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Urlacher: "I hate the way our identity has changed"

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ON THE PLANE IN MINNEAPOLIS--Brian Urlacher wasn't a happy camper watching the Bears' 36-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports hung out with the linebacker, who still has a cast on his surgically repaired wrist, and discovered what it's like to take in a game with the face of the franchise, a guy who hasn't been around this season.

"Look, I love Jay, and I understand he's a great player who can take us a long way, and I still have faith in him," Urlacher told Silver. "But I hate the way our identity has changed. We used to establish the run and wear teams down and try not to make mistakes, and we'd rely on our defense to keep us in the game and make big plays to put us in position to win. Kyle Orton might not be the flashiest quarterback, but the guy is a winner, and that formula worked for us. I hate to say it, but that's the truth."

The Bears have slumped to 4-7 this season with Urlacher missing all but the first half of the opener at Green Bay. Urlacher seemed disappointed in the offense, or the play calling in the fourth quarter when Matt Forte got one of his eight carries.

"Now we're gonna run that [expletive]!" Urlacher he told Silver. Earlier, after a screen pass failed, Urlacher said, "You know why that doesn't work? We don't make anyone [expletive] miss. I guess I just don't realize what great tacklers these [opposing defenders] are. They're amazing."

Check out Silver for the full read. Lots of good stuff in there. He believes the Bears will bounce back, but they're digging themselves a deeper hole.

"I believe in Lovie, and I hope I get to play for him for a long time," he said. "I really think we'll come back stronger than ever next year, and then everything will take care of itself. I know we have what it takes. I believe in this team, and trust me, I will do everything I possibly can to help us get better next season."

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Well, Brian, there's a little thing called the OFFENSIVE LINE, and you kind of need that to establish anything on offense.

1 draft pick before the 3rd round in Angelo's entire tenure on the offensive line. The line has been a patchwork of castoffs for years. We got lucky with Ruben Brown for a couple of years, when Buffalo and everyone else thought he was done. We got steady performance from Tait, and significantly less than that from Fred Miller. Garza is never going to be a road grader, and we are lucky to have even that level of steady play at RG for the last several years.

You can't be a running team when you don't have a physical line. You can't be a passing team when you don't have an athletic, nimble line. So where are we? We don't have either, and Ron Turner has the imagination of a Alzheimer's patient. No inventiveness in the routes our receivers run, no max protect to give Cutler more than 2 seconds to throw, and they just don't work the middle at all any more. Olsen's catches all come at the numbers, and the wideouts are all outside the numbers. That's more than half the field that the defense doesn't have to cover....

But even looking at Urlacher's comments that "everything will take care of itself," it is obvious this team doesn't have the hunger any more. They may have what it takes physically, but mentally, this team has checked out. There is no fight any more. They are content with getting the crap kicked out of them by good teams, and to get manhandled by average teams. Heck, we even struggle with bad teams. The Bears aren't digging a deeper hole, they are trying to find gold in China at the rate they are going....

oh, and I forgot one other thing...>THE DEFENSE HAS NOT STOPPED ANYONE FOR 2 YEARS!!!!

They have to become an offensive team, as the defense rolls over and plays dead as soon as a decent offense comes to town!

Urlacher is dead on! But here's the problem...when you can't run the ball b/c your O-line stinks, you have to pass...and its hard to pass when your O-line can't give your QB any time to throw. Bottomline, Jay (the offense in general) is dead in the water from the snap!

At this point, I can't see how this staff, let alone Lovie, keep their jobs after this season.

Lovie said at the half of the Vikings game that they can't turn the ball over, but made no comment about the DEF giving up 300 yds in the 1st half!!! I like Lovie, but really!?!?...the DEF in your opinion was not the issue in the 1st half?!



You forgot the other important excerpt about Jay.

