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Ex-Bears coach Jauron fired in Buffalo

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Ex-Bears coach Dick Jauron has been replaced by ex-Bears defensive backs coach Perry Fewell as the coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Jauron was fired today by Bills owner Ralph Wilson with the team sitting at 3-6 after being blown out Sunday at Tennessee.

Jauron, who coached the Bears from 1999 through 2003, compiled a 24-33 record as the head coach of the Bills, who had far less talent to work with than Wilson ever imagined. The Bills have not reached the postseason since 1999.

The move makes Jauron the first coach fired in-season by Wilson since he let go Hank Bullough during the middle of the 1986 season. Bullough is the father of Chuck Bullough, a former Bears' defensive assistant.

"I am announcing today that I am relieving Dick Jauron from his duties as our head coach, effective immediately," Wilson said in a statement. "I have tremendous respect for Dick and thank him for all of his efforts during these past four years. While this was a very difficult decision, I felt that it is one that needed to be made at this time for the best interest of our team. We will now focus on moving forward and preparing for our game this week in Jacksonville."

Jauron also spent time as the interim coach of the Detroit Lions after Steve Mariucci was fired in 2005. Jauron's career record is 60-82 and the high point came in 2001 when he guided the Bears to a 13-3 record.

Fewell was the second secondary coach for Lovie Smith. He replaced Vance Bedford in 2005 and then left to be the defensive coordinator under Jauron.

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Let's see....Ineffective offense, lackluster defense, team not showing any passion.....sound familiar? It is the same thing he did while he was here, and is the same issue that plagues the Bears today. He should never have gotten the chance to be a head coach again, despite the fact that he is one of the most genuine and likeable people in the industry of football. His track record outside of the Bears 13-3 season is 47-79, a .373 career winning percentage. That is not the man I want running my franchise.

Norv Turner, Wade Phillips, Eric Mangini, Jim Mora Jr., and I'm sure several others I am forgetting, are all given head coaching second chances, third chances, etc. rather than giving younger, more dynamic coaches a chance to be a head coach. One thing to note is that all of the above listed group are/were excellent coordinators prior to getting the head gig, and they should have been relegated to the same role after the train wrecks they have put on the field.

I thought this team needed a steady hand when Jauron was let go and Lovie came in, but that time is over. When you stay so consistent, neither up nor down, your team eventually becomes like you, and the emotion is not there any longer. The team stops listening, stops fighting, and stops caring, which is why we see what we do on the field. The offensive line should be spending extra hours in drills to start diagnosing and effectively blocking the blitz. The number of times 3 and 4 man rushes get to Cutler is unacceptable. Instead of ripping them a new one, Lovie plays it cool in the public eye. Whether he reams them in private is irrelevent. The players on this team are complacent. They all play hard, but they don't play with the reckless abandon of 3 years ago. They are running to the ball on defense. They used to fly around and attack in packs. Missed tackles, poor angles, blown coverages....they are all a result of lack of discipline, lack of practice of the basic fundamentals of football. If there was ever a team as a whole living off their reputation rather than their play on the field, it is this year's Bears. They go high for the strip instead of securing the tackle, thinking the ball is going to pop out like it always has, and when it doesn't, there are 31 points in a half against them.

Ralph Wilson, who traditionally has been one of the steadier owners in the league, fires his coach at the halfway point. Losing and looking bad are too much for him to handle at this point, and the team was slipping away from Jauron. The same thing is happening here, yet ownership doesn't view it the same way. They should take a lesson from some of these owners that are doing everything that they can to win. We are simply not keeping up.

Biggs is Hub alright, this must be a big blow to him? Is he wearing all black today?

Hey is anyone else jumping on the Jim Harbaugh for OC bandwagon. I think we all know the Bears won't hire a big name coach for OC or head coach anytime in the near or distant future, I think Harbaugh may be a solid choice. Then again he may not want to leave Stanford to jump onboard a sinking ship.

Don't we all wish we had a 2 year 6 million dollar parachute! It would make an interesting case study to find out why the NFL coaches fail so often to produce competitve teams... because it sure happens more often than not.

