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Idonije zapped for $5,000 by NFL for facemask penalty

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Defensive lineman Israel Idonije has been fined $5,000 by the NFL for his facemask penalty in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Idonije briefly grabbed McNabb's facemask and let go, but the officials caught the play in the first quarter. On the third-and-seven play, McNabb ran for a six-yard gain. The penalty gave the Eagles a first down on their touchdown drive that gave them a 10-0 lead.

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Penalized, under the rules. O.K. Then, the football whores in the NFL, want money as well. I wonder if that's covered by the rules of the game. This league has been going down into the pits for years with gun toting jerks, animal abusers, cons and ex-cons, etc. getting passes and now double jeopardy for game infractions that are covered by yard/down penalties. I can see it for flagrent intentions to hurt someone. But then again, there are time tested rules for this as well.
Thank god for some good guys like Idonije, Tillman, etc.

Does a facemask always cost 5 grand? Cause I don't recall.

Bob the NFL does not keep money from penalties, it goes to charies.

Oh has anyone read Dan Pompei's latest? Bead I don't know who comes up with the headlines for these articles but they have an awsome job. Brad you must never lest Dan live this down, and I quote the headline and Dan Pompei. "JARED ALLEN, MORE THAN A MOUTH FULL"

Really Brad, its the holidays, thats just plain wrong. Plus how does Dan know this about Allen, has he been talking to Brando or is their something we should know about him. Not that their is anything wrong with that, if thats your thing.

I don't know how that was called a penalty. He just stuck his and out there trying to grab a hold of something and when he realized he got the facemask he let it go immediately. No way was it intentional.

ahhh....bfd inonije!!! it rained last week ans my basement flooded ans my xbox got wett....yea my xbox....i was sooo mad tahts i made my mommmy go out ans by me a new one.

but you guys now me old crap-ton...jut trying to be posative...

p.s. I AM KINNGG!!1!!!!!

Kyle Orton on Josh McDamiels....

“It’s great to have a coach like that, you know, emotional,” Orton said. “We’ve got a lot of emotion on our offense. I think our guys appreciate it and thrive off of it.”

Geez don't it sound like he is taking a shot at his former head coach?? Sleepy Smith?

First, that's weak. He grazed the facemask of McNabb and got a 15-yard penalty. A fine though? Jeus that's assinine.

Second, "So Long Lovie!!" did Orton look like this during the interview?

Despite all of Orton's shortcomings the guy continues to win. You have to respect that even though I make fun of him (and Cutler) on my blog. Orton found a system that he was made for and is prospering. Good on him and if that's a shot at Lovie so be it but Orton was always classy with his interviews so I think he's just genuinely happy to be out of Chicago and winning of course.

Coach Orton did find a system that works for him its called the surround you with tons of talent system. But sense Denver's by week the guy has come down to earth, in his last 5 games he has throw only three TD with his totally loaded offense and 5 picks. That is pre his bs ankle injury.

Good teams always get better as the season goes on, not worse. Just to point out, Denver is averaging 17 points a game, with a loaded offense. Thats not good, however Orton is once again in the let my defense carry the team and i'll take the credit mode. That fool talked about how great he was in 05 leading the Bears to victory. I can't forgive a guy for taking credit for someone elses work.

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