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Four Down Territory, Nov. 6: What's with Gaines Adams?

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Had some questions pile up in the mailbox the last few days, so let's bat out a couple questions before getting the day started. Here we go.

Q: So much for the great Gaines Adams trade. Can we write him off as a bust, or is it too early? What gives. I thought he was an instant upgrade for the incredibly disappearing pass rush?

Jerome I., Chicago

A: No one promised a bang when Adams arrived three weeks ago for a second-round draft pick. He's been used sparingly vs. Cincinnati and Cleveland, and even was in on punt return against the Browns. He's still working to get acclimated to the system, the team, the coaches. Granted, the pass rush hasn't been nearly what it should be over the last few weeks, but Adams is the last person you can blame for that. The trade for him was made with the long range in mind and I'm going to keep an open mind on it. I think it was good value for a guy that scouts and coaches from other organizations said was a good pass rusher. Like I said at the time of the deal, Adams doesn't have to justify his status as the fourth pick in the 2007 draft to the Bears. He has to provided second-round value for them. I'm pretty sure he can do that. Until he gets into a steady rotation, the Bears need to count on a better pass rush from those players on the field. Adams has been a pro and isn't clamoring for playing time. Let's give this one a little time. Plus, I think he needs to hit the weight room.

Q: All of the articles about scaling back the offense have been hilarious. How can they scale back something that is already scaled back? The only way is to run the ball, they can't run. Most people are calling for Ron Turner to open it up more, spread the field, get the defenses to back off a bit. The line can't pass protect, might as well utilize 3-4 receiver sets and let Cutler hit the open man. The underneath routes will be open with a couple more receivers on the field. I'm glad Turner refused. He should have said, how?

David T., Stanfield, N.C.

A: Seems that Turner came to the same conclusion you did, at least about whether or not the offense needed to be scaled back. The Bears are now ranked 26th in the league in rushing, two spots below where they finished last season. Everyone thought that Matt Forte's rookie franchise record signaled a real, strong running game, but the fact is the numbers didn't add up when you looked around the league because almost no one else carried the ball last season. I disagree about the pass protection. The Bears had 11 sacks through the first six games, which is less than two per game. They surrendered four vs. Cleveland but I'd say three of those could have been avoided had Cutler gotten rid of the ball. Has the pass protection been terrific? No. Good? No. Adequate? Very much so. Fifteen teams have allowed more sacks than the Bears. Turner can do more, and Cutler sure beamed about the idea of some bootlegs and things of that nature. As far as three- and four-wide sets, 137 of Cutler's 239 pass attempts have come with three and four wide receivers on the field. The Bears need to play better and Turner needs to call better games. We'll see what happens Sunday. Something isn't right, and the running game ranking where it did last season, or where it is now simply isn't acceptable.

Q: Jerry Angelo said the Bears are not signing a player to replace Pisa Tinoisamoa unless they see someone that will be active for them during games. Is this just a ploy to save money? Seriously.

Raul F., Chicago

A: It goes to show you NFL rosters aren't as deep as 53 men, that's what it tells you. I understand Angelo's point here. The Bears have not identified a player on their own practice squad, or elsewhere, who can come in right now and help the 45-man roster on Sundays. Instead of filling Tinoisamoa'a spot with a body, anyone, the Bears are waiting to see what type of need they may have develop. Say, for instance, fullback Jason McKie gets banged up and stands to miss a game or two. The Bears are carrying just one fullback on the 53-man roster. This would allow them to swap out Tinoisamoa for practice squadder Will Ta'ufo'ou, or sign a veteran. As far as money, yes this saves the Bears money. Using the rookie pay of $310,000, the Bears save roughly $18,235 per week. I would expect the roster spot to be filled by the end of the season. Remember, too, they can't pluck someone off another team's practice squad for this spot without having to keep him on the 53-man roster for at least three weeks. That's not a move they want to make because they could have a need arise at a different position. Hope that makes sense.

Q: Any chance the Bears take a look at Edgerrin James to help complement Matt Forte who is clearly not healthy?

