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Vikings can clinch NFC North vs. Bears in two weeks

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The Minnesota Vikings remain on pace to potentially win the NFC North two weeks from today when the Bears visit the Metrodome.

Kevin Seifert at uncovered the possibility for a rare November clinch last week, and the scenario remains in play (although probably unlikely) after the action in the division this weekend.

Here is what has to happen:

1. Minnesota must defeat Seattle at the Metrodome on Nov. 22, and then defeat the Bears in the Nov. 29 meeting.


2. Green Bay must lose Nov. 22 vs. San Francisco at Lambeau Field and again Nov. 29 at Detroit.

Ford Field and before it the Pontiac Silverdome were difficult venues for the Packers, but they might not cooperate for the Vikings and drop the next two after throttling Dallas this afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Stay tuned.

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Hey Brad I know you get to sit with all the other reporters at the game, can you do the world a favor and have a talk with Haugh. This is a direct quote from his latest article.

How the Bears win: Score points. The Bears easily handled the other two bad teams on their schedule -- Detroit and Cleveland -- by averaging 39 points in those games.

I mean really score more points is his answer to the problem. That insight is amazing. Score points? Wow so if the Bears score more points than the other team, they win. No kidding.

I have to get back to watching a real offense with the colts and pats playing. But Brad talk to your boy, for real. By the way even the great brady has a 5 pick game under his belt.

Oh and could you point out to Angelo that even with Brady as the Pats QB, that organozation went out and got him Randy Moss a coupls years back.

"They can clinch"...I'm going to put that down as, "They will clinch".

Can you say, "Ted Thompson Tarred and Feathered in a pair of Wrangler Jeans" if that happens?

lol, GB should make the playoffs, tho

Brad, what changes do you think the Bears brass are considering on offense?

Will Pace finally see the bench?

With all of Hesters talent, is he more of a liability (with such an inexperienced receiving core)?

I also have to say that I think the Bears should consider trading Hester. He doesn't add enough to keep him if you can get high draft picks or an established o-line player. Just a thought.

I think the Vikings will clinch the division just not the next two weeks. And No Way the pack are making it to playoffs. GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!

The Vikings clinching the NFC North is kinda like sex with Kobe Bryant ... yell and scream all ya want, but it's GONNA happen.

Coach, that was hilarious. But this is a football board, you should have used Big Ben's name instead of Kobe's. Oh well, it was funny all the same GO BEARS!!

Go Vikings! Wisconsin and Illinois' favorite team.

the vikings will clinch the division in these next two weeks because we RARELY LOSE AT THE METRODOME and thats where the next two games will be played the only person who made the vikings really worry at the metrodome is now wearing a vikings jersey in number #4

sorry bears you guys can atleast take runner-up though

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