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Cutler is fined for being bad

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Jay Cutler is being punished for being bad.

But it has nothing to do with his performance on the field.

The NFL has fined the Bears quarterback $20,000 for abuse of a game official. Cutler drew a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing with officials during the loss to Arizona on Sunday at Soldier Field. Lovie Smith talks about how the Bears are a disciplined football team, and how the rash of penalties lately--the team had 10 for 75 yards Thursday night at San Francisco--are out of the ordinary.

This marks the second consecutive season, though, that a team captain has been fined that amount by the league for that infraction. Middle linebacker Brian Urlacher was also fined $20,000 by the NFL last season after being penalized at Atlanta for the same thing. NFL officials are taught to be careful when penalizing players for unsportsmanlike conduct. Coaches and players can get away with saying a lot. It's not like Major League Baseball where quick-trigger umpires will boot players over the slightest thing.

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris was also fined $7,500 for punching Arizona's Deuce Lutui. The difference in the amounts of the fines gives you an idea how seriously the league believes verbally abusing the officials is.

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Again, we see the "mandate" of the coaches: disciplined, opportunistic football, resulting in the exact opposite on the field. Turning the ball over, stupid penalties, ejections for throwing punches...This team is very quickly spiraling downward, and out of the control of the coaching staff. Something needs to be done, and it is obvious the leaders on the team are not doing anything to stop it...In the absence of leadership, one of two things can happen: 1) new leaders emerge to fill the power/authority vaccuum, or 2) Bedlam, chaos, and deterioration of the situation until it resembles Lord of the Flies, or even worse, the Raiders.....Which one appears to be happening here?

Jay fined $20k for hurting the refs feeling ? How much will the ref that blew the pass interferance call be fined ? These Stevie Wonder impersonators need to be held accountable as well !That OLD coot who was making calls needs to retire ! On the brighter side, according to NFL network, Bill Cower IS interested in possibly coaching the BEARS !! Attention Ted Phillips- Get off your big butt and call Bill TODAY !

If Lovie Smith were a man of honor, he'd pack his bags and let the Bears organization try to repair itself.

If the league is into fining for being bad, well Cutler was really bad, maybe the league could fine for the number of picks, with incremental increases for poor performance, $1,000 first pick, $10,000 second pick, $100,000 pick #3, $1,000,000 pick #4 and $10,000,000 pick number #5. Cutler would still have money left.

Now that is fining for being bad, real bad.

Good for you, Cutler. Now tell me, will the NFL fine these so called "officials" who can't make the right call even when the freaking play happens right in front of them?

Joe: I was just talking to a friend of mine who is a Raider fan....funny how the team is starting to go down that path. Its really sad that the season is basically over, there is no way in hell the team wins the last 7 games. It seems that they will be forced to keep Lovie and JA due to financial reasons and that is all. Turner needs to go. When every 3 plays is a F##$ing screen pass that doesn't work. He looks like Shoop who only ran HB draws on 3rd and 15. Those days were just as bad.

Cutler taking this fine is great. One of the only players with fire inside them. Everyone else is rolling over and acting like Lovie who has no soul.

We need a new O line and a new O coordinator.

Observation 1: Cutler is pressing; not seeing the entire field; and making poor decisions. I think thats well established right now. What isn't apparent, is IF, he has the ability to mature and become a good to great QB.

Observation 2: How ever you feel about Lovie & Company. Mr Angelo and the scouting staff and the decision making collective on draft day needs to bear a huge amount of responsiblity for the demise of this franchise. The draft track record for the last several years is atrocious.

Observation 3: The time for corrective and decisive action is now. Getting Cutler was a bold move with upside, but 2-3 years of working with R. Turner and J.A. offensive line acquisitions might just re-enforce this current trend, which is downward. 203 years of this and he'll be ruined; it's QB washboarding working with Lovie Turner and Co.

I write all of this without emotion; I'm done with this franchise; 40 years of vertible squat. The players we have are guys who bring great effort and they should be commended by and large, there just aren't enough of them and they're playing for an uninspiring staff. Virginia and Ted need to comes to terms with the current debacle and make some wholesale changes throughout Halas Hall... of course, that won't happen because Old people get risk adverse. To wit, whatever Culters upside, we'll never see it, because no innovative coach like a Shannahan or a Holmgren or a Gruden would come here. Culter needs a coach to continue developing him but by the time we get one, if we ever get one, it will be to late.

