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Bears GM Angelo pledges: "We will be better through this ordeal"

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General manager Jerry Angelo said that the Bears have red flags now that they have lost six of seven games entering this afternoon's meeting with the St. Louis Rams.

But he's not panicking at this point, and vowed to fix the mess the 4-7 club has fallen into during a season that began with such huge expectations.

Speaking with WBBM play-by-play voice Jeff Joniak on the station's pregame show, Angelo addressed some of the issues plaguing the team. He was not asked about the status of coach Lovie Smith, who is 20-23 since losing Super Bowl XLI.

"We do have red flags,'' Angelo said in the interview. "Those flags were made by us. There will be some inventory like there is at the end of the year, there will be plenty enough time for that. Right now, I want to focus on the now, this afternoon, playing good football. We're paid to win. We have 16 games. We want to win each one of those games so we want to stay focused on the season."

"[Things] are exceptionally rough and we're all disappointed given the fact that we had high expectations. There is still a glimmer of hope and we'll always play on that as long as there is. We're in a poor state right now, obviously, we need a win badly. That doesn't ever lose our focus in terms of what we have to do now."

Asked what his message to fans would be, Angelo said not to lose hope.

"I have been in this league a long, long time. Believe me, I will never live without hope,'' he said. "There might be situations that look hopeless but it certainly is not that way internally. We will come out of this better for it. I promise you that. Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Doesn't mean the plan was bad. The plan was solid. It just didn't work. We'll go back and we'll re-visit the things that didn't work, fix the things that didn't work, and when you do that you will be better for it.

"Can I sit here and tell you exactly what? I can't do that right now. There will be time to do it. I promise this to our fans, and I know this in my heart of hearts, we will be better through this ordeal. I do promise you that, and there will always be hope. It will not be false hope."

Asked if the remarks by middle linebacker Brian Urlacher last weekend following the team's blowout loss at Minnesota bothered him, he said they did.

"Certainly, I had issues with that,'' Angelo said. "Things are tough. We don't need anybody within making them tougher. We want to stay focused on the job at hand and that's winning each and every week. That's where our focus needs to be. That's where all of our energies need to be. At the end of the season then we look at ourselves, evaluate the things that need to be evaluated, fix the problems and again come out better. But right now, everybody that is a Chicago Bear needs to be pulling for the Chicago Bears, needs to be doing everything they can to make sure that the Chicago Bears are being the best they can be. That's our bottom line.''

Angelo has not been available to media since the Nov. 12 game at San Francisco.

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Have hope huh JA? Hope for what, an early termination? You are the main reason this team has fallen apart. You cant draft.. your trades are horrific... you send high draft picks for players that are not needed... How do you send a 2nd rounder for Gaines Adams? We need OL help in the worst way.. Tell me some team did not have a starter quality OL that they would have sent us for a 2nd rounder..JA, you and Lovie can live in your little fantasy land all you want. As long as you do it somewhere else. Until you and Lovie both get your a$$e$ thrown out the door, this team will do nothing. We need an offense minded HC and a new defensive approach. I think they would do well in a 3-4 based system. Gilbert is a perfect match for a 3-4 end as is Alex Brown. Put Marcus Harrison at the NT and back him up with a monster rookie NT and there you go.. There is enough at LB to get through the 1st season. Hunter and Roach at ILB.. Jamar Williams and Briggs at OLB. Very do-able. Dear Santa, please send us some help ....

As I said before I have a 2-part question for Jerry Angelo. You suck and die in a fire. I'll hangup and listen for my answer you farktard!

