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Western Kentucky job goes to Stanford running backs coach

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Darryl Drake will not be leaving the Bears for Western Kentucky.

The former wide receiver for the Hilltoppers, who began his coaching career with nine seasons at the school, talked to school officials about the job after they contacted him first but never seriously pursued the job and it was given to Stanford running backs coach Willie Taggart this morning. Taggart, another former player at Western Kentucky, will be introduced at the school later today.

Drake worked in the college ranks for two decades, counting stops at Georgia, Baylor and Texas before Lovie Smith hired him as an original member of his staff in 2004. He was an associate head coach for the Longhorns, and served as an offensive coordinator at Baylor.

Drake offered some advice to the school in its search process as did former Cleveland coach Romeo Crennel, who is also a WKU graduate.

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WHY NOT ??? I'll help you move !

Hey howabout a limo with a nice police esscort, what do you say, a nice stretch job with a bar and a tv.

Hey what was the advice they offered? Find a better coach than either of us. Shouldn't be to difficult.

Hey look its that bag from American Beauty, would you like to be our coach?

Why would anyone Hire Daryl Drake? Nothing against him, but whats on the resume ???? And, so on and so forth ... same for the rest of these coaches.

The perpetual failure of this organization is creating the football equivalent of a 'black hole' for players and coaches; once you come here, your record becomes so bad its hard to leave.

I'm sure Kyle Orton is going to have a good thanksgiving.....good for Kyle.

I expect such a complete disappointment from the CUBS; and now, I'm starting to actually root for it from the BEARS, b/c after forty years, thats the only way the McDips will ever turn it over to someone who understands this business

dougr, Denver has lost 4 games in a row and is now in second place in their division. Orton blew at least 2 of those games. Denver is introuble.

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