Joe Felicelli - Right on the mark Sir. I vote for #2mzazwy

the problem with this team isnt lack of leadership or the fact that lovie doesnt PUBLICALLY act like a lunatic (its been said by numerous player he tares asses behind closed doors)

its the fact that the team cant block or tackle...the players suck...tom landry, vince lombardi and Halas himself couldnt save this team from suck

Food for thought, Peyton Manning, probably the best quarterback in the game today threw 28 interceptions as a rookie. I know, a lot of people are like, but that was his rookie season. Right, but did you know Manning threw 23 picks during his 4th season, the same point of his career that Cutler is in right now [Cutler's a 4th year player], how did Manning do during his 5th season, 19 picks. Point, Cutler is still a young quarterback, give him time. Also, Cutler, unlike Manning, is playing with a new offensive coordinator in his 4th season, Manning played for the same o-coordinator for most of his career. Oh yeah, Manning had Edge & Marvin Harrison, Cutler doesn't have anything close.

I agree, Cutler cost the Bears last night, but give the guy time, I still think he's gonna be a good one. Another thing that killed the Bears last night was the fact they were one dimensional, they couldn't run. The 49ers front 7 basically won them the game last night, Chicago's line is awful. Angelo needs to make the o-line priority one this off-season, especially the guard position. I still like Jay Cutler and think he is gonna be a very good QB for Chicago, he's got all the tools.

Oh yeah, it was nice to see Tommie Harris last night, hope he keeps it up?

Chicago needs to give Devin Aromashodu more reps. Johnny Knox seems to have leveled off, and you don't see much of Earl Bennett during a game. He'll have a nice catch here and there, but nothing consistent. I realize Aromashodu is unproven, but you gotta like that catch he had near the sideline last night when he drug his feet to make the catch late in the game. The guy also made some nice catches during the pre-season, him and Cutler seemed to have a nice rapport together last summer. Aromashodu at 6-2 might be the big body Chicago needs to play the split end position, he'd also be nice down by the goal line. Chicago is basically done, their not going to the playoffs, I think its time to get some of these young guys like Aromashodu some reps. Chicago also needs to get rookie Jarron Gilbert and Gaines Adams some reps also. And heck, try rookie lineman Lance Louis out at left guard, he couldn't be any worse than the current cast. I'd also cut Pace, move Chris Williams to left tackle, and move tackle James Marten [6-8 310lbs] up off the practice squad and see what he can do at right tackle. Its sad but true, time to start thinking about next year, oh well, GO BEARS!!

I just have one thing to say to all about Jay Cutler......"Even the worlds greatest jockey will never win a race with a dead horse!!"....Think about it!!!!

The letters "GSH" should be changed to "GHS"--Going Home Soon.

Keep making excuses for your pal Lovie, Justin. When a team gets more penalty yards than rushing yards or forces a return specialist into being a #1 WR when he clearly does not belong, who is to blame?

No talent on this team, you say? This Bears team had enough talent to beat the Steelers in week 2. Yet that same team got blown out of the water by so-so to good teams like the Bengals and Cardinals. This team hung with the Falcons even after a game filled with mistakes and where Lovie was obviously not prepared for their hurry up offense. Even in the last few wins the Bears have been sloppy and undisciplined. Lovie has got to be your uncle or something the way you keep making excuse after excuse for him.

Dahli, I'm surprised you've been so hard on Cutler. Weren't you a Rexy fan until the very end?

Good points by Kevin. Peyton Manning had SIX interceptions in a playoff game against the Chargers two years ago. That's the same Peyton Manning who's offense was built and tailored for his every need. His line protects him and gives him time to throw. He has #1 WRs on both sides and a reliable pass catching TE and RB.


You are right I have been a little hard on Cutler. I guess my expectation level of Cutler, given what was given up for him by the Bears and the belief that the Bears would truly get a franchise quarterback has made my expectations of his performance to be akin to being of the same mold as a Brady, Manning, Brees etc. All are prepared mentally for every snap.

