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Angelo announces Jarron Gilbert is ready for action

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Jarron Gilbert is ready to go.

That is what Bears general manager Jerry Angelo announced earlier today on the team's Web site.

The rookie third-round draft pick from San Jose State, who was the team's top pick after the Jay Cutler trade and after Angelo traded down and out of the second round, has been active for only two of the 11 games so far. He didn't get on the field in one of the two that he dressed for, but the team is confident he has made strides on the practice field.

"When we drafted Jarron Gilbert, we drafted the value of his position. We did not draft a need,'' Angelo said. "Because of that, he's having to wait his turn. There are [players] ahead of him. You normally dress seven defensive linemen, but we've been dressing eight, so it's hard to get him active. He's ready to go. I'm anxious to see him. The coaches feel he's ready to play and deserves to play. It's just a matter of numbers on game day."

Lovie Smith has said he will make decisions that are best for the team each Sunday, not necessarily for Sundays next fall, so where that leaves Gilbert remains to be seen. Gilbert was drafted as a tackle, but has also been worked at left end since the end of training camp. Where he fits into the mix right now remains to be seen. The team dresses tackles Anthony Adams, Tommie Harris, Marcus Harrison and Israel Idonije, and ends Gaines Adams, Mark Anderson, Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye.

Stay tuned to see how the team can work Gilbert into a rotation, or if it can. One thing the Bears have been blessed with this season is pretty good health, particularly on the defensive line.

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pretty good health? are you forgetting that 2 of the 3 starting linebackers played approximately 3 quarters between them?

Does this mean that trading a second round draft pick for DE Gaines Adams was a big mistake? I'd assume that Adams has more in-game experience than Gilbert, yet Adams has been a non-factor since his arrival.

I'd definitely vote Gilbert for the Pro Bowl of jumping out of pools.

So know that the season is over and he has not played one snap. Now he is ready to play. Hahahahaha, and Chris Williams is ready to play LT, he's earned it, now that Pace is hurt that is. Why can't they just say they want to evaluate their players. Why do they patronize Bear fans.

Thank goodness!! Well it seems at least Angleo has a realistic approach to the rest of this season, unlike Dummy (I mean Lovie). Find out what they have available for talent and get ready for next year.

Angelo has spoken !!

How bad are the bears....just see these highlights...

PeeWee vikes versus the Bears highlights....

Also, why Cato June and not Derrick Brooks??....I bet June came alot cheaper than Brooks! This team is a joke!

Because there are 5 more games to play, my friend. I don't care what their record is, I want them playing hard and playing to win. There's no other way to play the game. There's also no other way to evaluate players; do they want to play and do they want to play to win?

I agree with Creighton here. Why is it that the Bears organization never fesses up with it's fan base. everything is smoke and mirrors. It's one thing if you were the Patriots and winning Super Bowls and competing every year, but this is ridiculous. Obviously our d has not been doing the job so mix it up a bit. Stubborn and pigheaded is all I can say about this organization right now.

Gaines Adams = Brad Sellers, tall, skinny and weak.

Creighton- I understand your question. It was also said they were going to utilize Garret Wolfe more once he was put on IR. The Bears brass talks to its fans like we are a bunch of retards and do not know anybetter. We need to build depth but the depth never gets to play until someone is injured.... Jamar, Nathan, Graham, Wolfe, and the list still goes on......

I think this is cute. The firing squad has officially turned its guns upon each other. JA is wanting to do what Lovie doesn't be because he is genuinely concerned about things or paranoid at least JA is expressing some emotion to the potential change in the personnel while Lovie remains in denial and dumbfounded.

Did anyone else catch JA's logic? "Jarron has to wait to play due to the numbers, we (the Bears) usually dress 7 DLmen but we have been dresing 8" and, Gilbert can't play becaue they're using MORE players? See the 4th para of the story.

Sorry Brad,

But there are no 'blessings' about the bears this year. Their D-line might be realtively healthy, but they still suck...

Hope to see Jarron Gilbert quite a bit the next few weeks.

You have to believe that Ogunleye and maybe Anderson will be gone after this season. For some reason, I still have hope for Anderson, why, I really do not know?

