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Tommie Harris ejected for slugging Arizona's Deuce Lutui

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Defensive tackle Tommie Harris has been ejected following the fourth play from scrimmage after he punched Arizona Cardinals right guard Deuce Lutui in the facemask when he was on top of him.

The incident happened at the end of a 13-yard run by running back Tim Hightower. Harris was on top of Lutui at the end of the play, and referee Ed Hochuli was just feet behind Harris.

It's another bizarre incident in a bizarre season for Harris, who was benched for the game at Cincinnati two weeks ago.

Harris has a de-escalating roster bonus in 2012 that has already been reduced to $6.5 million. The bonus is tied to playing time and Pro Bowl appearances, and Harris stands almost no chance of hitting the playing time threshold of 74 percent for this season. That's going to be a nearly impossible figure after he missed one entire game and was kicked out of the very beginning of another one.

Harris faces potential discipline from the league over this, a penalty that will likely come in the form of a fine.

We'll see if Harris is around to answer questions about the incident after the game.

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At what point is Lovie held accountable for this defense? The D line gets no pressure on the QB and all the blitzing leaves the receivers wide open and Tillman and Bowman in man defense on the edges. It puzzles me how they continue to employ the same things every week with no changes. I know they are hurt but so are all the otgher teams, they just seem to have a better game plan. We cannot blame the offense because most of the time they are working from behind. Oh yeah... and Tommie Harris is a moron


Stay classy Tommie. And by the way thank God Lovie is calling the shots on our unstoppable D. No seriously, if he keeps calling these great shots where we let the opponent keep scoring, Lovie will hopefully hit the door. Maybe we'll have another Cin game.

What an example for young athletes, fans and children. Obvious disregard of the priveledge to play professional football and an even bigger snub to his responsiblilty as a role model.

Cut this loser already.

During a game where the veterans are recognized for selfless service and during a week where we lose soldiers to a maniac action, we have good ole Tommie Harris setting another poor example for society. What a piece of garbage. This action is a reflection of the organization right now. Lovie and management knew what they were getting when they signed this guy, and then subsequently gave a huge bonus to. I've always liked Lovie as a coach, but I think, given what we've seen through Tommie Harris and the first half performance, it's time for him to go. And make sure Ron Turner is included for throwing the ball so many times in the first half. The team is not going to get any better this year or next. We need to get better, not worse. Bring in Mike Shanahan.

If Tommie Harris is still on this roster Thursday night, I will be extremely disappointed. If Lovie Smith is coach after this season, I will assume he has pictures of the McCaskeys setting orphans on fire.

you know maybe thats what the D needs to do, get nastty!!! someone has to do it, because you know lovie WONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!lovie and ron cant call a game worth a CRAP!!!!!! frank is right, when are the coaches gonna be accountable? when is lovie gonna get a clue and double up on fitz? quit running that crap ass cover 2 crap, ITS NOT WORKING!!! the only good thing about the bears losing is maybe they will have to think about bringing in new coaches, doubt they do it but maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so PO'ed about this game, the way the coaches are calling it and the way the players are just moping around!!!!

Yes, cut this loser...who is one of the best Defensive Lineman in the League. Any team would love to have him, so, please, cut this "loser."

Bears fans are cry babies, and always have been. When things are great, you love Tommie Harris. When things go a little south, it's "time to cut this loser/moron."

Stay classy Chicago.

Fire Lovie and all of his staff except the special teams coach. This team is done. They don't use their players to the best of their abilities. The defense is horrible, isn't Lovie a defensive coach? Will Chicago switch to a 3-4 with another coach. Nothing says they have to. Bring in Shanahan or Gruden. Someone who can coach. This team is a mess. I don't blame JA I blame an horrible coaching staff why does every other team get more out of their players than Chicago.

Brad, In your opinion, if you had the opportunity to make one great change to this team what would it be?

Reality: When things go a little south, it's "time to cut this loser/moron."

A "little south" huh? How about a slight lack of performance almost to the point of laziness? How about committing an illegal act "assault" on an off the field? How about a whining cry baby of a player? We here do not believe that a future perp and cry baby ought not to be on the team!