We know the arm is there with Cutler, he has all of the physical tools to be great, a truly elite QB but he has not shown the level of control and mental ability of any of the three QB's noted above and certainly he is not in the same league as MOntana, Young, Elway, etc. And to be elite you have to have both the physical tools and mental acumen to lead a team and rarely commit turnovers, particularly in the red zone. How many times do you see Manning, Brees or Brady get fined for unsportsmanlike conduct? How many times do you see the game clock expire with any of these QB's under center, how many times do you see them throw interceptions in the end zone when they are in the red zone? The answer is rarely!!!!

Mike, when you are in the red zone, it essentially should be points on the board (at least 3 points), of course you need to throw it into the end zone to score TD's but you don't do so if your failure rate is high and throwing into multiple coverage in the end zone is clearly fool hearty and Cutler has done it multiple times this year. Think about it, if the Bears come away with a victory in Green Bay and San Francisco they stand 6-3. Without the stupid turnovers in the red zone in both games my bet is the Bears win both games and the year looks pretty good. I just want Cutler to use his head in critical situations, he has a lot to learn and the coaching staff of the Bears, I am afraid are not the ones to teach him to be a great QB.

Marriucci, might be the one as an Offensive Coordinator, as suggested by Creighton. As for Rex, yes I thought Rex might turn out to be OK, he had a gun but once again he could not manage the game as well as Orton and Rex made too many turnovers either fumbling or throwing into coverage. Orton with far less physical tools than Rex actually turned out to be the better QB without the ability to truly throw the long ball, but Orton was a game manager. The fact is Cutler can make any throw as could Rex but Cutler has mobility which Rex did not. If Cutler can just get the mental discipline of this game he could be the one to take the Bears back to their rightful spot as the MOnsters of the Midway and the best in the history of the NFL.

I can't wait 40 more years for a Chicago Bears championship in the SuperBowl, at 95, I most likely will be dead but if not I will still be watching each and every game of the Chicago Bears.

A relationship is like a needs to constantly move forward to survive... what we have here is a dead shark...

The McCaskey's have let this town down..frankly..thats the bottom line... all accountability lies with them and they have failed us all...

Phillips doesn't know enough to pull the trigger on Angelo...

Angelo is a failure at drafting so he can't blame Lovie....

Lovie knows he win without good players so he's unwilling to blame his staff....

R.Turner is risk adverse and knows that safe calls won't get him fired....

and Pep Hamilton...hmmm ...just isn't 'Peppy' enough ...

dali....LOL man that was a good one, but you are right he'd still have some cash in his pocket. Kevin A. your points on Manning are solid, but here's the issue with Jay and the major difference, Manning is a nerd for the game he's always studying trying to get better, Jay throws a pick goes to the sideline puts on his cap and yuks it up, then he goes and does it again. Jay is a hell of a talent but undisciplined as a player and leader, we brought in a guy who was supposed to be READY, not someone we had to help get there. Also Kevin, I'm with you put the young guys in; the season is not going to happen the way we all thought let's see what we have to work with, we might have found something with Roach, and Harrison. Bowman on the other hand the jury is still out on at this point.

Mike: good point about the talent we did beat the Steelers, but that was before people could get film on the team and their tendencies, now that they have it the players must adjust to what they see on the fly, right now it's not happening, we are looking at another year on the outside looking in during the playoffs and after selling out like we did to get Jay and Adams this is very disappointing.

By Tomk4054 on November 13, 2009 3:42 PM
"Joe: I was just talking to a friend of mine who is a Raider fan....funny how the team is starting to go down that path."

Actually that makes perfect sense, Lovie and Angelo are from the same school of drafting as Al Davis, draft Athletes and try to make them into a football player. Hester a great athlete who is not close being a number 1 reciever, Manning a really fast guy, the Bears love measurables, Angelo often drafts guys 1 or 2 rounds ahead of where they will go because he loves speed or size. But they are bad at judging if the guy can actually play the game. They think they can coach the palyer up, but then put together one of the weakest coaching staff's in football. Sounds just like the Raiders.

Mike good stuff, Favre had 7 int's in a playoff game against the Chargers as well, it happens. But to be fare Mike, Cutler cost them this game, he knows he doesn't have talent on offense and he knows the play calling sucks. But those Red zone int's where bad choices, 2 field goals win the game for the Bears. Its clear he is pressing and trying to make something happen, but he has smarter.

