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Source: Garrett Wolfe hospitalized with lacerated kidney

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Running back Garrett Wolfe was taken to the hospital during the second half of Sunday's game and will remain hospitalized for another day with what is believed to be a lacerated kidney, a source told the Sun-Times.

Wolfe was knocked out of the loss to the Arizona Cardinals at Soldier Field with what the team described as a back injury, but Wolfe was urinating blood at halftime, and was taken for medical treatment and evaluation immediately.

The injury is not believed to be serious longterm, and it could be something that Wolfe heals from in two to four weeks. It's unknown how that would affect his roster status. The Bears went two games without running back Adrian Peterson while he nursed a sprain knee. Wolfe is considered a key special teams player.

The Bears also lost cornerback Charles Tillman and strong safety Al Afalava to shoulder injuries in Sunday's game. Lovie Smith will hold a press conference at 2 p.m.

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Holy smokes. I hope he's alright.

Garrett is a great player, i wish him the best and hope has a smooth and easy recovery process

Lovie will only give the same song and dance we have all come to expect Denver is overjoyed to be a winner and have a high draft pick after the Bears finish below .500. We will be spending the first day of the draft hoping for a miracle in the late rounds. Look at the wake of pure mismanagement 1] overpaid the likes of Vasher, Harris and Lovie. 2] failed in 5 years to truly address the trenches. 3] went bargain hunting at all need positions. 4] wouldn't know a difference maker until him lines up against you. 5] failed to have any options at key positions {MLB,WR,RB} if injury occurs. 6] failure to consistly develop playmakers. 6] failure to identify quality coaches. 7] unreasonable loyalty to marginal players and over-the-hill players. Please fans understand this THE LAST SUPER BOWL WAS A FLUKE, if it would have been real it would not have fallen apart this quickly and completely.

Jim McMahon was out for the year with that, wasn't he?...Rookie year if I remember...A spear from a Raider

NOw it's only 2-4 weeks?

L. Johnson was just cut by the chiefs. I'm just sayin...stop yelling at me! Go Bear!

Oh 1984...had to look it up...the year the niners beat the living dog crap out of us in the playoffs.....just like this Thursday...

I hope you all will join me Thursday and watch the 49ers game with your pants around your ankles in support of Mike Singletary

anyway, best wishes to Garrett

I hope Charles Tillman is alright, if he's down, Chicago's done, if they aren't already. I've been an optimistic fan for awhile, some say a bit too optimistic, but after yesterdays embarrassment, I now have to question the leadership on this team.

I still like GM Jerry Angelo, some don't, thats fine, but to me, Angelo has done his job for the team as far as getting talent in. No, Angelo didn't bring in a franchise quarterback the traditional way via the draft like everyone would like, but the bottom line is, he still brought one in. Angelo brought in a good runningback in Matt Forte, a pretty good tight end in Greg Olsen, and now the wide receivers are looking good. QB, RB, TE, and WR have all been question marks over the last couple seasons and Angelo has fixed them. The offensive line has some young talent also, they actually didn't look to bad yesterday. As far as the running game goes, Forte has avg 4.0 yards a carry over the last three weeks. Bottom line is this, this team still has the talent to win, but their still not winning...why?? Answer: the coaching.

I agree with what Tom Waddle said yesterday, Chicago needs to clean house with their coaching staff this off-season. Again, the problem isn't Angelo, he's given Lovie Smith the talent to win. From the players I mentioned above on offense to even the personnel on defense. Lovie & co gotta go. This scheme Lovie wants to live and die by is killing him and the team, its simply not gonna cut it anymore. You can't get on Angelo about the demise of the defense either. Over the last couple seasons since the Super Bowl Angelo has worked on the offense, from the drafting of Greg Olsen & Beekman in 07, 2008 with Forte & Williams, and Bennett, and finally to the Cutler trade this off-season. When Angelo had to draft defense he did, with players like Briggs, Tillman, and Harris. It got us to a Super Bowl. Again, Angelo got the personnel when he had to. What goes on on the field is due to the coaching staff not the GM. Angelo needs to fire Lovie Smith and bring in Mike Shanahan. This offense is custom made for what Shanahan likes to do. Chicago's young offensive linemen Chris Williams, Josh Beekman, and even rookie Lance Louis are a perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme he likes to run. Running back Matt Forte would be an ideal fit in this scheme because of his great vision. Jay Cutler already knows it and Shanahan and Cutler got along great. Also, Mike Shanahan is from Illinois. This team has the talent to win and I think Shanahan could be the guy to do the job for Chicago on the field, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Are the Bears going to finally put Pisa on IR and bring up the running back from the practice squad? Please say no to Larry "Douche Bag" Johnson.