...When Cutler threw a gorgeous touchdown pass to wideout Johnny Knox(notes) in the corner of the end zone to tie the score at 7, Urlacher was both excited and impressed. “You see him do [expletive] like that, and you’re like, ‘That’s unreal,’ ” Urlacher said. “I mean, there might be five guys in the league who can make that throw; it couldn’t have been anywhere else. It was [expletive] sweet.” He called Knox “one of my favorite rookies of all time. He’s sensational; he just goes out there and plays. Even in training camp he didn’t talk a lot. He played football and won our respect.”...

same old song and dance every year. "I really think we'll come back stronger than ever next year, and then everything will take care of itself. I know we have what it takes. I believe in this team, and trust me, I will do everything I possibly can to help us get better next season." next year, why is it always next year?
this crap is getting old.

Yes. It does suck watching them. And, maybe, they might have one more win if you were playing, Brian. But, that's a big "if". It's nice to know the players all still have Lovie's back, as he's the cabana boy at the joke of a training camp they trot out each year. The real shame of it is even if they fire Lovie and Jerry (more big "if's"), this team is a mess for years to come.

The Bears managment will not fire Lovie or Jerry until Solider's Field is empty. Don't show up. Don't sell you tickets. Boycott them. As long as they think we'll buy this crap, they'll keep selling it.

Cutler is not the problem although so far he is not the solution either, his arm is top tier but he is an average QB at best right now in the NFL. Again, his decision making is questionable and his placement of his throws are not that great.

As for Urlacher's comment about change in identity. The change in identity also is reflective of the Bears defense, that clearly is poor to the standards set in previous years. The defense and the offense have lost identity, in the 80's the o line and d were known as the Junk Yard dogs and that was there mentality, they were tough minded as well as tough physically, not now, not either one.

When Lovie told the team at half time that the second half was the season for the team, how did they respond something like 12 yards of offense in the second half and the defense sucked to. That is how the Chicago Bears responded.

Need new coaching and a whole new identity of getting back to tough physical football, the Bears are turning mamby, pamby right before our eyes.

Big talk for a player who's best years have already passed him by. I hope he gets to play for Lovie too, SOMEWHERE ELSE ! Lovie is dead from the neck up, and Jerry Angelo has not done him any favors assembleing a no talent team . Matt Forte is a one year wonder, does anyone remember Anthony Thomas ? Really bad o-line + d-line. This is a contract year for Wale ? Bye bye.Dumping all the underachieving players, coaches and GM is the ONLY answer.

Shut up Brian. You're to stick to your one word answers from now on.
You're a loser buddy. Are you being a father yet?

How can you all in here actually sit here and say that everything is wrong except for Cutler's play? THIS IS THE SAME TEAM FROM LAST YEAR BUT WITH ONE EXCEpTION.. JAY CUTLER.. So yall are 4-7 but what was your record last year with same team and Kyle Orton at this point?.. Come on guys.. I am a Denver fan and not here to gloat.. but w/ Marshall, Royal, Stokely, Scheffler and a decent Denver running game he still threw 17 and 18 INT's... and that was with the best O-line in Football! I'm just saying! Lets not act like he came from the Rams.. He had a good team around him and still terrible mental errors.. He has proved that his arm strength is there, but if you refuse to grow as a player from high school to the pros what do you expect.. This yr is what he needed, he will either crumble from the pressure or rise to the challenge! BUT STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM PLEEEEASE! Asnd if the Bears are as bad all the way around like you claim then why give up everything for one player, who clearly doesn't make you better!

Cutler doesnt know how to play winning football and no one is here to teach him that.Everyone handed him the team under the assumption that probowl=winning QB and they couldnt have been more wrong.The Bears other parts are not without blame but lets be clear here even with better parts the Broncos never were better than .500 with Cutler he put up[ a lot of nice numbers but they never equaled winning.

But hes who we have hitched our caboose to and so we have to ride or die with Jay but with no picks in the 1st 2 rounds we may be looking at the same team next year.

This losing also could hand the Broncos a top ten pick as well. arggg!!

Brian Urlacher? Who cares what he says. He was always overrated.
I'd take Ray Lewis over Urlacher any day.

He doesn't like the new identity? WHAT new identity. Run the ball?
Seems like passing the ball worked pretty well for the Vikings last night. What did Farve throw for? Almost 400 yards?

This "identity loss" started long before Cutler arrived; it started with Smith's pansy training camps where the team forgot how to tackle,for one. SMITH killed the Monsters of the Midway....GET OUT OF TOWN AND TAKE ANGELO WITH YOU.