Did the paly calling help him? On the first pick in the red zone, they hand the ball off twice and get stuffed. Now it is all on Cutler, so what does turner do, he takes out his best endzone threat in Olsen and inserts Shaffer as an elgible linemen. So they line up in this sort of jumbo package, and try play action even though the 9ers are not respecting the run and not affraid of the run. So what do the 9ers do? They drop six into coverage on the goaline. They where ready for pass and had everyone doubled. No fear of the run. Cutler has to throw the ball away their, he had no shot at making anything happen. It was a bad call by turner and a bad choice by Cutler. When you can't run every team in the league is going to play pass, and they will sit on it, its the main reason that screen kept working. But thats about all they got and Cutler will continue to try and force the issue, until someone gets control of him. I get why he is doing what he is doing but he has to be better than that. Every QB has bad games, lots of them, it just happens, but it almost always happens when a QB is trying to do to much. I hope he learns from this, also consider he threw the ball 52 times, thats the most he has thrown it all year.

None of it changes the fact that he made two really bad choices.

If you want a perfect example of the Bears offense. The Bears line up in some sort of jumble package, get a delay of game penaly, Cutler is in shotgun, Kruetz rolls the ball to him, Cutler picks it up, the pocket collapses and a giant man is running up the middle right at Cutler, Cutler sidesteps, throw to the 260 pound TE Davis who gets run over by a 200 pound 9er making a play on the ball and its a pick. That sums up the Bears offense as a whole.

Aside from the talent they need to put around Cutler, I still sayy he needs a real QB coach and a real OC who will build the scheme around Cutler instead of trying to make Cutler fill the mold of his strange pocket passing WCO QB. Who has a WCO that doesn't run rollouts or naked Bootlegs? Its just strange.

These are the tenets of the WCO as written by Bill Walsh.

WCO Tenets

According to Bill Walsh, in the ideal setup, the wide receivers would catch 15 passes a game, the running backs would catch 10 and the tight ends would catch five. A team is looking for 25 first downs a game.

Short-to-medium-range passing attack. Receivers are expected to "Run After Catch.(Ok)

Players must have more discipline; they have little opportunity for freelancing.(discipline?? not on this team)

Use the pass to set up the run. The most successful WCO teams run the ball well.(Well we don't do that)

If a team gains 7-8 yards per run, it can run as little as one out of four plays; otherwise, the WCO calls for an equal number of running and passing plays.(Hahahaha not in Chicago)

The quarterback must be mobile, be able to throw a touch pass with accuracy, and be intelligent. He must throw on rhythm and timing. As Steve Young says, "In contrast, the West Coast offense as it originated with Bill Walsh is any play or set of plays that tie the quarterback's feet to the receiver's route so there is a sense of timing." (Timing, Timing, not in chicago, does rolling a shotgun snap count as timing)

In the 2-WR, 2-RB, 1-TE base set, any of these five players can be the primary receiver at any given time.(ok)

Defenses are given a variety of looks, with an offense attacking a defense with more receivers than it can cover. Mismatches and confusion are created on defense by using 2 TE sets, 4 WR sets, and 3 WR sets, etc.(So mis matches are key, like 3 recievers against 6DB's, wait oh it should be the other way around, someone tell Turner he is doing it backwards)

Using motion forces a defense to cover players with inappropriate players for coverage, i.e., it creates mismatches. (Motion, it uses motion, someone needs to get this to turner right now)

Throw the football on any down or distance. (or on every down)

To maintain ball control, short passes to the tight end and swing passes to running backs are key. Use tight ends who can catch better than block if there is a question of personnel. Tight ends are key to a red zone attack. (So don't take your TE out at the goaline, for lets say Shaffer)

The quarterback must be able to release the ball quickly and accurately on timing after a 3-step drop. Receivers run precision routes. The offense is designed to keep the quarterback healthy.(Ok so keep Cutler healthy, have timing and precise routs, so screwed on this one)

After the QB drops 3-steps back, one of the receivers should be open to catch a pass if necessary. Ron Jenkins calls him the HOT receiver. (In Chicago we call him the NOT reciever)

Power running behind zone blocking to minimize negative yardage plays. This is a departure from the 49ers version of the WCO that used man-blocking and cut blocks and misdirection.(Ok well we can't do either style of blocking so F it, why bother)

Ok Bear Fans and if you want to Brad give your 2 cents please.Which of these WCO tenets are the Bears executing or utilizing?


Protecting the QB and keeping him healthy?

A strong running game?

Precise routs?

Good Timing?


Strong Line play with good blocking, Man or Zone?

