a good time to move Williams because he is playing against a nobody who is really bad, so he should be fine this week. GB also doesn't have much of a pass rush, but after those two games he will see Suggs and Allen. Good luck with those two.

"Ish their are dreams and their are fantasy's what you wrote is a fantasy."

Creighton, at this point fantasy to me seems to be the only route to go if we fans are trying to see any sort of light at the end of this extremely dreary tunnel. As far as Williams goes I think it will be interesting to watch him potentially get annihilated by Allen. Because it should be yet again be more proof to the foolish drafting choices brought to you by the present day staff. You draft a guy who has prior and known back problems???? Not to mention Allen,lets face it, is a monster that wont stop. BTW I'm ready to question his potential substance abuse (but the reality is he's probably just that damn good). Once agin I could be wrong on my opinion here.

So for now, with all due respects Creighton and everyone, I wont say anything about anybody here, but folks all I can work for now are these fantasies, wishes, dreams, prayers, hopes, etc.... (sigh of misery, this staff is making me emo)

Its ok Ish I myself have written a dozen fantasies on this blog easy.

Johnson and Cowher.
Gaither, Mankins, Evans, Marshall, Trueblood etc as free agent signings.
Angelo getting fired.
Lovie getting fired.
A zone blocking scheme installed
Solid drafting
I can keep going all day
Ron Turner gone
Gains Adams being good
Mooch begging to be the OC
The McStupids selling the team
Really hot cheerleaders
Phillips hit by the bus
A running game
Urlacher being smart

If I look at the reality of the situation I GET A LITTLE SICK.

By the way a direct quote from Jay Cutler about Chris Williams being moved to left tackle. When asked about it, first he laughed, then he said "we don't have a choice." Then he said but he has all the confidence in him because he is trying hard. Hahahaha.

I actually want to see Shaffer at RT myself which nobody is talking about. Plus what happened to Beekman, he got benched last week and Omiyale replaced him. Why did they do that? Zero running game and Cutler got hammered all day. If they where really trying to win why was Omiyale starting.

Oh another great Cutler quote. When asked about Morla victories, he responded, "I don't care about Moral victories"

The ultimate decider on moves to improve the OL has to be what gives Cutler the best chance to make it through the season and not end up on IR. Whatever gives him the best chance to get back his swagger and have some games where he actually gets to see passes completed on his feet, not his back. If moving Williams to LT does that great. If it doesn't we are really screwed, aren't we?

About time-you don't draft a guy that high to play right tackle. Now put Beekman at center-maybe he can actually hike the ball to the quarterback instead of the ground.

ISH , Im with you on allens probable substance abuse. The Vikings had a running back stopped at the airport with a wizzonator which is a real looking male falic with a freeze dried urine sample in it. then you have the williams brothers busted with a diuretic in their system used to flush the body of steroid toxins. And all of a sudden old man cheeshead is playing like a 25 year old????? Tink about it!!!!! get out your asterisk*****

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