Dear Mr. Angelo I am writing this in the hopes you would do the right thing, but I am not fooling myself you haven't done the right thing in your entire term here. You sir should first fire that mistake of a coaching staff (does anyone know what the heck Pep Hamilton actually does?) and then step down yourself. Tear up that contract you bamboozled the McCaskey family into and slink off into oblivion. But I know you won't your ego is so big you will milk this for all it is worth and in a way I don't blame you if I had the saps you have watching over you I would have probably suckered them too. The bad part of it is to them it's a family business and legacy you have turned it into a joke and falicy. Just looking back at your trades and acquisitions Brown, T. Jones and Tait were the only offensive lineman you came up with in all your seasons here, but we have the K. Stewarts, Krenzels, Grossmans, Hutchinsons, Bensons, Okwos, Bauzins all the injured players you said are ready to be productive NFL players. Just those names alone on a resume would have gotten a normal guy fired there are many, many more. This article only proves the Bears are not serious about change, a good case came be made for complete incompetence but like the rest of the incompetent, selfish boars that inhabit Wall Street Jerry A. has fashioned a golden parachute against some tightwads like the McCaskeys and because they don't have a complete incompetence clause which would prevent him from getting the money he will be retained and paid just like Wall Street and just like Wall Street Main Street gets screwed so here it is fans/main street we are screwed. Angelo should be treated like the Bernie Madoff he has been stealing for years now.

JA, I HOPE you get fired. You're right, this will make the bears better when yours and Lovie's ass are kicked out the door. JA, you are the problem and you can hang your hat on the fact that the bears are $30MM under the salary cap!

He needs a win now, because his job is getting hot. And I'm rooting for ST LOUIS because of it. There is plenty of evidence that his, their, plan(s) have been poor, ineffective.

A good GM would have figured out they (he) have been historically ineffective in the draft for several now. It's either in scouting or selection or strategy, or all of the above. But last year, knowing that they had Cutler, they draft two guys that aren't playing. And they aren't offensive line-man. And this year, the biggest disappointment is the O-line. Thats called, not anticipating your needs and not drafting to fill them. And while that might be understandable if the latest several years of draft failures were O-line, thats not the case. Just shooting from the hip, i think, most of the draft failures have been defensive and I thought that was supposed to be his 'expertise'.


This is a joke right Brad? Trust this butt clown? To do what, suck more, you are the worst GM ever, you just managed to sneak by the Rams at home. Try playing like this against GB, Baltimore, and the Vikings who are all going to throw your Bears a beating.

"Sometimes things don't work out according to plan. Doesn't mean the plan was bad. The plan was solid. It just didn't work."

You see this is why I hate Angelo, he is an idiot, the plan was solid. It just didn't work. No no no, if the plan doesn't work then the plan sucks. How stupid do you have to be, to say something like that.

Jerry Angelo I have hope.
I hope you get fired.
I hope you step in front of a bus.
I hope you get testicular cancer.
I hope I meet you in a dark alley.
I hope you go to prison and become the house b####.

If Angelo and Lovie are here next year, then the Bears organization and the fans deserve every loss they get. Start Booing, start holding up the Angelo and Lovie sucks signs, start throwing the garbage, write email's to the Bears demanding they fire these clowns. If their still here when training camp starts, go their and boo Lovie and Angelo, hold up the signs to have them fired. Stop watching games in your home, if you want to watch this team suck, then go out and watch it at a bar or a friends, the fewer tv's watching them the lower the ratings. You don't have to miss the games but you don't have to help them steal from you either.

A win is nothing to be happy about today; it disguises the problem with this team which permanently resides in the organization. Fire Jerry now! HOPEFULL. How many fans are willing to be $100 that the first 3 picks of the BEARS IN THE DRAFT IN 2010 will be starter in 2010, 2011, or 2012. all three pays $150, 2 of 3 pays $100, 1 of three pays $50. Its a losers bet and so is having this guy for a GM.

This guy is a LOSER, and so is Lovie, and the main reason is because they have NO SENSE OF URGENCY. Just listen to his comments - "We'll learn from this ordeal and come back even stronger from it". He's like the man who becomes a drug addict or goes bankrupt or ruins his marriage and then comes back saying that he will only be stronger for it. Well, guess what? WINNERS don't become drug addicts or go bankrupt or ruin their marriage in the first place.

