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Tillman announces he will be ready to face the 49ers

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Charles Tillman vowed to be ready to go Thursday night at San Francisco after being knocked out of Sunday's game with a left shoulder injury, and rookie strong safety Al Afalava labeled himself day-to-day.

The Bears weren't just beat by Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner, who threw five touchdown passes in the 41-21 Cardinals' victory at Soldier Field, they were beat up. Tillman left the game after trying to arm tackle wide receiver Steve Breaston on an end around as he was blocked by wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

"I will be ready to see Isaac Bruce and [Michael] Crabtree, Josh Morgan and Vernon Davis,'' Tillman said. "That guy can run. He's not your average tight end."

Tillman was knocked out of multiple games last season with shoulder injuries, and he has a history of subluxations in his career. He underwent surgery on his right shoulder in January but said that he will not be worried about his shoulders returning to the field.

Afalava was knocked out of the game when he re-injured his right shoulder that first became a problem in preseason. Afalava said after the game that he expected to have an MRI today, but that apparently didn't happen.

"It's good,'' Afalava said. "There is a chance I will play."

Running back Garrett Wolfe is definitely out for Thursday's game with a lacerated kidney.

Lovie Smith will hold his press conference in about 30 minutes. Check back for updates from it and a look at what defensive tackle Tommie Harris had to say for himself following his ejection on Sunday.

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Patch em' up and put him out there he'll have a week and a half to heal......

Lovie you need to come up with something now and fast the buzzards are circling and the league smells blood, this 3rd quarter of the season is your Waterloo!....

A lot of us hopeful BEARS fans are hurting right now, I saw where Kevin A. said this team has talent brought in by Angelo, and that it's time to throw Lovie under the bus, but I'm not so sure, we have no first day picks in the upcoming draft, the player he gave up our 2nd round pick for right now is getting less than snaps a game on defense, he has been in the league too long to red-shirt him, put him on the field so we can see if he can be a player. if we are in GAG!, re-building mode, then lets start to look at some of the other young guys currently not getting playing time. we need both a physical presence and some attitude on defense and quick, if we give up 30 points on Thursday night to the 49ers, we would have given up in 4 weeks what teams took a year to score against BEAR defenses of old.....I agree with Dali that this team has not shown the fire and heart of BEARS teams; even losing teams that the town respects and adored, I sure don't want to see this team go down like Wannstedt's teams did, but right not we are taking on more than water.......We are taking royal butt-kickings with no grease.....

Creighton, Crap-ton, Cry-ton....whatever your loser name is. You are the reason this team sucks!!! The good Lord is looking down and sees an idiotic, fool like you and curses this team because of fans like you!!! Shame on you, you fair weather of all fans. I wish you would shrivel up and die!!!!! You deserve this loser bunch that pretends to be the Bears!!!!!...6-10 or 5-11 with no draft picks and no receivers and no pass rush and no coach worth a damn and no running game and no O-line and no linebackers and the worst secondary in the league and a return team that used to be good but the damn coaching staff ruined that too!!!!!!!!!!

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