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Red zone statistics tell a horror story for Cutler, Bears

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The two interceptions by Jay Cutler in the red zone on Thursday at San Francisco made the bad Bears' red zone offense even worse.

They're now 13-for-30 scoring touchdowns in red zone trips (43.3 percent) and 5-for-30 throwing interceptions in red zone trips (16.7 percent).

Conversely, opponents have scored touchdowns on 21-of-30 red zone opportunities (70 percent) and the Bears have yet to get a takeaway in the red zone.

But the most compelling numbers of all come from Mike Klis of the Denver Post. He sent some research my way on Friday, evidence that the Bears need to do something in working with Cutler in the red zone.

Red zone interceptions

(Since Week 13 of 2008)

1. Jay Cutler, DEN-BEARS, 14 games, 8 INT

2. Marc Bulger, STL, 10 games, 3 INT
2. Jake Delhomme, CAR, 13 games, 3 INT

4. Drew Brees, NO, 13 games, 2 INT
4. David Garrard, JAC, 12 games, 2 INT
4. Josh Johnson, TB, 3 games, 2 INT
4. Matt Ryan, ATL, 14 games, 2 INT
4. Kurt Warner, ARI, 15 games, 2 INT

For good measure, Klis reports that Kyle Orton has two red zone interceptions in 41 career starts.

The biggest problem with the red zone picks by Cutler is that each time it virtually throws away three points. Robbie Gould is among the most accurate field goal kickers in NFL history. A turnover inside the 20-yard line means the Bears are losing the opportunity at a field goal from 38 yards or closer.

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner has said the Bears will work on it. Lovie Smith has said Cutler needs to be more careful near the goalline. Nothing has worked to this point, and the offense is now 5-for-16 (31.3 percent) in the last five games in the red zone.

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Diabetes is a potential challenge, has Cutler been given thorough eye care.

Is Jay spending the time to really analyze the misses in the red zone on tape but more importantly is Jay being given tape of the best in the league to watch and truly study. Maybe Turner and Cutler could cook up some popcorn and do it together.

More importantly has Turner been given game film to analyze the other teams in the NFL success in the red zone. It seems to me that many times surprise is a good methodology for the end zone. Play calling on first down needs to be more creative with throws to some other receivers beside Olsen and Hester. Add to the play calling routes like the Colts, Bengals, Cards Favre.

Does cutler have flexibility to change plays coming in from Turner? Based on the stats provided Culter will turnover in the red zone with an interception on 57% rate per game. That is every other game he will have at least one red zone. His percentage is so far the worst in the league it is not even close to the next worst performer.

Exorcism, Ginko Biloba, of course his decision making is 80 % of the problem, you either eat the ball or don't throw it if the play is not open and there are no other options. The Bears win two games they lost this year if Cutler did not turnover the ball in the redzone but instead Robbie Gould got field goals, the would be a 6-3 record instead of 4-5.

Yikes!...Brad, I was just wondering. Lets say you just got hired as Bears GM, what would you do? Where would you start to try and improve this team? I'm looking up and down this roster and see maybe four or five guys worth keeping, if that! It's pretty sad when your MVP is your kicker. I would start by rebuilding that offensive line from scratch! Get younger and bigger on the lines of both sides of the ball!...and go from there! Your thoughts?

Hiring a new GM would be the best start. But I really saw a bad Offensive play calling from Turner as well, I finally noticed what some people have been saying, That Turner is not a good Oplay caller. Yeah Cutler does throw the ball away alot, especially we as a team have bad red zone play, look at the fumbles/misses even inside the 5 yd line since last year. I did not see Cutler changing the plays that much, am I wrong? Did anyone else feel that first redzone Int was the wrong play call and Turner went right at the gut before that? Turner really does not seem to understand Play Calling.

