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Devin Hester vows to be ready to play Sunday vs. Arizona

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Devin Hester missed today's practice with a sprained right ankle but said he's not seriously injured and vowed to play on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

"I'm alright,'' Hester said. "I'm going to play."

Hester has 21 receptions over the last three games, the second most in the NFL over that span. He set personal highs two weeks ago at Cincinnati with eight receptions for 101 yards.

We'll see if Hester can return to practive on Thursday and perhaps participate on a limited basis. Lovie Smith prefers that his players do at least some work during the week, but doesn't have a hard and fast rule when it comes to them being able to play on Sundays.

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It would be interesting to see Hester sit out a game and have Armoudseu start in his place. He's tall, strong and has some speed.

..........and we'll go from there!

Had to get this off my chest:

1. I wish Lovie would make the team practice in pads, and hit in practice 3 times a week like Ditka did. They would be used to it more, and be better off for it. They seem soft. Ditka had a rule that said "If you don't practice, you don't play". Also, if they start it in training camp, you would find out who could, and who could not perform with the pads on.

2. Denver finally lost. This makes me feel better about the Cutler trade. I felt great about it at first, then saw Orton playing real well. His physical limitations were on full display in the Baltimore game that makes Cutler that much better than him.

3. The only difference I see between the 05, and 06 versions (besides QB), are the Bears lack that fire, that edge, and that killer instinct. They play tentatively, not aggressively. I just don't know why they can't get motivated to come out and totally kick someone's A$$.

Anyways.... hope Hester plays. Arizona doesn't have that killer instinct either this year, so maybe Bears can pull off a close one at home, where they have been good. But at this point, they are not going to win the division. And they are behind the Cowboys, Giants, Falcons, and Packers for the two wild card slots. They need to get going. The talent is there, but the will to this point, has not.

Being a Bear fan here in Minnesota is excruciating to say the least. I have endured many Sundays of phone calls text messages from these fair weather fans they have here in Minnesota. I read the stories and listen to talk radio out of Chicago and hear fans turning on their team. Please do not turn into fair weather fans like they have here. Yes, I agree the Bears have and are having their issues this season. I will point out that the Bears have had moments of greatness(Steelers). They also have shown moments in games that they've lost that they can compete with teams that may be a little better. We need to come together as fans and stand behind our guys...Especially J.C....He is the hinge pin that will bring us back to greatness. Maybe not this year, but with Cutler, Hester, Williams, Forte and Knox the pieces are in place for a nice long run for years. See the Viqueens have an old man at Qb that is just looking for another ring and has no intention of being here more than one season. Hang in there Bears fans and be glad you don't have to see, hear and live in the delusional state where I am.

Lost among all the disappointment of this years Bears offense is the emergence of Devin Hester. The guy has really come on, especially over the last few weeks, 21 catches, 2nd in the league only to Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, thats impressive. I would really like to see Hester play sunday, but I don't want to see him come back to soon. Its gonna hurt not having Hester sunday, but he'd be nice having around late in the season, especially if Chicago is making a playoff run. I say sit him if playing will make his ankle worse long term wise, if not, play him.

If Hester can't go sunday, it will give Chicago a chance to see what another Devin can do, Devin Aromashodu that is. The 6-2 Devin Aromashodu.

I see that stat about Chicago being 24th in red zone offense, but 7th in red zone opportunities. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to be some X's & O's expert. But, my thing is this, when the Bears get down in the red zone, why not try some jump balls with your 6-5 tight end Greg Olsen or the 6-7 Kellen Davis? Also, if the 6-2 Aromashodu gets a shot, why not try some jump balls with him? Couldn't hurt, heck, couldn't make em any worse. Whats the difference between a run up the middle for little or no gain or an incomplete pass in the corner of the end zone? Not much. I say try it. As far as Aromashodu, I'd also like to see how he can help Chicago down the field. Cutler had a lot of luck going down the field with a taller receiver last season in Brandon Marshall. Cutler was building a rapport with another tall receiver in Aromashodu during the pre-season this year, and had some luck going down the field to Aromashodu. With your shorter receivers, you almost have to hit them in stride to complete anything down field, with a taller receiver you can put it up there and let them go get it. Might be why Cutler was so big on Armashodu? Again, couldn't hurt to see what the guy [Aromashodu] has got GO BEARS!!