The Hot reciever?

Over loading a defense with recivers?

Or are they over using their QB and excepecting him to make up for all the problems thay have on offense?

I am not excusing Cutler, but I pointed out last year the bad line and weak running game with Orton and I am doing it here as well. If you want to blame everything on Cutler, thats fine, but I say he is a symptom of a bigger problem. moron..don't you have spellcheck?...blah, blah, blah.....i told you, you are the reason we keep on losing! So shut up and leave town!!

Guys, thanks for the feedback. I will not hold Cutler blameless for the endzone picks. He can't do that. But time and time again Cutler is thrown into a fight with both hands tied behind his back. No run game, no pass protection, badly coached receivers, a weak TE who goes down on first contact and can't block, flat out moronic linemen...I mean, look at some of the other top QBs in the league:

Brady has always enjoyed the luxuries of a competent coach and a top ranked defensive unit.

Brees has a weapon in every direction he looks.

Peyton Manning, again, has an offense that is built around him and is expected to put up points every game. His O.C. merely suggests a few plays to him and Peyton decides which ones he likes best. That is very important. The QB needs to feel comfortable with the plays he is executing. God knows what Turner is dialing up (or what proof alcohol he is downing) after his brilliant run, run, pass strategy leaves the offense with third and long.

I'm not going to call Romo a top QB, because I hate the Cowboys, but he is productive and always has that safety valve in Jason Witten. And DallAss has a real good run game.

Rivers doesn't have much of a run game but like Romo, his TE Gates is always there to bail him out, as is Sproles.

Favre barely gets touched oh, and arguably the best RB in the league is in his backfield.

What does Cutler have? Nothing!

The point is NO quarterback, even the best ones, can do it alone. And here Cutler is left to try and do it alone. Cutler is criticized for throwing off his back foot but he never has time to set his feet. When the ball is snapped, Cutler has to immediately move to this side or that because the pocket collapses in the blink of a eye. That's if he is lucky to get a good snap given how Kreutz aims the ball at his shoelaces.

Hester needs to be demoted immediately. He needs to go back to being the primary KR/PR and an occasional WR. Aromashodu and Bennett need to start with Knox in the slot. This does two things:

1.) You've got a guy back there on kickoffs and punts who literally makes special teams coaches $h!t their pants at the very sight of him. He won't be winded or distracted, and if he doesn't take it to the house the offense is almost guaranteed good field position.

2.) You remove a liability from the offense which Hester has undoubtedly become. Less headaches for Jay and the team.

At season's end we can trade Hester to the Raiders for a first day draft pick. Mr. Burns, I'm sorry, Al Davis would give anything for a player like Hester. Hell, he'd probably give half his team over for Urlacher. We really don't need either.

Hester and Urlacher for Nnamdi Asomugha and some draft picks. Who doesn't like the sound of that? Oh and throw Vasher in there too. I myself am salivating at the very thought of having Asomugha as a Chicago Bear. A rare talent and true shutdown corner.

One more time, Nnamdi Asomugha as a Chicago Bear. Chicago Bears cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. Get your pens and looseleaf paper out and let Santa Angelo know that you want a shutdown corner for Christmas.

Our defensive backfield would look like this next year if I had my way: CBs - Asomugha and Bowman/Graham Nickel: Manning (He stays there and learns as a CB) Strong: Payne/Afalava Free: Charles Tillman (Why not?)

Good luck passing on that. The rest of those bums can sellout to stop the run and the defense is good again.

Oh, and we of course have to get rid of Lovie and any of his associations. Here is why that is a must:

Cardinals - There was no intention of ever double covering Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, one of the best WRs in the game. Fitzgerald, who is tall, fast, runs perfect routes, can jump high, comes back to his QB when he is in trouble and can catch in traffic. No intention of double covering that man, at all.

Niners - Wasted twenty seconds at the end of the first half with all his timeouts. Could have had time for a TD.

Bengals: No double cover on Chad.

Team as a whole - Undisciplined, unmotivated and uncaring.

