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Singletary called Bears when he decided to get into coaching

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One of the first calls Mike Singletary made when he decided to get into the coaching business was to the Bears.

The Hall of Fame linebacker recounted the decision he made to get into the coaching business on Monday when visiting with reporters in San Francisco.

"Well, I'll put it this way: When I knew we were going to be coaching, the thing that I did was I called Dick Jauron, who was then at the Bears, the head coach,'' Singletary said. "And, I told Dick Jauron exactly this, I said, 'Coach, my wife and I prayed about it, we've decided that we're going to be coaching. I'm not asking you for a job, but I am telling you that this year, in the very near future, I will be coaching. I don't know where, don't know when.' And, that was it.

``He said, 'Well, Mike, good. Let me get back to you and see what's happening here.' And I said, 'Once again, I understand, I'm not asking. If there's something there, great, but let's just not do something just to do it.' So, he got back to me eventually and just said, 'Mike, the way things are here, it just looks like it's going to be a tough situation to work out.' I said, 'Fantastic. I thank you.' And he just let me know that I'm not supposed to be there. So, that was it."

Singletary landed his first job in 2003 as an inside linebackers coach for the Baltimore Ravens on Brian Billick's staff. It happened to be the final season for Jauron with the Bears, who employed Gary Moeller at the time as their linebackers coach. The Bears did bring in one former Bear to join their staff that season, Richard Dent. He served as an assistant defensive line coach that season.

Singletary worked in Baltimore until he went to San Francisco with Mike Nolan and took on a position as the assistant head coach. Now, he prepares to host the Bears on Thursday night. His 49ers (3-5) are reeling having lost four straight games to fall two back of NFC West-leading Arizona.

"Not in particular,'' Singletary said when asked if he had special emotions for this meeting. "I'm just excited for the game. But, not emotions outside of the emotions that I have for any other team."

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and before anyone gets on the meatball we should have hired him because hes an ex bear stuff...think about it for a minute...

all this revisionist history is really annoying...

jauron had no space in his staff....mike had no coaching experience whatsoever and when the coaching staff had changed he was already with another team...

just because someone played on the 85 bears doesnt mean they should coach...or can coach

and to be very honest he has a worse record than lovie smith this yr with arguably more talent on offense and defense...

1st round pick qb
2nd round pick rb
1st round pick wr
hall of fame wr
1st round pick te
multiple high round picks on the offensive line

1st round picks LB's
highest paid CB in the nfl...etc etc

so lets not crown their asses either

Justincredible, you didn't list players, you listed draft picks and what round they came in, but don't list a single name.

That first round pick at QB is Alex Smith and he is brutal, we have Jay Cutler so we are better at QB hands down.

We both have second round RB's so does that mean Forte is better than Gore? Probably not. Advantage 9ers

1st round WR, I am guessing you mean Crabtree who has out most of the first half of the season. So he has not played much.

The HOF reciever I asume is Bruce, yes Bruce who is 37 and has no knees.

We both have first round picks at TE.

How does being highly paid make a player good? See Tommie Harris for proof.

Those High round O-Line picks, mean nothing. Your either good or your bad. See Chris Williams for proof.

We actually have more pro bowl players on our team so we must have more talent, right?

Orlando Pace, HOF LT he is younger than Bruce so he must still be good. Olin Kruetz, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Nathan Vasher, Tommie Harris, Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher. So we clearly have more talent don't we?

You know the 9ers where bad before Singletary got their. It is his first full season with a team that has a good defense and some good players on the O-Line but lacks.

I hope you see what I am saying saying a guy was a first round pick makes him good, is false statement. Saying a guy who went to the Pro Bowl in the past doesn't mean he is good some years later. Last year Defensevie player of the year was an undrafted FA, so does that make him a bad player, cause he is not a first eound pick.

I get what you are trying to say, but your went about it like a meathead.

JustIncredible you are JustAnIdiot. It is beyond obvious now that you are not a Bears fan, you are a Lovie Smith fan. And like a biased political pundit, you will twist and spin doctor anything and everything to make your guy look good. Let's take a look at your "reasoning" shall we?

