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Wolfe will miss the remainder of season with lacerated kidney

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Running back Garrett Wolfe is expected to miss the remainder of the season with a lacerated kidney.

Wolfe was hospitalized for three nights following the Arizona game on Nov. 8, and while the hope was that he would be able to return before the end of the season, that's not a possibility. Wolfe is expected to make a complete return, though, and general manager Jerry Angelo expressed a desire to see him receive more opportunities last week.

"He's a great kid and it's unfortunate,'' Angelo said. ``I was hoping he would start integrating more into the offense and [offensive coordinator] Ron [Turner] was using him more in practices, and he's done a good job on special teams. I wanted to see him take another step as a runner.''

The Holy Cross and Northern Illinois product had 22 carries for 120 yards this season, ranking him second behind Matt Forte. He caught two passes for 12 yards, but his most prominent role was on special teams. He's tied for third with nine tackles, eight of which are solos.

It's unknown if the Bears will place Wolfe on injured reserve. Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa was ruled out for the season with a knee injury after the Atlanta game five weeks ago but he remains on the 53-man roster. One of them figures to be placed on inured reserve at some point, though, so the club can sign a third running back. The Bears didn't have a problem going with just Forte and Adrian Peterson for a few weeks, but will probably want some type of insurance on the roster in the event a need arises. Kahlil Bell, an undrafted free agent from UCLA who spent time previously with Minnesota, is a candidate to be promoted from the practice squad.

Wolfe, 25, was placed on injured reserve after 13 games last season with a pulled hamstring. He is under contract through 2010.

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Looks like Garrett will miss the rest of the season like the rest of the team!!Coaches too!!

The entire organization is a no show the entire year what a load!

Its about time someone (The City of Chicago) bought out the Bears.

Its hard saying it and believing it, but I am real tired if watching this inept organization ripoff the City of Chicago and Bears fans across the World. Its high time the McCaskeys just sold the franchise and quit living off the Bears Fans.

I've written letters asking Lovie and Angie to resign and asking the McCaskeys and Phillips to get rid of them. I will BOYCOTT all things Bears until they do, I wont buy so much as a key-chain. I urge all BEARFANS to do the same and write letters.

It's a shame. Wolfe was starting to make a few plays. They have to make a roster move now. It was one thing to drag their feet when Tinoisamoa went down. They have lot's of linebackers. They can't do that at running back.

You never know. It's possible someone will get an opportunity and the Bears will luck into a good young back. That is a position where players just seem to come out of nowhere.

Either way, at running back, the Bears can't just sit there and not sign somebody. They have to find a street free agent either desparate enough, or dumb enough, to run behind that line.

dude could have died trying to provide entertainment to you guys and you make this a bitchfest about the McCaskeys?

Thats low brow as i dont know what man...i mean seriously

Not that his running style fits this team, but it might have been good to know this last week so we could have considered Larry Johnson as a fill-in. Right now our only chance is Kahlil Bell to play special teams and back up Forte and Peterson. McKie is not able to fill the special teams roles held by Wolfe, so they need a new protector on punt teams. On the plus side, this could give a chance to Aromashodu or Iglesias to play special teams if we don't bring up another back. There is not much out there to choose from in free agency, unless scrap heap guys like Shaun Alexander are under consideration.

Considering how we now have 2 players that cannot play for the remainder of the season on the active roster, I am starting to wonder about whether it is all about cash...We used a lot of our cap space on Cutler's extension, so maybe there is not enough room left for two more players to be promoted. But I can't imagine that Bell would cost more than a couple hundred thousand max, especially since it would only be for half a season. Maybe bring back Mike Rivera or Kevin Malast as a replacement for Tinoisamoa. At least they are live bodies. Or considering you have McClover and Shaw up on the active roster as extra LBs, why not promote Marten and see if the kid can block on field goals as a start...

Adrian Peterson has been on this team for a long time, and has fought his way through every attempt to get rid of him, move him down the depth chart, or upgrade the position. So far this year, his play on special teams has been a big step down from where it has been in previous years. Penalties, loss of discipline, and plain missed tackles and blocks are all showing up, where they didn't before. I am not a Wolfe fan at all, and think we are dead in the water as far as depth behind Forte even when Wolfe is healthy, but we need to upgrade the position. Kevin Jones may not be able to do it again, as he is now an ACL, Lisfranc, and torn ankle ligaments into his career as a man who makes a living with his legs. He may never make it back to form as a productive NFL player, so we are looking at a pretty weak position group going into 2010. Forte, who is looking pretty rough, Peterson, who is solid, but not excellent in any aspect of the game, Wolfe, the mighty mite who can't run the offense because of his lack of size to run inside, and Bell, who is a complete unknown. Not a good way to go into an offseason.

Sorry to see Wolfe go down to such a freak injury, but I fear that this will be his career, as he is not big enough to take the pounding of the NFL over long stretches of time.

Brad, you write in this very column that Wolfe was in the hospital and the diagnosis was a lacerated kidney the day after the Arizona game.

We did it take SO LONG for the Bears to put Wolfe on IR?

Any ideas as to what the Bears may do with TWO roster spots they now have open???

A lacerated kidney is a serious problem, and if you recall, ended Jim McMahon's season after the Raiders game in 1984.

It's a shame that the coaches, GM, or the owners can't get injured, put on IR, then replaced!!!!!!!!!!!

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