This whole ANGELO/LOVIE regime is an infuriating example of "on-the-job training". They keep making idiotic novice mistakes in everything from player evaluation to playcalling to throwing challenge flags to committing to Rex Grossman as a franchise QB for 5 years to picking up other teams' waste and thinking they will work (Archuleta, Pace) to that infamous time when idiot ANGELOW forgot to check the box on the paperwork for Warrick Holdman, which allowed him to be a free agent or something I can't remember.

This lack of urgency was clearly visible after Lovie Smith's two playoff losses: When they blew it against Carolina in a game they had no business being embarassed in, Lovie was all like "That's OK, we're a young team and we're only gonna get better and learn from this." He basically said the same thing after the Super Bowl. Hey Lovie, u ever hear of "windows of opportunity"??

If the Patriots had this LOSER mentality, trust me, they would've never won that first Super Bowl with Tom Brady because they probably would've just been happy to be there against the mighty Rams.

We will only be better when YOU and LOVIE and HIS FRIENDS LEAVE !!!

What happen to "We're close" said Lovie Smith. We ask you'll, close to what. Now we know were we're close too. What do you think Lovie and Co. is going to tell us this off season. Ohh, wait JA say have hope. For $11M and two more years, we can have hope and be close to last place. Most big cities win one time or another NYC, Los Angels, Florida and Texas. I'm from the Virin Islands and I watch (WGN)Chicago sports most of my life and I can't seem to catch a break with the Cubs or the Bears. Harry Carey made me feel like a Cubs fan and a Chicago man, but like Harry never got to see a Cubs championship, I feel in my life time I will never see a Bears or Cubs Championship. Please Bears fire the coaches and start over. I'll spend extra on all items thats Bears to help make up the money you pay out to these loser coaches.

Now lets bring some reality to this blog:

First JA is not going to be fired, although I think he has done everything possible to earn a termination and is the guy who hires the coaches, runs the draft, free agents brought in and coodinates the efforts to ensure the team is as a strong as possible in all aspects of the operation for which he has so far failed.

We have to realize that Angelo has four year left on a contract. Now does anyone really believe on this blog that the McCheeps family and Ted Phillips will pull the string on Angelo and eat a four year contract, no way, no how, not yet.

Living in reality is a biatch sometime and my reality also tells me that Lovie may be with the team another year. The McCheeps family cheapness again a possible reason (all dependant on how the team finishes)9-7 Lovie probably sticks, 8-8 is a big maybe whether Lovie is gone. I truly hope that Lovie, Turner and the entire team of coaches is cut loose with the exception of Toub and Marinelli. I hope that Angelo is put on a short leash and given a mandate of getting the Bears back to the playoffs by 2010 or else, I also hope that Phillips has the quihones to take some of Angelo's power away in the draft and give more power to the new coaches hired.

If Mike Singeltary can take on a head coaching role and do well, I think that Toub could take on a defensive coordinator role and do well. The Bears cannot afford to lose Toub and although Marinelli has not created a great d line or a huge pass rush, I do believe he is a good coach for the line and has done well in his past with Tampa Bay in that regard, he also had some huge talent to work with in Tampa.

So Cowher would be a great choice with Shannahan a good #2 choice fro head coach or maybe, just maybe Fox from Carolina would be available he also could be a decent head coach for the Bears.

Weis may be good as an offensive coordinator but not a head coach, he does have a mind for offense and would do a heck of a lot better than Turner. Weis was never a fit as a college coach, his mentality and work ethic has always been at the NFL level, he also can't recruit well which is critical for the college game.

Angelo, here are at least three things that are a must have for 2010 most likely through free agency or maybe 1 from the draft if we are lucky.

1. A true go to receiver, a number 1. LIke a Brandon Marshall or Ocho, etc. Angelo, You have to get this position filled and move Hester to the slot, where Hester will excel.
2. Get two or three offensive linemen, a true road grader for a guard and another at the right tackle position. Beekman may or may not be the answer at center, but he needs to work into the mix with Kruetz because a true center is needed in 2010.
3. A pass rush has got to be found somewhere somehow. You need to either make one of the players you have into a stud rusher or you need to find one.
4. A real free safety, one that makes the receivers really wonder whether it is worth it to come across the middle, one that can cover deep and one that won't fall for play action and be out of position so often. Maybe in the draft a free safety could be found although I really don't think anyone has given Graham a chance at this position.