Gaines Adams has not shown much so far but lets give the guy a chance, lets see how he plays next spring and next season after he has a year to build more strength. He could turn into a decent defensive end as he has the speed but not the physical strength,yet?

Gaines Adams was fourth pick in the draft, he must have shown something pretty special to be picked at that level and he comes from a school LSU that has produced some good NFL talent.

With a new head coach and a new defensive coordinator who knows? Knowing the Bears logic they will probably try to make him a wide receiver?

They have not had a DEFENSIVE LINEMAN miss a game...except DUSTY, and after that, they were all hoping to get hurt, and released ! Gaines Adams...that was a great pick up, wasn't it ?
Angelo is the worst GM in the NFL !!!

The real problem is that not only aren't the Bears a Super Bowl, or even playoff caliber team, but they're not even in rebuilding mode yet. Thanks in large part to the WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY, they will spend then next season or two ripping doewn the old structure.

That's right, we are still getting worse, and without picks in rounds 1 or 2 this year or next, it will take until 2011 to start showing any upwards signs of progress in terms of player personnel. If you factor in that draft classes take a year or two to gel, we won't really see good young talent contributing until 2013.

This is not to say we can't add a player or two in FA, but with so many holes . . . YIKES! WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY . . . it was at the time it was made and should be fairly apparent to everyone now!

Note to Bears: Do whatever it takes to get Cowher and/or a top draft guy. I'd even settle for an up and comer to help with the drafts.


Just wrap your head around this one for awhile: "When we drafted Jarron Gilbert, we drafted the value of his position. We did not draft a need..."

Huh? Where do you start with this? So, you really thought you had a topnotch D line? Oh wait, I forgot, Rod Marinelli was all we needed.

And if we had a topnotch line, you figured you could waste your highest pick on a position that wasn't a need?

Is that true for Iglesias too? We didn't need WRs? Or the DB you drafted? Good to go in the D backfield?

Look, if this was a one year miss that would be one thing. But it's a trend.

Last point: anyone who watched that Monday night game, think Darren Sharper or Mike McKenzie might have been able to help the Bears? I recall we didn't even talk to Sharper, who is still making big plays.

That's why the Saints are where they are and we are stuck in the mud. Well, they have a pretty good coach too.

Dahli just want to point one little thing out to you about Gains Adams. Even when on a good Tampa 2 defense that was coached by the master Monte Kiffin, he struggled for two years. Its not a new system for him, he has been playing this way for three years now.

He was traded for a reason. Even with Kiffin and as a full time starter, he only got 6 sacks in a year. Thats at RDE, they want to put him at LDE where he will deal with bigger blockers and teams will run at him more. He is just not very good and he is football stupid.

Hey JPCZ the trade was a good one. But sense your talking about rebuilding and how the Bears would have gotten these great players with those two picks. Could you explain the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 drafts. Cause right now stupid we are only missing one player from the draft. Just one pick and we got a pick in exchange. Now I know your a big Orton Homo, but I don't think Orton would be getting this team very far if he played here. You see the Bears are out scoring the Broncos. The Broncos win because they have an excellent defense. But sense you think Orton is so great could explain why his record has gotten worse sense his first year in the league. Thats right Kyle Orton had his best year in terms of Wins in 2005. Thats 11 wins. But last year only 9 wins. Now he says he has improved sense his first year and everyone agrees with that. So sense he is doing all the winning and its not the team around him how come his record dropped even though he improved? He has led Denver to second place in its divison, wow. They where in second place last year but didn't have close to as good a defense. So Orton is so great that he took the high powered denver offense and made them mediocre even though the defense has gotten much better and sits in the same spot with Denver that Cutler did last year with a really bad defense. Oh and if we just had that one draft pick we would be a Super Bowl team according to you. Its not the fact that Angelo has blown draft after draft. But if we just had one draft pick from last year we are in the Super Bowl. Man do you know football.


Just don't want to judge someone too soon. Lets see what we have with him next year at this time, I do agree that he is not football smart.

There are examples of players in the league that did poorly and then succeeded with a new team. Cedric Benson is someone that comes to mind.

