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Devin Hester returns to the practice field

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Devin Hester vowed earlier this week that his sprained right ankle would not keep him out of Sunday's game vs. the Arizona Cardinals, and he took a step toward starting on Sunday at Soldier Field as he just took the practice field this morning at Halas Hall.

Hester was limping on the field as he watched Wednesday. He looked better Thursday although was still held out, and has his helmet and pads with him just now.

We'll wait and see how the official injury report looks later today, and how things go down in the desert for Arizona's Anquan Boldin.

Stay tuned.

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"I think we have three or four very reliable if not above-average guys who can go out and play and make things happen," he said. " ... I'm happy with their progress and where they're at right now." Jay Cutler on his recievers.

Wow I always wanted above average recievers. Not good recievers, above average recievers. We all know about all the legendary above average recievers of the WCO. So thats the best Cutler could say about these guys. Those are his recievers, LMAO. Good for him for being honest.

ahhh...thes recievres are all BUSTS! hester is to stoopid ans cant spell his name! knox is so bad..he wil never be a steve smith...bennett is horrible he has done NOTHING! olsen SUCKS ans is a bust....clark is ABUST! davis ans davis both SUCK ans SUKC!! hahahaa!!

teh only AWSOME player oon this team is CUTLER!!! ohh ans staley da bear of course. my best friend.

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be popsative...

ps hey ANGELOW!!! why didnt you get MENDHEALL????? the looser bears would be undefeated with taht gorgeous MENDENHALL!!! :)

But is Tommie Harris practicing?

If so, that means back-to-back weeks of practices for the first time in what... years?

That Rod Marinelli, he was simply the best off season acquisition we made.

"... and we'll go from there."

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