If Brian really believes in this team, why wasn't he on the sidelines, instead choosing to watch from outside the stadium with a reporter who would document his reactions? Maybe he was just getting a little lonely... for public attention.

Here is the problem with the comment by Urlacher..It was made by a guy who has not done anything on the field since 2006. He should shut up, and get ready for another team next season. Sure, the offense and defense suck, and they were bad last year too. It is very easy to make comments when you are colecting a check for doing nothing more and watching. I would have love to see the Minnesota O-line push Urlacher on his back, what a joke..shut up 54 and leave with your miserable contract!

Why does everyone keep saying that Cutler has the same team as last year to work with on offense?

- Cutler has 3 new starters on the O-line, which is the core of your offense, and they lost a very effective veteran in John Tait. Not to mention that essentially 3 of them are LT's who can't run block.
- 2 brand new starting WR's with no experience. Orton at least had Brandon Lloyd and Marty Booker who, while not great, knew how to run routes
- Orton had a healthy Des Clark all season

There is no doubt Cutler has to improve his decision-making and footwork, but let's not compare the 2 offenses and say they are exactly the same.

Urlacher has to remember a few things:

1. Football is an offense-oriented team sport first and foremost, and usually the team that wins has a better offense than the other team instead of a better defense than the other team.

2. If you have to rely on your defense to win games, instead of your offense, than a team is usually in deep trouble.

3. You're only as good as your last game.

With regards to Urlacher, he knows better than anyone that his best years are behind him, and that the great Bears defenses are a thing of the past. He really needs to adjust his attitude - this is an offense-oriented team now, and if he really thinks Kyle Orton is a better suited QB for this team, he really shouldn't be a Bear anymore. To even make those comments shows what kind of guy Urlacher is or has become. A lot needs to change around Halas Hall these days - add Urlacher's attitude to that list. I'd reprimand him pretty seriously for what he publicly said, but we know that won't happen under Smith.

Urlacher is right. Dead last in rushing yards per game and rushing attempts per game. It's not even funny how badly Turner has mismanaged the offense this season, but it's not nearly as funny as how poorly Angelo has mismanaged the drafts and the offensive line. It's time to clean house before Angelo puts this franchise in a bigger hole than it's already in.

Urlacher is just trying to cover for the defense, Cutler didn't make them give up 500 plus yards of offense. He is frustrated and mouthing off, he was also probably drunk when he was talking about this.

Oh and Anonymous this is not the exact same team as last year. 3 new starters on the Oline, two different starting Safety's, a new starting Corner, and two new recievers. Plus 2 different starting LB's. How is this the exact same team as last year you f###### retard. Do you even watch football, do you even watch the Bears. Atop making excuses for what? Lack of pass rush from the defensive front? Is that on Cutler? No running game, is that on Jay? He is hit on almost every play, is that on Cutler?

The Bears can't stop the run on defense. Their is no excuse to make it is what it is. Everyone says the same thing, Cutler needs to play better but more than anything he needs a lot of help. If you want to look at changes Denver was a top 5 offense last year and averaged 25 points a game, with Orton under center with what is actually a better team this year the offense is averaging 17 points and dropping. Orton Sucks he took a dominant offense and turned it into a below average offense. That actually is a better Denver team, Jay came to chicago and got this pile of garbage, which is not as you say the exact same team. Its clear you are hoping nobody here knows who played for the Bears last year and you just want to lie to try and make your point.

The Bears need about 10 new players and a whole new front office and coaching staff, other than that things are fine. One big issue though is the Bears will eat all those coaching contracts right about the time they put on roof on Soldier Field.

Hard to establish the run when your defense lets the opposing team score on their first six possessions.