Greg B., Indiana

A: No. James isn't much different than the player Brian Urlacher kept tackling in the fourth quarter at Arizona in 2006 when the Bears rallied for a victory with three return touchdowns, one of them a James' fumble forced by Urlacher and returned for a touchdown by Charles Tillman. No tread left on the tires there.

Thanks for reading and thanks as always for the participation.

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What?! No one promised a bang with Adams's arrival? Why then did the Bears give up a second-round pick for him? Are you saying teams don't expect much out of their second-round picks? And what kind of nonsense is it that he's getting acclimated? He played in the same defense for years! And what's so hard about the end position to learn? It may be the easiest place of all to play. Stop making excuses for the Bears' blunders. Either they don't know talent or they can't use it properly, so let's not cover for them when everyone with eyes can see their incompetence.

Brad Biggs stated:
"Has the pass protection been terrific? No. Good? No. Adequate? Very much so. Fifteen teams have allowed more sacks than the Bears."

No offense but have you been watching the games? You are using stats to create your own version of reality just like you did with the Frank Omiyale thing.

I have noticed when Cutler actually has time in the pocket he picks apart defenses quite easily. More often than not he is rushed and has to either throw early or throw the ball away.

Why don't you quote the stats on hurries/hits/knockdowns? If Cutler wasn't pretty decent at throwing the ball away he would have more sacks than Aaron Rodgers.

Wow, so the offensive line is playing adequately, but Cutler is his own worst enemy because he holds the ball too long?

I'm not a huge fan of Jay Cutler, but Brad's logic seems a bit far fetched.

Cutler may be holding onto the ball too long because as soon as he completes his drop, he has to duck one or two d-linemen and sidestep two others.

Maybe Cutler is holding the ball too long because he is fixated on watching his o-line gel... in real time and while it's happening.

I have to agree with Mike in that the Bears traded for Adams with the expectation of him upgrading our D-Line, you know, the one that Marinelli was going to turn around but has yet to make an impact at all, you know, the one the Bears said that was there biggest and best off-season acquistion. My question is, what does Adams have to learn for passing down, it's pretty simple, line up at DE and go get the QB. The Bears organization made another mistake, stop covering for them Brad!

Wow, great to hear about Turner looking at running some bootleg plays. Last year Cutler had the highest rating of any NFL QB outside the pocket. Any ideas on whether that will open up things for the running game if it is successful?

"Maybe the bigger point here, the one that should come into focus, is has Cutler made those around him better? The wide receivers are certainly playing at a better level, although I'm not going to celebrate their play and make it into something it hasn't been. The running game, the pass protection, this is what we've seen before."

Although I understand Brad's point, this is flawed logic. Cutler could very well be keeping the offense from looking even worse. The relevant comparison (albeit impossible to actually observe) would be Orton in THIS year's offense, with THIS year's offensive line. I say Orton takes more sacks and the passing game stinks even worse than it does now.

I think you all underestimate Jerry Angelo's skill at evaluating talent in the second round. It's just not always football talent. To wit:

2007 2nd round pick Dan Bazuin now starring as Howie Long in the Michigan Dinner Theater musical "The Long Goodbye: The True Story of Howie Long's Slow Descent Into Madness," written and directed by former Bear thespian Willie Gault. (Interesting side note: former first-round pick Michael Haynes plays Art Shell).

2006 2nd round pick Devin Hester is currently studying violin with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and is on track to become aprodigy, perhaps the greatest player of all time. Poor Devin is unaware that Lovie Smith will intervene early next year, switch him to cello, which he will play only passably for the rest of his career.

2005 2nd round pick Mark Bradley is working for Goldman Sachs in the off-season, devising even better ways to loan money to deadbeats, roll those loans into securities, which are then sold to your pension fund.

2004 2nd round pick Tank Johnson currently perfecting the art of staying alive and free.

A smart GM would have them recognizing what they are right now - a marginal team - give them 1, maybe 2 more games doing things, trying to do things, for 2009 and then start making some wholesale changes, with an eye towards better (god willing) off season decisions based upon a reasonable assesment of what they have in their younger players.

1. O-line: A complete retool including all of the following:

a. bench Pace
b. move Williams to left
c. Omaliyale to right - he's a tackle right ?