I'm with you Tom ! I'd really like to see what Aromashodu can bring to the table. He and Cutler has some chemistry in pre-season, and there is no film on him this year. Turner wants to put in "a few new wrinkles" ,this would be a good place to start. Of course, a new wrinkle would also be to keep Cutler off his back !

Hey Ryan, maybe you haven't heard but Gasbag Ditka doesn't coach anymore. I am so sick of all the "fire and passion" crap. You might recall that Ditka had a great collection of talent with which he managed to win one lousy Super Bowl. You may recall that he lost repeatedly to coaches who didn't feel the need to berate grown men, like Bill Walsh and Joe Gibbs. You may also recall that in his last or next to last year he famously predicted that "we may not win another game," and the Bears didn't. Now that's inspired leadership.

I do agree with one thing he said: "the past is for cowards and losers." I puke everytime I see him stealing money on TV for the idiocy he spouts. Will he ever go away?

Hester really is coming along well. I think he would be a pro bowl slot receiver if they put him there full time. Hes so quick he would create a major mismatch problem for the D on 3rd downs. Knox and Bennett can man the outside spots with Devin in the middle. And regarding the Ditka stuff, he was an idiot coach. That '85 team was destiny. When it came time to really coach, Ditka was out classed continually. Gibbs beat him 2 years in row by changing things up. The '86 playoff game, Gibbs devised a 5 man DL scheme to stop Walter and to make Flutie pass. It worked, we lost. After Ditka implodes, he goes to New Orleans and trades an entire draft of picks to get Ricky Williams?? Just brilliant mike. Ditka had the biggest ego on that Bears team. Dont forget his BS during the '87 strike when he said the spare bears were just as good as the regular team!?!?! That '87 team started off smoking. After the strike and the fact that Ditka totally disrespected them, they drifted the rest of the season and lost against the Skins..again. That team shoulda won 3 SB's, minimum.

Bear Fan in Minny, I agree with what your saying, once Favre retires, the Vikings will get back to being the mediocre, purple Barney the dinosaur wearing team we as Bear fans have all come to love, or should I say hate. I just hope they don't do something smart this off-season like going after the Eagles Kevin Kolb!! Ouch!! That wouldn't be good! But, I can't see Philly parting with Kolb, he has to much upside and is younger than McNabb. I hope he stays in Philly and out of Minny.

Bob K, come on dude, cut Ditka some slack. Not only did he win Chicago a Super Bowl, he won 100 plus games during his tenure, thats saying something, not many coaches have won 100 plus games and a Super Bowl. Also, remember, Ditka did it without a franchise QB. The other coaches you mention had some pretty good QB's, Walsh had Montana, and Gibbs had the likes of Doug Williams, Mark Rypien, the hogs, and the posse. Again, Ditka didn't. Ditka had the great Walter Payton and his defense. And still kept Chicago on top for years. Also, Ditka was a Hall of Fame tight end on top of being a Super Bowl winning coach. Dude, it doen't get any better than that. But the main reason you gotta cut Ditka some slack is George Halas hand picked him, that alone makes Ditka a great one GO BEARS!!

I wonder if their is a chance that the Bears cut Turner and his staff loose after the season? I also wonder if Steve Mariucci would take a jobe as the Bears OC. Favre and Young thought he was a great coach, and he is one of the best guys in the business at working with the WCO offense and WCO QB's. He coached up Favre in his first four years in GB.

It would be a perfect place for him, he is in the midwest where he is from, it can help him get his reputation back after the Detroit disaster, his record in SF was 57 and 39 and made the playoffs 4 times in 6 years. Lovie would have to win 8 of his next 9 games to tie his recird over a six year period and would have to get to the playoffs twice this year which is not possible. Twice with Garcia as his QB Mariucci made the playoffs. Evan after three loosing years in DET his record was still, 72-67. He is only 54 the WCO is his thing and he is great with QB's. Sounds like a good match to me.