Way to put yourself out there. This is not the same team as last year except for Cutler. We have an abysmal LT, no LG, no RT, an we are a year older at C and RG. This offensive line was awful last year, and may be even worse this year. Orton did not make as many mistakes, and it is clear that Cutler needs to make better decisions, but he has nowhere to go with the ball. Last year, Orton didn't have anyone either, but at least the offensive line was able to get 3.8 yards a carry for Forte. You take away Bell's run, and the long TD against the Lions by Forte, and the running game is probably less than 3 yards a carry. Not to mention that Turner is calling the same game plan as with Orton, but teams have another year of film to understand we don't work the middle, and we only throw sideline routes when we do go down the field.
Not very hard to protect against that, is it? The linebackers can blitz or roam free and go after Cutler's eyes, because we don't challenge them. The few times Olsen has run the seam route, it has been open, and Cutler hasn't had the time to wait for it. So this is nowhere near the same team. And please don't forget that Denver's defense was giving up points at a pace that was bordering on legendary. Cutler had to throw like crazy to keep his team in the games last year and the year before.

Peyton Manning threw 100 INTs in 5 years in the league. Cutler is going through the same growing pains of any young QB who is forced to carry the team on his shoulders. If they protect, he is accurate, and deadly all over the field. When he has to scramble for his life, he loses some accuracy. And when you add in that Knox, Hester, and Olsen all stand around when he is scrambling, he needs to make the decision to get rid of the ball. But the boos come either way. We boo incompletions, even smart ones. The first INT was on a stop route, where we make it easy for the defender to jump the route. If we ran comebacks, or crosses, or deep ins, we could keep the defense off balance. But we run the "find the open spot and stop" route. Well, once you stop, the defense no longer has to guess, and they can jump the throw. We make it virtually impossible to be successful in the short to intermediate passing game.

As far as giving up everything for a player who doesn't make us better, there are few who would disagree with you, but the chance to get a franchise QB is sometimes worth the pain you go through to build the team around him. When the identity of a team changes, it is not easy to make that switch. Otherwise, the identity wouldn't have to change. Would we have been better off with offensive and defensive linemen with that 1st and 3rd picks this year, and a 1st next year? Probably, but we would still need a QB in this year's draft, and we would still be falling apart on defense, which limits our offensive opportunities.

Blame Cutler all you want, but the team around him is falling apart. He is the only one still fighting for every yard, every play, and it is bordering on shameful the way this team is failing him and all of us.

Brett Favre's numbers:

1993 19 TD's 24 INT's
1999 22 TD's 23 int's
2005 20 TD's 29 INT's
2008 22 TD's 22 int's

11 times in his career he has thrown 16 or more INT's.

But dumb @ss denver fans want to come here and talk about how he doesn't do that. They want to talk about Orton who has cost Denver 4 out of their last 5 games and has 3 td's and 5 picks in in those 5 games. Orton a guy eho took a top notch offense and turned them into a 17 point team which is below the league average, in the most QB friendly system in the league. Favre has thrown more picks than any QB ever, and is still considered a top 5 all time QB. Wow looking at Favre's history he tends to play better when he is surrounded by talent. Yet he still had a passer rating in the 70's 5 times inhis career.

We really have gotten exposed this season, yesterday's game was a total disgrace, none of the players seem to be able to make big plays and when they do, they are quickly followed up by mental errors. This falls all on management and coaching, yes we have NO playmakers, but these guys told us that we had a good team, You read Urlacher still spotting this off in his interview. the problem is that it is not true, WE ARE NOT GOOD TEAM ! The players must come to grips with this, the coaches must come to grips with this, it seems like only the bloggers and the media have an understanding of just how "bad" we look week to week.
Time to stop talking BEARS and start improving, some of you have jobs to save, others need to start building some tape for your resume's because you'll be gone from here after the season. No more 'redshirting" Lovie put in Gilbert, put Gaines Adams on the field, they can take the place of Goon and Adams, simply because they won't be here next year, see what they can do, with Tillman out, time to give Moore some reps we spent a fourth rounder on this guy, when we could have picked up another o-lineman or back instead. Start Graham at the other corner and get him experience with Bowman, who could have had a pick if he would have turned his head once on the Rice catch.
The problem with this team comes from the "arrogance" of the draft in 2007, after we went to the bowl, we got nothing from our high picks, the Steelers get Mendenhall, the Pats get Mayo, even the Cards get Beanie Wells....The time to re-build starts now, even if you won't be coaching next year Lovie you've got to start and see what some of these young guys can do, get them some game experience and find out "WHO" can play and who to get rid of, I'd even bring back the kid' FB we had from Cal in camp, put the kids on the field and tell them jobs are available, that's where we are now....I hate losing to Farve, but yesterday he probaly went home without a shower because none of the BEARS got close enough to rub their stank off on him ........