2. D-line:

a. Bench Tommie Harris - yes the team rises and fall with him, but it doesn't look like he's ever going to return to his prior level (poor guy). If he was an investment, all of us would have sold him a long time ago
b. Play Gaines. This guy looks like a clone of Mark Anderson. If these two are the replacements for Brown and Ogunleye then we need them to starting playing - and yes Gaines looks like he needs weight room work. Develop or dispose. Gaines needs to provide more value than a 2nd round OG, OT, or CTR in order for this to be a move to have been a good one.

c. Gilbert - the bears version of wheres Waldo. A 3rd round pick. As I recall there were a few safeties on the board when he was selected.

3. Receivers:

I like Knox and I like Hester, but they are two speedy guys who need an o-line who can provide time for them to get down field. Having both on the field with this O-line creates a problem. So why isn't Aramoshodu or Igelsias getting development time.

4. Running Back.

Garrett wolfe is a Ron Turner projection that just doesn't work; not at least when you run him right a center. If that in itself isn't an indictment of Turner, I don't know what is. Oh, ya, look at all the yards he got when the game was over ... please spare us.

Again, all of these comments assume this team doesn't show signs of life for another 2 weeks.

Brad that is good stuff on the 45 and 53 roster choices the Bears have to make.

Their recent 45-man choices make me wonder about a couple of rookies, D.J. Moore and Jarron Gilbert. It seems like they have kind of faded off the radar. Wasn't Moore getting reps on defense early in the year?

Both these players are supposed to be raw, but with off-the-charts athleticism. It's understandable that they would struggle as rookies at their "normal" positions, but you would think that Dave Toub would be salivating at the chance to get them on the field for special teams.

We are not often seeing either Moore or Gilbert activated on game days. Do we know why?

I watched the saints/ falcons game the other night and cringed at how in comparison the bears are.. in other words they stink!! every team seems to improve every season and we get the same garbage..
new QB old worn out plans ie turner and lovie dovies tampa 2 doesnt work..

granted urlacher and pisa being injured hurt a lot but the offense, lack of protection and game time adjustments/ talent evaluation all fall on the coaching staff and GM which fails to prepare or adjust to the game and for the game!!

runninng game needs a power back to compliment forte not wolfe who if anything will always be a special teamer..

i love the bears but i hope they dont make the playoffs so changes hopefully will be made and the fans boycott like the browns fans did.. we deserve a better product in the CHI~!!

Unless major changes happen, I don't see the bears winning another game this year...O.line sucks, D.line sucks and that's where it all starts and ends.

Jerome I and Michael K... You apparently didn't read any of the articles written about the Gaines Adams trade.
I didn't read a single article that indicated they thought they were going to really get much or anything out of Gaines Adams this year. What I read was that they got an under-performing and under-weight talent that would be a long-term project for Marinelli.

Brad, is it possible that Cutler can't trust the wide receivers to make the correct cuts and make the correct hot reads to the point that he needs to hold on to the ball longer to watch them do it?

The Blaxico Purress comment above is funny.

Seriously, guys, you need to lay off of Brad on the Gaines Adams thing. He is absolutely right that you cannot blame the guy for not being on the field yet. The trade was obviously made b/c Wale and Anderson are both free agents and unlikely to both be resigned, if either. He is probably going to be in the rotation next year, likely with gilbert and alex brown, b/c its hard for me to see gilbert playing inside in the bears system.

I do expect D.J. Moore to be the nickel next year at least, but he's not going to play ahead of a healthy Bowman and Tillman. Bears should resign Manning at FS, cut losses with Vasher, and pray to God tommie doesn't have surgery again in the offseason.


Those are some real bad ideas.

1. That's a great way to get Cutler killed. When a player loses an individual matchup along the line it's easy for fans to see, but matchups are usually a small part in evaluating line play. Most of the problems the Bears are having on the O-line are a result of not reacting quickly enough to the defense when the ball is snapped. This year they completely retooled the O-line and really the whole offense. Teams are killing them by continually mixing their defensive schemes, making them think too much. The offense is still learning to play together and too often somebody blows an assignment. This includes the backs and tight ends.