Lovie has proven time and time again that he cannot coach a professional football team let alone little league soccer. I bet that if Lovie ever took the Wonderlic and got his results back Gaines Adams would be right there to slap him on the back of his head. We drop that bozo and bring in a coach who can lead and inspire and things won't look so bad in twenty ten. This team can bounce back with the right moves.

oh wow this was too funny, creighton while you are knowledge-laden with football i usually disagree more often than not with your observations. however this little gem had me spitting out water laughing. this (and variations thereof) should be made into signs for the next beatdown the bears get at soldier field:

"If you want a perfect example of the Bears offense. The Bears line up in some sort of jumble package, get a delay of game penaly, Cutler is in shotgun, Kruetz rolls the ball to him, Cutler picks it up, the pocket collapses and a giant man is running up the middle right at Cutler, Cutler sidesteps, throw to the 260 pound TE Davis who gets run over by a 200 pound 9er making a play on the ball and its a pick. That sums up the Bears offense as a whole."

maybe too long for a sign but still good stuff. perfect example indeed. good point too about abysmal coaching, couldn't agree more.

lol at tripper, you're a pathetic excuse for a troll. getting on someone for spelling while spelling their name wrong TWICE in one try. congratulations on embarrassing yourself once again tripper.

ahhh..i now jay was a bad boy brad.....he is so naughty somtimes! :)
but do you now who is really bad braddy...taht lushious HUNK mendenhall!!! oh he is so bad ans somtimes i pretend he is dressed up in leather ans thne i say to him mendy mendy youve been baaaad!! its time for a spanking!! :)

but you guys now me old crap-ton..just trying to be posative....

ps do you loosers now wich tenets of the WCO thje bears are utilizing??? do you now my mommy can play lineman??? :)

Bringing in Jay Cutler to fix the Bears is akin to bringing in Sherriff Andy Taylor to fix corruption in Chicago City Hall…it just ain’t gonna happen folks! The Bears administration is dysfunctional mess and without any incentive to field a successful team. Say what you want about Ditka’s problem with authority and I’m sure you’ll understand why Bears brass prefer lap dogs in lieu of hiring coaches with brass ba$$s


I have to agree with you about Hester on returning him as the kickoff returner again. Remember only one year ago in 2007, teams would literally kick the ball out of bounds rather than have Hester return the kick. The Bears always started with excellent field position on just about every kickoff simply due to the intimidation factor of Hester as a kick off returner.

Hester needs to move to the slot full time or maybe share it with Knox, Hester needs to return both kickoffs and punts and on occassion next year after the Bears aquire Brandon Marshall, Hester can relieve him on some plays on the outside with Knox in the Slot.

I should be the Offensive Coordinator, although I would prefer to be the defensive coordinator. I would create a defense in someways similar to the Baltimore Ravens Defense of 2007 and 2008.

McCaskey's hire me as OC, I am right in line with your budget and I would be creative and have some ba!!s to not be so predictable, there would be some discipline to the offense, the team would really practice the run, block and pass instead of just playing catch at practice all week and if guys aren't showing discipline, they make stupid mistakes, false starts, unnecessary holds etc. then they will simply either get it right and be reliable or be traded to another team I would set a standard of penalties for the year that are acceptable, say two false starts per player on the offense, the first two penalties there will be no fine but the third it will cost the player $5,000 for each false start thereafter, same deal for the other penalties like holding although if a hold was to stop Cutler from being killed, I might cut the lineman a break. These stupid mistakes have got to end and the Bears have been one of the worst teams with penalties for two years running. Wins and stupidity do not go hand in hand.

As for the play calling a suggestion for Turner is to put all of the plays on a big lotto type board and spin it like the price is right, whatever play comes up use it. Now a good idea is to have it covered up so only you can see it, no camera's like the Patriots like to use as the play could reach the defense faster than it would to the Bears offense because the play clock just ran out again, oh well, time to spin it again.


The paragraph that Ice Cube quoted made me crack up too. Good one! However, I disagree about Cutler as far as this:

You and everyone are totally correct that he's trying to do too much, which is causing really stupid interceptions. But this has to be seen in full context. As we agree, Cutler has no line and no receivers. This creates two choices: he can either try to do things that are very high risk in order to move the team and score, or he can play very conservatively and hope to get field goals once in awhile.

Regardless of what else you think of him, there's no denying that Cutler has very strong competitive instincts. This is exactly what you want in your players, including a QB. Yes, those instincts must be reigned in sometimes by making smart decisions, but taking the chances Cutler takes is the only chance the Bears have of winning right now. There's no point in comparing the Bears to Indianapolis or New England, or Cutler to Manning or Brady, because Cutler does not have anywhere near those levels of football talent or coaching around him.

