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Vikings' WR Harvin added to injury report with illness

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MINNEAPOLIS--Maybe something is sweeping through the Vikings' facility in nearby Eden Prairie, Minn., as rookie wide receiver Percy Harvin was added to the injury report today as probable with an illness.

Running back Adrian Peterson fell ill after Thanksgiving, and he was held out of practice on Friday. Peterson is listed as questionable for the game.

Harvin is second on the team with 36 receptions for 501 yards (13.9 average) and he's scored four touchdowns. The Vikings are using him creatively. He also has nine rushes and he's proven to be a dynamic kick returner with a 29.8-yard average and two touchdowns.

Harvin has a history of being sick. He missed practice in September when he was ill. He fell sick on the way from Atlanta to Minnesota for the team's rookie minicamp and wound up being hospitalized due to dehydration and a virus. Harvin was sent home from the NFL's rookie symposium ill. As Judd Zulgad reported for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Harvin has a history of severe migraines. It could be that he's got a bad headache and not a flu bug.

Stay tuned.

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Great site someone turned me onto. I went ahead and gathered the Bears Rank:

Site shows Pressures, Hits, and a rank based on some is where the bears stand. Going from Best to worst.
For tackles it goes from 1-73, 73 being the worst
Worst OT's overall
72) Chris Williams
71) Orlando Pace

Worst OG overall (Out of 76)
70) Frank Omiyale
51) Beekman
44) Garza

OC out of 34
14) Kreutz

Other intresting things to see, Matt Forte is listed as the worst back in the nfl, and earl Bennett is listed as a better reciever than Hester.

They include almost everything in the rating system, run and pass blockingm screen blocking, penalites, sacks, hit, pressures, you name it they include.

For recievers they actually show you drops, blocks, missed tackles(tackles brocken)

Anyway its a nice little site some of you may have used before, but if not check it out. The eagles game has not been included yet for the Bears. It takes a little time for them to post everything but it will give you a more indepth look at whats going on rather than someone talking about just sacks or a single big run.

Gosh are tackles are really bad, but I bet if we move Williams to LT he will suck, cause he is really, really bad. Angelo.

Harvin will be ok,those cheeting Vikings will just give him some weed and he'll be fine.........Hey Anonymous, thanks but no thanks. I don't need any web site to tell me how much the Bears suck, I just turn on the TV!!

The Vikings (Childress) cheats the injury reports every week. He got away with tampering with Favre. They perverted the drug testing system to keep the Williams' on the field. You just wonder how long the Vikings are going the be the golden child of the NFL. They get the calls and they have the league on their side. It seems that the NFL powers that be want to push the Vikings as far as they can.

to RHO1953..
What kinda proof do you have of vikings tampering with Favre?? or the details of how Vikings cheated the drug testing system? As for getting calls.. how about the bears making a bad call on QB and not rebuild and restock all around while the team getting older. Don't hate on the team thats making the right call.. be critical to the people who made the wrong calls... in the off season. Its sad to see once great and proud team get demolished by the poor decision making of the front office. Get some OL and restock at D!! then maybe the Bears will be able to play football once again.

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