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Vernon Davis: "I think we can destroy their guys up front"

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The way the Bears defense has been playing of late, it's tough to imagine anyone is real scared to face them.

But it's one thing to think that and it's another thing to predict a beatdown.

That is what San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis did earlier today, forecasting another whipping for the Bears, who are coming off a 41-21 loss to Arizona and are only three weeks removed from a 45-10 loss at Cincinnati.

"I think we can destroy their guys up front,'' Davis said. "I don't see anything spectacular about their front line. Their LB's, I think we can handle them pretty well. I like [defensive end] Adewale Ogunluye, I think he's performing well for them, but he's the only guy I like in their line.''

That is what we call a frank assessment.

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Not that any bulletin board material should be needed after the beat down we took on sunday but, Mr Davis just did us a favor by calling out the d-line. Now we get to see how much "fight" this team has to get off the snide and try and get a much needed "WIN"....
Question is How de have that will line-up in this game at strong safety?
I hope to see a Gaines Adams sighting this week, time to get him on the field, he can't do any worse than the d-line did last week with Arizona.

Chitown the only motivational postings that might be effective on the Bears' bulletin board are the "Employment" classified pages from the ST.

I wonder what he likes about Ogunleye?

Chicago's front should have it pretty easy this week, especially ends Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye. Both 49er tackles are banged up, left tackle Joe Staley isn't even gonna play. This might be the game to see what Gaines Adams has got, or dare I say Jarron Gilbert? With a banged up 49er front, and a QB that is mistake prone, this could be the game to check out some young players like Adams at the very least. Tommie Harris needs to start making some kind of contribution also, this game would be a nice place to start. If Harris continues these kid games throughout the season, I'm all for his release, or possible trade this off-season. Maybe Chicago could get a 2nd rounder for him? Hopefully the guy starts to show up?

As far as Vernon Davis, he's a good tight end with a big mouth, and he's kind of a crybaby [remember draftday & Singletary saying "can't win with him, don't need him!"] or something like that before he threw him out of a game. Davis is a head case like our own Tommie Harris. Bag of wind. Chicago's front isn't great by any means, but their not bad either.

Third down defense is the area Chicago needs improvement in. The defense will make stops on 1st & 2nd down, and then turn around and allow a pass play to convert a 3rd down. This is the area Chicago needs to fix, pass defense on third down, Lovie needs to come up with something, his job depends on it.

One good thing out of this season is the play of Devin Hester, the guy already has 41 catches and is on pace for a 1000 yards, he's really been coming on as of late. Devin Hester is turning out to be a pretty good receiver for Chicago. Also, Jay Cutler is on pace for 4000 yards, thats kind of cool. Matt Forte has avg 4.0 yards a carry over the last three weeks also. Defense is the problem with Chicago, Lovie needs to come up with some kind of answer and quick or the season is shot. Hopefully he does GO BEARS!!

MSBearsFan.....LOL, you might be right my friend.....

Kevin A. Keep the faith my man, you could see an Adams sighting for sure this week, and I would not be surprised to see Gilbert also, since he played college ball near by and will have familiy and friends in attendance..... A win is critical for Lovie, I agree, he needs to go no less than 5-3 the rest of the way, show improvement on defense with some of the young players who owe him since he is giving them playing time....

By the way sorry for the typo Brad: I wanted to say who do we have healthy to play strong safety in this game?

As far as Vernon Davis, he's a good tight end with a big mouth, and he's kind of a crybaby [remember draftday & Singletary saying "can't win with him, don't need him!"] or something like that before he threw him out of a game.


Yes but least Vernon has gotten better. I rather have him then the politically correct Tommie Harris who is coached to say all the right things when the cameras are on but stinks it up on the field.

No way. He is totally wrong and off-base with these comments. Wale sucks just as much as the rest of them.


If Lovie goes 5-3 the rest of the way that leaves the Bears at 9-7 with a good shot to miss the playoffs once again. Lovie needs to be sent packing unless this team really makes a run and wins some games in the playoffs. This team has been pathetic for 2 1/2 years, it is now time for Lovie to sh!t or get off of the pot. This team needs some discipline in the worst way, what I would give to have someone like Cowher, Singletary, Gruden or Shannahan come in and clean house.