The Bears are bad. Period. This year is toast. No sense tanking any games since there is no first or second rounder. Nothing good from a freak victory here or there in the final month either. Just would pad stats to keep Angelo and Smith.

Doubtful McCaskey would get rid of either and "eat" dead salary for a few years. Smith has 2 years left, and Angelo has 4 years. If they only got rid of one, they should replace Angelo. He has proven incapable of drafting talent year after year. Even if they are talented, they are injury prone. Smith might have a chance with some talent. He did it in 05 and 06. But Angelo continues to Whiff on good talent. Chose Williams with injury history over the likes of Jeff Otah and Michael Oher.

One year turn-arounds are not uncommon in the NFL. See the 08 Dolphins, 08 Falcons, 08 Titans, and the 99 Rams. Can't think of anymore off the top of my head. So it can be done with someone at the helm who can identify and sign talent. There will be Tackles in FA, and you can get a good guard in the 3rd 4th or 5th rounds.

"Kyle Orton might not be the flashiest quarterback, but the guy is a winner, and that formula worked for us. I hate to say it, but that's the truth."

I can't believe this jerk is still taking shots at Jay. What's up with that? So getting Orton back is the solution?! Go away Brian, and take Lovie, Jerry, Babich, and the McMonkeys with you.

At this point why even bother giving this team your emotion? If you want to forget about this debacle watch a real team.


Seems Mr. Urlacher is yearning for attention.

Urlacher is wistful for times past as if those were better years, but can Mr. Urlacher tell me; what have the Bears won under the defense oriented team he yearns for? What has Kyle Orton "the winner" produced, a 9-7 and a 7-9 record? Did Rex win them a Super Bowl with their excellent defensive oriented team?


What Mr. Urlacher yearns for is his youth, which has passed him by as it does all of us. I would hope going forward he handle his aging better and empower the youth (Cutler) instead of undercutting them. Like a beauty queen, Urlacher, your time has come and gone; time for you to pass the baton to the new leader of this team with class and dignity.

I'm a dislocated Bears fan in upstate NY, but havent missed a single game since 1997 thanks to the small monopoly directtv has created.

To hear a player, a team captian, finally call out one of the many under-achievers we have on this team is actually a blessing. I've been saying for the last 3 years we need to see some passion and fire the sidelines. I'd love, just once, to see Lovie grab Cutler by the face mask and shake him up a little bit after one of his many red-zone ints.

I got faith in Jay, but the GM and Coach have to go. Very bad decisions the last 3 years have made me consider not re-newing the sunday ticket until these guys are gone!

Creighton- You are a tool and have been wrong for quite some time. Orton has the Broncos at 7-4 one win away from the best Cutler could do with 5 games to play.

Orton is not running the same offense that Cutler ran when he was in Denver so comparing Denvers offense this year with the one Cutler ran is grasping for straws.The Broncos are running the Patriots spread offense I believe while we are running a form of WCO just as the old Denver coach ran last year. Every Broncos players is learning an entirely new scheme on both sides of the ball.

If your argument revolves around comparing Jay to Favre or Manning it is one that is certainly a Fail.

Favre threw plenty of picks so jay is like Favre because he has done the same thing not the rest of the failures the league has produced that threw just as many picks as well.Of course Jay wont be like the 95% of the other Qbs who got ran out of the league for turnovers he will be like 5% that go on to HOF careers ? And some of you want to be taken seriously with this garbage ?

I recall plenty of comments from this offseason talking about how much better we are at all the positions you said have changed and now that we arent last years team was so much better at those positions ? Orton had to get rid of the ball in 3 seconds or be pounded and I clearly remember you crying about how he couldnt connect down the field with Hester and then later on talking about how jay would change all of that lol. The team has the exact same issues as last year THE EXACT SAME ONES offensively except the QB we had last year knew how to handle it better which is all that urlacher is saying.But the defense is actually playing a little bit better than last year but they are getting no help from the offense .

