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When a lot of small things turn into big things

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"I still feel like we're in the mix. If we can correct a lot of things, a lot of the small things, really they're not small. They're turning into big things that we have to take care of.''

Those were the words of Bears coach Lovie Smith Sunday night after the Bears fell to the Philadelphia Eagles 24-20 at Soldier Field, their fifth loss in the last six games and one that all but ends their postseason hopes. No, the Bears are not mathematically eliminated from anything, but there's no way anyone at Halas Hall can say with any level of confidence that this team can go on a run to finish out the season. Nope. Not the way things are going.

Using Smith's glass half-full approach that the Bears are "in the mix," let's set off to identify the small things that really aren't small any longer as we react to the loss.

1. Jay Cutler has gone from throwing passes to the other team to flat overthrowing his receivers. It was good to see him launch one pass out of the end zone when the play was covered up in the red zone (then again, earlier he tried hitting tight end Greg Olsen who was blanketed by your basic triple coverage) but Cutler missed long all game. He overshot Olsen, Devin Hester and Johnny Knox on throws that would have been sure touchdowns. The Knox pass was most deflating. It came with just less than four minutes remaining in the game, and would have been a go-ahead score. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner made the right call, Knox blew past cornerback Sheldon Brown and there was nothing but clear field ahead of him. Turner said they are throws Cutler has been hitting in practice. He throws a good deep ball. It's what we saw all during training camp. Have things become so bad that the Bears can't hit the open man deep?

2. What did we learn on Kahlil Bell's 72-yard run? Well, for starters it's apparent that Knox is a whole heck of a lot faster. The wide receiver showed great speed in getting downfield to throw a block that created extra yardage. The Bears have another running back who isn't a home run threat, but it was nice to see someone bust one long. What Bell's long run is going to do, though, is send fantasy players running to make a waiver claim and increase the questions for Matt Forte, who had another ho-hum effort, 34 yards on 14 rushes. Here are Forte's last six games:

at Atlanta 15 carries, 23 yards
at Cincinnati 6 carries, 24 yards
Cleveland 26 carries, 90 yards
Arizona 5 carries, 33 yards
at San Francisco 20 carries, 41 yards
Philadelphia 14 carries, 34 yards

That's 86 rushes for 245 yards, a 2.85-yard per carry average. The idea was that putting Josh Beekman in for Frank Omiyale at left guard was going to bolster the running game. That doesn't appear to have happened. Forte's sophomore slump has Anthony Thomas written all over it right now, and what's becoming apparent is the Bears may need to add a position they never thought they would, running back, to their offseason need list. Smith's said it, some of the running game struggles are on Forte too. This isn't all a creation of a struggling offensive line. When Forte was drawing great approval last season, he still only averaged 3.9 yards per carry, hardly elite back territory.

3. I thought the defensive line played with pretty good energy and did a solid job getting after Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, but where was the big stop when the Bears needed it? It was far too easy for the Eagles to march the field on their go-ahead touchdown drive. They faced just two third downs on the drive with McNabb sneaking on a third-and-one and then hitting DeSean Jackson on a quick slant on third-and-six that set the Eagles up with first-and-goal at the 10. When the Bears needed their defense in the game's biggest moment, it let them down. No Brian Westbrook was supposed to be a real boost for the Bears and LeSean McCoy rushed for 99 yards on 20 carries. So what if he'll get ball-carrying tips all week after being stripped by Charles Tillman?

4. Smith talked about small things turning into big things? Well, let's talk about small things. The Bears' receivers didn't come up big against a battered secondary. Philadelphia was missing two corners in Ellis Hobbs (neck) and Joselio Hanson (suspension) and then Asante Samuel was knocked out of the game with a stinger. The only one of the Eagles' top four corners remaining, Sheldon Brown, was playing on a bad hamstring. They needed to do better than they did, specifically Devin Hester and Knox. Earl Bennett played a pretty solid game and showed some moxie. This was an opportunity to dominate against a cast of reserves and it was squandered.

5. What in the name of Mike Brown happened to Al Afalava in deep coverage on DeSean Jackson in the third quarter? Leading 12-10, the Bears were in their signature Tampa Two defense with the Eagles facing first-and-10 at the Bears' 48-yard line. McNabb faked a handoff to McCoy, who was in an I-formation, and set up in the pocket while Jackson ran a deep post. Tillman released him to safety help and Jackson simply ran past Afalava, the safety on that side of the field. Free safety Danieal Manning was supporting on the other side against Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles simply split the safeties deep. That shouldn't happen. The rookie Afalava hasn't made a lot of glaring errors in 10 games (he hasn't shown up a lot either) but this was one of them. No, I'm not suggesting the Bears should have made a move top keep Brown, either. His time had run its course here and the durability issues were too great to overlook. But I am suggesting the Bears have done little right in terms of a longterm solution at the position since drafting Brown in the second round in 2000.

6. Afalava starts and Knox contributes but the top four picks from the 2009 draft remain absent. Defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert, their top pick, was inactive for the eighth time in 10 games. The next pick, wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, was inactive for the 10th time. Cornerback D.J. Moore was inactive for the ninth time. Defensive lineman Henry Melton is on injured reserve. Smith believes Gilbert will contribute this season. Iglesias is clearly the sixth wideout on the roster and when No. 4 Devin Aromashodu struggles to get playing time, well, it's going to be real tough to reach No. 6. Moore looks too small to play regularly on defense. Smith is high on Melton for next season, and he may get a look as a three technique. As far as help this season, well, Cutler was the 2009 draft. And he's a big part of the 2010 draft.

7. The more you see of linebacker Tim Shaw on special teams, the better he looks. He made a huge hit and was credited with three tackles in press box statistics. Shaw was a nice find for a unit that was in need of a boost, and he looks to have leadership qualities moving forward.

8. Opposing defenses are converting third downs 42.8 percent of the time after the Eagles were 7-for-15. That's a sign that the Bears lack playmakers on defense right there, although don't discount the continued improvement of cornerback Zack Bowman, who made an interception for the third consecutive game. Bowman leads the team with four and the Bears have 10 as a team after netting 22 last season.

9. Opposing quarterbacks have an 88.8 passer rating vs. the Bears and it would be higher if their Tampa Two didn't generally lead to a lot of dink and dunk (not the 48-yarder by Jackson). Cutler's mark stands at 74.5. The Bears went to the Super Bowl in 2006 when Rex Grossman was at 73.9. Really, Cuter's number is right in line with what the Bears have been accustomed to for decades.

10. Weeks ago, the Bears talked about having two games remaining with the Minnesota Vikings. The idea was that, yes, they trailed their division rivals at the time, but there was time to play catch up. Down five games to the Vikings (9-1) with six to play, that's not going to happen now. They have a chance to get reacquainted with old friend Brett Favre and the Bears might find out how much of a gap there is between them and Minnesota come Sunday afternoon at the Metrodome.

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My fellow fans, for those of us who are truly bleeding blue and orange fans, we need to man up and make a statement against the bears. We need to post a peaceful, political protest that will be greatly effective. We need to hit the McCaskeys and Phillips directly in the wallet. When I was watching the game, I saw a great amount of empty seating (be it because the tickets were too expensive of out of fan disgust)and I was extremely proud. The less money spent on this team and the more financial protests held against them and their judgement calls, while hitting them directly where it hurts (in the wallet), we will eventually get to them. It happens all the time in the political realm where the candidate starts to lose fund raiser he/she then starts to listen, and in big businesses it is just the same.

