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Martz peeved with Sun-Times report that he'd love to coach Cutler

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Bears coach Lovie Smith declined to comment when asked to comment specifically about reports of coaching changes at Halas Hall, including a Sun-Times story that Mike Martz would love to reunite with his former defensive coordinator to work with quarterback Jay Cutler.

Smith said that his full attention is on the Minnesota Vikings, and that when you're 4-6 in a season that began with such great expectations, these are the things that are going to happen.

"Martz would love to work with Jay Cutler,'' a source close to the former architect of the Greatest Show on Turf told the Sun-Times.

Martz reacted angrily to the report when reached this afternoon by the Sporting News.

"I've never had any discussion with anybody about it. Ever. And it's extremely unprofessional, so inappropriate. This is just coming out of nowhere. I don't know who makes this crap up, but somebody is making it up.

"It's just so wrong when people make stuff up like that. There are the kinds of things you despise as a coach."

Martz said he was unaware of the report when reached in his San Diego office.

"This if the first I've heard of that," Martz said. "I just walked into the office and sat down. You could knock me over with a feather right now. No. No. They've got an offensive coordinator right now. And he's a good one.

"I have not talked to Lovie. You shocked me. You surprised me with that one."

Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner said if he's on the hot seat, he's blocked out the scrutiny.

"I just look at Minnesota film,'' he said. "I put that film on. I'm not going to think about anything else but Minnesota and that's where all of my energy and all of my focus has to go. How can we get our team better? Get our guys to perform at a high level consistently and do what their supposed to do consistently.''

Asked if he's concerned about his job security, Turner, who is signed through 2010, said he's focused on the task at hand.

"I'm concerned about Minnesota,'' he said. "I'm concerned about playing well and doing what we have to do to win this game. We still have a lot of games left. We win this game, hopefully that can get some momentum going. Really, honestly, that's all I am concerned about right now.''

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Yeah, the architect of the Greatest Show on TURF, not crappy, slippery sod. Also had a great line and receivers in his glory days.

When he didn't, he nearly got QBs killed. Look at Jon Kitna in Detroit and JT O'Something last year in San Fran. With this line and these receivers, I'm pretty sure Cutler would be on IR by midseason. Glad this is just a rumor.

Who cares...and whether or not there is any truth to this rumor.. its been great for stirring the pot at Halas Hall. We need to root Lovie and JA out of their bunker. Both of them are in survival mode now. And after the Vikes demolish us on sunday.. the flames will only get higher and hotter for those idiots.

If anyone thinks Martz is the answer to all the Bear offensive problems, they're dreaming. There are so many deep rooted problems with this whole organization,top to bottom, it's just mind boggling. Don(Air) Coryell or Sid Gilman couldn't even produce a decent offense with this current Bear team. The top guys, Lovie and Angelo, have got to go. The team is a disaster. A second round pick giveaway for Gaines Adams sealed Angelo's fate. Put your isolated camera on him Sunday against the Vikes. The guy is a stiff, a complete waste of a pick. Tampa Bay is thrilled about getting a second rounder for Adams. It has happened way too often in the Angelo era. He and Lovie need to be put out of their misery(and the fan's misery.)

Not a big of Martz, so I hope it is just a rumor. The hiring of Martz would mean another year of Lovie, and I'm hoping the folks up at Halas Hall are paying attention ! Jerry and Lovie GOTTA GO ! Besides, I would rather they hire an OC that brings some imagination to the position, not another re-tread or Lovie apologist.

I'm not big on the idea of bringing in Mike Martz, glad/hope it was just a rumor he's coming to Chicago this off-season?! Martz will straight up get a quarterback killed. His offense worked years ago partly because people weren't use to it, and because he had one of the greatest set of wideouts in league history in Bruce & Holt, probably one of the greatest all-purpose backs in league history in Faulk, and Kurt Warner wasn't to shabby himself. Martz would hardly be the answer.

I don't think its fair to put the entire blame solely on Ron Turner. Believe it or not, Turner's offense would work if Chicago could simply run the ball, they can't, thats why the offense is stuck in neutral. Chicago is one demensional on offense, again, they can't run. This is the area Chicago needs to concentrate on this off-season, the running game and offensive line.

The first problem is getting another back to spell Matt Forte, maybe it's Kahili Bell, we'll find out in the coming weeks? Matt Forte has been a one man gang for to long, you need another back to compete in today's NFL, one guy ain't gonna cut it. In all fairness, Chicago had a guy to spell Forte, unfortunately he [Kevin Jones] went down in the pre-season. Hopefully this Bell kid can be that second back?

Lastly, Chicago needs to fix that line. They need another guard inside that can get some push and pass protect. I think they can get one in the draft? And a road grader for the right tackle position. I don't know how their gonna fix it, but Angelo had better fix the line or it won't matter who he has at o-coordinator. No offense is gonna work without a running game, that, to me, is the main problem area. A legit running game would actually help Chicago's defense also. The Bears defense is based on speed, the more their on the field, the less effective they are. A running game that could grind the clock down would do wonders for Chicago's defense as well as Jay Cutler, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

the bears dont have a clue yes two running backs and a big reciever not a punt returner turned number 1.. love the bears always will but i hope they lose every game so that change will have to come!!

If it means another year of Lovie ...FORGET IT!And these guys are right Angelo has to b fired and lovie has to go.Everyone plz dont even watch the games or go to them.Thier gonna loose anyway.If no-one goes to games or watches them maybe just maybe mckaskey will sell team or get the hint!!!jees.DO NOT ATTENED BEARS GAMES....DO NOT WATCH THEM EITHER GO TO HALLAS HALL AND PROTEST SO MANY DIE HARD FANS >>U CAN MAKE A DIFFERANCE.

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