Wow that was ugly.

Harris should be benched, for that BS. This was a big game and their was no reason for what he did.

Where was the urgency in this game, the only guy I saw with ant urgency was Cutler.

The good in this game, Cutler and Aikman. Aikman came out told it like it was. "The Bears are not a very good team," he compared the Bears to a High school team. He called out the Bears recievers, for all those people who think Hester is a number 1 reciever. He called him a slot reciever and suggested he be moved in side, which I have been saying for two years. Bennett causing an interception because he didn't finish his rout and that is not the first time that has happened to Cutler. Talking about how the recievers don't finish their routs and how little seperation they get. I saw a real reciever on the field today, his name was Fitzgerald.

No running game and no defense, bad pass protection, and poor coaching. This team was flat and not prepared.

Why was Cutler in the game the last 2 min? Has he not been hit enough? Why was their no hurry up? Why where the corners playing man so much, do the Bears not know who Warner and Fitgerald are? The only reason Arizona didn't score more is because Wiz showed some class and put on the breaks in the third.

Again the best part of this game where Aikman calling a game and Cutler fighting to do something for this team. We don't have the players and we don't have the coaches. You don't come out flat at home like that. Harris quit on his team and the team quit on the fans. When Cutler starts to move the recievers just stop and look at him, unreal. At least the O-Line who has taken a beating this year came out and tried, they didn't play well but they tried. The D-Line just stank it up again.

With all these great coaches on the sideline the Bears will stick with Lovie through next year. Then they will get some cheap no name Coach and Agelo will be here forever, who cares if he sucks as a GM, finding a good GM would mean actually admitting he sucks and they will never do that.

the cover2 def is only as good as you def. line is fizgerld should have been double since bolin was inactive does anyone know mike or mike phone number, please.

This has nothing to do with the Bears' problems, but I agree, it's time to get rid of Harris. Maybe he'll be motivated on another team, but he's sure not on the Bears.

And if you think that merely getting rid of Lovie Smith would solve the problems, I've got a few bridges I'll sell you. Jerry Angelo has allowed what was once a good offensive line to degenerate into garbage, which is what he's surrounded Jay Cutler with. On top of that, he's also allowed the defensive tackles to degenerate to the same level. Both of these areas are foundations of football teams, and allowing them to get bad is absolutely inexcusable. To top that off, Angelo and his staff can't draft a good offensive player to save their lives.

But it even goes beyond Angelo. Cheapskate McCaskey won't spend money on good free agents that the Bears need, even when they're not overpriced. The Bears need a COMPLETE house cleaning, starting with ownership.

And the ground shakes as this team falls apart. Tommie is the icon for whats wrong with this team. Lovie shoulda been screaming at him all the way off the field. Sad thing, there are alot of talented players on that team. I hope the ownership takes notice now. This D that Lovie coaches/owns/designs is a disaster. Cutler showed that he is a good QB in the midst of the horrific display of football. If we had a halfway,,halfway decent D we shoulda won today. The end of Lovies days are near!!!!

The play that really showed where the Bears are at was the returned of the blocked field goal. I know most of these guys are not tacklers, but there was no effort to tackle the guy, to the point where Robbie Gould had to do it. The Bears are lucky Gould didn't get hurt on that play. But what's important is that Lovie Smith has clearly lost this team; they're not making any effort and look like they couldn't care less.

I have supported Lovie up until today. In my opinion, that's 3-straight weeks the Bears were unprepared to play football. If you want to place blame on the players, that's fine. But Lovie and Angelo brought them in - then resigned a bunch of paycheck players when they probably should have let a couple of them go for draft picks (like Bilichek does).

Urlacher and Briggs are the only guys who played up to the value of their contracts. Tommie Harris is a mess. Rod Marinelli hasn't done anything to help him or improve the line.

I don't think the Bears should wait until the end of the season. Why? It's not going to get any better with this crew. They've lost the players and I'm starting to wonder if they've lost interest themselves.

I say keep Toub even though his unit has SUCKED this year.

Fire Turner. Fire Love. Consider firing Angelo. Keep the rest of the position coaches in until the end of the season (even Marinelli and Babich) then bring in Mike Shanahan - he can decide what to do with the rest of them.