You know what us really sad here is that the large majority of Chicago fans are fairly - to - very tolerant and patient. And here on this blog we have a lot of truth sayers - a lot of people who have borne witness to the preponderance of the evidence and have passed judgement. Whats unfortunate, is that our voices don't really get heard very well; or more specifically, that there's so much cash flow into the "Mc-In-competents" accounts that the performance of the team doesn't matter and the majority's accurate consensus doesn't leverage any change.

Angelos interview is a case of PR management designed to perpetuate the status quo. Save hope in a future tomorrow; which will translate into more season ticket renewals; in order to save his own job. It's selfish and It's unfortunate. A failure to go to Ted Phillips or Virginia and acknowledge that he's under qualified, or needs a scouting staff three times larger than that of a team with a qualified GM.

Lets hope they lose the remaining games and he can't spin his way out of this one. The truth is.. there are very few people in this business who do this very well and they are 1. expensive and 2. want a lot of control and 3, do not find owners like the mc-in-competents to be an attractive working environment. ERGO, we 'as BEARS FANS' are screwed for a very long time

Boy, has that guy got the owners hoodwinked. 'I've been in this league a long time'... Heck, that's a great resume padder.

When people start asking and answering their own questions in life and interviews ("Are we a good team?, yes we are a good team") you know they're talking out of their rear end. That's like you know someone is guilty when they answer "why would I do that, I don't need the money?".

Too bad the Bears didn't have the Redskins schedule, or they'd be 8-4 right now, and Angelo would be talking about the great job Smith was doing and how that contract extension was a great deal for the team.

Maybe the Bears should run off Angelo and Smith, hire the GM from the Colts and, instead of Notre Dame, be the team to hire Northwestern's coach. At least that move would show that they mean business. Anyway, for those of you wanting Cowher (just look at those Steelers) or Shanahan (he's off to Washington next year, according to rumors), that deal would make more sense. The Bears need a new start and a fresh direction. Not some retreads. That thinking, or more 'in the box' stuff, got them Smith and keeps Angelo employed.

Even if he were alive now, George Halas would have figured it out and run both of them off by now.

And then, reinstall himself as coach. And GM.

lolol.. Creighton!?!? Thats a bit much.. Run over by a bus or cancer?? I think a pink slip is fine. I feel your anger tho bro...100% I do!! To see this proud franchise destroyed the way it has is maddening. To listen to JA say, "we will get through this".. I about choked. The owners have done nothing. They say nothing.. Come January.. it will be the same people running the show. JA bumbled into a darn good roster in '05 and '06.. he then dismantled it piece by piece. So the guy that has destroyed the team is the same guy that says trust me!?!?! The same guy that cannot draft worth a darn.. the same guy that says its all about the QB?? Then this coach.. who fires a damn fine DC and says trust me? Who continues to coddle wack-nutz Tommie Harris?? The same guy that has destroyed Danieal Manning?? This team that continually plays guys outa position?? And an OC who is stuck on his Madden '95 video game offense?? Nuff said.. SOOOO... JA?? We are gonna get through this? Really?? Get through to another 6-10 season next year??? Wow..cant wait..

Fix this? Him? I don't think so. He hasn't demonstrated any ability in scouting college players at all. The way to build an organization is through the draft, not continually fixing and patching with free agents. They continually overestimate talent, not only prospects, but their own players. If anybody saw today's game, you can see that their talent level is only marginally better than St. Louis, which is a complete mess, save Steven Jackson.
Bye bye Jerry!

Dahli as long as Jerry is here no self respecting Head coach will come ot the Bears. Word is Cowher is bringing his staff from PIT with him including the GM. Its only a rumor but that means he will not come here. Nobody will with Anggelo. Lovie and Angelo are linked if one goes so does the other.