Creighton, or Creighton-like stalker, whoever you are,

The TRADE was simply THE WORST IN TEAM HISTORY! Short of a SB win (in fairness, it's only year 1 . . . I don't think Jay is getting us there) the case makes itself.

Perhaps if people weren't so enamoured with a big arm and fantasy stats, and instead actually paid attention to whether or not a guy can win, there would have been many more voices than mine calling THE TRADE what it is . . . THE WORST IN TEAM HISTORY.

Remember, Mr. Cutler is now at least 8 years removed from his last winning season, and the picks have cost us dearly this year!

I'm sure a lot of the top available coaches crossed the Bears off their lists of "teams I'd love to coach" once Orton was traded for Cutler. The rumor mill is full of the guys who have mentioned "I'd love to get my hands on Kyle Orton and see what I can do with him - he's a unique talent."

I also heard Brett Favre gush "Kyle's better than I was at that stage."

And if you believe that I've got some beachfront property in AZ you might be interested in.

You're right Bob. Wasn't it the new coach of Denver, who tried not once, but twice to ship Orton?

Weren't also SB winning coaches like Ditka and Dungy, as well as a couple of others, critical of Orton's maturity.

We definitely got the better end of the trade, no doubt! YIKES!


I'm not disputing anything you say, there's just one correction that needs to be made...Adams went to Clemson, not LSU. I'm not sure how much luck the Bears have had from their Clemson players...didn't the Fridge go there? I know Airese Currie did, and that's not a good sign.

So Jerry has pronounced Gilbert ready for action???

What exactly does that mean? Angelo has missed on so many other football players (e.g., pronouncing them football players when they weren't even close) why would we listen now?

Angelo is trying to distance himself from the crap that is playing on the field, just like Lovie is trying to distance himself from the crap on the offensive side of the ball.

Troy Aikman, God love him, is the only one calling it as he sees it.

During the Vikes game, when Lovie said at halftime that the offense needed to avoid turning over the ball, Aikman mentioned how Lovie might want to focus more attention on how his defense could give up 290 yards in one half.

The upcoming Bears v Rams games has all the earmarks of being another Bears v. Browns stink bomb. Bears should prevail, but it probably won't be pretty.

Bears 6 - Rams 3

Mr. Cox:

Thanks for correcting me, I thought it was LSU but wasn't sure and did not look it up.

OK JPCZ, you've invoked the name of Ditka, the whore who will attach his name to anything for a buck. Am I supposed to roll over and genuflect at the genius who could win only one Super Bowl with an immense amount of talent? What I remember was a coach who didn't know the first thing about a QB, except that he had not one, but two Billy Joe's in New Orleans.

Give me a break OK? Who the hell cares what he or Dungy says. Those guys, along with a significant portion of the media, will never forgive Cutler for having the audacity to demand a trade because a new coach made it clear he had no use for Cutler. Funny how they never criticize the Great John Elway for doing the same thing, or the Great Eli Manning, brother of Peyton, for ditto.

Anyway, Cutler was on Waddle and Silvy today with the Coach. You should listen to the podcast. The great Ditka, who likes to trash talk about people, didn't say a word about Cutler's immaturity because Cutler acted like a man and showed real class. He pretty much kissed Cutler's ass. Not the "fire and the passion" so many associate with the man who will sell anything for a buck.

Dungy and Ditka prove one thing: opinions are like schincters: everybody's got one and they all stink, including yours and mine too. I never heard a single fact from Da Coach or Dungy about Cutler's "immaturity," just tired old opinions.

Let the ghost of Ditka go. Remember: "the past is for cowards and losers;" didn't your hero say that?

With healthy defensive linemen all year, one would think the Bears'defense should look like it knows what it's doing. Unfortunately, it still doesn't. Are these guys really as lacking in talent as they appear to be or do they just let blockers and backs go through them to avoid injuries? If it is true that games are won or lost in the trenches, one can see why the bears have more losses than wins. Their line is pathetic on both offense and defense.

Well I'll stand by my blog record when it comes to Cutler. We will see, as it stands he is on a really bad team, with no running game and his offense is still putting up more points than Denvers loaded offense. So thats the end of that story. I will say it is one of the better trades in team history. Time will tell,and I have a long memory.