For example: I'm sure most of you have been brave enough to enter the absurdly priced stores in your local mall (i.e. Macy's) and realized how foolishly priced their products are. And as time goes by and their sales plummeted due to nobody wishing to spend such ridiculous amounts of their hard earned money, their profits go down the toilet and they start to make some changes to help fix that problem.

I've been in retail for over 12 years and the McCaskeys are the same to me as the ceo's and management of any of the business I have ever worked for and encountered. They are a business folk (profit over loyalty to their customers) and we customers need to man up and not buy the tickets, merchandise, etc. And then if in fact they are loyal to their wallets, then we will see some changes, I am sure.

The fact that Lovie will still not admit there is a problem is just incredible. This whole team is in shambles. Cutler is playing incredibly bad. Its also obvious that he is not talking with Pep Hamilton at all on the sideline. He walks away whenever Pep comes up to him. I think Cutler has reached his limit with the pure stupidity of the staff. I also think hes running his mouth too much during the game, but he wants to win and has zero help. Tom Brady wouldnt do any better with a no talent OL and no running game.. Add to that very poor WR play and you have this. Going back to an earlier post..JA and Lovie are covering for one another. The problem in '08 was not with Orton or the was to a point but the D was just awful. No pass rush, no run D.. no nothing. Then JA comes out and says its all about the QB??? Really..?? Way to cover for your HC there you dumb a$$. Plus this coaching staff is about as dumb as dumb gets. Lovie is contiually out coached and out thought during games. Nothing is going to change here people. The Bears makes tonzo money from merchansise and what not. Plus, the NFL charges me $300.00 for NFL sunday ticket. NHL Center Ice is $170.00. This is a joke. In any other circumstance job wise.. Lovie woulda been fired last year. Lovie's life line is, "Look, we only lost by 4 points". He truly is the captain of the Titanic. Oblivious to the enormous chunks of ice in front of his boat that is already 5 feet down on the The team refuses pay for a top tier coach.. So we get Lovie. I have reached the end of my limit being a fan for this team. I grew up in Chitown.. Was at Walter's last game in the '87 playoff against the Skins.. Even named my son Payton, but this is enough. They wont fire lovie or JA .. Maybe Turner goes..maybe. I was more excited to listen to the Hawks on the internet then watching this abomination of football.. I too am planning to dump my bears stuff. If the organization was going all to win and they were coming up short.. thats one thing. But to be cheap, dumb and talentless... forget it. A great organization has been destroyed. It will take years to undo the damage that Lovie and JA have done here. Years!!!!!

I think Moose had it wrong....This is where quarterbacks go to die!!!!

Only the Bears could take a pro bowl quarterback in his prime and ruin him. Cutler is a mess. First they ruin the greatest punt/kick returner in NFL history (remember when teams used to pooch kick it to the Bears) and now this.

Can we get rid of the hitch pass to Hester? And why would you call that on 3rd and 11? Let's also get rid of the pass to the tight end in the flat while we're at it. If we want to lose yards or, at best, gain only one yard then give the ball to Forte. If we're gong to pass, then pass for a purpose.

Speaking of passes, when was the last time a Bears receiver caught a ball in stride? Why does every pattern seem to be a hook or a curl?

Let's see more of Bell and Shaw. And let's start seeing Gilbert and Iglesias.

Gaines Adams is looking like a complete waste of a 2nd round pick. That is going to really hurt the Bears going forward.

Brown, Briggs, and Bennett seem to be the only players who show up week in and week out.

And finally, "I still feel like we're in the mix" is just about the dumbest thing I've heard come out of the dumb mouth of one of Chicago's many dumb coaches. Your team is imploding. Enough with the Polyana routine.

Going into next season, the Bears need to let Kevin Payne battle it out with Al Afalava for the strong safety job. I haven't been blown away with Afalava's play this year either. I understand he is only a rookie, and could get better, but Kevin Payne might be a better option at strong safety than Afalava. Like I have said before, Payne seems to be around the ball a lot more than Afalava. If you look at the tackle leaders this year, Payne isn't that far behind Afalava, and Afalava is a starter. Last season when Payne was starting at strong safety, he was leading the team in tackles and was very stout in the box in run support. Payne seems to have better range than Afalava also, Payne had 4 picks last season as a starter, Afalava has zero. Chicago needs to let them duke it out for the strong safety job in 2010.

Another back is a need going into the off-season. But Chicago needs to see what rookie Kahlil Bell has got first. He looks to have potential. If he can continue to come on, maybe he's the answer? I wouldn't give up on Matt Forte just yet either. He has been bad, but how much of that is due to the fact Forte has carried the ball 600 plus times over the last two seasons going into this year? A lot on backs hit a wall after carrying the ball 300 plus times in back to back seasons. I wouldn't give up on him just yet. The lack of another back has also killed Forte, in todays NFL you have got to have two backs. Forte has been a one man gang for the last two seasons, its no surprise he's wearing down. Another back to spell him is, and has been a need area for Chicago, maybe Bell is the answer? Bell is not a game breaker type, but could be a good between the tackles type to pound the ball for Chicago, and a nice change up for Forte.

Josh Beekman was an improvement over Omiyale Brad, Beek had some nice blocks last night and even the play by play guys pointed that out. Beekman is not the answer at left guard, but he is the best current option on the roster right now. Left guard is need #1 right now on this team. The Frank Omiyale signing set the team back at the position, he's clearly not the answer. Omiyale would be of better use at tackle, a position he prefers. I think Omiyale would be a good swing tackle for the Bears. As of right now, going into the draft, Chicago needs to use their third rounder on either guard Mike Johnson 6-6 310lbs of Alabama, or Illinois guard Jon Asamoah 6-5 315lbs. Either one of these guys would fit the bill at left guard for the Bears. Another nice option in the 3rd would be LSU big man Ciron Black, the 6-5 328lbs tackle could come in and give the Bears the road grader they need at right tackle. Chicago needs to fix that line to help Cutler & Forte, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Knowing the Jerry & Lovie show, I realize it will never happen but, after Charlie Weis is fired at ND, would it be good for the Bears if he were to become their OC. Weis is obviously not the answer as a college head coach, but he can certainly coach pro QB's and the offensive side of the football. In spite of the mess at ND, their QB and offense under Weis have always excelled. Cutler and this offense are certainly in dire need of someone that can coach QB's and offense. Also, Bears need for Lovie to hire a "real" DC for next season. Jerry and Lovie are not going anywhere, there's probably no help in the draft and Jerry will typically blow free agency so just maybe a good OC & DC might help.

I saw that Sunday night nightmare you call a team...WOW you guys suck bad! So bad I almost feel sorry for you. NOT! Hahahaha As a Packer fan I always hope you lose but if you continue to lose you might go hire a top notch coach ( Holmgren, Cowher, Shanahan) then us Packer fans will worry that you will turn things around! Then I remember you are the Bears......The McCaskeys.....You're stuck with that loser Lovie for at least 2 more years then you'll promote BBF Babich or announce you hired some big name guy before you sign him and he'll get pissed and leave!! Hahahahahahahahaha P.S. You losers do not have a first or second round pick next year!!! Hahahahahaha


Agreed. Looks like they've managed to screw up yet another potential talent at QB. Cutler looked overwhelmed and tired on the sidelines, even at the beginning of the game. I haven't seen a QB look that ragged since Farve was addicted to pain killers back in the 90's.


your point number 9 resonates the most with me. I know the D 'looked' good at times last night, but they still surrendered 24 points. You can't put that on QB interceptions. It used to be 20 points was a great offensive output for the Bears and would mostly bring victory. Apparently those days are gone.

We all know who is to blame here. So if the McCaskeys have to shell out millions in FA this Spring due to the lack of a draft, how can that make them happy with what JA has done for them?