They will bring in Martz maybe and fire Gabriel and hire another one of Angelo's friends. But the fact is given the current situation, nobody who is any good is going to want to be a coordinator on a team with little talent and a Coach and GM on the hot seat. If they keep Lovie and Angelo then its a one year job so trying to make changes and bring in some help is not going to be easy. Who wants to come here for one year and then get the boot? When the regime change happens. Don't think many free agents will come here, Angelo can only spend so much before he has to get contracts approved by Phillips, its something like 35 million. Do you think anyone is going to trust Angelo to bring in good free agents with record.

If the Bears don't fire these guys they are just being cheap, becuase they will not win with this team and they don;t have the draft picks, plus Angelo as always will try and prove the players he has brought in are good, he will force the issue with his players and then blame Lovie and fire him next year and bring in some nobody coach because their is not a good coach out their that will work with this clown. Angelo will look for a guy who runs Tampa 2. He doesn't know how to draft for anything else.

If they are here next year then they may as well phone in the season and so should hte fans. The best coaching crop in history and they will skip it so they can save some money and because winning means nothing to this team. In the last 20 years only 5 or six teams in the nfl have been too the playoffs less than the Bears.

I tell you know I don;t think you will see any real help brought in for the O-Line or for the recievers. Angelo will talk about Chris Williams needing a full year at LT, and talk about how the recievers are young but they really like them. He will go after D-Line help and call it a day.

I am not sure why there is such a fuss over the Bears. If you look at them Denney Green said it "THE BEARS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE" TERRIBLE ORGANIZATION. Angelo has never been a success anywhere. Ron Turner is awful - Lovie Smith is awful - Angelo can't draft has no idea what talent is. But the Bears front office of Ted Phillips and Virginia M. wont fire these idiots. I was thinking that our only chance for this organization to make it is if we offer all of the above to some high school team maybe we could get them to send over a few of their players in trade. Poor Papa Bear. This is the worse organization in the NFL.

I was all prepared to write a nasty comment about Angelo and coach Dummie Smith, but after reading all of the other scathing comments, I feel a sense of peace. Lots of other fans apparently believe as I do that Angelo sucks, Lovie is a moron, Turner is a joke, and the McCaskeys need to sell the team to someone who is willing to field a good team for the deserving fans of Chicago. I don't know how anyone can spend money to go watch this trainwreck of a team. Barely beating one of the worst teams of the league? Right now I wouldn't go to a game if you gave me tickets to a skybox and offered to take me there in a limo. The Bears Suck!

Sure you will! When Jerry Jones buys us a new stadium, Reggie Wayne demands a trade out of Indy, Drew Brees' decides to throw games away, the Steelers decide to move to Chicago. In other words...NEVER!

`been in the league a long time' Jerry is trying to justify his ppoor drafts/trades/signs. What a joke, Look at Tampa Bay's offense when he was there, remember any of the players??? Thought not.
Fix this? What Jerry? You would have us believe you can fix your own mistakes? It took you years to get the bears this bad, and how long should we give you to fix your own mistakes? You have no eye for talent period, so the only way you can fix this mess is by hiring someone who is a great judge of talent, and I guerss they would answer to you? hmmm, thats a GM's job isnt it?

Dahli, your points are valid, except for one, Jerry got us a real pass rusher with our No. 2 pick next year right?

and that is the point Dahlilama, your points are spot on, except Angelo tried that this year on the cheep, he has been trying that for some time now. How in the possible world can he all of a sudden get it right and get any of those players?

While I agree with the calls for Jerry Angelo's head, who hired and could fire him? Right, Ted Phillips, the accountant who was made president of the team. So there's that problem that's beyond who's the GM, because you can't get a good GM when you don't have a president who has a clue how to find one.