Everyone said I was wrong about Mendenhall his first year, and Beson and so on and so on. Oh and Chris Williams and Tommie Harris, and Rod Marinelli. Oh and Mark Bradley you all told me I was wrong about him, Lloyd, Booker, Payne, Manning, Harrison, Goon, Angelo, Babich, Lovie, Rod, I can keep going but the fact is every time soneone here tells me I am wrong, I end up being right.

As for who is Better Cutler and Orton both played on the same Bronco team. The Bears team Cutler is on has 5 new starters on offense, but the denver team has only 1 new starter. The offense in Denver was top 5 with Cutler and 19th with Orton. Or do you guys actually think Orton would make Omiyale better and the defense better?

Its sad after all these years you all still never listen. By they niether Bob or JP pointed out whpo the Bears would have drafted that makes them a sudden winner. Didn't they have a draft in 08 and 07? When are these great draft picks going to appear.

As for worst trades in Bears history, none of guys seem to know Bears history. Did the Bears pay to much? Yep but thats not on Cutler, thats on Angelo who bid one first rounder more than the next guy.

Their was the Mike Phipps trade, and Rick Mirer trade. Remember one thing Cutler isa pro bowl QB who put up 4500 yards. He has not been perfect but the problem isn't him. If you think Orton was here and this team would be great you are out of your minds. Anytime you pressure Orton he throws picks, he did it here and is doing it in Denver just look at his last 5 games. When he can sit back their all day he can dink and dunk to his hearts desire. One other thing Orton has never one a single playoff game.

Either wa will see how this turns out in the long run, and remember one thing I am horrible person and will jump all over you guys. Buy the way your the same guys who talked about how awesome Cutler was after the PIT, SEA, DET games. Their is a reason he beat those teams. Give him a real offense to work with and he will be in the pro bowl again.

here here Creighton - if they cornfuse the fans then they must cornfuse the opposing teams who are as stupid as the fans. they think

beg to differ Brad, Harris missed a game due to injury,...technically he has been on the injured list all year and was not practicing wednesdays due to that injury and was subsequently sat a game due to not practicing due to injury.

cmon you really can't believe that, your just trying to start an argument huh? No possible way a longtime bears fan would believe the only probowler QB we trade for is all of a sudden not a good player.
If you really are a bears fan then how can you blame Cutler since 1985??? wow Cutler must be something to ruin this franchise since in actuality 1963 minus one year 1985. Not a ProBowler on this team but it's Cutler? geez, please - no wonder Lovie thinks the fans will believe him about the lineup.

Don't get me wrong I always liked Orton, and I am glad he is starting and playing well. But Orton would not be doing that here, he didnt last year, or we woulda been in the playoffs. Denver simply has drafted and Coached better players overall. Jerry Angelo was saying QB was his achilles heel to draw attention away from his terrible drafts, blowing smoke, pulling wool. I was saying 2 years ago that Jerry better up the offense because the Defense was getting old and would not have it for long but all the optimists screamed till they were blue that Jerry knew what he was doing and all we had to do was wait....and I'm still waiting for that Oline Jerry. Did it backwards got the QB before the Oline. Hope he did it backwards and actually has a backwards plan as no plan at all.


Man you are football stupid.

Creighton is right on all points here.

Tony Dungy was on the Dan Patrick show just a couple of weeks ago and stated: "I think the Bears would be in even worse shape without Cutler."

What is Neckbeard's record in the playoffs?

What is Denver's defensive ranking?

What is Chicago's rushing ranking?

Look at Denver's offensive line and reciever corps - then look at the Bears. Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

Look at the track record of Denver's offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. I'll give you a hint, they both put together two of the most prolific units in league history. The Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots.

Now look at the track record of Chicago's offensive and defensive coordinator(s). Have a look. How 'bout them Lions, eh? What about Ron Turner's resume? Norv Turner's brother - wow - he's a juggernaut.




People have to block, run-routes, call plays, TACKLE, and get in position.

The Bears have collapsed.

Lovie is to blame.