I look at T. Jones, C. Benson and yes K. Orton and even J. Gage to an extent, and some Oline players we gave away, but especially the 2 RB's. That tells me we have had a ppoor Oline for some time, as well as a GM that does not evaluate talent very good. so yeah Omay, I would start with the Coaching Staff then the Oline if I were GM and get a top DE like Freeney is, Look what the Colts have and let that be a guideline, forget this `get off the bus running crap' and even achilles heel smoke screen - we went to the SB with McMahon and Rex being passers, WITH a running game not by running exclusively or passing exclusively (dont ask Brad, he would want to bring back the Honey Bears... well maybe I would too.) Just think we save enough money from the Honey Bears to resign Url and Harris and keep Babich and sign Rod....

Trade Olsen, Urlacher, Hester for 2nd round picks.
Trade Tommie for a 3rd round pick.

2-WR Damian Williams
2-MLB Brandon Spikes
2-DT Jared Odrick
3-G Jon Asamoah
3-CB/FS Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
4-G Zane Beadles
5-CB Alterraun Verner
6-RB Lonyae Miller
7-DT Aleric Mullins

With Jay Cutlers mobility, why is it Turner NEVER has him rolling out? Not just to buy time, but take advatage of what he does best ! Give him the option to run it in or pass to recivers trailing across the end-zone ? Turner is very predictable inside the 20. Runs up the gut w/Mckie,fades to Olsen in the corner, Clark under the goal post. EVERYONE knows what Turner is going to call ! Let Jay call his own plays in the red zone!

Sorry but no GM except maybe Jerry would give a 3rd for Harris, or a 2 for Url and Hester AND Harris all together. Thats how bad our Team has regressed. But Jerry would give our 2 for a DE That has been subpar since he was drafted, like Jerry and Lovie are Super Developers or something, They can't develope their own players so they bet our No. 2 They can develope another teams subpar talent.
Try getting a O Coach that knows how to play call as well.
That first run was a given but 2??? That second run was a wasted play and on the goal you cant have wasted plays and Turner has done that alot.

Ted Philips needs to go to Virginia, beg forgiveness, and ask for a second chance. Then He needs to hire a REAL GM, the likes of J.Finks, or Polian (indy), or O.Newsome from Baltimore. That is the only way this ever gets turned around. They (McCaskeys/Phillips) want power and low expense and together = mediocrity.

But this team is headed for more than just mere mediocrity, they're on there way to being real bad for a long time. Sure they might 'find' a player or two each draft but they're also going to lose a player or two each year going forward and thats not how you build a winner.

Frankly, its inexcusable for this city to have the sports teams that we do... the McCaskey's s/b ashamed of themselves. For years the excuse was the lack of a GM and a stadium. Hiring Angelo and getting the stadium done was encouraging but its clear that he's not the right guy for the job. There are problems throughout this organization. Its not just the players, the play calling, or R.Turner. They're (Lovie, Jerry, Ron) all in it together, they may be on the same page, buts its the WRONG page.

I think we all thought that Angelo would bring improvement but his track record is clearly a poor one. It's time to acknowledge that and make changes

"Offensive coordinator Ron Turner picked up a one-year extension before this season and is signed through 2010. Brad Biggs

Seriously?! We have to deal with this prick until the end of next year?! This is BS! I cant believe this org! Tell you what if we dont sign Lovie to another teny-fifty year contract I refuse to be a fan, because I will not be a fan without this great coaching staff that has brought our team to the brink of tremendous destruction. Go Teddy and the Mc's! Who needs common sense and great coaching when youve got the great coaching skill of Lovies staff on the Lovie freak-show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG...The Sugar Shock excuse has become a Cutler's Criers bow their heads to pray...

"Let us pray. Oh mighty one, we raise our noses to you blocked and unblown, send the handkerchief O blessed one that we may be wiped clean."

"Now we await with eager expectation, thy handkerchief, to bring us back to thee."

Here's another stat for you Brad: Cutler is the best QB the Bears have ever had. The picks in the red zone are not his fault sense the oline can't block and Turner can't call a paly if his life depended on it. You want to talk about his red zone picks in Denver well everyone knows that Denver had no run game back thne and Cutler had to throw. Think about hat the defense knows its pass snese they don't respect the run game. Inside the redzoner the field gets smaller and its harder to throw. You need to understand those picks are not Cutler's doing.