Starting over is going to make that worse. Let them learn together as a group and then they can start changing individual players to improve.

2. OK let's review. You want to bench Harris because the team rises and falls with him so you can play Gilbert, who you already think is a draft bust?

3. Listen to yourself dude. You want to bench either Knox or Hester because the o-line can't block and you think all those guys are able to do is get downfield fast?

4. Over the last 4-5 games I think Garrett Wolfe has like 97 yards on 16 carries. From what I have seen, he is holding his own when stuck in pass protection. Exactly what would it take to "work"?

Brad you know you can't win this argument. By the way you are the guy that said its not about sacks its about pressure. But here you are talking about sacks. Jay Cutler isn't Orton he avoids a lot of sacks that Orton wouldn't. At the same time Orton would not look downfield like Cutler does or try to go through his progressions, he would go right to the check down. Last years line sucked, and this year line is even worse. Yes its adequate to do a three step drop and throw a check down pass. But don't hold your breath on seeing a lot of 5 step drops, or a moving pocket, or drive blocking, or guys who can pull, or screens that work and have protection. Or even a Pocket. What you can see with this line is snap the ball turn and fire asap. Its a WCO Brad the line is suppose to be a strength, you need it to be real good and real athletic and its not.

We all hoped for more from the line and thats why you are seeing a bigger backlash this year. No one excpected a lot from St. Clair, or Beekman, or even Tait. But people did and do excpect more from Pace, Williams, and Omiyale. It was the Bears who talked up Omiyale not the fans. They signed a guy with one career start at Tackle to play Guard a position he has never played and told us how good he looked and how happy they where. Pace is a HOF calibur tackle and we want more from him, why wouldn't we. Williams is a high first round pick who the Bears say they love and lots of people thought he woud be good, not me but some people did. So why is it bothering you that we excpect more form this line and this team. Hey even I didn't think the line would be this bad and thats saying something.

Not trying to take blame off Cutler for his mistakes, but the whole offense is bad and it starts at the line. You know this. Most of the offense needs to be upgraded, TE, Olsen doesn't look good, RB, Forte looks bad, the line looks aweful, the recievers are nothing special, and Cutler pressing.

Brad lot at it this way, we know Turner is not happy about the offense right? Well notice that nobody is talking about the line up at Halas Hall but they did make a switch didn't they, so that tells you they see a big problem with the line and after the switch and after a win Turner was down right angry after a 24 point win and watching his QB get hammered a whole game.

Brad, I agree with Mike S. on this.

Give me stats on Cutler's knockdowns and hurried throws.

Give me stats on how many rushers it takes to get those knockdowns and hurried throws against the Bears' linemen

Give me stats at how many goes run routes on a given play or stay in to block.

We had a false start on a critical 4th and 1 play against the Falcons. Earlier on that drive, with 6 guys staying in to block and only 3 down linemen rushing the QB, DT Babineux ran a stunt play from over the top on Kreutz allllll the way around the RT for a sack. He was untouched.

We've seen the fumbled snaps before and we've seen Fred Miller essentially fail to even make contact with a pass rusher, but how do you allow a quick sack when you have twice as many blockers as rushers, and it was the DT no less!

What's with Jarron Gilbert? He was thought by Kiper to be the steal of the draft and with the performance of the d tackles so far this year he still can't find any playing time??? You never hear anything about him.

If you think the pass protection is adequate I suggest you go back and watch some of the game film. Even when Cutler makes a pass he is being hit hard or avoiding a rush in his face. He is making the "O" line look "adequate".

The only reason Green Bay has allowed more sacks is because Aaron Rodgers really DOES hold the ball too long. Green Bay's "O" line gets the blame for Rodgers waiting for the deep play to materialize. NOT the case with Cutler, if you can't see the difference I'm not sure what to think.