Jerry made some pretty bad decisions in trying to retool the line and not getting a wide reciever - so he should take some blame too.

Outside of QB, is there a single position on this team where we don't need a significant upgrade from our current starter?

Cutler has made mistakes, but he is the only one on the team still fighting on every snap. We will finally get a chance to see whether some of the youth on this team can play, but still not enough of them to establish a solid strategy for the offseason. Therein lies the problem with Lovie and Angelo. Angelo makes the picks of players that Lovie says he needs, and he has missed on a lot of them. But who is the one telling J.A. that the offensive line is ok? Or that the defensive line only needs Marinelli's tutoring to be dominant again? Or that Devin Hester can be a premier WR? Lovie, the staff, and the pro scouting department. So when Jerry drafts athletes instead of finished products, he is under the impression that they will have 2-3 years to develop under this teaching staff....Wrong on both counts. They have to contribute now, and this staff can't teach.

OL--Williams gets his first shot at LT, so we'll see if we need to replace both tackles, because he wasn't getting the job done on the right, and Pace should be charged with fraud for impersonating a pass blocker. Omiyale might be a better LT or RT than he ever will be as a LG, but we won't play him there. Kreutz is getting worse by the week, and our only solid play has come from Garza....Think about that for a minute..
DL--Ogunleye and Anderson are both free agents, and neither is impacting the game in any way. Anderson at least is being disruptive, but not generating any big plays. Alex Brown has never and will never be a 10 sack guy, and Gaines Adams is about as sharp as a tennis ball....Harrison looks like a solid player at DT, Idonije is solid, and A. Adams does his job. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for our future on the line. Gilbert and Melton are the future? We have no idea whether either of them can play at all, let alone start and compete.

That is where this game is won. Kansas City for years was able to get it done with Trent Green, Priest Holmes, and Tony Gonzalez. The reason? Because Willie Roaf, Brian Waters, Will Shields, and Casey Weigmann were a dominant offensive line (can't remember who the RT was after Tait). Eddie Kennison as your best WR for 4-5 years straight? The Giants have had pretty pedestrian LBs for the last several years, but they had a dominant defense because Strahan, Umneniyora, Tuck, and Kiwanuka were dominant on the edges, and they got solid play from the DTs. No corners, so safeties, but they dictated the pace of the game to the opponent.

We are a mess in the trenches, so our good players are wasted. Urlacher can't get off blocks, and our DL doesn't require double teams, so there is a guy who can get to Urlacher on every running play. The corners and safeties get overmatched because teams can run multiple deep routes down the field, because their QB has a clean uniform, and can sit back there and wait for the coverage to slip up or break down.

Cutler can't sit in the pocket and deliver the ball, because there are guys around his feet all the time. We can't run the ball because the line of scrimmage is 2 yards deep in the backfield before Forte gets the handoff. The play-action and bootleg games don't work, because teams don't respect the run. Our receivers run the wrong routes, can't get separation, and don't help when the play breaks down.

What good does it do to keep playing Ogunleye at this point? He isn't going to be resigned, unless Jerry is even dumber than I think. Idonije, Gilbert, and Gaines Adams should all get time at LE, and see if we get a spark. We all know what Alex Brown can do, so save him for the Baltimore, Green Bay, and Minnesota games, and give more time to Anderson and the three above to see if they can play RE too. Tommie Harris with his limited participation during the week, and on game day doesn't help us. Give Gilbert some time inside. And what happened to the Mark Anderson at DT in the nickel experiment from the preseason? It seemed to be effective in making QBs lives difficult.

As far as offensive line, we will see this week if the changes help. If they do, then we need to bring Marten up from the PS, and put Pace on IR. We should also activate Lance Louis, and get him in there on short yardage instead of Anthony Adams. He played TE and OL, so he is athletic, and knows how to block, so why play a DT in the same situation? Louis, Beekman, Williams, and Omiyale are our options on the offensive line going forward, and that is not encouraging. That could change if they get some playing time, and we find out what they can do, but right now, we know nothing about them.