One coach on the Bears deserves a promotion and that is Toub, clean house on the rest, it is time for a new sheriff in town because the current sheriff Lovie Dovie does not have the respect and has lost control.

Vernon Davis should get an award for his comment, it will only stimulate the Bears D and whether they play well in the rain in San Francisco is not the issue, San Francisco offense is far from a juggernaut. The real question is will the Bears D play well against the Vikings, Eagles and Packers, if they keep any of these three to below 20 that would be a victory, yes and a blind pig finds a truffle every once in a while.

What is really sick is I still watch these games every week hoping that the Bears are going to somehow find the recipe and win the big games. Ya Right!!!!

Isn't this the same guy that Samurai said "can't coach him, can't play with him, can't win with him - can't do it."

Who gives a rat's ass what he says. But if the Bears have any pride left, well, they should give a rat's ass.

I bet a million bucks Vernon Davis' words will incite someone on that line! For instance, watch Tommie Harris punch him out and get ejected in two plays this time instead of his usual record of four.

Oh that meanie! I'd like to give him a peice of my mind. Shame on him for saying those things. He obviuosly doesn't understand that the Bears defensive line is allpro HOF material. If only Dusty wasn't on IR for the fourth straight year he would show him whos boss. That Vernin Davis is nothing but a bad seed!

I'm sory Bears fans. I didn't mean to go overboard like that.

Doesn't sound as if he's worried about the Bears at all. Why would he be? They suck.

BREAKING NEWS---------A team will destroy the Bears up front. As it stands now, the Bears would have a tought time against a high school team !

Well based on the fact that we have had our a$$e$ whooped 2 out of the last 3 games and the fact that Troy Aikman calls out the Bears and Lovie on national TV...and now that Vernon Davis has called the Bears soft... we should play better one would think. If this team comes out flat and gets whooped again.. you fire Lovie first thing friday morning. If there was ever a time for a team to rise up and play like there was no tomorrow..this is it. For the fans and the media there couldnt be a better set up then this. This is the ultimate test for Lovie.. a must win??? There isnt a bigger game in Lovie's career then this. And to go up against a Bear legend and hall of fame player to boot. Its like a fantasy sports novel. I hope that this team can get it together. There are alot of talented guys on that team. Its not their fault that Lovie and Co. dont know what the hell they are doing.. mark my words my brother Bears fans.. thursday nights game doesnt get any bigger then this..!!!!

Ok kiddies listen up, I don't want to ruin the Lovie get fired, we get a top end coach fantasy but thats all it is. Look it doesn't matter who comes in here to coach this roster is loaded with no talent and bad contracts. This who team needs to be rebuilt and it will take more than a couple of big name free agents and a coach to do it. We are talking years.

First no coach like Shanahan or Cohwer is coming here while Angelo is the GM and Angelo is not going to hire anyone who is going to take his job. Lovie is here this year and next, and Angelo is here for at least another 3-4 years. 3-4 more years of his drafting.

Turner is probably gone after this season, and they will look around the league and try to bring someone like Kyle Shanahan in. But It will be another new system for Cutler to work with. Then if Lovie gets fired after next year they will probably promote whoever they brought in to be the Head coach. But forget the big names, that is not going to happen, the Bears do not want to give that kind of power or money to a coach.

Until Angelo is gone this team is going no place. Did anyone see that stat on monday night football of the Steelers impact players.

First round picks
2003 Troy Polamalu
2004 Ben Roethlisberger
2005 Heath Miller
2006 Santonio Holmes
2007 Lawrence Timmons
2008 Reshard Mendenhall (Starting to look pretty good isn't he?)
2009 Evander Hood

Thats hitting on your picks. Every guy having an impact on that team, every guy playing good football.

Maybe the Bears can go into free agency and sign a buch of expensive big name players, right? Thats not how you build a winner, thats how you try to keep a sinking ship afloat. Its ok to get some guys in FA but you can't build a team that way. You have to go into FA thinking smart not rich.