I think Turner needs to keep his mouth shut period...The bears need to get NFL ready coaching and coordinators on the payroll...It's not marinelli's fault he has straight garbage ends and d-lines outside of Alex Brown ..Do the bears have the most talent? no but we are more talented then what we have shown the last 7 games...The bears love Lovie Smith and thats great ! They can love him when he isnt the bears coach next year....we are lacking a backbone..we have become old , slow , unmotivated and unlucky...The Gaines Adams move terrible...we may have set ourselves back another draft...Where is gilbert???

im sure that orlando pace, tinoesumoa , archuletta marinelli and so on all love lovie he keeps finding them jobs!! Hey check out wjjg 1530 am call in live sat 3-4:30 so we can debate it !!

How many teams would have traded a starting OG for a 2nd rounder? Half the damn league probably. The biggest need was totally ignored. How as a GM could you not see that the OL is in chaos. It matters little was Ron Turner does with the playbook. Culter has little time to throw..period. We all know that the interior 3 on that OL cannot move the pile.. yet Turner continues to slam the ball in there. Forte has great vision.. run the stretch play and let Matt pick a spot, cut and run. Hes better on the edge anyway. We all scream logic here, but those idiots just dont get it. Get Wolfe on the sweep, draw,, screen. I cringe every time Turner runs the good old off guard dive with little Garrett. Lets hope the D plays well against the Cards, because the Cards front 4 may get 5 sacks if Cutler is not careful. Also note to Jerry Angelo.. your OL sucks when your QB looks like he was just in a bar fight.. Cutler wont survive the season if he continues to get pounded the way he did against the Browns..

I agree with Brad, the running game isn't any better this year than it was last, we all know that. I thought going into the season, with a QB like Cutler who has the ability to extend plays with his feet and the arm to push the ball down field, could help Chicago's running game, he hasn't.

To fix the running game its gonna take more than a great QB like Cutler. I think Chicago knows this and knew it, hence the Frank Omiyale signing. The problem with the running game is the line, namely the left guard spot. Angelo made a bad personnel move with Omiyale. On paper, Omiyale looks like your prototypical left guard, on the field he doesn't. As of right now Beekman is Chicago's best left guard on the roster. I like Beekman as a center moving forward. This off-season Angelo needs to bring in a left guard, a pure left guard, not some backup tackle who looks like a guard. Years back Ron Turner had Chicago running the ball pretty good with guards like Rex Tucker and Todd Perry manning the left guard spot. Chicago probably felt Omiyale could give them another Tucker or Perry...he didn't. I would like to see the Bears use their 3rd rounder this year on a PURE left guard. Two players I like right now are Alabama's Mike Johnson [6-6 305lbs], and hometown boy Jon Asamoah of Illinois, who at 6-5 315lbs is probably the Big Tens best interior run blocker. Both Johnson and Asamoah can play guard and have the ability to come in and give Chicago some push inside that they lack. And Chicago could nab both of them in the 3rd. Another position of need going into the off-season is another running back to help Forte. Again, its clear Angelo needs to address the left guard spot going into the off-seaon as priority ONE, hopefully he already is GO BEARS!!


The reason that the pass protection looks better is that Cutler has taken chances and thrown the ball probably where he souldnt have. Also, he has moved HIS FEET to get away from potential sacks, something that Orton could never do. I think you know Kyle Orton, hes the guy who ducks down the minute pressure comes at him and goes down. Cutler at least tries to run and buy time. This is the piece that you are missing in the comparison. Anybosy can look at just stats and make them say anything they wanted to, numbers do lie.

To MSBearsfan:

Ok, 1st of all I say, give them a couple of more games - but if they lose the next two, or even go 1-1; then this team's upside for 2009 does not depend on these old guys, it does depend on building for the future.

1. O-line. Do you seriuosly think O.Pace will look better next years than this year. Pace will = 35, Kruetz = 33, Garza = 30

2. D-Line. If Tommie Harris doesn't play better in the next couple of games - is he really going to rebound during the next year and a half. He's 3 years removed from his stellar SB year. Brown = 30, Ogunleye = 32.

If we're going to lose because we can't get a pass rush with these old broken down guys then yes, I want to see what we have with the youth here. Something getting accomplished this year is better than nothing.

3. OK, fine leave Knox in there. Go with more 3/4. Roll Culter out. Spike the cool-aide of our opponents. Hester/Know are 185/190 - Iglesias/ARomoshodo are 205/210.