I also remember all the talk of how Cutler is gonna open up the running game for Forte but now we realize that its the line which is what quite a few said last year but nooo you claimed it was that Orton wouldnt throw farther than 15 yards but then you look at the numbers this year and Orton is throwing the ball down the field quite frequently while Cutlers stats look like Ortons in our offense except with about 15 more turnovers .

I love how the rest of the team is a pile of garbage but not Jay even though he has never led a team to anything on the college or pro level.

It seems to me that jay showed up and took on the mindset of fans like you who thought Orton was holding the offense back and wasnt doing anything and now you find out that maybe Orton was a little bit of a better QB than you thought and what he was doing while here was pretty impressive consider how devoid of talent the Bears are if we listen to you

Briggs gets an MRI on his knee today. We may get to see more of Jamar Williams than we thought we would. Should make for an interesting December

You know what is really bad about what Brian said. Its not just that he bashed Cutler and other teammates. Its that he did it while they where getting their faces kicked in while he sat at friends house watching a game. Thats your team, and your not even playing and you got the nerve to go out and kick them while thy are down. What kind of teammate does that? He has a lot of nerve bashing his guys while he has sat at home all season. Your hurt and have not played all year, shut the f### up.

Ryan the 08 Dolphins have a little guy by the name of Bill Parcells who took over in 08. We don't have him running the show, the guy creates winners every place he goes.

08 Falcons had a foundation and a good GM, Ryan and Turner where pieces to a puzzle, but even they have come down to earth. They also switched schemes and head coaches.

The 08 Titans, how where they a surprise? 2006 they where 8-8, 2007 10-6, 2008 13-3. They had no one year turn around.

The 99 Rams added 6 new starters after the 98 season. Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Adam Timmerman and Tory Holt where 4 of those guys. All of them where pro bowl calibur players. Yes if you give the offense 4 pro bowl calibur player you can turn it around. But the Rams had a great foundation even before that. Orlando Pace in his prime, Kevin Carter, Todd Lyght, Issac Bruce, all in their prime. They had other player like Tom Nutten and Grant Winstrom, Ray Agnew and London Fletcher who where all solid and young.

The Bears are old and have been getting worse not better and have no 1st or second round picks, and most of the young players on this team are bad.


As you know, stats can be misleading.

In 2008 with Cutler at the controls, Denver got off to a 6-1 start. Ended the season at 8-8. At one point, Denver was 8-5 and needed only one win to sew up a playoff spot. Didn't get it done. Even with that top 5 offense -- one of those defeats came at the hands of the offense-challenged Buffalo Bills in Denver.

Now to be fair, Orton has not accomplished anything in Denver. All he has done is contribute to the team's 7-4 record. We'll have to see how the season plays out for Denver, since they are still in the hunt. For Chicago and Cutler, the season is over. Who would have predicted such an outcome for these teams given "the trade"? (Okay, I predicted the Bears would go 9-7 and not make the playoffs, but I didn't anticipate this depth of futility.)

Cutler has never led an NFL team to a winning record. Orton did that twice, in both seasons he started.

Yes, Favre has thrown a lot of interceptions in his 19 year career. He also has taken his team to the playoffs in 12 of those seasons (including the 2009 season).

Cutler hasn't been to the playoffs yet, while Favre led his team to the playoffs three times by the time he was 26.

Maybe what Urlacher is asking is why did the entire team have to change to accommodate one player? Where is the sense of "team" in that?

Orton, by all accounts, worked his ass off from the day he was traded to become more familiar with Denver's offense and its offensive assets.

There was not a single article in the local media about how Cutler worked his ass off getting to know our team (or maybe I missed all of them?). Given the high expectations, might not one want to impress? Sure, we read about his new BFF Olsen and how they were going to be an impressive tandem for the next umpteen years. I guess that begins next year, huh? Maybe?

Right now, Cutler is all talk.

Aaron Rodgers has been sacked more and hit more, but has thrown 80 percent fewer INTs.

We need to Cutler walk the walk.

When the game is on the line would be a great place to start.