And Brad if you don't like Cutler just say so. Maybe Mike CLis can get you a job a tthe Denver times. Is Orton beard that impresive too you Brad?

Oh and for thoise of you saying I need to loose some weight f### you f######. So waht if I am a few pounds overe the scale. I am just a little big boned thats all. Obesity is a national epademic so that means it is a disease and nothing to joke about. King Henry was a little round and you loosers know that on this blog I am the King.

Hey look Hitman the non-bnears fan is hear to hate on Cutler. Anytime anywere you little b****.

The red zone picks are awful. Just plain awful. Cutler has the most power to prevent the team from losing points when they're in the red zone by not throwing the ball away or taking a chance on either tight coverage or hoping one of his receivers makes a big play.


Week 1:
3rd and goal from the 8, Cutler throws a pick, was preceded by a no-gain run and an incomplete pass. Later in the game, the Bears had 1st and goal from the 5, 2 runs for 2 yards and an incomplete Cutler pass on 3rd down.

Week 2:

People have mentioned allowing Cutler to roll out to the right to make his touchdown looks. He was 2-for-2 on that exact play against the Steelers and those plays won the game for the Bears. Both of those came on 3rd down. On the preceding 4 plays before that Cutler touchdown, 2 runs for 3 yards, an incompletion, and Cutler running for his life from the rush for -1 yards.

Week 3: Seattle

Cutler had one red zone pick on 1st and 10 from Seattle 12. Mistake either by Cutler or by Knox, I can't remember that one.

Cutler had 2 red zone touchdown passes, one of them on 4th and goal, another on 3rd and 4 from the 7. On the first drive, Cutler's 4th and 1 touchdown was preceded by a -2 yard run, a questionably overturned fumbled play where Cutler hit Forte for 10 yards, and finally no gain on 3rd and 1 up the middle with teh run. That TD pass to Olsen was on a roll-out, On the second drive, Cutler's pass was preceded by 2 run plays for 6 yards, which isn't all that bad. It was a roll out.

Week 5: Atlanta
Cutler's pick in the first red zone attempt comes on 3rd and 9 from the Atlanta 12. Forte had gotten 1 yard and Cutler threw incomplete on 2nd down. Later in this game, the Bears have 1st and goal from the 1. Cutler throws on 1st down incomplete to Mckie. Forte runs twice on next two plays, no yards and a lost fumble. Later in the game, first and goal from the 6, 4 yard run by Forte, Cutler incomplete on 2nd down, TD on 3rd down from 2 yards out. Last drive of the game, we had our infamous 4th and 1 false start followed by an incompletion that ended the game on 4th and 6.

Most recently, Bears vs 49ers.

First and goal from the 3, 2 runs get 1 yard, Cutler throws the pick on 3rd down. The other red zone attempt at the end of the game was all Cutler, no runs preceding it.

I'm not gonna argue that Cutler hasn't thrown away a shit ton of points, particularly in the 1st half of games, by taking too many chances when he doesn't have the weapons or the O-line to take chances with.

But Matt Forte has 3 rushing touchdowns this season. 2 against Cleveland. 1 against Detroit. Garrett Wolfe had a td against Detroit. Cutler's rushing TD came against Detroit.


Attention Cutler's Criers...

lmao...break out that hanky...and watch Orton's inability to throw the deep ball

Brad here is a question, why is Cutler being asked to throw into 6 man coverages in the redzone when he only has three recievers in their? Shouldn't you be able to run the ball in a goaline stand against a 5 man front?

If your not going to booleg Cutler which Lovie says he does't want to do because it limits the field. Dumbest thing he has ever said by the way. They are going to force Cutler to stay in the pocket that doesn't exist and throw under pressure into double coverage. Not exactly a smart passing attack. As for the red zone, if you want fix it. Its game film Cutler needs to watch more game film, and someone needs to show him how to study it, the way Brady and Manning learned to study it.