4. But Wolfe ... useless ... especially running behind Kruetz and the center of the line

Again, if we're going down, lets learn something along the way.

- just stikes me that these two

Gaines Adams is TERRIBLE - Dont blame the fact that he has only been here 2-3 weeks on his poor performance. His performance has always been poor. Just another bad give away of draft choices for a no talent lazy player. Jerry A. has to he fired for this he has never been a good judge of talent and this last blunder is proof of it.

So my question is why does Jerry no judge of talent keep making these awful trades. This guy sucks!

I share the disappointment in the offensive line so far this season. At the beginning of the season I was excited that we had a much better line than last year. Half way through, I'm mostly disappointed in the run blocking, and I second Brad's opinion that the pass blocking isn't as bad as a lot of us are making it sound. Yes, it could be better, and our expectations are higher, but watching games I can't help but think that it's more a problem of the WRs not being able to get open consistently, and not being on the same page with Cutler.

We're talking about the 4 sacks by the Browns. The 1st sack came with Cutler having to hold onto the ball a split scond longer because he couldn't find anybody open (it's a 5-man blitz and a LB gets by Pace, flushing Cutler up in the pocket). 2nd sack is a 6-man blitz, and that's the play that Olsen was likely supposed to chip the blitzing LB before getting into his pattern (and it's a shame because we had Forte wide open in the endzone, which is where I suspect the play was designed to go had Cutler had a split second longer to throw the ball). 3rd sack is initially a 6-man safety blitz (a LB starts up field on the left side then backs off making it a 5-man blitz), Cutler doesn't recognize the unblocked safety on the right or Bennet open in the flat as a hot read, gets flushed up the pocket. 4th sack is a delayed 5-man blitz with both LBs on the left side coming around Pace who was engaged with a DE and Forte only being able to pick off one of them.

I counted 4 QB pressures where Cutler had enough time, but simply couldn't find anybody. On the non-fumble (ruled an incomplete pass), again Cutler holding onto the ball not finding anybody open, and a LB on a delayed blitz gets by Forte quickly, Cutler eludes the LB initially but hesitates in letting it go. The play Cutler gets his tongue cut is a 5-man blitz with the OLB getting by Kreutz on a line stunt up the middle; Cutler had enough time to get the ball off medium range. The play that Cutler got planted by Shawn Rodgers after completing a mid-range pass to Knox is a 6-man blitz with Rodgers beating Beekman one on one.

I'm writing all this because a lot of us are making it sound like the line is getting beat by straight 3- and 4-man rushes all day long and all season long, which simply isn't the case. I'm not saying that it hasn't happened, it has, but not as frequently as it seems.

I wish the line would play better too, but I think plugging Beekman in for Omiyale is enough for the time being and I expect the line play to improve. Making drastic changes now I fear will kill Cutler. I also venture to think that the receivers are a bigger problem at the moment; they need to start challenging opposing defenses, and not rely on Cutler to get them the ball.

Watching the new season of TUF and Marcus Jones is one of the fighters. If anyone remembers him he was a 1st round pick by Jerry Angelo (22nd overall) in Tampa in 1996. It took him until his 4th year to get onto the field as a pass rush specialist when he recorded 7.0 sacks that season.

The next season, his 5th, he posted 13.0 sacks as a right defensive end ... the same year Sapp set the sack record. The next year? 3 sacks and out of the league.

The point? Jerry Angelo drafted a guy 22nd overall. Rod "The Savior" Marinelli coached him up so well it took him until his 5th season to make an impact. He had a great 6th season because Warren Sapp was busy destroyting the league. His 7th season, he was ineffective and gone. He's now trying to make a 6-figure contract in the UFC.

The Rod-love ... I've heard about enough of it and I said that when he was hired


I don't know whether those guys will be better or worse next year and don't really care. The Bears are 4-3. If they win this weekend they are right in the thick of the wildcard race and would still have a shot at the division. If they go 1-1 the next 2 games, that will be essentially the same.

It's not even the half way point of the season, and the Bears are well within the playoff race. Given that situation, you are wanting to park veterans on the bench in order to develop backups?

This season is just getting started. Next year will come soon enough.

