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WR coach Darryl Drake in the mix for Western Kentucky job

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Unless the Bears can pull out of their rut in a big way, it appears that the future of the offensive coaching staff could be on rocky ground after the season.

Mike Mulligan, a friend to Inside the Bears, reports in Monday's edition of the Sun-Times that wide receivers coach Darryl Drake could be in the mix for the head-coaching job at Western Kentucky.

The Louisville native played for the Hilltoppers and got his first job in coaching at Western Kentucky in 1983 and he stayed there for nine seasons. He made stops in the college ranks at Texas, Baylor and Georgia, and served as an associate head coach for the Longhorns.

Arkansas offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, the brother of Arkansas coach and former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino, is reported to have interviewed for the job. Other names being mentioned include Stanford running backs coach Willie Taggart, a former Western Kentucky quarterback, and Alabama offensive coordinator Joe McElwain.

The school announced two weeks ago that coach David Elson would not return.

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So since Jones went down we've had Kahlil Bell sitting around and were playing WOLFE instead ?

Classic BEARS player personnel stuff !!

Right Up there with OMIYALE over BEEKMAN, whose return has clearly helped the O-line.

Cutler's confidence is on life support. Freakin' BEARS website says 'PLAYOFF HOPES ON LIFE SUPPORT' another example of an organization in denial. They (Phillips / Virgina) are going to sit around and watch Angelo, Lovie, & R.Turner destroy J.Cutler.

Its Sad.

Fine if Drake leaves, maybe somebody else will help our WR core. Now can Turner go to WKU too?

Who cares he sucks along with the rest of this pathetic offense. Write about something that matters. At this point, What matters is the whole offensive staff being fired!!

again...stay on topic...bell was undrafted for a reason and cut from the vikings for a reason...

again chicago fans need to stop with their obsession with the backup...and ask yourself...not why more bell..but why is forte sucking so bad

"Beekman's return has clearly helped the o-line" what team are you watching this is the worse line I have ever seen in the NFL. 1] Kreutz belly flop in front of Cole for a sack, 2] Olsen whiffing on a reciever screen, 3] Williams on his butt after being knocked down by a DB, 4] Forte stone-walled several times on runs right, 5] a stubborn philosophy that this team runs power plays with all finese type linemen, 6] Cutler looks like a deer in the headlights on most plays, no moving pocket to buy time really poor offensive gameplan for a blitz happy team. The unholy trio of Angelo/Smith/Turner have got to go Mike McCaskey you may have to bite the bullet and dump these dolts, get a real GM/coach/O.C./D.C. you could be losing one of the greatest markets in football.

Darryl Drake is a good coach, he's done a pretty good job over the years with the scraps he's been given to work with at receiver in Chicago. Drake's never gotten a 1st rounder to work with, and the one 1st day pick he did get, Mark Bradley, was raw coming out. He's done a nice job converting Hester from a corner into a receiver. Hester's not a #1, but he has developed into a pretty solid wide out under Drake. This season Chicago gives him a couple players [Knox & Bennett] who are actually wide receivers by trade, and Chicago has been getting some pretty good production from their wide outs. If Drake gets the Western Kentucky job, its deserved.

As far as last night, disappointing, but not surprising. I didn't think they were gonna win. I aint gonna lie, the only game left on the schedule that looks winable for the Bears is the Rams game on Dec 6th. Insult to injury, no 1st rounder or 2nd in this aprils draft to look forward to. Chicago should have a high 3rd rounder, with it, they need to draft Alabama guard Mike Johnson 6-6 310lbs. He's #1 on my off-season wish list.

There were a couple good things from last night Chicago can build on for next season. For everyone who misses special teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo, meet Tim Shaw. I'm not bringing up Shaw's name because of that hit he had last night either, but that was a bad azz hit. Shaw has been quietly having a nice season for the Bears on special teams. He's been one of the leading tacklers on special teams since the Bears signed him this year. He's turned out to be a nice pickup for the Bears.

Chicago might have found a backup running back in rookie Kahlil Bell. That was a nice run he ripped off last night and the kid looks like he might have potential. I'd like to see Bell get more carries to end the season to see what he's got. He could be the #2 back Chicago has been searching for to spell Forte.

Chicago needs to dial up tight end Kellen Davis name down by the goal line a lot more also, he's turning out to be a pretty nice player for Chicago. Chicago needs to take advantage of his height 6-7, especially down in the red zone.

I also liked what I've been seeing out of second year corner Zack Bowman. He's by no means a shut down corner, and does get beat. But the guy has stayed healthy and has been making some plays for the Bears as of late with the 3 picks over the last three games. If he can take another step in his development, he could turn out to be a pretty nice corner for Chicago. Oh well, all you can do is enjoy the last 7 games GO BEARS!!

