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Devin Hester: "I went 100 percent today, I am ready to go"

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The Bears will list wide receiver Devin Hester as questionable on the injury report, but he is expected to start on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

"I went 100 percent today,'' Hester said. "I'm ready to go.''

Hester was coy about whether or not he will remain as the punt returner if he's not 100 percent. It's a task that could be handled by Earl Bennett.

Coach Lovie Smith also said that free safety Danieal Manning, who was added to the injury report Thursday with a back issue, had a good practice. He is also expected to start.

We'll check in later on when the official injury report is released.

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Sorry D.A. take a seat...your too big, too fast and just plain too good, you'll make the other recievers look bad. Oh and Rashied Davis is just a superstar on special teams, you know how much we value our special teams around here, that's why we took off the best return man in the league and made him a WR !

I don't think I would use Hester on punt returns just this week. Yeah, he's probably been cleared to play, but you don't want to take no more of a chance with the ankle than you have to. Playing him at receiver sunday is taking a big enough chance as it is, having him return punts would be pushing your luck. I'd hate to lose Hester for the long run, Chicago is gonna need him down the stretch.

It is nice to see that free safety Danieal Manning is alright, the guy made some plays sunday, hopefully he keeps it up. Manning coming on at free safety would be nice. The key will be for Chicago to just keep him at free safety. I don't know why Chicago doesn't play Corey Graham at nickle, and allow Manning to concentrate strictly on his free safety position? I think a move like allowing Graham to play nickle would make Manning a better free safety, just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Bear-A-Holic if Devin Aromashodu is so talented how come he hasn't been able to supplant knox, hester, or bennett for a job. just because hes hot in the pre-season doesn't mean hes gonna do didly on the field.

How come it so long for Orton to get on the field, how come it took so long for them to realize that Benson wasn't the guy, it's all the same answer...HEAD COACH !

DA is nothing special, if he was so talented the Colts would have never got rid of him, Manning knows what a good reciever looks like. Reciever is not just about size and speed, but you have to have great instincts and timing.

It is strange though that an outdoor team who plays in extreme cold and on frozen ground would like smaller undersized recievers. Cold weather football is not about speed, its about power. Big dominant O-Lines, power run game and big recievers that can go up and battle for a ball. The frozen ground takes away a lot of speed combined with the wind it shuts down the deep fast passing game. Its all about the lines, the running game and strong well timed short routs. Knox has been falling off and when the cold comes I don't think he will respond to it very well, DA will see some time in december.

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