Issues with the Bears

1. Matt Forte's rushing average is about 3.0 yards per carry.

2. Bear team penalties are usually higher than their opponents.

3. The offensive line can't run or pass-block against quality defenses.

4. Jay Cutler is throwing too many interceptions.

5. The team is passing twice as much as they're running.

6. The defense has given up more than 20 points in more than half of their games. They also can't make a stop when the game is on the line.

7. The linebacker position has been inconsistent with run-defense.

Before we all just focus on the quarterback, we need to be looking at these other things as well. The Bears have serious problems across the board, and I blame Lovie Smith. When a team has so many problems, I think you have to look at the coach. Clearly, Jay has not played as well as everyone hoped - but the Bears are constantly shooting themselves in the foot with bad route running, missed tackles, missed assignments broken coverage, penalties, interceptions, bad blocking - the list goes on and on.

I know everybody loves Lovie. But he has to be held accountable for some of these issues.

Fan outrage is too little too late. Angelo has already raped Phillips and has pulled the old okedoke by making a splash with a assumed already polished QB (at what cost to the future) suckered fans. He used the what came first b.s. the chicken or the egg and told fans the QB would cure all, well that's a flat out lie. Baltimore won a SuperBowl with a adequete QB and a punishing running game and above avg to great defense, conversely until this year the Saints were mediocre with a great QB and a great runningback, hey Cutler's Broncos put up plenty points but no playoffs so how can it start and end with the QB. Hey Jerry it starts and ends in the TRENCHES a place you have ignored for years. Hey Lovie a power running game needs powerful O-linemen not finese, over-the hill or weak blocking TE's. You cannot shop in quantity and hope out of that to find a few gems, the draft is a crapshoot as it is the odds get worse when you bargain hunt

You're close tripper, Chicago is where talent goes to die. I think we are the only team that drafts players and then is happy if 1 of them actually makes the active roster. Angelo is a joke, how many times does a GM need to wiff in the draft before he gets fired. I thought they were stupid to give Urlacher a raise when its clear that he hasnt been a game changer in 3 years. Harris needs to be cut, His extension was a joke. He gets top 5 money for 2 or 3 tackles? He is done. The Hester experiment is a disaster. only the Delusional think he is a #1 WR (ie. lovie and angelo). He could develop into a avg #2 and he isnt even that right now. so was it worth ruining the greatest kick returner for this? Can anyone name a player that we have drafted and then developed into a Pro bowler? Players do not get better or improve under this coaching staff. now this coaching staff is regressing and turning the few good players we have into bad players. LOVIE NEEDS TO BE FIRED. But this cheap organization will do nothing and Ron Turner will be sacrificed because someone will have to be. I'm already counting down the days until we finally fire lovie.

Yup. It was a good idea, last spring.

Phillips - its his responsibility. Fire them All. Something tells me Cutler wishes he had McDaniels back, and Marshall, and Royal. I know I would. I'm happy for Orton and every other BEAR player who escaped the Alcatraz of Football coaching knowledge.

Just keep losing; It will increase the chances that they (1) sell (2) fire Angelo (3) Fire smith (4) fire Turner -

Kudos to all of the following guys who always show up - roll models to us all - and I know I'm missing some

1. Briggs
2. Tillman
3. Brown

...these guys play hard every week ...

To bad they all have to work for the McDumb-Dumb organization

PackerBacker, usually I just ignore you, but I will say this much...At least we didn't give up a comeback win to Josh Freeman.

I think the Gaines Adams deal will come back to bite us. I have not seen anything to make me believe he was worth that high of a pick. I don't think anyone else would have given more than a 3rd or 4th rounder for him, but Jerry gave a 2. Kevin is right that we need to focus on offensive line with the picks we do have. Maybe see if we can get lucky with a running back in the later rounds.

So Lovie says these little things are becoming big things...let's see:
-no run blocking
-bad pass protection
-WRs that can't run routes
-Defense that can't stop anybody for any length of time...

When were these EVER little things? This "Nothing to see here, move along" mentality is insane! We all know they are getting worse, and rather than take charge of the team, and make changes, or play to develop your young talent, they keep thinking that if they stay the course, things will work themselves out. That is the difference between the Bears and the teams they are looking up at in the standings. Good teams make things happen. We hope they will. We are obviously not going anywhere with the way we are playing, so here is what they need to do.

Give it one more week, and after we get the crap kicked out of us by the Vikings, make the following changes:

-Williams to LT
-Pace to bench or released
-Omiyale to RT
The only reason you don't play Shaffer is because we signed Omiyale for 4 years, and we need to know if he can play any spot on the line. An uncapped year is a good opportunity to jettison any dead weight without concern over cap ramifications, so he could be released this offseason if he can't play, which appears to be the case so far.
-Gilbert and Toeaina active on game day
-Anthony Adams inactive. I like the guy, and he plays hard, but he is no more than a stopgap. We need to know whether Toeaina can stuff the run, and whether Gilbert is a DE or a DT. Especially if we are considering Melton as a 3 technique, we need to know whether we can let Anderson and/or Ogunleye walk after this season. We need to deactivate someone else to make room, and don't know who it should be, but McClover has not done much, and Shaw is definitely emerging as the leader on special teams.
-Iglesias active on game day.
-Rashied Davis inactive. Iglesias will be our 4th or 5th WR anyway, so he will need to play special teams. Put him to work.
-Start Aromashodu and Bennett at WR
-Move Hester and Knox to the slot, and rotate them with the starters
-Activate Moore on game day
-Vasher inactive. He didn't play on defense last night, so why not give the rook a chance on special teams?

If nothing else, we will have 5 games to see these kids play, and find out whether or not we have anything to build on. If we don't, then we get to the end of the season, and all we have is practice against our own crappy depth, and have no idea whether any of these kids will be able to contribute next season. We have to make decisions on the following players after this year:

A. Adams
G. Adams
T. Harris
Jamar Williams
D Manning

Other possible decisions to make as to whether we need to upgrade:
Olsen/Clark/K. Davis

It would be nice for once to make an informed decision by seeing their backups in action. If we drop to 4-7 after playing the Vikes, we are not going to recover with 3 more games against the Pack, Vikes, and Ravens, so we are at best going to be 7-9, which is a far cry from the playoff hunt. Every rational person looking at this team can see the weaknesses, except for Lovie apparently. We are not a good football team, and we are not a few little things away from competing...Unless you count run blocking, pass blocking, pass rush, and a running game as little things. According to Lovie, these were all little things until last night.

I listened after the game to Buffone and O'Bradovitch on 670 react to the game. They both remarked that Jay Cutler appears to be both playing worse and looking frustrated. I agree. Then they asked one critical question, "Why?" There is a lot in that one question. A lot of whys. We can make a list of them. But what worries me is that I also heard Smith still talking after the game about fixing small things and the playoffs... What it says to me is the answer to "Why" starts with Smith not being a very good Head Coach. By my count, the Bears now have 3 Assistant Head Coaches. And they obviously have 2 Defensive Coordinators with bad Bears defense records. 1984 doublespeak kills organizations and this Bears doublespeak starts with Smith. Statistically the Bears now have a 7% chance of seeing a 2009 playoff game as participants. It is time to use the remaining games to see what can be one to improve the Bears chances of having a winning 2010 Season. Time to start auditioning anyone they are allowed to bring in. Time to end the sitting on the bench of any player they have. Time to start looking for new Coaches. Time to look for new scouts, professional and college. Time for honest words to be spoken to the fans. At least you do that now. Time for the Bears to do so too. Obviously Smith will not. Do you think Angelo will? And if he does not, then who?