1st round pick qb - Oh yeah, that Alex Smith is really the cream of the crop when it comes to QBs. According to that logic, any QB that comes out of the first round is an elite player. Yup, just like Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Michael Vick...

2nd round pick rb - Yes, Gore is good. But he was actually a 3rd rounder.

1st round pick wr - He has been with the team how long this season?

hall of fame wr - Hahaha! You seriously can't believe the BS you are spewing can you? So because Isaac Bruce is headed to the Hall of Fame some time in the near future for his past accomplishments, that makes him an elite player today? Hahaha! Do you know who Orlando Pace is? Olin Kreutz? Marvin Harrison? LT?

1st round pick te - Davis was looking more and more like a bust until Singletary smacked his head on straight.

multiple high round picks on the offensive line - Yes, they have some first day draft talent on that line. They also have a 7th rounder starting. Does that mean they are good, bad, what?

1st round picks LB's - Yes, they were high picks. Yes, they're good. San Fran. has a good linebacking corp. Maybe the only point you made that is actually valid.

highest paid CB in the nfl...etc etc - You had to have been sniffing paint when you wrote this. Not only are you trying to argue that high round draft picks automatically = great players, but now you are trying to say that highly paid players = great players. Did you know that Clements got benched before the Colts game? He is not that good in fact he's medicore at best. You are making really weak arguments on here. Again, have you heard of guys like DeAngelo Hall? Tommie Harris?

Jeff Fisher was on the 85 Bears.
So I would say players from 85 Bears can coach.

Come on ?? Who cares ??

I love Samari Mike, as a player, but it ends there... What exactly has he done as a HC so far that warrants this blog anyway ???

He won 5 games last year ?? Started out fast this year ??

He has lost 4-straight and 5 out of his last 6 games... Whoopie..... He is 8-8 as a HC, he is mediocre right now just as the Bears are.

If the Bears finish any worse then 10-6 then Lovie and staff should be fired and Angelo put on notice to fix it or he is out next. period... 3-yr's removed from a SB appearance and all we are is a mediocre .500 team.

Go Bears !!

exactly @BensonSucks

the 4934s have a better tight end(statistically this yr)
better wr issac bruce quietly had a good yr last season and crabtree is easily better than anyone on our roster
2 of the offensive linemen were players bear fans by and large were clamoring for (chilo and joe staley)

and on defense their linebacking corp is far superior to the current one we have now(injuries taken into consideration but a strong case can be made that patrick willis is at least a wash compared to briggs or urlacher and maybe even better)

its not about being a lovie supporter...its not about not loving the bears

its about being realistic...and the realistic viewpoint is that the talent on this team is not very good...

you have declining vets...young picks that seem to be developing slowly or not at all

you have bungled free agent pickups and wasted draft picks

you have a goofball DT who doesnt seem too interested in playing well...3rd string LB's

scrapheap Safeties and 1 good corner with 2 bum shoulders...

thats not any of the coaches fault...and you could have

mike be the coach
plank be the DB coach
gentry be the WR coach
neal anderson be the RB couch
chico be the DC
the ghost of walter payton be the OC

and this team would still be bad...

Just because you played for the bears doesnt mean you should coach the bears...its just that simple...

and though coaches are the first to take the bullets of crappy play...the issues with this team run deeper than lovie and his staff(though they have their own sets of issues and faults)

this is a failing in talent aquisition...nothing more...nothing less

and come on...Jeff Fisher...thats your answer

out of 53 players on the bears...with a handful that have been in coaching

(plank, chico, mike, dent (small stint with the bears)) you pick the dude that didnt play...matter of fact he was on IR that yr...seriously come on

i never said former bears players COULDNT coach...i said that just because they played for the bears doesnt mean they would make great coaches...