Of course Brian is going to defend Lovie. Brian knows hes got 1 or 2 more good seasons left in him and doesnt want to be part of any rebuild. Totally understandable. The problem with the Bears, apart from a terrible oline, is that knox and hester are speed guys in an offense that isnt designed to take adavantage of that speed. The Bears need bigger targets like Aromashodu. no disrespect to Johnny, but anyone can cover the quick slant on a little guy even if he has speed. You put Aromashodu in there and he protects the route with his bigger body. Hester is another story. The guy has the skills but doesnt really understand the position. He never will, simply not smart enough. The bigger issue, unfortunately, is that Angelo invested too much into Devin being a number 1 and Knox as the add-on to the Cutler trade. They need to give Aromashodu and Inglesias more reps to see what they can do, but it will never happen because Angelo has to justify the money and the trade or he looks even worse.

A veteran wide receiver???? If you watch Cutler even with the little time he has in what is loosely described"pocket" he has to pass to Olsen as his check down... They have what seems to be a non existent slant route pattern book.. Lovie has just seemed to have given up on the offense by sticking with Ron Turner because as another gentleman had said looks Pop Warnerish.. But even in Pop Warner they run the ball.. Quick slant patterns are essential to any game to open both a running game and a deep passing game.. We have great tight ends so lets use them as such instead of trying to make them recievers... 300 yards allowed in a half? Lets not forget thats Brett Farve people and if the defense is out there all the time thats easy to give up.. Brett is one of the best to ever play the game ouch sorry true but still hard to say, and with the linebacker corps. injured he did exactly what any smart QB would do take advantage.. In the words of a Cubs fan"maybe next year"????

When Cutler threw a gorgeous touchdown pass to wideout Johnny Knox(notes) in the corner of the end zone to tie the score at 7, Urlacher was both excited and impressed. “You see him do [expletive] like that, and you’re like, ‘That’s unreal,’ ” Urlacher said. “I mean, there might be five guys in the league who can make that throw; it couldn’t have been anywhere else. It was [expletive] sweet.” He called Knox “one of my favorite rookies of all time. He’s sensational; he just goes out there and plays. Even in training camp he didn’t talk a lot. He played football and won our respect.”
Url was speaking off the cuff. He gave a lot of credit to Jay also. You have to take things in context.

Well let's see now Brian, you have had a few long-term injuries over your career, yet whined about your salary a few years look at your own defense first. Secondly, the offensive line has holes like swiss cheese, so how can you get a running game going? And your quarterback is running for his life in the process. Since the other team knows we pretty much have to pass the ball to get anywhere, there aren't too many surprises for them, are there? Your team flat out stinks, and the on ly way it gets better is to get some replacements in, including one for an injury-prone middle linebacker, who's best years are definitely behind him. The coaching staff? Lovie has all the inspiration of a flat billboard sign.

i was telling my dad about 3 weeks ago that if the bears lose another game that i hope they lose the rest because i really want to see a coaching change. dont get me wrong i want to see the bears win every game but if this is what its going to take then so be it. i just got off the phone with my bro who listens to that chicago bears radio station non-stop and he told me they said on there that the bears are in touch with bill cowers reps. how sweet would that be if that would really happen! i think the bears do have some talent on there team, and i think bringing someone else here thats shows emotion could and would bring it out of them. but if they dont bring someone else in here atleast get a new off. cord., because turner suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx period!!!!!!!

Urlacher is a washed up muscle head.

Sugar-betes kid may be a pick-throwin' morphodite sumbich
but Brian Urlacher is a bald douchebag for calling out his teammates
and doing dirty laundry in public

when he's such a goldbrickin' wuss, standing on the sidelines like a woman with his "ow-eee," collecting game checks.

Shut up you moron!

Of course Urlacher wants to play for Lovie: he doesn't demand anything of him. And he knows he'll always have a job no matter how much he deteriorates because he's a veteran player. Same with Kreutz. Lovie isn't going to call out Urlacher or Kreutz on lack of playing or anything like that, so they can halfass it as much as they want.