I guess the ideal situation -- being realistic -- would be for Cutler to realize that this team is going nowhere, to stop playing so aggressively, and go back to working on his fundamentals so that he doesn't digress -- which is already happening -- and to play and plan for the future, not the present. But that's a lot to ask of someone with a strong competitive nature, and I don't see anyone on the Bears coaching staff with a strong enough personality to get Cutler to do that.

Kevin, thanks for putting JC's interceptions into some kind of perspective for me. In fact, most of you guys have things balls-on. The best observations, however, are simply in-depth analysis of what a guy like me sees on the field. I'm a fan, but after seeing the way Virginia and Ted manage this team, I've given up trying to analyze things... So I just watch whenever I can. I see exactly what everyone else does-bad coaching. Ron Turner should be fired. Lovie Smith (dare I say it) should be fired. Their play calling is horrendous and the way their players act on the field, (fines for unsportsmanlike-the TRUE sign of an immature player, 10 penalties for 75 yards in a game), is an exact reflection of the coaching staff.
The lack of talent analysis is another thing... but they beat the Steelers, right? So there's enough talent in the team to win games... Cutler throwing to triple (I counted FIVE) coverage in the RZ is a sure sign of immaturity as well. Do the Bears even have a quarterbacks coach anymore? Fire him/her, too.
Creighton, nice stuff there, brother. However, and I guess part of the point I'm trying to make is, why bother? I've had it with this crap and the only way out is going to be after Virginia and Ted have passed on through Chicago to some other realm.

In my world, you don't try to analyze crazy people.

Hey ICE CUBE, aka FROZEN BRAIN.....I misspelled Creighton on purpose to show how stupid he too, I guess!!!! No wonder the Bears suck.....the fans are as stupid as the people running this Mickey Mouse Outfit!!!!!!!!!...Stupid is as stupid does!!Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!

again my evaluation of this team is rooted in reality...not in some love for Lovie...

the fact of the matter is that San Fran won because they had a better team

they had better linebackers, a better running back, better wide receivers, and better offensive line...

what do you think? no one ever went to devin hester and said dont jump offsides? no one ever went to chris williams and say "hey push the fat guy in front of you not the other wat around"?

I mean seriously...bad players are bad players...they are the one that miss tackles, get pancake blocked and are generally soft as baby shoes

lovie has his issues and hes on the end of his rope and im fine with that...but the thought process that somehow some screaming crazed coach is going to make superstars out of suck is just silly...

angelo built a roster of soft, oft injured, not very talented players...doesnt matter who the coach is

Since no one else had the balls to challenge another terrible Ed Hockmeup game, the Bears organization should pick up the tab for the one guy who has shown any passion or frustration. i mean, why TF wasn't Lovie out there jawing on that call?

By Tripper on November 14, 2009 2:22 PM
Hey ICE CUBE, aka FROZEN BRAIN.....I misspelled Creighton on purpose to show how stupid he too, I guess!!!! No wonder the Bears suck.....the fans are as stupid as the people running this Mickey Mouse Outfit!!!!!!!!!...Stupid is as stupid does!!Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, you are a special child!!!! Intentionally screwing up someone's name really shows them!!!! Especially when using multiple exclamation points to get your point across!!!! Congrats once again, you've revealed yourself to be much, much dumber than I previously imagined!!!!!!! I would say some regulars here noticed this too but I am betting they caught on a long time ago!!!!!! Even Brad called you out before!!!!! You would know all about stupid is as stupid does wouldn't you tripper gump!!!!!! I hope there's enough exclamation points here to meet your pitiful comprehension ability!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet when you say "stupid, stupid, stupid" it is actually you pointing at a mirror and saying "I'm not stupid, you're stupid"!!!!!!! Whatever makes you feel better for all the mocking and grief you undoubtedly are subjected to in your life!!!!!!!!!



Drop dead, Ice Cube...or should I say Creighton, Crap-ton, Brando, Cry-ton, dilillama, PackerBacker, Tomk4054, who ever you are at this second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good stats Kevin on Manning, and as someone said, Cutler really has been hit hard and fast this year, If he does not make snap decisions he gets clobbered HARD.
I thought Ron had some of the stupidest play calls aagain, I was sitting here in disbelief that he would run those stupid plays right at the gut.
Then or WR do not understand how to mfinish a play, we need a VET Good WR, like alot of us asked for Plax, now you guys understand why. A veteran WR finishes the play and curls in and doesnt let the DB step around/in front to steal the pass. Devin was the field wet?