Let's put the blame where it truly needs to be and that is Jerry Angelo. He is the one who picks the groceries. He hasn't had a good draft since becoming a General Manager. The players that turns out being good is on other teams. Lovie has to deal with it. It is hard to make chicken salad out of chicken (sugar honey ice tea) in the NFL. This is not high school nor pop warner. The players that we had when we went to the Super Bowl was mainly the late Mark Hatley draft picks. We need a General Manager that can make good decisions in the draft because that is where teams are made. I will say we do need a coaching change but that is assembling a new offensive staff because clearly Cutler is not responding to the QB coach or the OC. Turner has not been able to put the offense in the right calls for his tenure as a bear. He had one good year as an OC and that was when he had Graham, Conway and Engram. New OC and a new DC and some better groceries then we will have a playoff and even a championship caliber team.


Agree with just about every comment you made except one. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rogers, Favre, etc.etc. etc. would have made at least two of the three throws to the wide open receivers for at least two touchdowns. Cutler had time on two of the throws. We are talking wide open receivers for touchdowns.

The Bears would have won had even one TD been completed. I like Cutler's arm but Cutler is not in the game mentally as are the very good QB's.

I believe in Cutler's physical ability but so far I am not sold on his cognitive approach to the game. He is not the game leader that he needs to be, not yet.

Maybe the Bears poor play and lack of surrounding Cutler with true receiver talent, poor line play etc has made Cutler lose confidence, that could be it. Once confidence is lost, it can really take years to get back.

Yes, Lovie, Turner and Angelo are probably better suited to be cab drivers in Chicago than the brain trust of the Bears.

Those three need to be sent packing. It is unfortunate but the love affair the city had with Cutler, well the fuzz is coming off of the peach.


Don't think your Pack is so great. They have a long way to go before we can call any of you Cheese brains, Super bowl champions. And who knows, maybe the Bears will still finish with a better record than the Green Bay Puckers. Would it not be great to have the Bears knock the Puckers out of the playoffs with either a complete domination or by winning on a blocked field goal from the 10 yard line with 2 seconds left in the game. You SUK!!!!

I told a friend that I wonder what would happen if Jay Cutler did what the fans and pundits wanted and not try and force the ball but settle for field goals. I got my answer last night. It's Jay's fault for settling for field Goals. Wasted opportunities they said. We could have won the San Francisco Game! You got your field goals last night and no red Zone interceptions. The Bears were leading with those field goals late into the 4th quarter. They lost. When you keep moving the bar for success, you always loose. Jay made an improvement last night and got hammered for it. Jay was a confident and great talent in Denver. He looks shell shocked now. That's the coaches fault, not Jay's

Has anyone ever seen the Magnificent Seven, the good 1960's one? For those of you that have, I am sure you remember Steve McQueen's character Vin. Now I will tell you why I ask this. When Jay road into town he was Vin, thats who he reminded me of. He even has a lot of his mannerisims, he's fidgity, he has the same haircut. But thats who Jay was when he came here. But now he's Lee (Robert Vaughn)he has no confidence.

The fact is the Bears have misused Cutler, Denver got 4500 yards out of this kid in his second year starting. Everything he is good at, the Bears don't do, instead they are trying to fit a gunslinger into a game manager mold. Its a round peg in a square hole. The head coach doesn't want him leaving the pocket or rolling out. But have you seen his numbers outside the pocket? They are insane, but the Bears don't want to use him that way. They are actually trying to make him do stuff he is bad at and not letting him do things he is good at. WTF??????? I am not saying that this would make the offense a really good offense, cause they suck, they can't block or run. So it would still be bad, but at least you wouldn't be destroying your QB's brain. The simple fact is not only does he not have the pieces around him, but the Bears don't know how to use him. This coaching staff is the worst.

What is Cutler good at?
Rolling out
Play action
Throwing outside the pocket
Throwing on the run
Keeping a play alive(which he did a good job of a few times last night)
Throwing deep outside the pocket
Motion(they used motion to help him read the safety's in Denver)

Does he throw the ball into tight coverage? Yep, but every QB does, its just part of the game. A little story Aikman like tell, goes like this.

When Aikmen was in college his old coach Terry Donahue used to tell him "you can't throw a football through a car wash without getting it wet" But Aikman would reply " you know coach sometimes you actually can, problem is you only tell me its wet when it gets wet"

Their is a risk everytime the QB drops back, unfortunatly the Bears keep telling Cutler the balls wet even when its not wet. You over manage these guys and they fall apart. Lovie needs to stop trying to play defense with the offense and just let this guy cut it loose. Let him play they way he plays and not how you think a QB should play.

Hey Brad now that the Bubble screen has been exposed and destroyed the eagles, what are the Bears bread and butter plays on offense? Every team has them, I just can't think of what the Bears signiture plays are. I know they used to run that 16 power O, but that doesn't work anymore. So what do they do well on offense?

Oh and Dahli of three throws Cutler missed for TD's only two of them could have been TD's casue you can't get 2 TD's on one drive. Just the rules of the game. Also let me point out, Manning had two picks yesterday and his one TD came on an amazing one handed grab by Clark after Manning over threw the ball. So it's never 100 percent that any QB makes every throw. Olsen could have layed out and you could have had a TD, but he doesn't like to leave his feet. The one for certian throw he should have made was to Hester on that slant and go. He never should have been throwing to Olsen on that first pass, it was a blitz read and the ball should have gone to McKie. Between the MIA game and the STL game Brees threw 6 TD's and 7 INT's. Truth is you don't know how any of the mwould play on this team. Manning has been in a great system that is designed for him with tons of talent around him his whole career, as for Favre the guy is the all time INT king and has made more bad throws that anyone in nfl history, Brees is also surrounded by talent and in a great system, and Rodgers is in the perfect system for him has better players and coaches around him. You don't know how any of those guys would play on this team with Turner as their coach. I can say one thing Favre and Manning would be in the hospital by now and Brees would have lost the rest of his hair.

Dahli just to point somethiing out too you. You compared Cutler to Manning a sure fire HOF and one of the best QB's I have ever seen to Cutler who plays in a totally differt offens by the way. You compared him to Favre a guy who holds ever record in the books and is the best gunslinger to ever st foot on a field. In Denver they compared him to Elway on of the best ever if not the best ever. Brees different offense much better weapons and line. Didn't Rodgers cost the Packers the TB game with his bad play?

The only way Cutler can make most Bear fans happy is if he becomes the greatest QB in NFL history or even Denver fans. With this talent and the way the Bears use him. You may want to think again. He has that ability but he is in the wrong place at the wrong time. You talking about a 4500 yard QB who is dying in Turners system.

Three Bears great point.

Good stuff today fellows a lot of masked disaappointment and some anger being released is always a positive after a season like this. Real interesting seeing Donovan speaking with Jay after last night's game two guys who now know what its like to not be appreciated by your home town fans. Good win for Donovan last night who has never made Eagle fans happy with his play either. I was sad to see Jay playing last night not to make mistakes instead of playing to win, the missed throws were there but he looked like he was trying to throw darts instead of a football. I hope we get him some help and get him straighten out quick or Rex's dad may well be right.