How to fix the this team?
Steve Mariucci as OC
Hire Ted Sundquist as head of scouting. Let him revamp the Bears scouting system just like he did for Denver.
After Steve Spagnola gets fired for the Rams after next season and Lovie gets fired from the Bears after next season, hire Spagnola to be the new DC for the Bears.
Do what PIT does, implement a system and then get a new Head coach.
Last but not least, fire Jerry Angelo asap and find a way to get Ozzie Newsome. Yes I know we will never get Newsome, but I would take Sundquist over Angelo as GM as well.

By the way Hester has 1 TD in three games, two of which where losses and has made several mistakes that could have beed TD's. Hester = football stupid.

Have to agree with Ryan's 3rd point about passion. I want to see someone, anyone, on the team get as pissed as I am after a loss. When the Bears lose my whole week is shot, I'm grumpy and irritable and blame myself for the loss because I didn't sport the right jersey to win. The players and coach say "Oh, it's just one game.

So after the Cincy debacle, I was pissed, but everyone on the team acted like everything was OK, it was just a bad game. Wouldn't Mike Brown have had a fit with the media in the locker room, let the world know they were a bunch of pansies, and got the team primed for a 8 game run (like when we lost to the Browns in week 3 a few years back). I can't wait for someone in Halas Hall say we're not OK - We're a mediocre team - Jobs are on the line - This week we're going to play with passion.

Bear Fan in MInny:
Don't read this as a blog by a fair weather fan, I'm behind them 100%. I just want someone to get pissed off and push the panic button. They need to play better! I don't want to hear anything else about young, developing talent. I want the Bears to go out and kick someone's a$$!

Whew- I feel much better.

Good to see about Devin being okay. He really has come on strong and I think he should have a good second half. Knox has also been a pleasant surprise, but Bennett hasn't been much more than mediocre. I'd like to see Lovie sit him for one week in favor of Aromashodu to see what we have there. It wasn't too long ago that it was a heated battle between him and Rideau for that final roster spot and I remember thinking that either one of them could develop into the big body type that Cutler likes to use as a primary target (e.g. Brandon Marshall).

you must be kidding bringing in Marriucci to be OC coordiantor would be like exchanging a Escort for a Pinto, what offense do you think he will run....West coast is the only one he knows and currently the one we run now, no this is not a good choice in my opinion. The guy we might be able to get is Eagles Asst Mark Whipple, who has experience in both West coast offense and cold weather teams and Aaron Kromer from the Saints 2nd in command on offense who also has some O-line coaching experience. Think these guys have what it takes if we make a move in that area, and the price tag won't be so high....Marriucci is a head case he will never take an Asst job anyway, you know that my man!

Ray: you in my opinion are correct the BEARS should have been in pads for sure last week after the Bengals bungle, I said that myself a team should hit at least once a week until mid-season at least to stay sharp and keep a mental attitude of being a physical football team, we seem to be losing this edge around the league, no head hunters to look for on defense, no one willing to take a shot at somebody to let them know they are playing the BEARS....this is missing and I'd like to see it come back with our organization.

Kevin A & Strass; Hester is looking good for sure, and the development here says something about our receivers coach Drake and the job he's doing, we spend so much time raging on what is not working that we fail to see what is, good post fellows.

Yeah, I tend to agree with Creighton's assessment of Hester -- he's a nice receiver to have on a team, but he's no #1. Heck, take a look at what Dallas' receiver, Miles Austin, has done the last three games (all wins) -- 5 TDs and more than 400 receiving yards. Yes, one of those games was against the pathetic Chiefs, but one of Hester's games was against the pathetic Browns and the other was a blow out with Hester getting most of his receiving yards after Cincy was up by 30+ points.

Too much is being made about Hester. Too much of our offensive play calling seems focused on making Hester a star because Ron Turner says Devin Hester should be a star.

Again, it's a case of the Bears taking square pegs and trying to force them into round holes.

In Johnny Knox and Hester, the Bears have two very similar receivers -- small, fast guys that at times can make plays.

It appears that opposing Ds have made adjustments to our receiving corps because they haven't done squat in the last three games (and again, Hester's big game against Cincy occurred after we were down by 30 points). I'd like to think that we would be making adjustments in our routes to get receivers open, but hey, this is Ron Turner's offense and Lovie Smith's team... "and we will go from there."

