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Bears add veteran linebacker with Pro Bowl experience in Cato June

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The Bears must be ready to finally put Pisa Tinoisamoa on injured reserve.

The team will sign free-agent linebacker Cato June to a one-year contract, and it will need to clear a spot to add the veteran. That means Tinoisamoa will finally head to injured reserve after being lost for the season with a knee injury Oct. 18 at Atlanta.

June was the leading tackler for the Indianapolis Colts in 2006, the year they defeated the Bears in the Super Bowl, and his history in the NFL is as a linebacker in the Tampa Two. While he played the weak side for the Colts, he was a strong-side linebacker in Tampa Bay last season and the positions are considered interchangeable.

June, a Pro Bowl performer following the 2005 season, was cut by the Bucs at the start of the offseason and eventually landed in Houston where he was hurt in August. According to his Twitter profile, he was cleared by doctors to return to action last Wednesday. June suffered a broken forearm in mid-August in a scrimmage with the New Orleans Saints prior to an exhibition game. He had surgery to have a plate inserted and it was announced at the time he would be sidelined six to eight weeks. June, who turned 30 last month, received an injury settlement.

Also, a league source said that the Bears have released defensive end Joe Clermond from the practice squad.

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Experience in the Tampa 2, that's just lovely. The Tampa 2 sucks, when will that loser HC figure that out. Cover 2 and let the other nine do what the please. FIRE ANGELO AND SMITH

Ohhhh boie. This move wqill turn the dfense into a top ten in miss tackles. He sucks. He sucked then and sucks now. Ohhhhh Boy he made stinking pro bowl and he onlyy did that cauce of Bob Sanders.
This team is a waste of spase. Okland and Chicago should be banded from the NFL untill they hire my Dream coach to go with my dream QB. Hey look if Shannahand was hear rite now Cutler wouldnt have 20 ints and Crap-ton type Wide Outs. Heck even though crap-ton cant spell can only talk about what he dreams about my life and how crap-ton/Brando wishes he could bee.
Liisten up girls and Brad Briggs, News Flash this site has been infected by these happy go luky blinded dush saks that dont know what they are talking about, Lovie "fotball Stupit" Smith will be replaced at the end of the season. He didnt deneye it!! HaHaHaHa another bad move just like Noter Dame did with that front butt looser Charlie Wise. Wise And Lovie BY BY. HaHaHaHa I predickted this last week

I agree...Cover 2 D is's been figured out a long time ago! Bring back the big heavies in the middle (alla keith traylor & pat williams) to take on the O Line blocks and let our MLB and WLB make all the tackles!!! Or go the 3-4 route and put an aging Urlacher as the stand-up LB on the end then he could rush and/or cover. But we would need to find another good MLB to team with Briggs in the middle. Cover 2 sucks!!

The Cato June signing was nothing more than to shore up the depth of the LB corp without thinning out the special teams. Since, this team is pretty much eliminated from the playoffs then they should blow up the team for the rest of the year. I'm not talking about getting rid of players, but putting players on IR and tweeking the areas of weakness with some players to see how they react. The players that should be put on IR are: Pace and Garza. With that said, Chicago should revamp the line, stick with it for the rest of the year, and use the last four games to start the rebuilding of the line heading into the 2010 season. One of the first moves should be signing James Marten off the practice squad to the active roster to add some depth, evaluate him, and prevent any other team from signing him. The next move would be to sign a young guard, either free agent or off someone's practice squad for the same reason as Marten's. The third move is to have a consistent line for the rest of the season that will, ideally bring some cohesive and a more stable line. The line would look like this: Williams at LT, Ominyale or Shaeffer at LG, Kruetz at C, Beekman at RG, and Ominyale or Schaeffer at RT with Marten and others learning. I realize that a new line will be met with some skepticism, but I doubt this line could do any worse than what they've done in the past.

it's not the cover two. cover 2 can be a good defense but it needs disciplined players which the bears lack. zoom was bashing the bears for not filling gap assigments and for the lack of safteies coming to support in coverage. holes all over the field, spots that should be covered

ever since chico left the defense has become steadily worse. i don't think lovie has control over the team, honestly i don't think he ever has.

i'm not getting on the chico love fest but 2005 and 2006???

So the Bears have signed an old and slow and injured 30 year old LB at the end of his (once some years ago stellar) career... sure seems consistent with the professional free agents Angelo and Smith have been signing for some time now. And to sign him now... why? It will give June a few paychecks but where is the benefit to the Bears, especially long term? There isn't one. And in the short term, June simply takes the space of game experience of younger LBs... So why?

The defense started falling under Chico's watch !!!

They were #1 giving up just a hair over 7 points per game until Mike Brown was lost vs Arizona... Then they gave up 14 points a game until Tommie Harris went down. After that they finished the regular season in 2006 giving up 20.8 points and 380 yards per game through the playoff's and SB....

Any chance the Bears would go after Derrick Johnson the LB from KC during the offseason?

This team needs a new GM. Angelo hasn't drafted very well to put in the cover 2 tampa 2 in the last few years. The Defense has been given priority and the offense has been falling off. Angelo hasn't upgraded any position in years. They hold onto players who are injured for too long. Angelo should go, and a good football GM NEEDS TO BE HIRED!

Any defense sucks with bad players. Most of the players Angelo gets are bad players. Oh yea, he talks em up, but they really suck. Yea sure, he got lucky with a few like Briggs and Tillman. Harris seemed pretty good until the injuries. But too many misses have put the team in a hole that they will not get out from if they just add more bad players.

Williams is the only O-lineman to not start last year because of a known injury. He takes uneeded risks on players with potential, and players with injury histories. He can't seem to see talent, only to get lucky once in a rare while.

Not that he is unlike most GM's in the NFL that miss more than they hit, but this is Chicago. They should have the best of the best. The Bears are the biggest market in the NFL. No other team has more widespread exposure. New York is the biggest market, but it shares 2 teams. No other team would benefit more from winning than the owner of the Bears. So many fans to show up even when they suck. But so many more would buy more of their stuff if they won.

Just ticks me off that the owners are cheap, and they don't have to be. The more they would spend, the better the team would be, and therefore the more money they would make.

Don't know what else to say.

gee Brad thanks for the rosy outlook. It is obvious to me and others that Angelo is the real problem with this team (Owners as well) I do not see Angelo all of a sudden evaluating players better than he has done since he has been here or bringing in better Free Agents either, - as you stated Past History tells on Jerry Angelo.
Which says we are in for a long losing streak, with the Captain of the team being idiot enough to speak ill of the only 2 Offensive Players worth a heap, the Team is in total disarray.
The Bears (Ted??) gave all those crappy players more money, they signed the GM/Coach to long term deals... someone is really messing up in the upper echelon of the Bears Front Office as well. We are a total complete mess from top to bottom. Just look at the recent signings? what is going on with this? These players can't play. period, and the Captain is loudmouth bashing the offense in the media!

I would have rather brought back Malast or Rivera than bring in a guy like June for 5 games. Unless Briggs is hurt worse than they are saying, you are already 2 deep at LB, with Williams, McClover and Shaw backing up the starters. Maybe he will be willing to play special teams to get himself back out there, but here again is another stopgap veteran, rather than giving a shot to a younger player who might be able to factor into our future plans. June, as a vested veteran, costs more, and provides less benefit to the organization than a young player would.

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