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Omiyale expected to replace Beekman at left guard today

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MINNEAPOLIS--The Bears are turning back to one of the men they brought in to improve their offensive line.

Frank Omiyale is expected to start at left guard this afternoon against the Minnesota Vikings.

He will replace Josh Beekman, who has started the last four games. Omiyale started the first six games of the season before the team made the change to Beekman in hopes of jump-starting the moribund running game. The Bears have not run the ball any better with Beekman in the lineup, and they view Omiyale to be a better pass defender. That much was evident when they inserted Omiyale for Beekman at the two-minute warning at San Francisco.

Beekman, a fourth-round draft pick from Boston College in 2007, started all 16 games at left guard last season. Omiyale was signed to an $11.5 million, four-year contract in free agency.

Against the Vikings' third-ranked rushing defense, maybe the Bears know they have to air it out with Jay Cutler today and that is why they are making the change.

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Wow, I guess getting blown up on field goal attempts really endears you to the crack coaching staff the Bears have in place.

Wow they really don't like Beekman. I don't think he is the Center of the future either. Guess what though? Didn't help, and yet another blowout. This team is so bad. Is Lovie going to try and say they get off the bus running again?

Thats Lovie... Craig Steltz is a changed man...hes one of our starting safetys...ummmm hes never started a game this year. Mark Bradley is gonna start this year,,, ummm never started in '08 and was gone. On and on it goes. Lovie is has to be bi-polar or something because he is all over the map. This team is so bad its beyond pathetic. I turned this game off at half time. HEY LOVIE..YELL>>CRY>>> DO FRIGGIN SOMETHING!!!! I may have watched my last bears game. I have never seen a group of people completly destroy an NFL team like JA, Lovie and Ron Turner. Prior to the '07 season on the heals of the Ron Rivera-gate..."Trust me" he says... TRUST YOU?!?!?!!! Well, Lovie you can take your emotionless, brainless and devoid of talent team and shove it right up your a$$. We as fans have been faithful and you give us this???? I now cheer for the rams this sunday. How does the ownership of this team sit there and watch this??? AT LEAST THE BILLS HAD THE BALLS TO FIRE JAURON....Lovie will say... "Well.. its a 5 game season. We can run the table. You watch.." Will somebody in the media please call him on this. This has surpassed the dark days Wannstedt's regime.. as if that was possible.

i can't wait to see beekman earning pro bowl nods on another team after the bears cut him...

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