Chi Town: Gotta agree with Creighton on Mooch as a very good offensive coordinator if it could happen, which is very unlikely. He did mentor some pretty good QB's and knows the West Coast better than Turner for sure.

Creighton, have to disagree with you about Hester. Hester is turning into a pretty ligit receiver although I agree with a past blogger, can't find his comment that Hester would be an all pro at the Slot position. I completely agree a shifty runner like Hester would be one of the best at the slot, it seems to be a natural position. With Knox and maybe Marshall on the outside next year, Hester would be a force in the slot.

About Ditka, I don't think it is appropriate to take shots at Ditka, he is right up there as one of the best players for the Chicago Bears, he is a Chicago Bears Icon. Yes, granted Ditka did not do well with some aspects of coaching and he was not the sharpest pencil in the pack for game planning etc. But what Ditka did do was come into a Chicago Bears team that was pathetic, helped to create discipline, hard work and a kick A$$ mentality that did help the team win the Super Bowl. Ditka was passionate and wore his heart on his sleeve, sometimes kicked butt when he should not have and Yes the Bears should have won about 3 or more Super bowls in the 80's but you cannot put it all on Ditka, plenty contributed to those lack of championships and the dynasty that should of been, but wasn't.

I would take Ditka over Lovie in a heartbeat!!!!
Parcels over Angelo in less than a heartbeat!!!
and Mooch over Turner because the Bears need a sharper offensive mind to coach the West Coast offense and Turner has never proved that he is a good mentor to QB's and Mooch has been a great mentor to hall of fame caliber QB's!!!!

nuh uhhhh chitwonbear! maybe you forget looser but i am always RIGHT ans i only give FACTS! so wehn i sya taht MARIUCCI should be teh bears coach....tehn he SHOULD! ia lso thik atht hester is a BUST!!! a STUPID BUST! ahh ans that he is sense ANGELO drafted him!!

but yuou guys now ,e old crap-ton....just trying to be posative..

p.s. i HATE BRANDO! he has a job ans he has kids and is married....all i do is sit at my mommy's home ans play wit my dingaling! ;)

Hey Kevin, you're a good guy and I don't have a beef with you. But in the spirit of fans agreeing to disagree, I have to say a few things.

One, Ditka was not the end all and be all of Bears coaches. George Halas won a hell of a lot more championships. My point remains: Ditka had a plethora of talent and should have won a lot more SB's but he gets a pass because he won ONE. No franchise QB? Come one, Jimmy Mac, when healthy, was the equal of Doug Williams and Rypien. Ever hear anyone talk about them for the HOF? I'll give you Montana. He was the best. And I believe Ditka had better D personnel and the Great Walter Payton.

The guy is nothing but a shameless shill for any product that will take him on, he's a blowhard on TV analysis, and he openly questioned Culter's leadership, like he would know anything about what makes a QB a leader. Oh yeah, except for the two great Billy Joe's he had in N.O.

I think Jay has proven his toughs and smarts and maybe I(can sell anything)ron Mike might want to revisit his stupid thoughts about what makes a QB a leader, like he would know.

I know a lot of people think he is responsible for our beautiful lakefront, the Sears Tower and many other of Chicago's great things, but he's really just a coach who had a great GM and a great D Coordinator and pretty much road the wave of great players that he managed to lose and alienate with his infantile behavior.

Can't we all just get past what he says and thinks and has done.

And here's a news flash: by the time Smith is done he will probably have more wins than I(can shill for anyone)ron Mike and hopefully more Super Bowls.

Wonder why no one ever mentions his name anymore when coaching spots are available. Can you say "over the hill."

Anyway, my beef is not with you. It's with all the meatheads who can't get beyond the "fire and passion" missing from Lovie. As if that has anything to do with the problems on the O line.


You may like Mooch along with Creighton and his clone, but I say there is no way he comes to the BEARS as a coordinator, he only come on board as a Head coach, and I for one do not want him with all the other guys who are qualified and have worked their way into position for a job. Go to and take a look at the resume's of the guys I listed, I think you'll like what you see.....Go BEARS

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