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Safety Al Afalava to have MRI in injured shoulder Monday

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Rookie strong safety Al Afalava will undergo an MRI on his right shoulder to determine the nature of his injury on Monday morning.

Afalava left the game in the first half when he missed an arm tackle on a running play.

"He ran through my arm and the shoulder went numb,'' Afalava said.

He originally injured his right shoulder in preseason, and has occasionally appeared on the injury report this season. The Bears replaced Afalava with veteran Kevin Payne.

The status of cornerback Charles Tillman is not yet known. He left the game with a shoulder injury during the first half also, when the Bears were steamrolled for 320 yards and 21 first downs.

Check back later for more information.

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Fantastic, another safety in the toilet with an injury! I hope he's ultimately alright, but man, we are going to hell in a hand basket with this team. God help us fans!

BTW, I am ever so ecstatic to hear what our lifeless coach is going to have to say about how well our team did, and even though there were a few downsides the upsides overcome the problems greatly. This team has become a laughing stock. And I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling we're on our way to become the next Lions where simply not losing by a severe margin will be a win for us fans and the ownership and coaching staff will do nothing but pretend they care.

This team is in disarray ! I encourage ALL you guys that post here regularly, Creighton, Church of Da Coach, Ish.... you know who you are, log on to "". Unless BIG changes are made SOON, we are in for 2 more years of this CRAP ! Chicago media, CALL OUT THE McCASKEYS !! Put them back into the spot light !, You know how much Ginny McCaskey HATES to see her little boy called out in the press. New ownership and a new philosophy are needed to bring this team into into the millenium. They cannot continue to operate like papa Bears is still running the show as he did in the 60's.

fire angelo and lovie now and tell turner he is definitely not wanted.

Mick I am not asking for anyone to get fired or at least I am trying not to, its this Karma kick I am on. But I thin kthey can do better than what they have. But with 11 mil on the books Lovie is not going anyplace anytime soon.

Are you or is anyone so sure Lovie is calling all the plays? He's not in the booth and he does not talk to player enough to be a real DC. He stands their and he watches the game. I don't think he is calling all the plays? I think he is covering for Babich.

At best Smith is an average coach with bellow average talent and a below average GM. Turner is the Co Head coach as well, which is just strange. Basically Smith, Angelo and Turner have built in excuses, everyone can blame someone else. Scouting is also a joke on this team.

Lovie will blame the players, injuries and certain coaches again, Babich and Ron of course will be protected by him

Turner will blame the players and coaches.

Angelo will blame scouting

Gabriel will blame scouts and Angelo will protect him, and once again the unsee unheard of guys will get fired. Even though these are hand picked guys.

Lovie has already been through 18 coaches.

Fact is its a patch work stop gap team, with little depth or talent and poor coaching and scheme and nothing will change. Angelo will go get more stop gap players at the end of the season and draft little to no talent and the team will be 6-10 to 9-7 next year.

Personally I think this team needs a real bad year next year. You have to hit bottom at some point and get some high draft picks and let everyone know they suck and that the hammer is comming down. When your bad you know you have a lot of work to do, when your mediocre you think you are better than you are and that your only just missing being great, when your actually closer to being really bad.

Look even if Lovie gets fired this year, Angelo is still in the house, and all those good coaches out their want, to either be the GM or have a GM in mind and wont take a job here with Angelo as the GM.

After this year the only big name I can see getting fired is Turner. If that happens I would beg Mariucci to be the new OC, but I doubt he would do it. Shannhan will probably get hired by Washington and Cohwer wants the Carolina job. Holmgren probably does not want to coach, and Gruden is the offensive version of Lovie. I actually think this would be a great fit for Steve Mariucci. Maybe Sundquist could replace Gabriel.

Anyway its a big mess and we are all going to have to sit in it for awhile, so breath deep and get used to the smell, cause this team is getting worse before it gets better.

If the Bears want more talent on this team next year they are going to have to sign a lot of top end FA's and that will not happen. No first or 2nd pick and you can bet Angelo will trade out of the third round for an extra 4th and 5th.

Brad at the press confrece tommorrow, don't let Lovie off the hook with any of that I am not discussing players bs. You hammer that chump Biggs. If he does not want to talk about personel ask him about "Trust me"

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