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Lions claim DeAngelo Smith off Bears' practice squad

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The Detroit Lions have placed veteran safety Marquand Manuel on injured reserve today and signed defensive back DeAngelo Smith off of the Bears' practice squad.

Smith was claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Browns in September, and then he was released and added to the practice squad. This will be his fourth organization as he was drafted by Dallas in April.

The Bears have had an opportunity to promote one of their own for five weeks now with linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa out for the season with a knee injury. The club has not placed him on injured reserve. So, the deduction you can make here is they really didn't want to hang on to Smith that badly.

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How about we bring up Iglesias? I know the kid is not NFL ready yet by any calculation, but if we activate him, find ourselves in a blowout vs Minnesota a la Bengals and Cardinals, toss the kid on the field and give him some quick learning experience with either Cutler or Henne. That way we can quicken our analysis of a 3rd round pick we'd prefer to evaluate now vs 4 years from now.

Arlen, Iglesias already is "brought up", he's not on the practice squad, he's on the active roster. But he's not going to be active on game days until the Bears are mathematically eliminated from the playoff race. And even then, I don't know how likely he'll be to see the field.

This baffles me. We are obviously undermanned in every aspect of the game, yet we keep a roster spot open for Tinoisamoa, who has zero chance of playing this year. Not saying DeAngelo Smith would be any help, but a live body is better than a dead one...
I would like to see Marten, Asiata, or Kahlil Bell get moved up to the active roster. With Peterson still getting back up to speed from hurting his knee, and Webster..I mean Wolfe's lacerated kidney, why not let Bell get some practice time in as the protector on punts, and see if he can manage to follow a block, or hit a seam. If nothing else, at least he is full size at 5'11, 212. Why play poker with a deck that's one card short?

I see we have re-signed Clermond according to Biggsy's tweeting...Why? What purpose does that serve? He is not good enough to play in the NFL, but he is a perfect candidate for the UFL, where he can get on the field and play. Being cannon fodder for a scout team is not going to help him.

Iglesias is already on the active roster, he just has not made the cut on game day.

These types of things are what differentiate the winning organizations from everybody else. We have good scouts, we have a decent track record of drafting players, but we are expecting to take lumps of play-doh and expect them to magically turn into Venus de Milo. The coaching staff is not coaching these guys up, or helping them take steps towards improving as players. There is not a single player on the team who has corrected the silly rookie mistakes they used to make. Tillman still bites on underneath routes and turns his man loose downfield. Urlacher still tries to beat the runner to the hole instead of meeting him in it so the cutback is not possible. Tommie Harris still turns his back when he is getting blown up, just so he doesn't end up 10 yards downfield instead of 4, taking himself completely out of the play. Hester still does not come back to the ball when it is in the air, which would allow him to make plays in the open field. Kreutz snaps low on every attempt from the shotgun. And don't get me started on the safeties....

The clearest evidence of this is how many players leave the Bears and have success. Berrian is still largely a one-trick pony, and has been surpassed in the passing game by Sidney Rice, but he is a better player now than when he was here. Benson looks like the power runner he was advertised as coming out of Texas. Scheme? Coaching? Game-planning? I say it is all 3 of them. In Benson's case there was a lot of maturing involved, but at the same time, we expected a power back to play in the West Coast offense rather than play to Grossman's strengths and go to power running and downfield passing.

Grossman's dad was somewhat right in that the organization doesn't support the talent on the roster, but a lot of that falls on the players too. They aren't correcting their own mistakes, which is what ultimately doomed Rex in Chicago. We will see if Cutler, who by far is the most talented QB on the Bears in my lifetime, can make the necessary adjustments and cut down his mistakes. The majority of them are a result of over-confidence and excitement. But we know he can't rely on Pep Hamilton (who has done what in his career, by the way?) to help him get better. We can't rely on Turner to move the pocket on bootlegs and sprint-outs. And we certainly can't rely on Hiestand and the offensive line to magically be able to protect him. He simply has to play better, and survive this year, until Lovie sacrifices Turner as his scapegoat this offseason.

Maybe we can hire Norv Turner after he gets fired by the Chargers...Or Jim Zorn from Washington, who definitely is going to be canned. Or how about getting a QB coach like Steve DeBerg, who is one of the best teachers of fundamentals out there? Jim Harbaugh is at the very least a teacher of the game. Stanford is locking him up long term though, so that's out. We aren't going to get Shanahan or Holmgren, and if we bring in Martz, I am becoming a baseball fan....He is the Steve Spurrier of the NFL, where he takes away all the QBs ability to improvise, and goes minimal protection, which makes them take a ton of un-necessary hits. He would be the death of Cutler.

One more crap effort this weekend out of this team will force Jerry to consider the thought of Lovie not being the guy who can get control of this team back, and realize it's time for a change. He might not ever get to the point of firing him, but he will have to at least consider it. Not that I want to see another effort like that, but this team is out of control, and slipping over the edge into the same neighborhood as the Raiders, Lions, Browns, Jets, Rams, and Chiefs...We have more wins, but won't get another one with what we are doing on the field.

Joe just a thought for you, about Turner. To be fare to the man, something should be said about how he has used Cutler. Denver used Cutler by setting him up at different positions on the field, using a moving pcoket, rollouts and the like. Lovie has said he wants Cutler to saty in the pocket, and Turner has not argued that, and I think I know why. When a QB rolls out or is using a moving pocket the recievers are asked to do a lot of in rout adjustments. If you notice and it has been said that when Cutler scrambles the recievers quit on the plays. Could it be that the reason the Bears are not using Cutlers mobility is because the recievers are unable to adjust in routs. Again this would limit the offense.

Things they have proven they can't do:
Run Block
Pass Block
Pick up the blitz
In rout adjustments
Can't use Cutlers mobility
Struggle to spread the field
Have no time for the recievers and QB to develop the play

I don't think Turner is great but I don't think he is bad as many think. He is not the biggest problem with this team, and niether is Lovie. Its the organization as a whole. The Bears are not a football organization, they are a buisness that happens to be involved in football. An organization that uses the historic nature of the name and legendary history of the team to make money. But their is a lack of urgency at the top of this organization. Its not about being cheap, they are are very smart well run buisness, but they are not a great football organization and don't seem to have the desire to be.

Ted Phillips was given his job not because he was football smart but because they wanted a new stadium and he got them that stadium and it was a sweet deal. That tells you about what this organization wants, it doesn't want titles, it wants money, if it happens to get a title along the way all the better but that is not the primary concern.

They are not putting players on IR so they don't have to bring players up and PAY THEM. We have Lovie for the full term of his contract and a Angelo for the full term of his contract. The only way the McCaskey clan will start spending money and making changes is if they start to see a drop in profitability and that will never happen with PSL's and season ticket waiting lists. Bears fans won't give up their seats to boycott them, they rather pay to go see a poor product put out on the field and waste their money.

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