I think the Bears blew it in the offseason when Angelo and Lovie went all Homer and hired Rod Marinelli to be the D-Line coach and assistant head coach, he has not made a bit of difference. But this offseason they can make a great move to help improve the defense.

First go get either Jim Harbaugh to be the OC for a year before replacing Lovie, or get Jim Fassel, I wouldn't want him as a head coach but he is a great OC. Then again why go and ruin these guys lives, by bringing them in here with this mess.

However going after Rus Grimm to be the offensive line coach/assistant head coach, sure couldn't hurt, the guy is the goods.

But until Phillips, Angelo and his staff, Lovie and his staff, and Turner and his staff are all gone, I can't see how they fix it. 3 more years of Angelo, what a joke.

Owner Ralph Wilson had enough courage and responsibility to the community's fan base to act. Buffalo is a much smaller market than Chicago. Like Lovie, Jauron had the remainder of this year plus two more years on the contract.

So NO EXCUSES! WAKE UP McCaskeys! Fire Angelo, Lovie et al NOW! Get in the Cowher, Shanahan, Holmgren/Gruden sweepstakes early. The Bears have a TON to offer - a large market, a top notch QB, good players in all trhee phases. But they need a quality GM to draft and acquire the RIGHT talent, and head coach/asst coaches to provide support for his Pro Bowl QB and talented players!

Simply WAKE UP!

David H. they were talking about that very fact to day on sports talk LA (Myers/Hartman)...what you might have found interesting was that the BEARS are not alone in not wanting to pay coaches in the 5 mil range until they prove they can win. That is why it took Lovie so long to get his extension when he first got it!, at that time it was overdue Bear fans.....The key is to get a good coordinator from a solid system that has been successful and give them a few years to get it together. One of the things I have seen is that in the NFL even the good coaches wear out their welcome and have to move on; i.e some of the one's we'd like to get on board here, Gruden, Shannahan, Holmgren, even Iron Mike. Joe F. has a point, it could simply be that Lovie has worn out his welcome....Interesting thought now that the heat is on the players are standing by him... a better way to do this though is not in the media, it's by winning football games. Hey Tommie let start this week, you want Lovie ...Win out ! Be dominant on the field, get the fans behind you again, and maybe then you can save him.........

Two names that might surface as O-coordinators are: Mark Whipple-2nd Offensive asst -Eagles has exeperience with good cold weather offenses on his resume, and Aaron Kromer-Saints who has o-line background, currently working with one of the top offensive minds in the game right now Sean Peyton....

did anyone hand deliver this news to the " macheapies" lovie dovie and angelo.. hmmm wouldnt that be nice! good for the owner of the bills for having the brass to pull the plug.. shows guts

Chi you are aiming a little low, when talking about coaching. One of the biggest problems wit hall the coaches you listed is the fact that they got to much power. To many coaches like Holmgren and Shannahan got to much power and became their teams GM. Which is usually a mistake. Everyone wants to be Parcells. Its starts from the top and it works it way down, no coach no matter how talented he is can make a bad players great players.

Whipple is not the guy in Philly and Kromer is not the man in NO.

Oh and I am taking bets on the Bears not winning out, any suckers, I mean takers.

One name to look at is right here in Chicago, Dave Toub has head coach written all over him. At the very least he should be moved to a position coach job the way his mentor Harbaugh was. Most teams don't look at special team coaches, but for some reason if you move them to a position coach job teams suddenly crawl all over them. Of course Lovie could have given Toub the DB or Line coach jobs but looks to be keeping him down, sense Toub has saved him teams @$$ several times. I think Lovie at this point is affraid of him.

I am telling you now the Bears may stand pat, for the next two years no matter what happens. You can't really fix the drafting and scouting problem by hiring a new Head Coach or OC. Angelo is a cancer and he is the major problem with this team, just wait till next year when he will have only 2-3 players on this team from three consecutive drafts. No OC is going to come in here with this level of talent, change the scheme and make this a great offense in one year. You either overhaul the whole team and pay for all those bad contracts or you stand pat and rebuild after the bad contracts are up.