Positive signs from Jay he was studying last night on the sidelines after his series, great to see, the guy's smart enough and this type of effort will pay off in the long run. I still got your BACK JAY, your'e a BEAR now, keep working and you'll get it done. Not loking forward to the game against the Vikes, who smell blood and will try to embarass the BEARS this week, if we aren't careful. Defensive scheme hurt late last night and play calling by Turner has me hurling every game, why throw the bubble screen before you establish your'e going to throw deep and have the corner's playing off, as Collinsworth said if you have it called and the defense is playing up you should have a go pattern as the audible to take advantage of the situation. No WIN last night should bring no more talk of playoffs Lovie, I've been in your corner throughout, time to get real and start working on next year, find out who we got that can play and work on weeding out who we don't need on next year's roster.
Bloggers let start to get ready for a bad few games, alot of the Vets have given up, and that means we could lose out if we are not careful and with no picks on the first day next year Denver and Tampa will be really giddy if this happens on draft day....Damn I hate to lose and when the packerslcaker brings his molded green azz on our bloig to talk tihs it makes it even worse......

even though I crave to see Bears games on the tube, best decision I made last night was turning it off after Cutler missed Olsen and Hester on consecutive plays. Bottom line...Turner is gone,(I think his kid is done w/ school)...Bears need to find a happy medium w/ this regime that fits Cutler's style( kinda fitting that the trade could potentially be JA's deathmarch!)
Ja has missed the boat for years as far as addressing OL in the draft,and we all we're pissy as to why he hadn't drafted a safety on draft day, until Afalava...even now we have to be forcefed that choice to his brilliance. Love 'em to death....but their role for the rest of the year is spoiler while they TRY to find some identity.

So the question is how do you fix this Bears team. Well you can't do it all in FA and you know they can't do it in the draft. So the question really is how do you maximize what you have?

If I was going to fix this team, knowing Smith will be back next year then my job would be to focus on the offense, Cause I doubt the next coach of the Bears will run a Tampa 2.

So the first step they can take next year in fixing this team is working on the offense. First Turner and his staff are pretty much gone and no big name coachis going to come here with everything up in the air. If your not going to cleam house which they should do, then you have to go find a OC and guarantee him a 2 year deal, even if at some point you are going to eat the contract.

So to begin with you go and get Kyle Shanahan, he runs the same system his dad ran, which is a veration of the WCO. Then you change from a man blocking power O running scheme to a Zone blocking scheme. Which actually works in the Bears favor in terms of maxamizing what you have. For some odd reason Angelo can't figure out the difference between guys who would fit in a Man blocking scheme or guys in a zone blocking scheme. Chris Williams does not belong in a man scheme, sure he is big, but he is not explosive or strong, and is a bad run blocker. But he is athletic and would probably play much better in a zone scheme. The same can be said for Pace, even though he and Olin should retire. The same can even be said for Omiyale, who is athletic but not an explosive blocker. Shaffer actually fits the man blocking scheme thay have but the Bears don't want to play him. I figure Pace, and Kreutz are probably done after this season and they have no answer at LG. So three positions on the line. They are going to have to get some FA's for this.

Next years line should look like this.
Zone blocking scheme.
Williams LT
Jahari Evans LG(Saints run a great zone blocking scheme)
3rd round pick C
Garza RG
Winston Justice RT(Also from a zone blocking scheme)

With this line you get younger you at least try to maximize the abilities of Williams a 1st round pick and add a pair of young zone blocking vets who are also talented. This would also benifit Forte who belongs in a zone scheme. Not to mention Cutler as protection should increase.

Next what to do at WR? Well Hester has made some strides, he is not a number 1and all the Bears recievers are small. However I don;t see what would be wrong with moving him to the Slot, Welker and Bresdon are both slot recievers and are major weapons. But that means you need to get a real number 1. Brandon Marshall, thats all that needs to be said, between him Olsen and Hester your passing attack would be scary. Forte adds a fourth weapon out of the backfield, and Knox is another burner as a 3rd or 4th reciever. With just 3 free agents and a new OC and blocking scheme, you can turn this offense around in a big way. Only one FA is a big name, the other two are good players who would fit the new system. Cutler already knows this system and you would see more of what he did in Denver and less of the garbage you have seen here.

As for the defense, they already got Gains Adams(waste of a pick) and Urlacher will be back next year but it has as many holes to fill as the offense and a lot of key players are up their in terms of football age. But Tillman, Urlacher, Brown and Briggs are still a decent core. But next year should be their last year with this unit.

Why does our QBs deteriorate as the season progresses? Grossman started the 2006 season as the NFC player of the month in Sept. After that, he fell apart. In 2007, that was just a horriable situation with our QBs, and Orton got worse as the season went on last year. Why? Further more, why do our WRs never play up to their potential? ANSWER, RON TURNER and his system.

Look at Cutler, an All-Pro last year and he's getting worse by the week. Where as Orton is a little better than last year in Denver. It's all Ron Turner and his system. Until he's gone, Cutler and the WRs won't have a chance.

Brad, what are the chances the Bears will fire Ron Turner after the season? And what are the chances the Bears hire Charlie Weiss as our new offensive coordinator? Would you like Weiss for the job?


It's nice to finally see someone who understands the importance of the offensive line. A lot of people talk about how you need to win the trench wars, but they always want a WR taken in the first round. You said that the left guard was the number 1 need, but I will say it's the number 2 need. I believe left tackle is our most pressing need with the LG following. Good job.

Anyone out there thinking Charlie Weiss could be our next offensive coordinator?

Jay don't mention Charlie Weiss, wrong system anyway. If he is here poeples heads will explode.

Black will not make it out of the second round, Johnson will not make it out of the second round, and Asamoah is going to be a 4th round pick. Plus who replaces Kruetz? Also Angelo is drafting and he needs help on the D-Line and you know what that means?

Mitch Petrus will be their in the third and so will Centers Tennant and Olsen.

Switch to a zone scheme after turner is fired. If having size means your a good run blocker someone needs to explain Pace, Williams and Omiyale who all have great size but can't run block.

I agree with everything you have there, but would rather they pursue Jeff Jagodzinski for offensive coordinator rather than Kyle Shanahan. Jags is a better fit to help Cutler develop over the long term.

On defense, if they are really going to try Melton at 3 technique (another case of where we are going to try and teach someone a completely new position rather than develop what they are already doing), then we have a pretty big defensive line coming back. Gilbert, Idonije, Brown, Harris, Harrison, Toeaina, G. Adams, and Melton (hopefully between 285-300 lbs. by the time they bulk him up). If we dump Tommie Harris after the season, we can use Anthony Adams as a fill in for one more year while we turn over the position. Basically, we will have 3 guys who can play inside or outside in Gilbert, Idonije, and Melton. That gives us a lot of flexibility, especially in short yardage. It would be nice to have Toeaina, Harrison, Idonije and Gilbert on the line for our goal line package. At least we wouldn't automatically give up the TD run like we do now.

Creighton I agree with a lot of your points, but I believe Gaines Adams and Mark Anderson like many of the Bears draft choices and acquisitions and not used to there strong points or talents. In Adams and Anderson you have two fast athletes who can make plays if put in a position to make them. This regime has ruined more athletes then any in the league they draft and recruit players that will only fail in the system. Both the players I have chosen for the example have been playing with their hands on the ground if you stand them up scheme for them they will make plays. With some coaching (not by this pitiful staff) both could have been bookend 3-4 outside linebackers, Briggs and a healthy at the time Urlacher inside with Williams backing up both inside spots and Roach outside. Toeina would have rotated with Hill. I would have never drafted Williams I live in Nashville he is allergic to the weightroom Otah would have been my man followed by the best safety on the board. Devin Hester would have been a slot reciever and a full time returner, Manning would have been a free safety while Brown was still here to tutor him not jacked all over the field and made a head case. Angelo's bargain basement hunting is absolutely foolish management and as I have said before I fault Phillips and McCaskey for allowing this joke of a GM to pay himself and a incompetent head coach big money for subpar performances. Anywhere else in the business world these two clowns would have been gone the season following the Super Bowl as at that time it was obvious they were going in the wrong direction and the basic fundamentals of football were not being followed and after making the mistakes failing to adjust to the talent you put here. Until this team gets a real Football Ops man that has experienced building a team this will be the same and us the real fans will suffer.