Hitman ... thats 'priceless"

Deputydawg .. RIGHT ON!!!!

(8a) Virgina needs to completely clean house; PLEASE SELL THIS TEAM or FIRE PHILLIPS

(8b) Ted Phillips; PLEASE FIRE ANGELO

(8c) Jerry Angelo; PLEASE FIRE LOVIE

(8d) LOVIE; please release Tommie, Fire Turner, Fire Babich, Fire Marinelli

(8e) GOD, please find a new owner for this team and hire Shannahan; look how well his 'protege' is doing in Houston

Hitman was 1984 the last time you watched a football game? Oh and yes medical research has improved, along with everything else technology based.

2003 the 9ers killed the Bears 49-7. One of the worst beatings in team history.

Tillman is fine. Maybe he should stop trying to tackle people high.

Little players take a beating in this league.

I like Garrett, he always displays 110% effort. I wish him well.

Tune in Thurs. night and see a real coach and I don't mean that meely mouthed Lovie.....Start D.J. Moore at corner, at least he can tackle....this team is the joke of the league, watch Wisenhunt on ESPN do the Denny Green thing. Everybody is laughing at us!!!!!Papa Bear is rolling over!!!

Creighton...I don't talk to fanboy fools, but here goes an exception.....there should be 3 years of archives on FCP...find "one" thing I've said that's incorrect about this organization...just one

ok, now that you've been punted...

... Armstead...Forte has good vision?...lmao, Forte isn't #29

and for more salt in your well deserved wounds, please watch should-be-Bears Kyle Orton and Rashard Mendenhall...Tonight Only!!!!

I'm not going to comment on the coaching staff, I think most of us know the problems and that Lovie and Co. (except coach Toub) need to go! I would like to see Woodny Turenne brought up from the practice squad, the Bears chose to hide this exciting young corner for the last 3 pre-season games, and now they don't give him a shot. I really think this kid can play, I would love to see him!

Hitman you have not said a damn thing. You have said nothing, why don't you check my history mister kiss my @ss I was right about this team. You have not said a damn thing. Every person on this board has no clue about your blank claim. Salt in a wound? What are you even talking about, you have not said a thing. You haven't even said what you where right about moron. Not one thing, you think you have been hard on this team? You ask anyone this board, you ask Brad who hard this team? I looked up your stuff all your comments are "I don't like the coach or they suck" But you haven't actually made a spacific statement and claiming you are the only person who was right about this team is plain crazy. Jesus listen to B&B they have been hard on this team for years, most of their callers hammer this team. You have like 10 posts here in 6 months. We all know they are bad moron, but do you know why they are bad? By the way your the one posting on a fan blog. News flash you are a fanboy, you post on a blog, once you do that your in fanboy world we all are, sorry but its true. As for being wrong the last time the 9ers hammered the Bears was 2003 not 84. So put that salt in your wound. You where wrong today. Wow what a shock, 24 hours into your postin her eand you are already wrong. Didn't take you long did it.

Every person on this blog knows me, they ask my advice, when I don't post for awhile they want to know where I am. I got people asking me to help them get Lovie fired. You think you have insight because you said the team was bad. Thats your idea of insight? Is that a joke? We talk real football here. You come on a board where you hardly ever post, insult everyone, and you don't even know what people are talking about. This isn't the Trib, I have spent over two years helping educate some of these guys on football. Just cause you missed class for two years doesn't mean you run im my class room screaming I made it.

What have you said? Oh thats right, your great post, what was it? Oh yeah. "Ha I was right" Some post, what is their to argue, its a blank statement, its like holding up a piece of paper and saying look its paper. Your a real genius, boy that takes a lot. Some of your other posts " I don't like Lovie" "The sky is blue" "I like apples" "Pizza" "Look bubbles" I can just shout out stuff too. "Popcorn", see wow that was hard. Wow you said the bears where a bad team, welcome to the club, your basically standing in the I hate Lovie and Angelo club right now yelling at the Grand PooBah everyone else about you hate Lovie and that they are all stupid fanboys for coming to the club you are standing and trying to become a member of. Most of the guys here have been saying it longer than you have, and let me add, saying better. Welcome to the club genius don't let my foot hit you wear the good lord split you.