Last and this is something I have been noticing. The Bears don't audible, they do but its very rare. It was rare with Orton it was rare with Rex and it is rare with Culter. In fact I believe that it was the GB game where you saw Cutler Audible and the line failed to pick it up. In fact everytime they audible the line doesn't pick it up. The Bears are going to the line with a limited game plan, and I don't think they can audible against the blitz because the line falls apart when they do. This has been pointed out during games where commentators have said "well you can see Cutler is seeing the blitz but they are not adjusting" Not a lot of hot reads going on, and I don't think the Bears want to Audible because that means the TE's may have to block.

The Red zone ints are a mix of things, confusion being the first, Cutler trying to force the ball, mixed with bad play calls. How many times this year have you watched the offense take the field and look confused, and lost? How many times have we watched the offense wait till the last second to gat the play in? How many times have you seen no hurry up, bad penalties, confusion, bad decisions, no protection, no runing game, blanketed recievers, bad play calling.

Everything I just mentioned is based on coaching. Blame Cutler, blame the line, blame the recievers, but I have been saying its coaching Brad has written it could be coaching. Nobody else thinks its strange that Cutler comes to Chicago and is playing worse than he has ever played. I am not just talking about Denver. Cutler was on a Vandy team that didn't have close to the talent of the other SEC teams but he played really well their even though he had no talent to work with. In Denver like Chicago he was asked to throw the ball to much, but still his numbers where much better. Yet he comes to Chicago and he is falling apart.

Hitman Orton can't throw deep, throwing 40 yards to a guy who has half the field to himself is not throwing deep. Try it in coverage and see what happens. Oh thats right Orton will never do that. Cuase he knows it s a pick if he throws the ball more than 20 yards to anyone close to a DB.

Hey Hitman are you watching the Washington Denver game? Cause Denver just lost to Washington and had zero second half points. Thats right your team the Denver Donkeys just lost their third in a row to one of the worst teams in the NFL, while being led by Kyle I can't throw deep Orton. And down goes Orton, down goes Orton. You know for a guy who doesn't get hit much he sure is soft.

I don't know why you Denver fans post here Hitman? Denver looses again. Thats 3 in a row, let the collapse begin.

You feel that sting in the back of your head Hitman? Thats just your pride dying.

Brad I have the answer to your coaching question. Let Lovie finish out his contract. He will still probably only coach one more year and then it will probably be a lockout for a season. In fact how many of these top coaches out their want to take a job with a team only to have the players locked out after one year. So in 2012, the Bears can hire whoever they want. After Rex ryan gets fired by the Jets the Bears should hire him as the new DC. He is not a head coach and he will be fired by 2012. He is a great DC though. As for a head coach they should hire Mooch to work with Cutler, he runs a WCO and so it would not be a change in scheme for Cutler and he has experience coaching Favre and Young and even made Garcia a pro bowler. I know the Bears won't do this but this is what they should do.

Then again the Bears will never win anything with Angelo at the Helm. The guy is just Brutal.

Jay Cutler certainly does need to stop forcing the ball down in the red zone, thats something that can be fixed. Thats also not the problem Chicago is having in the red zone. Chicago's problem in the red zone is simple, absolutely, positively no running game whatsoever, thats the problem with Chicago's red zone offense plain and simple. Think about it, Chicago was never really down in the 49ers game, but yet they threw tha ball 52 times! There was no need, why not run the ball more, especially when your defense was playing so well? Answer, because Chicago simply can't run the ball this year.

Is it Forte? Partly yes, but I still don't think the guy is playing 100% healthy. Another runner to compliment Forte would be nice right about now. Forte was very effective on the screen passes the other night, not so much as a runner. But after carrying the ball 600 times over the last two seasons [not including the times he was hit catching the ball], you can't seriously expect Forte to do it again for a third season all by himself. Again, another back was needed this year to spell Forte, Chicago put all their eggs in the Kevin Jones Basket, Chicago is $hit out of luck. Jones needs to be cut and another runner needs to be brought in this off-season.

