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Hester on full moon surprise: "I got a lot of comments from chicks"

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Being a wholesome blog devoted solely to football, we're not going to link to the oodles of videos available on the World Wide Web of Devin Hester and his uniform malfunction at the end of Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. If you're interested, you'll find it.

Hester was trying to reach down and scoop up a low pass from Jay Cutler when Eagles cornerback Dimitri Patterson dragged him down by his britches, casting a full moon over NBC's telecast of the game.

"I ain't talking about that,'' Hester said this afternoon as he walked off the practice field inside the Walter Payton Center. "I'm trying to let that die down."

Hester was embarrassed by the incident but said it's one of the things that can happen when a defender grabs ahold of you just the right wrong place.

"It done happened before. It's not the first time and it won't be the last,'' he said. "There's nothing you can do, man, when they pull your pants."

Asked if he has received an outpouring of attention over the incident, he asked to change the subject.

"Don't do this to me,'' he said. "Let it die down. I did got a lot of comments from chicks, I'll consider that as a compliment."

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I really would have liked for media to ask him why he didn't block his man on Bell's 72-yard run. If Hester had at least made an attempt to sell the pass and jammed up Samuel a bit there was no way Samuel would have been able to make it over to the other side of the field fast enough to push Bell out of bounds. Instead, we just saw Hester jogging comfortably down the field not even trying to help.

Hester is ruined by this horrible coaching staff.

I saw it live and it was hilarious. Guys, if you want your female partners to take an interest in the game, you might want to show this to them. They ALWAYS make a big deal out of the huddles.

On second thought, do you really want them watching the game with you? Probably not.

Still, it was pretty funny.

ZoranB, not everything is an opportunity to criticize a player. Ease up a bit and enjoy life for a minute.

ZoranB is right; I just looked at the play again. If Hester tries to catch up to Bell (like the player on Hester did) and makes a block, there's a good chance they get 7 points instead of 3 in a game where they lost by 4. How is it that players in a must win game give up on plays?

If Hester had been admonished for his play, fine, I won't say a word. The fact that he's treated with kiddie gloves just ticks me off.

And really, how do you see that I'm taking "every opportunity" to criticize Hester? This is the first blog post since the game dedicated to him so I took the chance to share my opinion of him. Just because I'm not giggling like a school-girl over seeing a guy's butt doesn't mean I don't enjoy things.

Why Brad? Why? Devin "Cheeks" Hester. You know that was a starnge game, a lot of wierd things going on. I guess it was the full moon.

Oh Devin dont be cheeky

made me curious enough to watch that bell play again and zoran called it, that is some lazy bs by hester. one of about 374 different reasons why they are not very good anymore.

It’s a microcosm of the way this whole team has dropped their shorts and bore their butts to all of the fans!

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