Wolfe's injury is unfortunate. He seemed to be playing with a lot more confidence this year, with what little playing time he had. I say he should've gotten more carries. He's valuable special teams player and a good change of pace backup RB. Guys better step it up to fill his place.

Peterson got in there and looked a bit cautious with his knees; perhaps he's not 100% yet. I hope he's good to go against the 49ers.

Go Bears!

Let me put it ot you this way Hitman. When you when you get a major Lovie/Angelo fanboy stalking you, you can tell everyone how you where right. I got my stalker on this board, no joke, he pretends to be me, he has taken out his own facebook page claiming he is me, he actually came to my job at 19th district and asked my watch SGT if I worked their. A guy who asks people to help them kill me, a guy who begs Biggs to ban me because I have been to hard on this team. You go get one of those then you can come tell me about how you have had to deal with crazy fanboys. None of that is a joke, that actually happens.

Who did you argue with on this board in the past? Next time you post you where right about something, why don't you actually include some names of the people you are mad at, and what you where right about, you think anyone remembers what you posted three years ago other than you? Next time say what your right about, and name some names, cause insulting me and everyone else is just going to get you hammered.

Tell you what I won't call you a moron if you don't make huge blanket insults on everyone.

Creighton --

As Sgt. Hulka might say, "Lighten up, Francis." (BTW, I heard that was your middle name).

I think what you need is a twitter account so all your friends and fans who seemingly hang on every word you type can follow you around.

I'll agree that you make some interesting points, but your constant need to be right and to, at times, dominate the board is wearing.

Hitman is a hoot to read (after you first spend time in the Hitman speed reading course for cryptic notes). We don't always agree (e.g., Hitman shines his 21s with Cedric Benson's Bears jersey while I have my CB jersey in a frame), but he's always entertaining and distinctive.

Have some fun, dude.


You've said before you want your team back from Jerry Angelo and I'm still trying to figure out what Bears team you want back? The Bears haven't won the Superbowl since 1985. Was Kyle Orton the potion to lead them after almost a 25 year drought?

If Mendenhall was benched under Mike Tomlin, do you really think Lovie Smith would be able to deal with his issues and get the best out of him as a player? He could possibly have been another C. Benson.

The Bears haven't been a very good team for a long time and you suggesting that we were better off with Kyle Orton (I'm sure the team would be fixed with those draft picks given up because all draft picks are guaranteed to work out)doesn't make sense given that you suggest the teams problems are organizationl. Doesn't matter who we have if organization is a mess (raiders).

The organization is mess and Cutler is a much much better quarterback than Orton. Teams who are winning in this league have Great quarterbacks, Orton will never be great he is limited. He has a good group around him in Denver and Josh Macdanials will use his strengths to maximize his abilities, which he did with Matt Cassel. Ultimately, Orton's abilities will limit Denver, just as they did when facing Baltimore. Time will be the test.

I'd probably enjoy your posts more if you stopped talking about Orton and someone we never drafted. All the conjecture on your part is a bit much considering you consider it fact.

Creighton, don't waste your time with Hitman. He used to write on Modrowski's blog (FCP) and let me tell you, his posts were the most random, incomprehensible drivel you would ever see. He claims that everything he's ever written came to be true but I bet that even he couldn't tell you what the hell he meant in his past posts.

He's an attention whore and is also a self-admitted drug addict. Aren't you, $hitman?

Aten hutt! Creighton, you slimey maggot!!! Stand up and show some respect to youre superioir officer! YOU may work at the 19th district but all your good for is getting my coffee!! You are a lowly secretary Creighton in fact you know we all think of you as district 19's b!tch. So don't pretend you are actualy an officer of the law scumbag!! Now Where is my coffee???


I watched Orton tonight and all I have to say is : ORTON IS WHO WE THOUGHT HE WAS!

no, Mike...drugs?...I'm built like your Wife wishes you were...and I would love for you to be a Man...ehh forget it..see wife comment

Great comeback, Hitman. :|

And what's with all the ... ? Is that supposed to represent you using your inhaler?

Wolfe's injury is unfortunate. BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY! He seemed to be playing with a lot more confidence this year, with what little playing time he had. I say he should've gotten more carries. He's valuable special teams player and a good change of pace backup RB. Ron Turner needs to use Garrett more for swing passes and not just behind the line screen passes. Oh by the way Ron what happened to the 20 yd outs we were successful with in the first couple games.

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