This is more than one little change can fix. Sure someone may be the fall guy, but what will that fix? Will it make Pace, Kreutz, or Garza younger, will it make Williams or Omiyale talented? Will it fix Harris's knee or make make Brown, Goon and Urlacher younger, will it fix Tillmans chronic shoulder problems, will it make the Safety's better to bring in a new offensive coordinator? Is that what will improve the talent on this team? Will that help Lovie stop blitzing the A gap all day long?

You either go to a new party or you finish the dance with the ugly girl you brought to this party while you where drunk and desperate. What would be the point of taking the ugly girl to a new party now that you are sober? All the pretty girls are already taken, and the real pretty girls who are still single already watched you dance with the ugly girl and don't want to be associated with ugly girl guy. Not to mention you got to pay for two dates and two parties. Plus all your friends are laughing at you for screwing up yet again. The pretty girl keeps waiting for you to ask her out, yet you keep getting drunk and asking out Olga the hairless Sasquatch on what can only assumed is a bet.

Someone needs to tell the organization to quit sipping the SoCo.

By Creighton on March 25, 2009 11:48 PM
"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck... First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

Hey, look at that Creighton. It's that thing you said you would do if Angelo got Cutler. And what happened? The Bears got Cutler. So maybe if you make another stupid, half-brain promise that you have no intention of keeping, the Bears will get all the coaches and players you want this time around too. I saw your facebook picture so here's some suggestions..

I promise that if the Bears get Coach Steve "Mooch" Mariucci, I Creighton will jog up and down my stairs.

I promise that if the Bears hire Jim Harbaugh, I Creighton will eat a salad every other week.

I promise that if the Bears get Coach Gruden/Cowher/Holmgrem, I Creighton will put down the bucket of Haagen-Daazs I'm currently drowning in even though it eases the pain I feel when I look in the mirror.

I would tell you to get your titanic a$$ on a treadmill but you would probably break the poor thing so it would be pointless. And regarding the first bet you made about dressing up in your mother's pink panties for a Bears home game, I guess you're never going to do that are you Creighton? Ha-ha, what a little wussy coward you are. Always talking a big game but as usual having little to no substance. No surprise. That's why I always tell you one thing..

Man up, Creighton. Man up.

Creighton, You got part of it right my man, but think about it, when do you ever hire someone else's OC to come and take the same job at another team unless they are already on the street. The guys I named have been in solid and productive systems for the past three years, they are close enough to the decision maker that they have to have their prints on some of the game planning. They would be good choices in my opinion to look at as coordinator if we go in that direction. I certainly don't see Marriucci coming on board as a o-coordinator, and we won't spend the cash required to get a top draw. But hey who do you got that you'd throw out at this time! on true love....wehn all teh other girls (ans boys :)) say crap--ton ges away from me! olga threw somethig nat me.... she remind me of my mommy ...too bad animal control took her away from me taht day...

now were was i? oh yes...the bears must FIRE ANGELO!!!!!! loosers it is becusase of ANGELO taht the ecnoonmy is BAD ans the country is at WAR!! is it becusase of ANGELO taht teh sWIME FLU is going around!! ans it is becuase od ANGELO taht i am FAT and have four chins!!!

and i now you loosers are thinking...well we a re scared crap-ton..who will take over the bears to GM???? ans i say teh answer is..ME LOOSERS! i did in maddeen (on rookie mode) ans taht meakes me qualifiend to do it in real life!!!! goodbye ANGELOOSER!!! hahaha teh era of CRAPton is now!!!!

but yoy guys now me old crap-ton....just trying to be posative...

p.s. ohhhtaht BRANDO!!!!! he got all the good lookign girls weneber he wanted!!!!! i HATE TAHT BRANDO!!!!!

Dave Toub for OC!!!! He's creative and makes adjustments on the fly. What a concept!

It's Brain Cancer first and foremost....

They hire Angelo, and instead of a couple of years of poor performance and good drafts; the franchise over-achieves, drafts low, and then has poor draft choices. So what we're experiencing right now is the result of that time period; the late Jauron, early Angelo years.