I do agree there are a few bright spots, but overall, this is a pretty bleak outlook. Drake has done ok with this group, but these guys still don't know how to run routes. The corner route that Cutler "overthrew" to Hester was a perfect example. When you are a shorter receiver, you make the move, and get to the pylons as quickly as possible to make sure the safety doesn't have the time to get over. Hester slowed down and looked for the ball as soon as he made the move, so when the ball went up, he had to chase. Cutler still made a poor throw, but Hester needed to be 3-4 yards further downfield before looking for the ball. Drake would do well as a head coach in my opinion, but this team needs a change of pace from the coaching staff, and I don't think Drake will give it to them.

Bell looked pretty good for his first time under the lights, but it is more of an indictment of Peterson and Wolfe than a credit to Bell for last night's performance. I would like to see him get some carries, and see if he continues his hard-running style inside, which is what we have been lacking. We need that "take the ball and go" mentality from one of our backs.

Tim Shaw has been one of the most surprising players of the season. McClover has not done much since getting back, and Peterson must still be suffering after-effects from his injuries, as he looks slow and labored on coverage teams. But the lights have turned on for Shaw, and he is playing with intensity, anger, and discipline, which makes for a special teams beast...And that hit was enough to get me back into the game...

I think Bowman is still too raw to remain as the starter. He makes a nice play each game, but I would rather see Graham as the starter, and then move into the slot in nickel, and have Bowman as your third CB. 3 6 foot, physical corners is a pretty nice luxury to have, especially coming up on the Vikings, who have Berrian, Rice, and Harvin all playing well.

The defensive line is doing ok, but we see the benefit of having a good left tackle, something we do not. Alex Brown had a great game, and Gaines Adams played pretty well, but Jason Peters was dominant for most of the game.

Not looking forward to next week's game, but stranger things have happened than us beating the Vikes. Should be interesting.

Darryl Drake is a good receiver coach if you think it is good technique to have your receivers catch the ball and go to the ground as soon as the defender is approaching. Forget about yards after the catch with this bunch! Also, his players quit on routes, get bumped off routes and don't protect their inside during slants. WKU, you can have him!

I saw that they were running behind Beekman alot, and it was working, so yes Beekmans return to the Oline clearly helped. Why in the he.. Lovie would sit him for an unproven T at G is plain stupid. Some really stupid player personnel decisions this off season.

Backup??? I felt Bell outplayed Forte big time, Forte looked like a different runner when he saw his job was in jeopardy!

We really do need to clean house, btw did anyone else see G. Adams ONE move...a spin move early in the game then bull rush, maybe if we taught him some moves..bit wait, hes worth a second, and been in the league shouldnt he be polished?

Where the he.. has Bell been???

So why aren't Lovie, Babich, Turner, etc up for jobs at other locations? Oh thats right bc we are blessed with them here. Oh, yeah and because they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe, Hester was running a slant and go and Jay should have hit him. Olsen should have layed out before that, but Cutler didn;t make his hot read on that play which was McKie. Like doug said its in his head now and thats the worst thing that can happen to a QB. Whatever is going on with Turner, Lovie and Cutler is not good. Cutler does not trust anyone but Olsen and that is a bad thing. It was good to see him drawing up plays with the recievers.

As usual this coaching staff gets a player and does not know how to use him. When they got Cutler I thought their would be lots of motion and rollouts, the moving pocket and a ton of play action. Well they are not doing any of the things that made him a great QB in Denver and instead have tried to fit him into Kyle Orton game manager mold. Which is just so wrong, for a guy like Cutler. This organization is clueless.

Randy they had a horrible night running the ball and have given up more sacks with Beekman in than with Omiyale. Not say its all his fault, because it isn't. But outside of one big run, the running game was shut down again.

The one question every Bear fan should have is what exactly does this offense do well. What are the go to plays? Every team has them, 5 or six plays that are your bread and butter. Under Turner i have not seen this. They run that Bubble screen, but I believe I told Joe last week that teams where going to start blowing that up and thats just what the eagles did. This team has nothing it can hang its hat on or say it does well.

They really need to clean house, and Drake sucks. Even if he doesn't have a lot of talent you can still teach guys how to do certain things. That fool had Hoke come over and try and teach his recievers how to beat the Jam because he didn't know how to do it. The whole staff needs to go starting with Phillips.

I said three or four weeks ago that this would happen to Cutler if the bad play keeps up and he keeps getting hit and recievers keep quitting on routs and their is no running game. Now you have Broken a legit 4500 yard pro bowl QB. Everyone wants to blame Cutler, but Cutler was great in Denver. So who is really at fault here?

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