Until Angelo is gone, until Greg Gabriel is fired, and until Lovie is gone, this team will be a sinking ship trying to stay afloat.

This organization needs an overhaul, from the ground up, its not just Lovie, or Angelo. Its everything. What good is any coach going to do if he doesn't have the players? In my book it satrts with GM then scouting and player personel and then Lovie. The Best I can hope for, knowing Angelo is going to be here is this. You have one cornerstone on this team, no offense to Briggs but you don't build a defense around a Wil LB. They have Cutler, and they better do something to protect him. I hope Harris gets cut, it won't be a big cap hit, his contract is incentive laden. Pace should retire, Goon will be gone, so will Vasher probably (they are paying a lot for a backup DB). Mark Anderson should be gone, Bullocks, and Pisa are all gone and that frees up some money, plus they are already 9-11 million under the cap. So they can get a few key free agents but really only one big name and thats all you really want to do.

Best case scenario for the Bears.
I would love to see a LT for the Bears but I know they will move Chris Williams over next year. Then they may start Shaffer but I doubt this will improve the line at all. If Angelo decides that Williams is not good enough then they may get something done. But its hard to imagine him doing that.

Best case: The Bears can get one big name. So you either could get Jared Gaither at Tackle but I doubt he leaves Baltimore, or Marshall at WR, but that will be a bidding war.

So plan A.
Gaither LT
Jahri Evans LG
Kevin Walter WR

Plan B
Brandon Marshall WR
Logan Mankins OG
Jeremy Trooblood RT

One extra guy to look at would be Oshiomogho Atogwe, I know he is a Ram but he is a really good FS.

You have to build around Cutler and you have to protect him.

With their first pick in the 3rd round of the draft, they need go O-Line again. They got Gains Adams with their second pick, so more O-Line.

You need a OT and a C/OG. The third round is a good place to find great value in Guards and Centers. Eric Olsen, Matt Tennant, Mike Johnson, Mitch Petrus, Gabe Carimi, and Kyle Calloway will all be their and the Bears should grab one of them.

The Following year they can focus on defense but this year Cutler and the offense should take prioity.

Vernon Davis is correct in his opinion of what the Bears defense will bring to the game Thursday. The "Monsters of the Midway" no longer exist. There is no "fear factor" when the Bears take the field and there is no respect. I am a lifelong Bears fan and will continue to be until I die but I am depressed by our lack of hitting and making the runner feel the pain of running against the Bears. Trying and hustle don't cut it in the NFL. You must have results. You're paid to block and tackle not try your best whatever the result. Unfortunately the coach the Bears need will be on the opposite sideline this Thursday. I think Lovie is a good assistant coach but I don't see the players showing discipline or pride in what they do e.g. Harris's cheap shot last Sunday. Unless the Bear defense "swarms to the ball" and the offense executes a few "pancake" blocks there won't be a team on their schedule that fears them. I hope the Bears turn it around soon!

These days, even St. Rita would steamroll the Bears defensive line.

Remember when Angelo and Lovie said they got the best defensive free agent in Marinelli? Glad to see that is working.......Hahahahaah what a crock that was.

I see Davis's point, the 49'ers beat the Cardinals early in the season, therefore, they can beat the Bears. I agree this is a big game for Lovie. He will still be here next year as proclaimed by Ted Phillips, the McCaskey's top PINHEAD. This is where the problem with the Bears Starts ! Blind faith of ownership in Teddy, Teddy's faith in Jerry and Jerry's faith in Lovie ! No one will step up and admit "I hired the wrong guy" The Bears organization has CANCER, but no one will the skill or courage to cut it out.

We will find out if this team has any heart left after comments like this from an opponent. What I have seen on the field is a bunch of guys playing hard, but not wanting to be great any more.

Hey Brad, why not ask Mike Brown what he thinks about the Bears defense this year? The team's emotional leader (which is odd since he played less than half the time over the last 5 years) leaves, and the team has no emotion any more. Tommie's childish outburst is not football emotion, it's "give me back my binky" emotion...