Coach, you must not know your history too well otherwise you would have known that Coach Marinelli is reponsible for the likes of Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice. He is simply the best defensive line coach in the league. You must be a total idiot if you can't see that.

Arlen, Jay Culter has been sacked 15 times this year, not good but not horrible. However he has been hit 46 times, 7th worst in the nfl, as for hurries its someplace in the 30's. Pass protection has been bad. Combing that with the Bears running game and lack of ability for lthe line to execute certain blocking schemes do to lack of athletic ability and you have one of the worst lines in football. End of story.

Think about this Brad. Carolina made tackle a priority in the 2008 draft even though Omiyale was already on the team. So that tells you what kind of tackle he is. We have seen what kind of guard he is. He is an 11 million dollar waste of money. As for Chris Williams, well I believe Angelo's ugly draft history is coming to the surface their. Pace a well past his prime tackle defending the blind side of the new QB. Kruetz a guy whose play has been falling off for about 2 years, and we have no backup with any experience at the position to replace him. None of these moves where good moves by the GM. An old line, with players who's best days are well behing them, a jounrney men back up, with 1 career game, and Williams who looks like another Angelo 1st pick special.

You know why they skipped Otah in the draft? Because they wanted a LT. What position is Williams playing? RT. Mistake after mistake and zero accountability for the GM, in fact he got his contract extended. This organization is inept.

The number of sacks v. Cutler and where that number ranks in the league is deceptive and doesn't mean what you think it does. Cutler is well above average in avoiding sacks. So if the Bears have allowed an average number, that means that 1) the pass protection is awful -- which it is -- 2) the receivers can't get open -- which they can't -- or both. Cutler is running for his life almost every pass play and the Bears have had to forgo long passes because of that. I don't see how you can say the pass protection has been adequate. (Maybe you could say that about Pace and Garza, but not about the line as a (w)hole.) Just like the run blocking, the pass protection has been nothing short of horrid.

Football is the ultimate team sport and is also by far the most complicated, with a lot of moving parts. Stats can be useful for identifying certain things, but drawing conclusions solely based on them instead of actually watching the games and films and considering everything in context will lead you to false conclusions.

I can't believe you Brad, that you think Marinelli made Rice and Sapp the players they are. Rice was already an elite DE before he went to Tampa and Sapp was a very good player out of college. The problem is that Marinelli is a good coach, not an elite coach but the Bears organization made him out to be a saviour by calling him their "best" off-season move. Wake up Brad!

Creighton, you are exactly right, the signing of Omilaye was terrible to say the least, not only was that a bad signing but they gave him way too much money and then handed him the starting job when he didn't earn it. However, I think that Beekman would be a good replacement for Kreutz. Angelo should have been drafting O-Line the past few years instead of drafting D-Line all these years.

By Bill Holland: "Coach, you must not know your history too well otherwise you would have known that Coach Marinelli is reponsible for the likes of Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice. He is simply the best defensive line coach in the league. You must be a total idiot if you can't see that."

Hello, Pot? Kettle is on line 1. He says YOU'RE BLACK!!!

Do you realize Warren Sapp was a BLUE CHIP player? Seriously I will give Marinelli credit but the only reason Sapp was not a #1 overall was because he had a positive test for marijuana at the combine.

And Simeon Rice? Are you retarded? Rice is the Big Ten leader in sacks to this day! He was DRAFTED by one of the worst teams in the NFL at the time the Cardinals. His best season as a pro was as a CARDINAL!!! Yeah, you pair him, Sapp, and McFarland together and they were great but how many #1 picks do the Bears have on their d-line???

If retarded was communicable you would be classified as WEAPONS GRADE!

Creighton and "Da Coach..." have to say I agree (and am entertained) with your analysis of the current situation/dilemna the Bears are in. The talent and the coaches are all overrated! But that will never be admitted at Halas Hall! Not until a new regime is put in as a replacement - and we all know the likelihood of THAT happening with the extended contracts ($$$) which remain.

So enjoy your 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (maybe even 2012 & 2013, also) Chicago Bears. The names remain the same ... because it would cost too much to get rid of them!

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