Another runner is needed, but the main problem with the running game is the line no doubt about it. The three problem areas are both tackle positions and left guard. Chicago can fix the left tackle position by simply moving Chris Williams there. A mauler is needed at the right tackle spot, someone that can move the pile, Williams is not a mauler. Williams would be more effective at left tackle going agains speed rushers. Williams game is speed not power, you put him on the left side and I guarantee he'd be more effective. At right tackle maybe Kevin Shaffer for now, long term wise Chicago is gonna have to draft one. I wouldn't mind checking out big James Marten, who is currently on Chicago's practice squad. Could he be the long term answer at right tackle? Only way to find out is by playing him. As far as the left guard spot, the Omiyale signing set Chicago back. Omiyale wasn't the player Chicago thought he would be. A pure left guard is needed, someone that can get on their blocks and move someone. Left guard needs to be priority one going into the draft. Chicago can get some good ones in the third, I'd like Alabama's Mike Johnson 6-6 305, maybe Illinois Jon Asamoah 6-5 315, or maybe Arkansa big man Mitch Petrus 6-4 315lbs. Any one of these guys would fit the bill, any one of these guys could be had in the third round. Mark my words, until the line and running game improves, Chicago will continue to struggle in the red zone. Jay Cutler is not the problem, the line and the lack of running game is, Angelo needs to address these areas during the off season. As of right now, all you can really say is GO BEARS!!

Dahli, and West coast Bear.

West coast I am not arguing the choices Cutler made, I have said they are bad, But their is a way to fix it, Dahli its not his eyes the way you may be thinking but its a intresting point, but here are a few things for Cutler and the team as a whole.

First do you know what the Bengles did for their players this year? They got them these special Ipods that they load film onto, so the players can study film all the time. The Bengles are playing disaplined football and make few mistakes. As for Cutlers eyes and making faster reads, McNabb had a similar problem with reads. So he went to this eye clinic, this clinic uses flashing lights to train a persons eyes to react faster, McNabb said it really helped him. Fighters also use this, in fact several NFL players have used it.

Last Cutler did not get much of an offseason this year, with all the crazy stuff. So this offseason he needs to work his butt off and get better at studying film and his footwork. Hard work always pays off. If Cutler wants to be better he needs to work harder. He really needs to study film more effectivly, the whole team does. Their is to much confusion on both offense and defense.


I'd rather watch Orton's ability to twist his ankle every season.


Cutler,Cutler,Cutler,Cutler,Cutler,Cutler,Cutler,that's all anyone seems to want to complain about. Yes, he had his worst game in a Bear uniform and deserves the criticism. Having said that, he is the best QB the Bears have had in over 60 years, and it is not even close. He has so little to work with it is phenomenal. Not one receiver is worth a darn(every one of them, including Hester, is covered like a blanket, and they all run very mediocre routes, to put it kindly). The tight end can catch but can't block. The entire offensive line needs replacing, including the center. The play-calling has been very good, if it was for Brother Rice, but for a pro team, not so good, to say the least. The running backs are pedestrian, who also don't block worth a darn(Thomas Jones, where are you).When your 'running attack' runs for about 2 yards a play or 40 yards in a game, you will NEVER win, no matter how good your QB is. For the people that say Orton was better, please, your lobotomy is ready. The fact of the matter is, the talent level of this team is woeful, the coaching is below average and uninspiring, the leadership among the players, outside of Kreutz, who is past his prime, is just not there.

Here is a start on what needs doing:

1) A new GM, to replace Angelo.
2) A new coaching staff to replace Lovie & company.
3) Much better drafting by the new general manager( the drafting the past 6-7 years overall has been dreadful).
4) Patience by fans for the new regime to get the team decent again.

The chance of the above 4 things happening - almost zero - with Michael 'moneybags' McCaskey calling the shots from above. Get ready for a long few years of bleak Sunday afternoons of yelling and screaming at your TV sets, Bear fans.

I'm right again!Boy, Creighton, you sure hate Orton now but last year when I was telling you all how bad he was, you thought he was Peyton Manning Jr.You're the biggest fair weather fan on this or any other blog sight!P.S. Hey Creighton, how do you spell Bengals?.DUH!