Urlacher has always been a high motor player, but has he been the type to rally the troops? Not really. Alex Brown, Wale, Briggs, Hillenmeyer...these are our "emotional leaders" on defense right now, and there is no fire out of this team on that side of the ball. When you don't have the leadership on the field, it needs to come from the sidelines. The players have obviously stopped listening to Lovie...or have they listened too much? This even-keel, never high, never low, never a sense of urgency just screams Lovie....but more the Gilligan's Island Lovie than a professional football coach...

If the Bears are interested in free agency, they need a leader. There ususally aren't any available, but there was one this year. What would this defense be like right now with Brian Dawkins at free safety? Manning has played well, but Dawkins would have changed the face of this defense, and brought some passion back to it.

The only fire we have right now is the one being lit under Lovie to make his seat hot. I understand how cheap the McCaskey family is, continuing a long standing tradition of cheapness from Papa Bear. But the difference is that Papa Bear was a football man through and through. The ownership now is entitlement-rich fancy folks that don't know jack about building a winning football organization. I foresee Angelo being faced with a difficult decision after this season. When the head coach loses the team, it makes it difficult to compete. He could aim for one more season out of Lovie, where the Bears continue to deteriorate to the point where they get a high draft choice to rebuild the defense with the new head coach in 2011, but there will be clamoring from the fan base to clean house after this season. Given our current personnel, we could go either 3-4 or 4-3 with the new coaching staff, as we have significant holes either way. But we need an offensive-minded head coach in my opinion. Cutler is too valuable to be trusted to a defensive guru. That is why I think we should go for Jeff Jagodzinski, the former coach of Boston College. I think he will make a fine head coach, and his offensive system is solid and diverse. He is also slightly damaged goods, so he will fit the "cheap" mode of the McCaskey family. And let us not forget, Jerry loves his Boston College connection....
If nothing else, we should consider Jags as the new offensive coordinator, and see if that gives us an upgrade. Let him bring in a system of non-trap running games, and downfield passing. We will need to upgrade the offensive line (again), but here is a theory: Drop Pace, move Williams to Left Tackle, and Omiyale to Right Tackle. Insert Shaffer at left guard if you can't get a guard in free agency like Evans or Mankins. He has a nasty streak, and loves to run block. That is what we need in a left guard. We should draft a center, a guard, and a tackle, regardless of what we sign in free agency. We should also draft another running back, and a couple of DBs. We do not need any other DL in my opinion. We have 2 of them coming into next year that aren't playing right now, and Anderson is playing well enough to get a chance to come back. Melton, Gilbert, and Anderson can replace Wale and Harris. You let Harrison and Adams play inside next year to stop the run, and Izzy and Gilbert are your passing down guys, with Toeaina as your rotation guy. Brown, Melton, Anderson, Adams, and Idonije as your ends, and having 2 of them able to play inside or outside is a big advantage. We will start to look more like the Giants D-line than what we look like now, which is something far less intimidating than a college D-1 team.

This team is not going to contend for a Super Bowl, and will be lucky to manage a .500 season the way they are playing. That means changes this offseason. Changes in the coaching staff, changes in personnel, and perhaps changes in philosophy.

For the coaching staff, I think Turner is in trouble, and Lovie is going to be forced to make a change in his staff. I think Babich is the sacrificial lamb this time around, and Marinelli will get first crack at the job, but what we need is someone who doesn't run the Tampa 2 because of our personnel limitations.

As far as personnel, Jerry has his picks where he wants them, which is late rounds, and he has the chance to get some decent guards and centers, who always seem to slip to the middle rounds. I also think he hits his wheelhouse on DBs in the 5th round. Running backs are a little tougher, but maybe we can come up with another 3rd or 4th rounder by playing his trade-down game, and manage to get one there too. With a potential uncapped year, the Bears can cut Vasher, Harris, Pace, and any other dead weight and not have it impact the cap beyond 2010. That gives a lot of flexibility to every team, which means there will be a ton of names on the free agent market that will be looking for new addresses. We should be able to consider any of them for 1 year deals or longer if they are better players.