I agree with just about everything you have said on this blog and in particular moving Hester to slot and getting Marshall if possible.

Creighton, read my blog again. I was stating that Cutler had three chances and I know that you can only score one touchdown on the two missed passes to Hester and Olsen. But Cutler should have hit Knox and or Hester or Olsen which would have been 2 touchdowns. My point with Cutler is that more than half of the QB's in the league make at least one touchdown out of three wide open receivers(not just the QB's I mentioned).

If you read the blog again, I clearly point out the it appears Cutlers confidence is going down fast and in any sport without confidence it is a bad scenario. You have seen it baseball when the second baseman loses the confidence and overthrows first base or short hops it, it is all a lack of confidence, which I blame on Angelo, Lovie, Turner and Cutler (because we are all responsible for our own foibles).

Creighton, I have been a die hard Bears fan since 1963 that is 46 years, do you actually think that I am just taking shots at Cutler, he!! no, I want this guy to be the best QB in the history of the Bears and I believe he will do it, but he has some more progress to make and that is in the mental side of the game, the great ones have that aspect, Cutler is growing and maturing as a QB, this adversity may turn out to make Cutler even that much better in years to come. I certainly hope so because he can be special, but it is a whole package that makes an elite QB, just not the physical aspect.

We could also solve the DE dilemma with two words this offseason: Aaron Kampmann. He is out for the rest of the year, but is certainly not happy in the 3-4, and is a free agent after this season. We let Wale and Anderson walk, and sign Kampmann. A rotation of Alex Brown, Kampmann, Idonije, G. Adams, and Gilbert is pretty solid. You then have Melton, Harrison, Harris, and Toeaina/Anthony Adams as your 4 DTs, and either Gilbert or Idonije move inside in the nickel. Our defensive line gets significantly better with a legit 10 sack guy on the left side, and we also hurt the Packers by taking away a great player on that defense.

All Of These Are Great And Thoughtful Comments, And I Side (In Most Cases) With Each And Every One Of You... But For The Immediate Future? How 'Bout We Put A Band-Aid On "Our" Issues By Crushing Brett Favre As We Used To. Then We'll Send The Message That Some Teams Do Win Divisions Going Away... But Some Other Teams, Own Those Teams.

You guys are doing it again.. trying to make logical players move to help this team out. Problem is JA has no clue on how to pick the right guys. Turner most likely is gonzo.. and if the bears lose out maybe lovie as well. BUT...JA aint goin nowhere. JA is the one that has handed Lovie this wack-nut assortment of players to work with.. Trading a 2nd for gaines adams.. arghhhh JA is the master mind behind the bewildering trades of Thomas Jones and Chris Harris.. the vomit inducing draft picks in Mike Okwo and Dan Bazuin?!?!?! He cant draft OL at all... look how long he hung onto Terrance Metcalf when it was obvious in {{{2004))) that he sucked. As long as JA is picking players..we are doomed. The only way we rebound is if Lovie, Turner and JA are all thrown out the door. And Creighton you are correct on the blocking system.. we all know what needs to be done. You would think that 5.5 million dollar coach would too. But no... hes all smiles saying.. "We can win out.. this is a great team. We just need some minor tweaks.. Forte is doing good things.. (barf) Nahh.. you guys are just way too negative. You will see.. we are gonna whoop the Vikes this sunday... yep.. (Hey Jerry, where is my medication??)))

I believe I have achieved total Zen-like conciousness on all things Bears.

I see deep into the dark minds of one, JA, and another, Lovie, and their strategy enlightens me. I, too, see why the glass is half full.

These two mystical beasts have used 2009 to break the thoroughbred-like spirit of Jay Cutler. Only thru complete and utter annihilation of Cutler's confidence, can JA and Lovie rebuild Jay into the QB the Bears need. A QB who can hit his TE in the flat. His fullback in the flat. His WR in the flat. His slotback in the flat. His grandmother in the flat.

They tried to do this with Kyle Orton, but he won too often. Kyle escaped to the Broncos, joining other unbreakable spirits.

They succeeded with Rex Grossman, who now haunts the Texans bench in a glassy eyed, blank stare muttering, "... and we'll go from there."

Brian Griese, because he was a veteran and wary of the JA and Lovie Dark Magic, disabled his helmet receiver and led the Bears on a successful conquest of the Eagles. Today, this drive is only referred to in hushed, reverant tones outside the fabled walls of Halas Hall. Griese was exiled to the Island of Mis-Fit QBs for his temerity.

But Jay Cutler shows promise and potential... more potential than all the Sid Luckmans in the world could provide. The Big Gun. Fleet feet. Good size. HE is JA and Lovie's biggest challenge! If they can successfully topple Mt. Cutler, turning him into an indecisive, skittish, back foot throwing QB, they will have reached the hallowed ground of coaching nirvana.

The key moment may come during the next hurry up offense the Bears run at the end of the game. If Cutler spikes the ball to stop the clock, but he does it on 4th down, you know that his transformation is complete.

Yes, JA and Lovie can rebuild him. They have the system, the foresight and the technology.

Dahli I know what you meant and I was just pointing out that nothing in the NFL is a given. Nothing, every QB has bad games, every QB misses throws. Most people only remember the bad when things are bad and the good when things are good.

If Bell had scored on that big run, do you think anyone is talking about Cutler. Or if the defense had held the Eagles from driving for that final score. Is Cutler being talked about? I have seen multiple horrible games from every top QB in the nfl. It happens, we all know its his head. But its not just his head, the whole team is acting flat. The whole team is acting flat just like Lovie is acting flat, just like he always acts flat. The Eagles didn't play well and the Bears should have blown them out. But no focus, no energy and what appears to be no desire to be on the field led to a bad loss.

I never said you where taking shots at Cutler.

"Agree with just about every comment you made except one. Brady, Manning, Brees, Rogers, Favre, etc.etc. etc. would have made at least two of the three throws to the wide open receivers for at least two touchdowns. Cutler had time on two of the throws. We are talking wide open receivers for touchdowns."

You wrote that and thats what I commented on, I just don't agree that anything is a given in the nfl. Also I never said you where not a Bears fan, don't know where you got that? I get your upset about the loss and the season, probably more than I have ever seen, and if you want to vent on me a little thats cool.

Look, just understand this, if I actually thought their was no hope for this organization I wouldn't even post. I get it things are bad for the beloved, I saw this coming for a long time you know that. But BFD man, its bad but it will get better, Cutler will be fine in the long run, Angelo and Lovie can't last much longer, and the organization will eventually wisen and and hire me to be the GM.

Never give up Dahli.

You know with all this bad talk about the Bears, I think will post something good about or for the Bears or former Bears.

First a shout out to Jeff Fisher, the former Bear and long time Head Coach of the Titans. Was hammered by Titans fans early this year for wearing a Manning Jersey. Even though he wore the Jersey as a joke and as a sign of respect for his friend Dungy, fans lost it. Sense then his team that started out 0-6, is 4-0 and their young franchise QB is turning around his career and playing good football. Thats what a real head coach looks like.

Speaking of real Head Coaches, it was recently reported that Cowher was intrested in the Buffalo job. Cowher came out and said that was not true, however a inside source has sited that he is very intrested in the Bears and Texans. He has yet to debunk those rumors. So its good to know that some big names still value this team and would want to coach here. To bad the organization wants nothing to do with good coaches.

