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Roger Goodell holds a Q&A with Bears players this morning

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Roger Goodell was hired by the owners but makes it clear that he's a commissioner for everyone in the NFL, including the league's greatest asset--the players.

He formed a player advisory committee last week that includes Tony Dungy, Kurt Warner, Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins, but took communication with the players a step further when he met with Bears players this morning at Halas Hall in a 30-minute question-and-answer session.

"They have a variety of concerns. They talk about the business, the future. We talk a lot about player safety,'' Goodell said as he left the facility. "They talk about what happens on the field, the quality of the game, what we could be doing better. I really encourage them to bring to me what they think needs to be addressed both on and off the field."

The business players want to know about is the labor situation with the league facing an uncapped year in 2010 if an extension of the collective bargaining agreement cannot be reached. Player safety is an issue gaining focus as concussions remain in the forefront. But the main story between now and March will be whether or not the owners and players can get together and reach an accord.

"I think the most encouraging thing is that people are talking and they're addressing issues,'' Goodell said. "The negotiating team for the owners and the negotiating team for the players are talking. I think that is the most positive thing because it is going to get resolved at the negotiating table."

Regular talks have been held and Goodell doesn't believe getting to the bargaining table will be the issue.

"I don't think it's a matter of not meeting enough,'' he said. "I think both sides are willing to meet as frequently as necessary."

Whether or not the players can find what they're looking for at the bargaining table remains to be seen. It's a positive step that Goodell wants to get out and hear from the players. He's not talking to them as much as much as he's listening to them. That's all the players can ask for, right? We'll see what kind of reaction they had to his visit after practice. Check back later on for more.

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Ray Lewis? Is this a joke or is he the example of what not to do? He's a scum-bag. Dirty player, thug-type, scum-bag. Players like him are what's wrong with the NFL. Is Goodell getting too soft and PC now?

Can't they wait until the season is over to do this crap? Oh, wait.....The Bears season is over!!!!!!....I agree with BBB, Ray Lewis is a thug!! Didn't he murder somebody? If he had a regular job like us, he be rotting in jail somewhere!

The only team in the NFL that uses a physical clinical protocol in the return to play or pre season evaluation of players is the N.E. Patriots. Rothlisbergers baseline is subjective, his mental status will not tell anyone how susceptible he is to his next concussion. His jaw break three years ago, is an indication he should be individually evaluated and fit with a corrective mouth guard made from a hard acrylic lower jaw appliance biomaterial. It has been published in the Academy of Sports Dentistry's referring journal, not having this medical device or occlusal splint, may be his, and others, Achilles heel. Why do some players become more prone to concussion than others, the "Boxers Glass" jaw is the only comparable scenario that may shed light on connection to physical diagnosable traits and one being prone. CTE located in retired NFL players medial temporal lobe has only been clinically found in boxers. A coincidence, maybe, limiting the possibility of trauma to this location of the temporal lobe makes sense. Why not?

Yeah R. Goodell should appoint a fan/ customer serv rep.So That i could tell him That im payin 1000$ a year for a team that stinks...and that someone Namley the owners and coaching staff should b fired..!God why dose chicago sports Namley Bears And Cubs have to have such bad ownership? U'd thunk the mckaskeys would b sayin,Hey angelo win or youre fired!Can i fired them since i spend 1000$ a year on bears tickets and merch?

Wait just a min.These guys are making in one yr what i make in a lifetime or three lifetimes for that matter.And they have somthing to complain about?We are in a ressesion and still spending our money on tickets like idiots and these guys r complaining/ WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? I understand they have inj.but they can pay for a surgery with one game check? Gimmie a break have goddell make them up an insurance plan for when they retire instead of blowin thier money on 5 cars and a private jet...This world is gettin ridiculous!

Brad - This post is a bit off your subject but it is business related. Was out in the Chicago area and caught some of the radio shows with their “let’s get rid of them all” flavor.

Well for those calling for Bill Cowher you might be very surprised how similar his record is to Lovie Smith’s at this point. Here is Bill Cohwer’s history: Hired in 92 took, the team to a Super Bowl and lost in 95, three straight losing seasons 98- 00, another losing season in 02 before finally winning a Super Bowl at the end of the 05 season.

There are many things not right with this team and some of it starts at the very top.
If you are going to build a team, at least the defense as this staff wants, based on speed and quickness then the business side of the operation needs to work with the Park district and get an artificial field into that stadium. Without traction speed and quickness are useless.

The next thing Ted Philips and the McCaskey’s’ need to figure out is whether or not they have the right people in the GM and Head Coach positions. The Cowher analogy is a classic example and it turned out the Steelers made the correct call – they kept the coach and ditched the GM/ personal guy. This same decision will be made at the end of this season in Chicago. Let’s hope they get it right. Unlike most of people who post I do not claim to know the correct answer.

One thing I do know is that there has been a consistent neglect of the offensive line in the draft and reliance upon free agency to fill the voids. Garza is the one example where this group found good value in the FA market. Without either a 1 or 2 draft pick this route will be used in 2010 – whoever is GM has no choice but to fill via FA. The consistent disconnect between the personnel group and the coaching staff on the O-line has to change.

Ohio Bear fan what are you talking about?

"Well for those calling for Bill Cowher you might be very surprised how similar his record is to Lovie Smith’s at this point."

Smith has been here for 6 years, so far he has made the playoff's twice and won the division twice, he has two, soon to be 3 loosing seasons.

Now lets look at Bill Cowher's first six years. Ih Cowher's first Six seasons he won the Central which is now the North division 5 times, and made the playoffs six times. Oh nad he never had three loosing seasons in a row. He has 3 loosing season total in 15 years as a head coach, 98, 99, 03. Do you know anything about facts?

Cowher's record his first six years was:
64-32, he won his division 5 times and made the playoffs 6 times. They played in 3 AFC title games and 1 super bowl. Thats 32 games above 500.

Lovie's record so far:
49-41 so far with 6 games left to play. He won the division twice and has three loosing seasons so far.

You think those records are the same. 2 divison titles vs. 5 division titles. 6 playoff apperances vs. 2, and 3 loosing seasons compared to zero.

How is that the same? The reson Cowher didn't get fired after he missed the playoff's in 98, 99, 00 was because they where rebuilding, they new they where rebuilding and they new they would struggle and even then after 00 people where calling for Cowher's head. But the reason they kept him was because of his outstanding first 6 years. Lovie's first six have been disappointing.

Three years without an appearance in the playoffs after a losing trip to the Super Bowl - sounds pretty familiar to me.

Being close to Pittsburg I can tell you there were many calls for Cower to be fired. Like I said the Rooneys decided to keep the coach and sack the personnel guy. What comes next in Chicago the McCaskey's decide but it sounds as if Creighton has cast one vote but like all the others on this blog it does not count

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