Philosophy-wise, they need to consider two things:
1. On offense, the inside trap takes too long to develop, so they need to run more straight ahead plays to hit the defense quicker.
2. On defense, we do not have the horses to play the Tampa 2. We have big-physical CBs, and we need to play more pressure man to man, and give our pass rush an extra second or two to get there.

There is still a lot of season left to play, and now is the time to start trying things. Williams at LT, Gilbert getting some PT on game day, Toeaina in the lineup with Harrison on running downs, press man coverage against Crabtree and Morgan Thursday night to help Tillman and Bowman out. Let's see what we get out of it. We will need to know how much work we need to do this offseason. It sure looks like a lot of work needing done, but I would like to know for sure.

9ers are not very good, Alex Smith is bad, bracket Davis who is the only guy smith throws too, play the recievers man, Crab doesn't know the play book and Bruce is slow and old. Seven in the box to shut down Gore and that offense is done. They are really good against the run but the Bears suck at running the ball so it doesn't matter. They are bad against the pass, just Cut Cutler loose, Olsen has a mismatch all day with that banged up secondary. You can get to Smith they have given up 26 sacks and Smith holds on to the ball way to long.

All the ywill do is try to use Gore to kill the Bears. If the Bears loose this game its because they quit.

Anyone notice how Harris starts talking big when he is about to play Detroit, or SF? But somehow doesn't play against the good teams. He's waiting for that one realy bad team and that one good game and then he will be like I told you so. "I am breaking records"

Bears draft classes
2003 2 draft picks still on the team out of 11
2004 2 picks still on the team,(Harris and Vasher)after the season there may be 0 picks on the team from this draft.
2005 0 picks still on the team. The draft that wasn't
2006 4 players on the team. Only 1 impact player, 2 starters, and two guys who are gone after the year.
07-09 have most of their players on the roster but none of them have been impact players to this point. Forte had a good first year, but Olsen has had only one good game. Looking at Bears history, the Bears may very well have only 1 or 2 picks on this team from the 04, 05, and 06 next year. My guess is we will be cutting tons of players from 07-09 over the next three years.

Worst drafting I have ever seen. The obvious picks they missed on are unreal.

The 03-06 class are suppose to be the heart of this team right now, guys in their prime, these should be our best players. Name all our promising talent from the 07-08 classes. Maybe Olsen and Forte if they get some help. So they may get 4-5 good starters out of their 3 most recent drafts, but at least 3 guys would have to go from being nothing special or bad to suddenly being really good.

So imagine this, Angelo a guy from Tampa that had little to do with drafting and was in charge of FA and trades, has built a team through FA and Trades while blowing draft after draft.

Biggs how come the Chicago press give this guy such a pass? He is bad, and its actually on paper how bad he is. We have horrible draft picks and bad contracts. Whats he going to say when next year he has 4 players on his team from 4 drafts? Key drafts, the 03-06 classes should be the foundation of this team. We only have 8 players from those 4 classes as it is and I am sorry but Manning is nothing to write home about, Harris is a train wreck, Vasher is out the door, J. Williams is a backup, and Mark Anderson is bad. But go and give Angelo another pass. Next time Lovie is standing up at the press confrence why don't you ask him what he thinks of thses draft classes.

There is no time for Lovie to salvage the season.Angelo must wake u pand realize that 90% of the players on this team do not have it and neither does Lovie.

How many more losses does he need to finally wake up and let the cornerbacks collapse on receivers and close some gaps in the middle.The guy is afraid to get beat deep.Well scrap it Lovie and tell your players to start getting physical and practice some tackling instead of going for the turnover(like in Seattle with Tillman).

Lovie is losing this team it appears and if they drop the next two I wonder what Ted Phillips will say?Not a big losing streak?