I just went back and looked the Bears draft picks for the last 10 years. you would be AMAZED at the failure. the list is strewn with total misses, picks starring for other teams, and guys not in the league now.
Check-out recent drafts ESPECIALLY the
2005 draft-,


THIS is why this team is so bad right now...

geeman2159 wrote:
I'm gonna give Urlacher the benefit of the doubt on this 1-.

Maybe Urlacher was sitting there knocking back a few too many brewski's before he spoke.

Afterall Brain has been on the sidelines for the last 10 games, I guess he's not a keen observer- while he mends. Perhaps he doesn't see the fact that Cutler is running for his life- every pass play? Or maybe he misses the fact that Forte is averaging- "Diddly-squat" per carry.
Does he not see an offensive line that cannot move ANYBODY off the line of scrimmage, or open holes, which makes for more 3- and- outs, which gives the OTHER TEAM BACK the ball? Maybe he's taking a sip of Gatorade when these "untried" Wr's are running POOR PASS PATTERNS, which makes many if the throws by Cutler off the mark,leading to int's, giving the ball BACK to the opposition, who THEN march the ball down the field AT WILL against a Defense that cannot stop ANYONE! Maybe he close his eyes when the Bears get an opponent 3rd and 10, only to see the Bears give up a 20 yard pass, extending drives, or resulting in MORE SCORING and time off the clock.
Dumb-dumb Lovie is STILL trying to run that Cover-2 defense, when it OBVIOUS THAT HE DOESN'T have the proper personel.
L-O-L How you gonna run the ball when you are down 2-3 scores on a consistent basis? I guess Urlacher doesn't GET the cause and effect or "Dynamics"(if you will) of how this season has gone thus far. Or maybe he's just a dumb jock?

I saw some Ridiculous statistic that the Bears have been BEHIND in their games something like 75-80% of the time.

yeah- I'm gonna blame the Beer...

Urlacher- used to be the MAN- in my eyes.

Guts and glory,
The "prototypical" Bear. Now the more I see/hear/read about him, the more disheartened I become. I remember him talking prior to the Super-bowl that he can't wait to get out from under the shadow of the "85" Bears, he forgot 1- thing- "You gotta win SAID, Super-Bowl" first, before POPPING-OFF Brian. Then the off field stuff was funny and ironic at the same. Adultery, procreation outside his marriage. Well, at least we BEAR FANS might get a FUTURE Middle Linebacker out the deal, in say, 2029? L-O-L Plus he whined and got a new contract, now this miss-step.

Yep, it was the brewski's...

or the "Green-eyed monster".

I think Urlacher is frustrated, and as long as Lovie's there, he will always stand up for him. Of course he's not going to say anything bad about Lovie, that's his coach. Lovie needs to go! He made a big mistake when he let Ron Rivera go and ever since then our defense sucks! Ron Turner needs to go, because he doesn't know how to run an NFL offense. This team needs to spend some money and get some good people on the o line and get some good recievers so Devin Hester can go back fully on special teams and back to his natural position at corner back. Bottom line Urlacher stop covering up for the team and be truthful in saying that things need to change!

Dear Mom and Dad,
I would like to thank you once again on the website for not raising any WHINING children. We don't CRY everytime someting is said that we don't like and we don't go around pulling our hair our hair out over it. Thanks for taking us to see "the triplets" in the 90's because you said we'd witness something that may never be duplicated. Thanks for telling us to learn to ACCEPT CRITICISM and move on. Thanks for the taking us to see John Elway, Joe Montana, and Troy Aikman in the super bowl. Last but not least...thanks for getting your wish of Reggie Wayne playing for the Colts and telling us that life is too short to worry about getting your feelings hurt everytime someone says something you don't like.

To defenders of Brian Urlacher's actions. It isn't about whether or not his points are correct, it's about the fact that you don't wash your dirty linen in public. That's obvious to most athletes equipped with a brain. Terrell Owens showed more maturity this year than that. So did Jay for that matter.

What's all the fuss?

Urlacher's still the heart and soul of the Bears defense, and I don't mind him commenting about the performance of his team at all(and by the way, a lot of us jumped on Lovie for not being critical enough).

What Urlacher's saying is correct, and not particularly offensive to anybody. I would really be worried if Urlacher said "Wow, I really like this new identity of ours."

So what the [expletive] is the problem?

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