Great point, FLOUNDER!!!

The only thing Orton going down proved was how valuable he is to that offense...I'm not really a fan of any one team...I'm a grown up, lol....just football...

You, for lack of not calling what you are, ummm, guys is it? are the dumbest group of humans on any message board I have ever had the opportunity to embarrass are the epitome of what Chicago turned into while I was gone...I'm back, you make me or any real man sick, and I'm going to enjoy this...

and Sugar Shock?..lmao, I rest my case

Pray you snifflin sissies......

"Let us pray. Oh mighty one, we raise our noses to you blocked and unblown, send the handkerchief O blessed one that we may be wiped clean."

"Now we await with eager expectation, thy handkerchief, to bring us back to thee."

Insulin...Only good for 80 yards

Let's look at the Bears problems in order -

Problem Number One - Lovie

As has been pointed out, we are likely stuck with Lovie for the next two years. But the longer this thing keeps deteriorating, and the longer it is made clear to everyone that Lovie has no idea how to fix it, as several articles, including one here, have pointed out, the worse Lovie's career prospects become. At this point, he had better take the Bears money, because he will have no where else to go.

He can't go into TV without a radical personality change. No respectable pro or college team will be interested if he is perceived as having ridden the Bears to the bottom. So, it is not a good outcome either way. Probably, the Bears should approach him to see if he would accept a buy out of some sort, to allow both sides to start salvaging their futures. If he refuses, and things get worse, at least they can point the finger squarely at him.

Turner -

The problem with him appears to be that he is predictable. But is it because he doesn't have any imagination, or because he imagines his players can't handle anything tougher than right, left, or up the middle? Name one running back on the team who would start anywhere else. How about one offensive lineman? He's not doing well, but he's got no talent to work with.

Cutler -

Think he's pressing after the Bears just gave him a big raise? How about after watching his RBs average 2-point-squat per carry? Or being forced to run for his life behind the Angelo/Lovie masterpiece/patchwork/we need our draft picks to take more mediocre DB's Offensive Line? Or watching his defense get steamrolled in several games this year? He thinks he has to it all. He may be right.

Yes, he needs to make better decisions, but a lot of this is on other people. Sorry, but it's true.

RBs -

There is not currently one NFL starter in this group. Forte is either hurt or has regressed. Wolfe is a change up type back, McKie and Peterson don't make most other rosters coming out of camp. A viable alternative should havew been picked up as soon as Jones was hurt. Another strike against Angelo and Lovie.


Several veteran receivers have been available this year. Lovie kept Rashied Davis. Rashied is a luxury for a good team, with good WRS. The Bears could have taken pressure off Cutler by providing him with veteran help. Instead, he decided to keep a special teams guy who offers very little veteran leadership as a receiver. Bad move.

DBs -

Every year it seems the Bears spend roughly a third of their draft picks on DBs. Even this past draft, when it was obvious our OL was in dire need of help, they drafted two DBs. You would think that with so many picks going into DBs, they would have some who could play, but it is spotty at best.

In the meantime, the Bears "build" their OL with rejects from other teams scrap heaps, and very few draft picks. Even the draft picks don't seem to be too effective. Chris Williams look like a pro bowler to you? Anyone seen Lance Louis? On a line this bad, Louis should have been given a chance to play - unless the coaches don't think he can play.

Bottom line - Every QB who has played here has looked awful. It's time to look at the big picture, not just the QB


Can you tell me how many times this year (and previous years, if available) that out of the shotgun formation, Cutler (or Orton) has had to reach down to get the snap from Olin Kuentz? It seems like this year Kuentz has been very bad, and steadily worsening each game, in getting the ball to the quarterback without rolling it to him. It seems like nothing more can throw off a quarterback pysche then trying to worry about getting the ball and running for you life at the same time?