And whose decision was it to hire an accountant instead of a football man for team president? Our faves, the McCaskeys. Hub Arkush swears up and down that nobody wants to win more than the McCaskeys, and that he's worked for them and knows this for a fact. Problem is, that's not the issue. The issue is that they want to make a ton of money from the Bears more than they want to win, regardless of how much they want to win. The fact that an accountant instead of a football guy is team president really tells you all you need to know about the McCaskeys' priorities.

So, if you really want the Bears to have a chance to be a good team, you need to boycott the games, the merchandise, and even watching them on your own TV as Creighton urged. Pressure the owners in every way possible, and pressure the Chicago sports media to pressure them too. Even if the Bears replaced Jerry Angelo, Phillips would have no idea how to find a good general manager. This starts from ownership, which needs to either hire a football man for team president or sell the team to someone who wants to win more than make a ton of money from the team.

I think Jerrys right, sometimes the plan does not work. The Bears have had plenty of chances to have won this year. They could easily be 4 wins better 9-3 and we would not be talking about this. But the problem is that Jerry never recognises when the plan is not working. A running game that sucks and he does not go after Larry Johnson. Trouble in the secondary and Mike Mckenzie is not given a look. He has a brain fart and trades a number 2 pick for a guy who has doen one thing in the NFL and that is prove he cannot play, G Adams. Struggling at wide receiver and Chris Chambers is never even looked at. What is it Jerry you dont realise that we had problems or that there have been players available that have made differences to other teams.

Noel you have some valid points and some real bad ones. This team couldn't be 9-3 even with a pencil they don't have 9-3 talent or 9-3 coaching or 9-3 management. But the points about Chambers and McKenzie ok But not even Johnson could run behind this line and he has lockeroom issues Kreutz would probably shoot him.

Jerry, you have reached the point of pure delusion.

The plan was solid? About as solid as the output of irritable bowel syndrome.

* How's that plan of trading a 2nd round pick for Gaines Adams working out? Adams is so bad he wasn't even active against the lowly Rams yesterday.
* How's that plan of signing Orlando Pace working out?
* How's that plan of making Frank Omiyale working out?

Unbelievable, Jerry.

Get out of town already. 9 years on the job and you've still yet to build a complete roster. Pathetic.

In the long history of the NFL there have been numerous bad trades involving #1 picks.(the Rick Mirer-Dave Wannstedt fiasco jumps readily to mind). However, I think without question, for 2nd round picks, I think the Gaines Adams trade for a second round pick will go down as the worst trade of a second round pick not only for the Bears, but for any team in the history of the NFL. The guy is a complete stiff. They are laughing about this trade in Tampa Bay. If Angelo tried to trade this guy right now he'd be real lucky to get a seventh round pick. Angelo was either drunk when he made this trade, has the worst scouts in the league, or owes a past debt to one of his Tampa friends. Trades like this can just kill a franchise for 5-10 years. My question to Phillips and McCaskey would be, "What are you guys doing? Can't you see what's going on? Are you blind? Don't you care? People that make decisions like this have to walk the plank and pay the piper. The NFL is the not for long league."

There are a bunch of real good coaches available this off-season- everyone knows who they are. They will not be available in 2011-they'll all be snapped up- then all that will be left will be guys like Dick Jauron in 2011. This off-season is a golden opportunity to get someone the city of Chicago will be proud of and rally around. Don't blow it- do you hear me Michael and Virginia McCaskey ? I don't care how much they are owed- Lovie and Angelo's destruction of your franchise must come to an end-NOW!

Creighton: I agree that Cowher probably would not come to the Bears unless he had some GM related power (like having more power in the draft pick process and free agent process and that the GM reduces his authority as to who plays each week and who should be cut from the team).

Randy: Right on, I hear you about Gaines Adams and that JA made a cheap move to solve a problem on the D line, knowing full well probably two are gone from the Defensive end position next year with Ogunleye and Anderson. I am still hoping that Gaines Adams (he is young) he is fast and has good physical ability can be trained up to be a good defensive end. I also know he is not football smart and that Tampa Bay was not his spot, they were holding out for a number 2 draft pick to trade him which shows that he did have some value.