The Bears are 4-4 based on talent. I would love it if Lovie and the boys could turn this around, but I think it's time for them to go.

That game was an absolute disgrace. Frankly, it was the third straight game the defense has looked absolutely disgraceful.

Sorry, Brad, but I'm posting my own set of 10 observations from this debacle.

1. Hey, at least we heard Tommie Harris' mentioned once.

2. I think Ogunleye tied him for that honor as well.

3. Did Alex Brown school Mike Gandy or get schooled by him?

4. Looks like every team fixes its offensive problems against the Bears. Cardinals couldn't run the ball, but steamroll the Bears' D for almost 200 rushing yards.

5. Warner throws 5 picks last week, but 5 TDs this week.

6. Lovie has a great defensive scheme and an even sharper defensive mind

7. At least the Soldier Field turf wasn't to blame

8. All four Tribune "alleged" sports writers picked the Bears to win. Good call, gents.

9. 13 first downs in 20 plays run. HAS to be some kind of record for the Cardinals.

10. The Bears suck and a 6-10 finish is not out of the question (I had them going 9-7 and not making the playoffs)

10a. Troy Aikman knows good teams and as he pointed out, the Bears are NOT a good football team.

10b. ..."and we'll go from there."

Deuce Latui jumped on me when i was trying to get up. I have a knee issue, and that act warranted a reaction. My reaction may have been a little excessive, but it was no more egregious than both Latui's initial action and his over dramatic reaction to my strike. It was like to a soccer player looking for a card. That does not belong in the NFL.

Lovie Smith is one of the best coaches in the NFL. If you throw out his first year, where he inherited a terrible team, had 5 or 6 different quarterbacks, and his best 2 defenders, (Mike Brown and Brian Urlacher) missed more than 20 combined games, Lovie's record as a head coach is 44-28.
The Bears still play the Lions, Rams, and 49ers. Thats 3 near automatic wins. The rest of their schedule is hosting GB, Minnesota, Philly, and going to Baltimore and Minnesota. They just have to win 3 of those games to go 10-6 and make the playoffs.
The only reason he would be "on the hot seat" is if he is keeping Ron Turner's seat warm for him while he getting some more popcorn.

This team needs to be re-energized....Imagine John Gruden taking over after this season!

Tommie Harris is NOT, and has not been, a premier DT for 3 years now. He just gets paid like one. He should be heavily fined and put on notice thst his next screw up means adios.

This defense does not work. The offense does not work. We are playing schemes that were cutting edge ten years ago. Now everyone has solved them.

Our draft class has provided very little aside from Knox. Afalava is decent, but he would not start most other places. Our coaches are not getting our draft picks ready to play quickly enough. This is not the NFL of 20 years ago - rookies have to perform early. There is no time to teach them 3 different positions, you need to know right away if they can perform at one spot or not. We don't know squat about Iglesias, Gilbert, or Louis, or Gaines Adams for that matter. Next year will bring another crop of eager young "talent" to be molded by Lovie and his coaches. Molded into guys who play 2 or 3 positions badly, and can never contribute on game day.

This defense is totally Lovies, and it does not work. Let's put some fat guys in the middle. Find a LB who can rush, and try bumping some receivers at the line. It won't fix everything, but it hs to be better than this.

you know we as fans are to blame on this loss too. hear me out. if we the bears fan were to stop paying these hefty prices to go these games or if we would quit buying so much bears merchandise maybe the owners would realize the fans aren't playing around anymore and we deserve a better team. right now why should they care if they win or lose, we still pay to go to the games and buy the jerseys. if i were the owner i would be embarrassed enough to do something about this coaching staff and team.