But now, this situation is just terminal. They need one of two things to happen: (i) new ownership or (ii) a REAL football guy who is will to work for the McClutskeys. Option (iii) Would be for the cover two and running the football to be back in vogue in 2015 and that ain't going to happen. That is to say, if/when/by luck Jerry and Lovie get good players, they're scheme will be completely outdated if it isn't already.

I thought Josh McDaniels and whats-his-denver-face were idiots, but now I give them kudos for having the cajones to bite the bullet and do the deals that take guts to build a winning franchise.

What BE-daffles me is why wouldn't the McClutsky's want to cash out a portion of the franchise (make $$$), spin off controlling interest to a smart owner (breath fresh life into this franchise - stop scaring everyone, players and coaches away), and still enjoy some perks that come with having some ownership (e.g. sky box for life).

Ex-Bears coach Smith. I like the sound of that!

Chi, Lovie came from a solid system, Mangini, Crenel, Wannstedt, most guys who get hired come from good systems, thats why they get hired, but you have to know the if they are the guy or if they are just a guy.

Right now most of the big names for coaching jobs after the season are DC's, all the big name coaches are not comming here. Angelo will not hire anyone to replace himself, and Phillips wont fire his buddy. When I say your aiming low its not what job the coaches you listed have, its that no coach will succeed here with Angelo and Phillips running the show. You have to aim hire, its not a OC or HC that will turn this around, its the organization that as a whole that needs to change and until that happens this is how it is going ot be in Chicago. We will get to the playoffs about once every 5 years and then have to start over. The Bears have been to the playoffs 4 times in what will be 18 years. I don't think they are going next year either.

The Cowboys have been to the playoffs 10x in the same amount of time
The Panthers 4x in 3 fewer years
Falcons 5x
Baltimore 5x in 4 fewer years
Buffalo 6x
Lions 5x
Packers 11x
Colts 11x
Jags 6x
Chiefs 7x
Miami 9x
Vikings 10x
Pats 10x
Giants 8x
Jets 5x
Oakland 4x
Eagles 10x
Pit 12x
Chargers 7x
49ERS 9x
Denver 8x
SEA 6x
Rams 6x
Tampa 7x
TEN 8x
WAS 4x

Better than only a half dozen teams including the Browns, Texans and Bangles.

Based on your post you are predicting two more years on disappointment based on the fact the Phillips would have to be the first to go before real change is made, this would really blow up the blog, you know that don't you.

I can see where you say that the BEARS have been inept and show good example's with your stat's, but what about this scenario. A lot of those Bear teams you showed missing the plAyoffs over the past 18 years have been close several times. Our concern has always been no QB and No offense, even the year before we won the Super bowl in 85, when we lost to the niners they told Hampton and Singletary to come back with an offense if they were ever going to win. You pointed out that the top candiates currently are D-cordinators, if we bring one of them on board to replace Lovie we would be right back where we started five years ago. The reason I looked at the guys I looked at is that I believe we need to update our scheme on the offensive side of the ball, Whipple by the way has Head coaching experience although it was in the USFL. I too believe that Lovie will be back, due to his contract, but I do not see Turner surviving, we were on him before Cutler got here, I am looking for someone who can come in and take waht we have and make the required improvements to get us to the playoffs while Cutler is still standing upright. Defensively Lovie can get it done, its on the o-side of the ball that we are lacking. Hiestand needs some bodies to develop, and yes it's Angelo's job to get them here, but I don't want to wait out 2 yrs and 11 mil to see another playoff game in chicago....This years defense is clearly not what it was but who expected it to be after Brian went down, other than the two blow-outs they have played well enough to win, unfortunately Jay has three of the losses directly tied to his performanances in prime-time games, the guy can play and if he believed he only had to score 21-27 points to win games he would become a better QB, thie guy still plays like he did in Denver, thinking he needs 30-35 points to WIN, that is why he's throwing so many picks. think about it, where would we be if we beat the slackers in game 1-4 picks and last second loss, ATL- 2 picks INT late in game to seal the loss, and last week 5 picks 2 in red zone game lost by 4 points. Jay needs someone to tell him what he needs to do to Win in Chicago, a wholesale change may not be necessary, but an offensive phliosophical change is......

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