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Right guard Roberto Garza returns to practice today for Bears

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Right guard Roberto Garza is suited up and practicing this morning in the Walter Payton Center after sitting out Wednesday's workout with a right ankle injury.

He is expected to start Sunday's game at Minnesota. Garza was the only player to miss Wednesday's practice. The Bears moved Josh Beekman to right guard and plugged Frank Omiyale in at left guard. Now, they're back with Beekman at left guard.

The team is relatively healthy, as are the Vikings, who are expected to get cornerback Antoine Winfield back Sunday from a foot injury. He has missed Minnesota's last four games. Check back later on for an official injury report.

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Thank goodness, our long nightmare is now over ... Garza is back everyone! 10-win season!

OK, turning off my sarcasm to wish everyone and safe and joyous Thanksgiving day. I hope all of you can enjoy time with friends and loved ones while watching this shiat-fest of football lined up (save for the evening game).

Biggsy that includes you, thank you for your hardword and giving a nice sounding board for all of us fans.

Best wishes everyone!

// Even Bill :-D

Roberto Garza has been a trooper for Chicago over the years. He's hardly an all-pro, but solid none the less, glad he's alright.

This is the position Angelo needs to address this off-season, guard. Josh Beekman is a nice young prospect, but he's probably the next center once Kreutz hangs it up. The Bears have another young prospect in rookie Lance Louis, who showed the team enough this pre-season to make the 53-man roster, and beat out veteran Dan Buenning. So maybe Louis could be somebody to help out next season? Either way, Angelo needs to draft a guard, someone that can come in and play on the left side, thats been the main problem area inside.

Enough with the Bear stuff for now, happy thanksgiving to everyone out there, and enjoy the games today. I do agree with coach however, the lineup today does leave something to be desired, oh well. I'll probably check out the late game, as always GO BEARS!!

I was worried for a bit that we would have to put Beekman at RG and LG, WHEW! Don't know how he will play all 3 positions next year, but hey, he's been groomed for 2 now. :?P
I would like to (as Kevin said) go ahead and see some of these backups, won't hurt a bit to move some guys around on that line.

Happy Thanksgiving all, it;s hard to be thankful this year, and the Bears year is pretty much gone, Thanks to Jay for giving us a reason for next year.
Thanks to all for the insight, and for being Bears fans! Thanks to Brad for blocking my best stuff lolol

Why is it hard to be thankful this year Randy? Please don't tell me its becuase the Bears suck. BFD, I am sure you can find something more important to be thankful for than the Bears.

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