When asked about these rumors Jerry Angelo replied who is Bill Cowher?

Angelo never really said anything about the rumor but I actually have my doubts he knows who Cowher is. Fisher and Cowher two guys that could have been the Bears coach, but no we went in a different direction back then.

Word is Angelo and Phillips want to hire an outside organization to help them draft better.(Thats a Phillips joke)

Thats a football organization right their.

An actual source has stated then when Angelo was asked about Gains Adams he said he was hoping he could become a rank and file player for the Bears. You know 2nd round picks almost have as much chance of being a blue chip as a first rounder. This actually tells me how much Angelo values draft picks. By the way Gains Adams is bad, not even rank and file but I am sure Rod will give him the fire and the passion. Or he could just eat a bowl of spicy chili and some corn dogs and get the same result.

Creighton are you serious????? You really think the bears will hire you to be the gm????? hahaha.. What are you going to write on your resume? That your unemployed and spend all your time writing angry blogs about angelo and lovie on brad's site? hahaha.. Man Ive seen a few of your posts but this by far has to be the stupidest one ever.

Breaking news boys and girls so listen up.

Just heard it on the score670, as reported by Hub Arkush. This is just in the early stages and is rumor at this point. But so was Jay Cutler. Recently the Bears organization has been recieving major intrest in their head coaching job by the biggest names out their. The Shanahan's, Cowher's, and Holmengren's are looking into the Bears job. Now this is where it gets intresting. The reason they are looking into it, is because someon at Halas Hall who is above Jerry Angelo has put out feelers for a new Head Coach and GM.

This from a source inside Halas Hall. The Bears are considered of the teams who may need a head coach and GM the number 1 spot for a head coach. The reason Jay Cutler. Apperantly lots of people think Jay is real talented and guys like Shanahan know what is wrong and how to fix it.

So apperantly the Bears have put out feelers for a new Head coach and GM and are getting a big response. Now nothing may happen, but someone at Halas Hall who has a lot of power is not happy and is starting to look around. This may just be someone trying to mostivate Lovie and Angelo, but a warning at the very least has been sent to those two.

God I hope that rumor is true...

In a lot of cases, athletic defensive ends can be converted into rush linebackers in the 3-4, but I think you are reaching if you think Gaines Adams and Mark Anderson are two of them. Perhaps Anderson has the lateral quickness, but Adams has not done anything so far as a pro to show he can drop into coverage, which is what separates success from failure in these conversions. I am not confident either of them could be any more than marginal as LBs. Jason Taylor is the only one of the "tall" defensive ends that has successfully made the conversion, and he is an aberration, and a freakish athlete to boot.

Honestly, if we were to look at our roster for the best fits at those positions, the two players who jump out at me would be Urlacher and Melton. Urlacher has never been a stout inside guy, despite his size, but he is an absolute freak as far as coverage and speed, so he could probably extend his career by 3-4 years playing outside in a 3-4. Melton is athletic enough as a former RB to play the edge, and play in space. But of course, we are bulking up Melton to play the 3 technique, in typical Bears fashion. Looking at Aaron Kampmann this year, who is one of the better pass rushers in the league, he just was not able to get comfortable moving backwards. Many of these guys are not able to make the switch, and Kampmann will likely be looking for a new team as a free agent this offseason, and a move back to a 4-3 where he belongs. It is not as automatic as just being athletic and fast. Gaines Adams and Mark Anderson do not seem like the kind of player that can move backwards with the same speed, quickness, and aggressiveness as they move forward. I might be wrong, but nothing they have done so far makes me think they are capable of making the switch with any level of success.

I think that is fan pacification propaganda more than anything else. They want the fans to stay engaged, and keep us clinging to any level of hope there is. They might even make the decision to fire Lovie and bring in a new coaching staff, but I can't see the McCaskey family paying Lovie and Angelo for the next 2 and 4 years, respectively, and also paying a new coaching staff and GM. I would do backflips of joy if they did, as I am convinced that the coaching staff has lost the team, but I am not holding my breath. But knowing that Cowher is interested in the Bears and Texans is an interesting tidbit. Kubiak is not on solid ground either, but the pieces are in place more so there than here. A stud running back like Dwyer, and that offense is downright scary, and the defense just needs a little boost in attitude, and the hatchet jaw may be just the thing....

Odds are we will get a new offensive coordinator, and maybe even a new defensive coordinator, but Vegas odds on a new HC and GM have got to be pretty ridiculous. But here's to hoping

Joe with all due respect the same reason you are saying no is the same reason I say yes, the only thing thats a given is they are not hand down DE's. This staff can't teach what they are doing now, players have not gone to the next level and until there is a real teaching coach I'm entitled to my opinion. I live in the south I have watched both of these players they DO have the skill sets. You have seen them do what and when? If you will remember correctly Anderson was dropped in a zone several times in his rookie season during a zone blitz and Adams did the same at Clemson, and they played 3-4 and 5-2 defenses in college and thet thrived enough to be ranked talent in their draft classes. Jason Taylor is a once in a great while talent he doesn't apply here. I do agree with you and have said for 3 yrs Urlachers skills would be better served on the outside and would extend his career. The whole thing is hypothetical anyway I prefer the 3-4 and hate the Tampa as it is run here it is quite obvious that it has been caught up with only Lovie doesn't know it just like he doesn't know Jerry A. has assembled a zone blocking type of offensive line not power This unit could play a moving pocket or stretch type of offense but not a between the tackles. This entire regime is a oxymoron.

How about we put Tinoisamoa on IR and put in a waiver request for Matt Roth? I think he could be a solid left side end for us if we let Ogunleye walk in free agency after this season. Let's at least kick the tires and bring the local kid home. not like Pisa is going to play the rest of the year.

Fair enough deputy. I don't see it, but admittedly have not watched their zone drops consistently enough to be confident in that assessment.

I know lots of teams are converting to the 3-4, but I would honestly struggle getting used to seeing it out of our team. Something about seeing 2 inside linebackers instead of one middle linebacker would just seem weird to me.

If Cowher comes in, will we see it? Two very big IFs, but it is possible.

Joe F. you are a reasonable man, I do like the Roth thing. I know it would look funny but it is also an effective defense that you can run several variations. Another reason is unless we are going to back up the truck this team is full of undersized players on both-sides of the ball so zone blocking and the three four is the best fit for the personnel.

Joe I would be willing to bet its not and I will tell you why. First Hub is not going to put his rep on the line like that unless it is true. Second, the only way for the Bears to leagally contact coaches and let them know their will be an opening is to do just what they did with Hub. Third look at the timing, this broke the day before Shanahan interviwed with Buffalo. Thats means they wanted this leaked before he interviewed so he knew he had more options. How would this keep fans engaged, if they keep loosing then fans are going to want a coaching change more than ever and fans would now be putting more pressure on the organization. The recent word on this is that its ownership that wants this done.

I will take it even further. The NFL is a revenue sharing system, and most of the money comes from TV revenue not ticket sales. The Bears are the second largest market in the country, and have been given a ton of primetime games because of this. However rating ar5e going down, they will also see no playoff revenue. Ratings are going down on the Bears games, when ratings go down sponsorship goes down. The Bears and the NFL are not making the money they should be making and they both know it. Think about this how much money are the Bears and nfl loosing with rating going down and them not in the playoffs? Think about this as well, imagine if the nfl cuts 4 of the Bears primetime games next year and they fail to make the playoffs for a 4th year in a row. That loss of revenue is well beyong Lovie and Angelo's contracts.