Jerry needs to devote the rest of this 5 game season to watching our trench play on both sides of the ball, and seeing what every one of them do in the game. He needs to know what we have, and what we need for once going into an offseason, and not trusting the staff to be honest in their assessment. They have not succeeded in coaching up a single player in their time here, so why would they be able to now?

This is a two headed monster. Lovie and Angelo have failed this organization, and it is likely only one of them will survive the next 15 months. Jerry with bad draft picks, and Lovie with zero player development and poor coaching strategy (not to mention the completely stubborn resistance to change). Odds are it will be Jerry (4 years vs. 2 on the contract), so it is time for him to start planning for the future, and taking matters into his own hands. The best way for him to rebuild this team is to start with the foundation. He has the franchise QB to build around, so the first thing you need to do is protect him. LT, LG, C, RG, RT....Pretty simple formula Jerry. Get better at all 5 spots....

Yes the have collapsed Esteven but Angelo put this crap together and Lovie was expected to make chicken soup out of chicken bleep, well you just don't provide a marginal coach with poor personnel skills with poor personnel he will not make them better but he will hold the comayn line Phillips and McCaskey share some blame for even paying these boobs. The fish stink from the head down so if you really want to blame some one blame the diehards who pay the McCaskey, to pay Phillips, to pay Angelo who in turn pays Lovie and his group for the subpar product. THE FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD DOWN no one is exempt.


I think we can both agree that Angelo has made some mistakes. HOWEVER, you cannot deny that there are players on the Bears roster that played better under Ron Rivera. How do you explain that?

Tommie Harris
Brian Urlacher
Lance Briggs
Charles Tillman
Odewale Ogunleye

That's a respectable chunk of talent there, bud. And how about all of the missed sets and tackles on defense in the games against Arizona, Cincy, and Minnesota. I think that's on Lovie. Those players have shown they can be competitive - not dominate, mind you - but they can play.

I'm not saying Angelo should get a free pass. IMO, the brass should bring in a coach like Shanny or Cowher or Shotty and give them some GM power and make Jerry work with them. If JA doesn't like it, show him the door.

I think Lovie is too loyal to his friends and certain players to be effective. There's an entire encyclopedia on how to beat the Tampa-2 defense and there really aren't alot of players who can dominate the technique position that Tommie Harris plays. As far as the offense goes, what has Ron Turner really done since he came into the league? Really? Anything?

It's just over.

Lovie is a good coach but he's lost this team and it's just a bad fit.

Thats easy estevenj if you will look at an example of the Ind. Colts and there hybrid Tampa defense they have dominating ends and a solid NT and very good safety play this team doesn't. They upgraded and adjusted when their defense got caught up with we didn't. Wale became pedestrian, Urlacher regressed with no protection from the front four Urlacher spent more time playing tag with 300+lb guards than running to the gap and Anderson was misread by the coaching staff (they didn't watch film or are they aware of situations). Harris got paid for being hurt and plays like it. Both sides of the ball got not draft or F/A help in others words they stayed the same and were exposed. This team was exposed by the GM and the head coach and there was no relief or reinforcements coming. A team that gets off the bus running should have drafted or selected F/A's for that end but instead we got a aging tackle no guard help but he JA got a QB but still was pondering what comes first a QB or a WR he came to the conclusion it was a QB, WRONG it's a offensive line. All our best specialty players have been exposed by not contiuning to built quality around them, by failing to develop players. This staff has squandered a once in a life time trio of defensive players by not building and developing help and by not adapting to the changes that go on in a winning program. As for Rivera, Lovie is the head coach be he wrong or right and he was Rivera's immediate boss (NUFF SAID)So the real culprits are in this order McCaskey Family for going on the cheap and hiring Angelo from the start, Phillips for signing off on Angelo and Lovie's extension, Angelo for having no clue in the draft, paying out good money after bad (see the Urlacher/Briggs contacts and how they were worked) and having too much ego the admit and correct his shortcomming and finally Lovie Smith for being the unflexible, boring, personnel evaluating failure to develop individual players he is. The sorry unprofessional (except Toub) coaching staff he has assembled. Only in the NFL can a person keep their jobs for poor performance and get paid so well. One thing though Angelo was brilliant in he is being paid well for incompetence.

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