`Did the paly calling help him? On the first pick in the red zone, they hand the ball off twice and get stuffed. Now it is all on Cutler, so what does turner do, he takes out his best endzone threat in Olsen and inserts Shaffer as an elgible linemen. So they line up in this sort of jumbo package, and try play action even though the 9ers are not respecting the run and not affraid of the run. So what do the 9ers do? They drop six into coverage on the goaline. They where ready for pass and had everyone doubled. No fear of the run'

Good Stuff!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw us run those first 2 plays like that.

First, good analysis and breakdown by Creighton as usual.

Second, for the Angelo apologists I keep hearing about how good he is at finding people on day 2. The problem with that is the day 1 people get huge contracts and every possible chance to fark up. Chris Williams is PLAIN TERRIBLE. I get the fact that this is basically is his rookie season and he's playing out of position but that's how money DICTATES your roster. Oh, he's injured? Let's throw money at him and use our #1 pick!!! But of course, I'm an idiot because I thought we shoulda drafted Rashard Mendenhall!

Third, Tripper ... can we hold a farking telethon for this guy? Seriously just keep mashing your little white helmet against the keys. I was able to snap a picture of Tripper when I was helping the Special Olympics take a look:

Finally, this team needs wholesale changes. Ted Phillips, Angelo, scouting staff, and coaching staff all need to go ... but it won't happpen.

Oh one more thing, it was bad enough that Angelo pissed away the equivalent of a late 3rd rounder when he took a deal to move back in the draft this year ... BUT how in the fark do we send a 2nd-rounder for Gaines farking Adams?!?

Also, Fox sports is looking for suggestions for naming the Vikings front four, let's overload their servers with: "BIG PHARMA"

By Tripper on November 13, 2009 8:37 PM
" moron..don't you have spellcheck?...blah, blah, blah.....i told you, you are the reason we keep on losing! So shut up and leave town!!"

By Tripper on November 15, 2009 9:34 AM
"Drop dead, Ice Cube...or should I say Creighton, Crap-ton, Brando, Cry-ton, dilillama, PackerBacker, Tomk4054, who ever you are at this second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So you spell my name wrong, and then blame me for all the Bears losses and call me a moron. Its clear you are a an idiot, a huge idiot.

Lets see what else? Oh you say all those people are me. But Ido believe it was Brad Biggs that called you out about liying and pretending ot be all those people. Brad called you out, not me. So basically you are a lying, idiotic, not job who can't spell. Everyone on this blog knows your a lying nut job who the blog owner called out for pretending to be other people. Nut job. Thats right Brando, even Brad knows your crazy. Its my fault the Bears are loosing??? I wish I had that kind of power idiot. But I guess I do because I own you and make your life miserable, and that makes me feel all warm inside. Look how upset you are. Man that makes me feel good. Poor little puppet is crying in caorner someplace cause big bad Creighton or should I say Crieghton, hahahaha is upseting him. Hey if yo uwant me to leave Chicago and are talking about me dying and killing me, make your move. Please, try me. In the mean time until you grow a pair and take your beating like a man could you quit crying and whinning all over the blog. "Brad make him go away" "Its all your fault" "I hate you I hope you die." You know you say "Crybaby" a lot, why is that what they call you at home and at school, cause you f###### cry and whine like a little B####. Shut the F### up if you don't have anything to contribute.

Everyone knows I can't spell, but really you use my name so much, you should learn how to spell it. FAT a$$....I saw your pic on Facebook! Get off the couch, you FAT SLOB and get a life. Or better yet, stay on the couch and eat yourself to death. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, FLOUNDER!!!! Hahahahaha that's your new name!! Everybody...Creighton has just become FLOUNDER!!! hahahahaha FATA$$!

Da Church of da Coach

As an ode to bygone days, how about "the Purple Pharma Eaters?"


I love it ... Has a nice ring to it don't it!

Purple-pill eaters?

Better living through Chemistry!

How about speed freak, fat, fatter and piglet for the four milk cows from Minnesota.

Tripper, I think you have taken one too many trips and left reality, time to reconnect with earth. Earth to tripper come in please.

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