the coaches:
for the most part im blaming most of the losses on turner and lovie! do these two know how to make adjustments while the game is going on? NO!!! lovie, i thought you were suppose to be this know it all defensive coach? you havnt proved anything to me since you been here, not 1 friggin thing! your a joke of a coach lovie with no emotions. emotions are a big part of football and when you dont show any your players dont either, so thanks for that ya bum!!!
turner, you were a joke the first time you were here, ya sucked at UofI and you're worse the 2nd time around here. you as the coach should do whatever it takes to protect your franchise QB and you didnt! you dont utilize the players you have with the right plays, you're lost dude, go back to high school Fball

come on line, dont you have any pride? youre playing like youve already given up on this season! we dont need all speed with our WR's, we need a big body reciever in there too. forte, it seems to me like lovies no emotion is rubbing off on you too. everytime they pan down on you you are standing there with a blank look on oyur face. we would rather see you cheering!

all i have to say about you guys is demand lovie from playing the cover 2!!!!

im sure im not the only one thats sick and tired of this crap already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is Jerry Angelo gonna be held accountable? I don't know what's worse, our schemes or our talent level. We'll be lucky if Minnesota stops at 100 points. Here's a question for who's to blame: when we play Minnesota, and it's revealed that Lance Briggs is the only person on defense that can tackle Adrian Peterson, what's to blame scheme or talent?

We need to find the positive in this incident. Here's my attempt...

Hey, at least Tommie hit someone this week!

not sure which cheek ya guys should kiss first...

not sure which part of 6-10 and Angelo and Lovie have to go you didn't get...but it's nice to see you're coming around....I mean, you're hacks....but now you're correct in what ya type...

a smart bears fan,

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic are not. You are joking...right?

Cincy and Arizona could have rolled up 60 a piece had they not "eased of the gas" and played the clock in the second half. The Bears defense was giving up approximately 7 YARDS PER CARRY against the rush in the first half!

I'm so disgusted.

Tommie, dude, do you not see how badly this team needs you? Jesus, get a hold of yourself. You did get paid to play in the game, right? I don't get to go to work and punch a dude and still get six-figures for walking through the door. You are getting paid an obscene salary that a lot of decent working people would almost feel ashamed to make - some of those same people are paying for season tickets and merchandise in Chicago. You do know who your customer is, right?

We will probably lose in San Francisco next week. AT BEST this team will be 9-7 and I'm honestly thinking 6-10.

When will the bears get a clue and start copying blueprints from other winning francises. Lovie has wore out his welcome with the team they don't buy what he is putting out there.I don't find what harris did as any surprise the warning signs have been there for a couple of years give his agent credit he got harris a nice nest egg,but i don't blame the players entirely they learned this behavior from their coach'get yourself paid and then do nothing to justify the pay . At least with tillman and urlacher they have tried .has anyone else seen new england missing semore the eagles have injuries and they don't skip a beat same with pittsburgh why because superior coaching and a proven drafting system and knowingwhen to move on from a popular veteran without worrying how mad the fans get and 9 out of 10 times they are right.If we want to be on top this is what has to be done. as far as harris goes i would put him on injured reserve for the rest of the year when you get into players wallets thats when they start taking notice and sometimes you have to shot a hostage to show the players who is in charge. take the lockeroom back . no buisness can be ran by the workers telling the managment what to do . figure it out bears were getting tired of the same programed response lets try something new honesty.

Someone has to mention the "R" word--as in Grossman. Reading the comments on the blog further convinced me the breakdown of the line play (on both sides of the football) led to his being railroaded out of town. Going back to the start of the '07 season and Benson (who is suddenly a star in the NFL) not even being remotely smart enough to recognize a blitz led to Grossman being pasted into the turf. His receivers in the Dallas game further cemented his demise in Chicago--one of the earlier comments made reference to receivers standing around while Cutler runs for his life.

So, we traded our draft picks for slight improvement in the quarterback position. Then again, no quarterback would do well with this team.

Lovie Dovie is the coach and he should pay the price for not having the Bears prepared not only for the games mentioned, todays game, Cincinnatti, Atlanta etc but Lovie has not had this team prepared for more than 2 years. The Bears had the talent to make the playoffs in 2007 and 2008 but did not have the heart, nor passion to be champions.

As for adjustments I have given up on Lovies teams. The fact that the Bears weren't even in a hurry up offense in the second half showed the lack of intensity and desire this team has been allowed to live by and that tone is set by the coach. Turner is also not top level NFL quality, the receivers are OK but not great or even above average. Hester could be a great slot receiver but not an true #1. Creighton's points were right on for the most part. This team is simply not inspired, Alex Brown got inspired in the second half when it looked like they had a shot as did others but why not come out swinging at the start of the game.