Wake up Bears fans,the management is incompetent and has settle in for mediocrity.The money flows in so why starve for excellence when you can get by ,by being MEDIOCRE???

ya know i dont think the D is as bad as everyone thinks. there is no team in the nfl who can stop Fitz 1 on 1. with boldin out, why didnt lovie have 2 guys on him the whole game? if theyre gonna beat you atleast take out there number 1 threat. make warner try his other recievers beat you. lovie needs to realize his D scheme doesnt work any more and he needs to change it up. he should also realize you dont have to blitz every 3rd and long, teams watch film too and they know what youre gonna do. mix it up and double cover some of these receivers. did you hear that mike brown is leading kansas in tackles this year? lol....i knew it was a mistake getting rid of him. he only missed 1 game last year for petes sakes. shows ya what the coaching staff knows.

i was reading on the bears website what larry mayer had to say: someone asked if the bears would be interested in larry johnson? of course he said no way because he's older and whats going on off field.
why not i ask? hes a proven back who still has something in the tank. who cares what people say everyone has there own opinion! have ya every thought maybe kansas O line is worse than the bears and thats why he isnt doing as good? look at cedric, that dude was a big ass dud here and now hes with cinny hes a stud. but nope the bears will stick with what we have!!! btw, larry mayer is a wuss and a suck up who cant tell it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i dont know about the rest of you but im done buying anything that has to do with the bears. because until we the fans put our foot down and stop supporting this team the bears will never change! i will always be a die hard bears fan, but im done supporting the way the top people do this team. ive been a fan for over 30 years now and i dont deserve to watch a team like this, and im blaming it on the coaching staff. the players only do what there coaches tell them too and if a coach is calling crap for plays thats the way the players are gonna look......LIKE CRAP!!!! so, thanks lovie, and staff!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read your analysis of the situation. How do you think the possibility of an uncapped year plays into what you wrote? Just curious.

Creighton, I saw that list you are referring to as well. That's it, plain and simple. That's the secret to building a successful team for years to come: hit on your draft picks. As Belichick said in a recent interview, the teams that have been consistently good the last few years benefit from good decisions being made; whether it's draft picks, trades, personnel...whatever. Teams like the Pats, Eagles, Steelers and Colts have made good decisions.

Now, I know your feelings on Angelo and you think that the problems reach beyond Lovie Smith but, if I may try to persuade you, I really, truly believe that getting rid of Smith and his treehouse buddies will solve the woes of this team. Now bear with me...

Chris Harris - Dude forced 8 fumbles in '08. He is a starter for Carolina. Now whether you think Harris is a special player or just an average one, wouldn't you agree with me that he's a hell of a lot better than Archuleta? Lovie discarded him for his old pal "Arch Deluxe" and Creighton, I have to ask, just what in the name of all that is holy was Lovie seeing when they "evaluated" Archuleta, made him the starter, and thought he would be better than Harris? How many problems have we had at safety with injuries and whatnot?

Kevin Jones - Made inactive for how many games in '08? He was healthy too. He didn't get to play until he himself went to Lovie and told him he would play special teams, anything, to be active on gameday. Lovie finally says ok by which time Forte had been pounded and overused all season long. And now you see how different Forte is looking this year.

Lousaka Polite -
I think the story with him was that every single carry he got on a short yardage play in '08 he converted for a first down. Lovie said no thank you, we have Jason Mckie.

Babich - In '07 and '08 Lovie thought it would be a good idea to let his BFF Boob Babich get some on the job training at defensive coordinator. Never mind the results. Never mind that the defense suffers a horrendous drop in performance from the years before. This was Lovie's call and the team suffered for it. Nepotism is the word of the day.

"Rex is our quarterback." - That has to be right up there with "bring it on!" in terms of blatant stupidity. His stubborness cost us the Super Bowl. If Rex was "looking scared" as the Colts' D.C. said during the game, and couldn't hold on to the freaking football, just why, why, why was he in there the whole game? No way could Griese have collapsed like Rex did.

Brandon Lloyd - Our best receiver in '08 is healthy enough to play against the Titans. Lovie decides to sit him in a game against an undefeated team that was easily in reach. Lloyd was a playmaker in the games he played. No doubt he would have helped.