If he turns out as a good player then a number 2 pick was worth it, I know that the glass seems half empty at this time but lets give him a little time, build up his muscle mass a little and see what he gives the Bears next year. He may be a positive surprise and not the failure that some are suggesting? Plus finding very good D line talent is not easy.

I will give Angelo one thing... you have to appreciate his consistency.

He sounds as stupid in print as he looks in the photos the S-T publishes of him.

At least he has THAT going for him.

ok but I am sick and tired of waiting till next year. I have done that since 1985, 1985, every stinking year since then, `Wait till next year' The root of the problem is the accountant phenomenon! The McCaskeys simply want to make too much money off the naive Chicago fan base. Hey Chiacgo HAS to be one of the most lucrative markets in America, and they want so much money they refuse to spend it on capable President/GM/Coach/scouts etc...

Boycott the Games Bears Fans or we will all be saying wait till next year another 20 years. Yes, I hate that solution but it has come down to this and we did NOT make it this way, we stood by the team all this time, believeing, while the McCaskey's pocketed our hard earned money, they didnt have to get up at 6:30 a.m. every morning waiting on that one vacation a year to get away! They simply used the Chicago Fans money!!!

Easily the most inspiring speech I've heard since Churchill's "It is the end of the beginning" speech. Maybe even the Gettysburg Address. Almost as inspiring as Lovie's "Trust me, I'm the coach" speech.

Now can I go back to sleep?

I have to believe that making money and winning go hand in hand. Maybe the problem is that the McCaskey's don't trust Angelo with their money? Winning sells apparrel, fills stadiums and gets you primetime coverage, not to mention lucerative play-off births. There is no way losing makes money.

Now...Angelo's comments are absolutely absurd...get better? 3 data points make a trend...for 3 years since the superbowl year we are getting better. THE BEARS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER!!! All who posted here know that and I think Angelo and Lovie know that but they can not say that and keep up the fascade. People that want to look good instead of be good do run out of time eventually...the reality cops always get their man!

Angelo is here for more years I believe. Ted; fire Smith and most of the staff and give Angelo one last chance if you must but I swear if I have to go through one more season with this garbage, I will become a Cardnal fan. (never Packers!)

I think this team has way more talent than most think...that is what is so maddening. It is the underperformance, the mental break downs, the penalties, and the lack of focus and energy. I knew we were in trouble last year when Tillman committed a personal foul at the end of the game a year ago and many of the players defended him...I saw it repeat again this year with Tommie Harris. That is coaching and focus or lack there of. There is enough talent on this team, if properly coached and developed, to make the play offs and give MN a run for their money. Problem is that the coaching staff sucks...has sucked...and will continue to suck. The proof is in the pudding. There are talented players but no coaching. Bill Cowher could make the play offs with this team as it is. I can call most of the plays before they are run now...the Rams game caught me by suprise...someone must have grabbed Turner by the ear! But once I figured out what he was doing...all I had to do is revert to last year's formula and I again could call most of the plays before they were run....I didn't call the fake field goal though oddly enough.

Protect the quarterback first and foremost...touchdown or checkdown and all will be well.

It is a good thing you are in Chicago, a city that will follow it's football team into hell. If you were in a lesser market, you would not have the comfort of sitting with a 10 year wait list for season tickets and the guaranteed revenue that allows you to keep your job.

So you may continue your historic bad choices and absolute inadequacies as GM, continue hiring old washed up players, paying stupid contracts and refusing to address the real concerns of the fans. It is your right to do so.

But I will no longer pay $200 to come to a game and watch this piece of crap you call a football team. I will not buy your merchandise. I will not pay to watch the Bears on out of market TV. And yes, I know, good riddance to me but watch you @ss Mr. Angelo, because while you have the comfort of having very few people like me, Chicagoans still will not put up with your crap forever. People are wising up to your scape goats and false optimism.

Your lies and "we will be better next year" rhetoric is wearing thin. So take head Mr. Angelo and enjoy your time while you have it.

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