Teams used to pay a price when they played the Bears because the Bears were always intense and were always physical, that is now gone. The BEars are no longer the Monsters of the Midway, they are more like the "mediocres of the Midway", truly pathetic.

As for Cutler, I agree talent wise Mr.Cutler has it but from a strategic perspective he has not proven anything yet. In the second half I started to believe that Cutler might lead a comeback and win the game, but then Cutler through it up for grabs clearly when it was not open, even if Bennett would have finished the route that play was going to be contested and may still have ended in an interception. Great QB's are smarter than what I see in Cutler. No way would Montana, Steve Young, Brady, Aikman, thrown it up with the hope it connects with the receiver.

With more than 6 minutes left and down 13 there was time to move the ball without giving it away. Cutler is getting rushed, I agree but Cutler has not shown me that he has arrived yet to the elite club of QB's in the NFL.

He needs to be far smarter with the ball then what I have seen.

Lovie, Turner for sure needs to be sent packing and a new direction is needed next year.

The only way I see Lovie and Turner staying would be if they go 6-2 for the last half of the season and get to the NFC championship otherwise they should be gone.

By Hitman on November 8, 2009 6:45 PM
not sure which cheek ya guys should kiss first...

not sure which part of 6-10 and Angelo and Lovie have to go you didn't get...but it's nice to see you're coming around....I mean, you're hacks....but now you're correct in what ya type...

Excuse you. Who are you talking to? You think you figured something out about this team, do you? Wow you are the only one who thought they would be bad, nobody else just you. No guys on this board have been saying that for 3 years now.

Guy posts on a board once every six months, has no idea of what people have been talking about for the last three years, thinks he discovered this team was bad, and he gets delusions of granduer. Got to be kidding me?

Oh god now some nut is also pretending to be Harris, hey Harris, take your pills. You threw a punch at a players head, it doesn't matter how he reacts, you getting tossed for that. Cause thats the rule and an nfl player might know that.

Smart Bears fan, how long did it take the Bangles and Broncos to get better? Oh a hole season is it? Wow. Smith had two playoff teams, two of his best defensive players where not his Brown and Urlacher. 3 years, no playoffs and most coaches get fired for that. Gruden got fired for it, Shannahan got tossed for it, Gooch got launched, lots of people get fired for that. Smith was the head coach in 2004 and how many free agents did they bring in? That was his team like it or not. He wasn't a red shirt coach. You know other coaches have to have there first years on there stats. Its not really fare to not count smiths but to count theirs. Thats called false statistical adjustment and even Vegas doesn't do that. The Saints where not very good last year but have turned it around. I guess Lovie needs a lot more time than the good coaches. Lovie had a lot of starters from that 04 team on his 05 team. He is 49 and 39 with two division wins in 5 years, soon to be six years.

As for his so called wins and not wins, Lovie had 17 starters from the 2004 team on the 2005 team so most of the team didn't change. Most of the O-Line. He didn't have QB in 2004 but then again he didn't have one in 2005. Or does handing the ball of count as playing QB. People always making excuses for Lovie, then again thats Lovie fans, they live for excuses so they never have to take the blame for anything.

If you are not smart enough to tell where this team is going, then you may want to change your screen name. Three times in three weeks this team was not prepared, they got out coached again. Maybe you want a 500 team in Chicago for the next 10 years but I want a team that wins more than that. The guy had 2 good year out of what will be 6, that impresses you?

LOL..Season Tickets, Hats, Jerseys, Coats, and whatever else you were dumb enough to buy can be returned to: Jerry and The Yes Men, 1000 Football Dr., Lake Forest, IL. 60045

Congratulations Jarron Gilbert! You are the lucky winner of the Tommie Harris is a flaming jack@ss sweepstakes. You will now be part of the DT rotation. Except Lovie has been playing you at end and the Bears just traded for their end of the future in Adams. So, I guess you'll just rot on the bench for a few years, and then get cut, only to make a name for yourself on another team.

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