Omiyale/Beekman - Say, let's take a tackle and make him play guard! "What, that's not working?" says Lovie. "Well ok, we'll switch to Beekman but give me two weeks to think about it first."

Lovie's discipline (or lack thereof) - Tillman costs us a game with stupidity...Tommie Harris is a mental wreck and got himself ejected...Lance Briggs gets into an accident at 3 A.M. (obvious DUI). What does Lovie do? NOTHING! He actually covered for Briggs and played stupid when asked if it was a DUI. "Now how did we get there?" he asked a reporter who brought it up. Tell me a guy like Mike Tomlin or Belichick would ever put up with that kind of crap.

Benson - Lovie said Cedric we want you to gain weight, no, lose weight. Gain weight, no, no, let's lose it again. Just like he does with Idonije every off-season. In '07, Benson looks like a flop (even though the line was horrendous) but then against the Seahawks, he breaks loose and gains over 60 yards on his first two carries. What does Lovie do? He benches him! Yes, he takes him out of the game because Lovie Einstein had decided earlier in the week that they wanted to play A.P. more. Our supposed franchise back finally starts to look like it and Lovie makes him sit! Great thinking douchebag! We lose the game of course and now, as you know, Benson is a superstar and leads the league in rushing. Why couldn't Lovie get that out of him when he was here? Mendenhall was supposedly a difficult guy to work with and as Tomlin stated "got under his skin at times." Tomlin called him out in the media several times and now he's looking quite good. Again, talent that Angelo brought in and Lovie has no clue what to do with. Even Collinsworth and Michaels on national TV brought this point up and asked whether or not seeing former Bears succeed elsewhere is an indictment of this coaching staff.

So there you have it. Seasons of stupidity. I'm not going to say that Angelo is totally blameless because there are horrendous failures in there like Okwo and Bazuin. But he has brought talent in and it's often the same story of that talent being misused, not used, or discarded to make room for Lovie's good friends.

Ya know, I live in SF and was offered tix on Monday to this game. When I was told I'd have to pay for them, I said forget it, I'm not spending any money on the Bears the way they're playing, which brings me to my point.

I agree with Creighton's first comment, but I want to go deeper. Joe F. started to discuss the root of the problem, but then got sidetracked on symptoms. The McCaskeys care far more about making a profit than they do about winning. It's hard to imagine any team with ownership with that attitude winning, except for a fluke season here and there. There's no evidence that even if the McCaskeys prioritized winning they would know how to do so, but if you prioritize profits over winning you surely will not win. There's no way I'm spending my hard earned money on a team with owners like that and whose performance reflects their cheap, greedy ownership.

The Bears have a ton of salary cap space, yet they're too cheap to get good free agents if they consider them too expensive. Heck, they wouldn't even pay their own Brendan Ayanbedejo, and their kick and punt coverage has suffered ever since they let him go. They have a head coach who needs to be shown the door, but the consensus is that ownership will be too cheap to pay him at the same time it pays a new coach. And finally, they have a GM who clearly does not know what he's doing, as evidenced by the state of deterioration of the offensive line and the defensive tackle positions, and by all the poor draft picks that so many on this blog and elsewhere have mentioned ad nauseam. Again there is no evidence that the would McCaskeys know where to look or whom to hire even if they were willing to spend whatever it took to get a good GM who could build a winning team. But the fact that they won't spend the money it takes to hire a good one prevents any possibility of that happening.

Man U guys still rooting 4 a team that stinks....i am a bears fan but this coaching staff and/or GM must go!...And the owners need to tell JA to FIRE LOVIE AND THE STAFF !!!!I cant belive u guys are still backing a team that dosent try, a staff that stinks and saying go bears.This team is an embarassment to chicago...and thier fans..u should b out in front of hallas hall protesting like clev fans did.U should b ashamed of yourselves.woossies!!!The only good things about this team are peanut, urlach, briggs, cutler, A Brown, aflava, and hester, knox and krutz.oh and the other CB and other wr u know cutlers collage buddy thier allright as well.

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This page contains a single entry by Brad Biggs published on November 10, 2009 4:10 PM.

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