This is to "Creighton" (1st post), nice new pic on the Facebook link (through your screen name). However, last week's pic with you in the druid outfit was the bomb. Hahaha, just kidding. Sorry you're so sensitive about your weight but you really should lose that fourth chin. Especially since Thanksgiving is coming up.

That's a decent analysis, Terry...although I don't agree with everything (ie..AP is a solid back), your point on Rashied Davis is dead spot on

The biggest problem for years since Angelo...and this is simplified, but...There is no competition in camp...starters are penciled in

The best players do not play

woops...retraction...I misread....Rashied Davis should be playing, IMO

1. The Bears have never had a bue-chip QB. Zero experience. They have nothing to teach him. Turner's offense was designed to minimize the mistakes of average quarterbacks, not exploit pro bowl passing skills. Coaches are dependent on Jay Cutler to show them what it takes to win. Urlacher once fit the mold of dominant defensive player in Chicago. Cutler is responsible for carving the mold without any mentoring or tools. We have a probowl quarterback. Now we need better coaches.

2. As a fan, I have 4% confidence that the Bears can convert 3-and-1 on the ground. When your offensive coordinator is forced to "be creative" on 3 and goal from the 1 yrd line, you're offensive line is below average. As the field compresses, passing windows shrink and the QB becomes overburdened. Having a deep arm is not as important at the 15 yrdln. Angelo's strategy for building the line has failed. We need better players.

The legend of Olin Kreutz is difficult to comprehend. As the undisputed leader of a demoralized and beaten team, the impassioned reverence lavished upon this mediocre player represents the epitome of systemic disfunction. Lovie Smith won't bench him, and Angelo/Phillips/McCaskey keep extending his contract. Will it ever end?

Like I said at the other place -

Jay's sugar-betes could be a factor in his quick-decision-making process under fire.

I say we have one of the team physicians design one of those 2-beercan helmets that Jay can fill with some Tropicana or the beverage of his choice.

Here's a good design:


I also noticed the lack of audibles two or three years ago. And I couldn't figure out what it was, but your comment that the line (and probably the receivers) don't pick up the audibles makes sense considering what we see every time a defense blitzes against the Bears. I also agree that this is probably coaching, the only other possibility is that the Bears are loaded with incredibly stupid players, which is also possible but not likely.

And have you noticed that whenever the player across from Olsen blitzes, Olsen goes out for a pass instead of blocking him? He almost got Grossman killed in San Diego at the beginning of 2007 doing this and still hasn't learned. I know he sucks at blocking, but it's clear that he doesn't even want to try. I've never been impressed with this guy, and I have no use for a tight end who can't block.

Sheesh, what a mess! To go from 9-7, albeit with some lucky victories against Indianapolis and Philadelphia (playing without their most important players or with them nowhere near 100%), and be in this position after trading Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler is unbelievable. But the offensive line has deteriorated beyond belief, the receivers are no good, and the defense can't stop any team with a good QB. So here we are, and it's going to take a lot from ownership to get us out of this.

Re throwing away three points:

How many times have you seen teams lose because they only got field goals when they should have scored touchdowns? I know I've seen it plenty, I even saw it live in the last game of 1968 when the Bears would have won the division if they had just beaten a lousy Green Bay team. Green Bay fumbled the opening kickoff and the Bears got the ball with a first-and-goal inside the five yard line. After they kicked the field goal, I turned to the guy next to me and said something to the extent that this could cost them the game. They lost 28-27 and lost the division.

My point is that while you are correct that kicking a field goal is not as bad as turning the ball over, the idea in the red zone is to get a touchdown, not a field goal. Once you get into the red zone, a field goal is a defeat, unless it's a game-winning one.

Cutler is trying to be Superman because he realizes that he has no talent around him and has to do everything himself if the offense is going to accomplish anything. Of course, no one can do this. So I agree that Cutler needs to be reigned in a bit, but it would be wrong and foolish to dampen his spirit and competitiveness. What he really needs, far more than anything else, is some good linemen and receivers. Give him that and all these other problems will go away. But give him that soon, before his confidence and mechanics are ruined. Don't give him that, and nothing else will help, even the best QB coach ever.

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