Benson played for the bears you think he would make a good offensive coordinator? why dont we see what rashaan salaam is doing too...maybe he can coach up Matt Forte...

lets get real here people

and btw issac bruce caught 61 passes and had 7 td which bested our top wr last yr...devin hester with 51 catches and 3 touchdowns...and thats with a far inferior QB (id give good ol neckbeard the nod over smith or hill)

so the comment inferring he was bad last yr is way off base

and i never said 1st round picks = success

you need to look no further than the bears drafting to see that...what i was saying is that 1...they hit far more often on day one picks than the bears...and those 1st round picks are producing more in comparasion to the bears (minus cutler because he was not drafted BY the bears)

if you think forte is better than gore you are football dumb
if you think hester or bennett or knox is better than crabtree you are football dumb
if you think vernon davis isnt a better TE than are football dumb
if you think hillenmeyer, briggs and roach is better than spikes, lawson and willis you are football dumb

its just that simple...

thats not lovie love...thats just honest football smarts...the bears draft badly and hence have inferior talent

sway my opinion in a non homer way..please do

I was hoping the Bears would give Coach Singletary a chance to be the linebackers coach when Lovie was brought in. I remember screaming about that. We lost him and now it breaks my heart to see him coaching the stupid 49ers. I really hate that team. Oh well, best of luck to him. Singletary will be a good head coach.

However, I'm now screaming about Mike Brown!!! I don't want to make the same mistake with our former FS. WHEN Brown is finished playing, I expect Mr. Angelo to give him a call and offer a job to him. I don't know if Coach Smith will be around with Brown is done, but I'm sure Coach Smith understands how important and valuable Brown would be to a defense with a scheme that every team in the NFL has figured out.

the question is why exactly does him being a great bears player even suggest he will be a great or even avg coach...

jeff fisher was an avg nfl player at best but a great coach

dick jauron on the other hand went to a pro bowl...yes a pro bowl and how did that work out for us?

bill cowher...i wanna say 3 or 4 yr nfl career...undrafted...outstanding coach

we as bears fans do not need to get caught up in the emotion of being a bears fan...i love to see former bear coaches succeed...but i dont want a coaching staff of former bears just because its sentimental and "feels" right

i want the right man for the job...i want REAL NFL experience...if mike brown wants to work his way up through the ranks from quality control coach to asst DB's coach to DB coach to DC to HC...thats great...he will be experienced and it will be easy to see if he can handle the job or not...

i dont care if Carl Lewis is coaching the DL i just want them to get to the qb

Clown, what you said above is not the same as what you said later on. Like Creighton pointed out, you listed things like draft pick positions and expensive contracts and then tried to make a point that Singletary had more talent to work with. I pointed out that where a player is drafted and/or how much money they make doesn't mean they are good players. Angelo could make Tillman the highest paid CB in the league tomorrow and it wouldn't make him any better. Next time, think about what you're trying to write before you do so.

Ron Rivera: Excellent D-coordinator, realistically should be a head coach before long.
Jeff Fisher: Excellent head coach. Period. Having a down year, but all coaches have 'em.
Leslie Frazier: Great head coach in college, one of the best d-coordinators in the league, and realistically should be a head coach before long.
Richard Dent: not sure why he never stuck, but he worked for a while as an assistant position coach
Mike Singletary: in his FIRST YEAR as the head coach. He replaced Nolan in late October last year. Indications are that he's doing pretty good, given the mess he inherited.

So I'd say mid-80s Bears players have represented themselves pretty well in the coaching ranks. I'd bet more of the 1985 Bears would be good coaches (e.g., Duerson, Fencik, Suhey, etc.) but they had a lot of success off the field, and so never got into coaching.

Let's not forget that when Dent worked as an assistant position coach, he did so without pay. Jauron could've done that with Singletary--and unpaid internship type thing just to get him some experience. You can't tell me a coach wouldn't be willing to have an extra pair of hands (and eyes) to help out... no, I find it more likely that Jauron didn't want the distraction of a HoF 1985 Bear Captain on his staff--especially because that would shine too harsh a light on his ridiculous loyalty to Shoop.

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