Don't think for a second the NFL was happy with the GB game, or the Eagles game or the 9ers game. When Bear fans starting turning off the TV's early, they both start loosing lots of money and Bears fans have been tuning out. Just wait till the numbers come in after the Vikes beat them and they are all but dead in the nfl.

Oh and Joe nothing wrong with a 3-4 defense, thats the type of players colleges are producing anyway. Not to mention the two best defenses in football over the last ten years have been using it. PIT and BAL. If its good enough for a Ryan its good enough for me.

Joe I need to correct something I wrote, I just listened to the Hub interview again and I made a mistake. Its not the top 5 coaches its the top 4. Hub actually says Holmgren is not on the list, when he was asked why he said he couldn't say but with a 100% certainty that Holmgren was not on the list. This upset B&B as they both like Holmgren. Do you know why this matters?

Becasue reporting this evening on ESPN states, Mike Holmgren does not want to coach he wants a upper managment job. Well if the Bears are just faking this, then how did they know 24 hours before hand that Holmgren was not available? They had to put feelers out to know that, and why would they put actual feelers out if they where just faking this?

This story has legs. Lovie has refused to comment on this. So has Angelo, only a PR person has said anything, when PR people start saying things and guys like Lovie, Angelo and Phillips are all hush hush, you know there is something their.


Well, I certainly hope the rumor's true, what Bear fan wouldn't? Another surprise from this team would be more than welcome. But just like with Cutler, I'll believe it when I see it. It's not good to put too much into this stuff. Things heard or seen often get misinterpreted, then false rumors get started.

If this rumor is true, my pick is Cowher, head and shoulders above the rest. In addition to being a very good head coach, I really like his style. Just like Lovie's! :)

On another note, I totally agree about Jeff Fisher. A friend of mine wanted the Bears to get him when he was available. I always prefer a proven head coach, so I didn't agree, but it looks like my friend was right. He's one of the best head coaches in the league and has been for many years.

I have got to agree with Seedy that the Bears have lost their identity. They need a coach that can help to restore what the Bears have stood for years. The defense plain and simple needs to be brought back to respectability. The Bears should always have a top 5 defense, it is what they are about, it is what the city of Chicago is about, no mamby, pamby stuff, just get out of bed and go punch someone right in the kisser and do it week in and week out.

Although you do have some warriors on this D, like Tillman, Briggs, Urlacher and Alex Brown (maybe) the Bears don't have edge and nastiness that they used to have on defense. Bring back Butkus's attitude and reestablish it.

As for the offense, although I have been critical of Cutler's mental approach and game management, I love Cutler's toughness and I do think he is going to become the true leader of the offense. That same toughness needs to also exist on offense. The O line needs to be mean mothers and they are not, they need to punish the defense and they don't.

Team identity is a reflection on the coach, who is a fine person I am sure but seems to have lost the drive, will and desire he had when he first arrived with the Bears. Too many poor decisions with the staff that he has had, the lack of preperation and motivation of the team, no halftime adjustments, not holding players accountable for their play and sitting them down if they don't perform. The team needs new leadership on offense and defense.

Turner needs to be gone, I like Creighton's idea of Kyle Shanahan for offensive coordinator. Defensive coordinator I like Marinelli, I know I will hear sh!t about that one, I like his integrity and hard work, I think he would be very good in the this role.

Cowher first choice for coach, Mike Shannahan would be good as well, he brings the integrity, hard work no BS toughness that the Bears need to regain.

I say give Angelo two more years to get this team back on track, but no more BS meddling on having his draft choices play unless they plain and simple are the best players. This Omaliyale deal and others with Angleo holding onto guys is totally bogus.

The Bears have to get some guts, move Hester into the slot and put him back on kickoff returns. He would be an probowl material in the slot and the Bears would start to get the field position back on kickoffs that they used to get either with Hester returning it or by other teams so worried about Hester kicking the ball out of bounds.

Three major free agent moves needed next year. Marshall at Widereceiver is a must, a real middle linebacker to back up Urlacher and a stud left guard, with Beekman moving to center.

Go Bears!!! I think they will come out and play a decent game against the Vikings and maybe even win it. How sweet would that be!!!!


You want to give Angelo two more years? Why? By that time, Jay Cutler will probably be a total head case without a chance of ever getting back to what he was in Denver. The Bears have broken Cutler, and this needs to be fixed now before it becomes irreparable. I agree with the rest of your comments in that post, mostly about getting the Bear attitude and playing style back. But Jay Cutler cannot handle two more years of no offensive line and no receivers. And if the Bears ruin him permanently, forget about building a team that's good over a long period of time, which should be a given considering the size of Chicago, the passion and dedication of its sports fans, and the fact that the Bears are the only pro football team in town (as opposed to New York).

Wrigley, good to hear from you, I hope all is well.

I am not against losing Angelo. I just realize having watched the Bears and McCaskey's that most likely Turner may be gone, and maybe Lovie, but I don't see the family cutting ties with all three at once. If I am correct, I believe that Angelo is signed until 2013, Lovie has two more years and Turner one.

Reading through the lines, I see Phillips telling Angelo, look a$$hole, I will get rid of Lovie and Turner, and a large part of the coaching staff. You get to pick your coaches and if in two years this team in not hitting on all cylinders, you can count on the fact that you will be hitting the door, just like Lovie and Turner before you.

I don't see the Bears eating all of the salaries for all three at once, and of the three I think Angelo has done more positive than Lovie or Turner. Although I am not that satisfied with what Angelo has done.

Angelo should have gotten a decent wide receiver for Cutler, there were some out there, Chambers for one. Although it was a failed attempt, at least he tried to solidify the line with Pace, Shaeffer and Omiyale, to no avail. Plus he has let this team really suffer at free safety, as there are three past Bears safeties that were let go and are now starting for Carolina, Patriots and Chiefs.

Of the coaches I hope like he!! that they somehow keep and promote Toub and I do like Marinelli and that is about it from my perspective, send the rest of them packing.

It's all very simple. We are in this mess because of three huge mistakes. Hiring Lovie, hiring the person that hired Lovie, and hiring the person that hired the person that hired Lovie. Just press Control + Z three times. Then hire people that are smart enough to do the job the right way. Like me!

BBB having a few problems from getting out of the clown car first? We are all fans but not presumptious enough to think we are GM's it is a more intense position than you think and it's easy to monday morning Qb but these guys deserve some respect competent or not, I know for sure you aren't or you wouldn't be griping on the same venue as we do.

deputydawg... Just how much respect does an incompetent person deserve? Anywhere else they get fired! You don't know me or what I can achieve so speak for yourself and leave me out of it. I think you've been El Kabonged a few times too many.

BB I didn't post here just for you and if you can't handle the truth once again you are being presumptious. This isn't anywhere else this is the NFL and I don't have to know you I just haven't seen you name posted anywhere as a potential candidate and leave it at that. And it is easy to be a second guesser but not where have I seen you post the answer to all the problems and you candicy for the job. I'm sure if that were the case Joe, Creighton, Da Coach and Kevin A. to name a few have presented more solutions than you have but none of them have annouced their candicy for the job. Have the McCaskey's called you? Have you meet with Phillips? Come on man this is a fans forum wannabees need not apply. WHO YOU CRAPPIN?

Check the archives of S-T blogs starting in 2005 dawg. I had it all nailed before you or any of the others you mentioned ever posted on the topic. Btw, you are incredibly presumptuous to say things about me. Talk about the team and yourself and shut your face about other fans. I have playing and coaching experience and I have actually applied for the job twice so its not just talk. It isn't my fault the Bears can't make the right choice. Have you heard of proofreading and spell checking? You are crappin' yourself with your own posts. Do yourself and all of us a favor and stop posting. End of discussion.

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