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Cutler: "I don't know if we're going to exactly cut back on anything"

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If the Bears are going to cut back the offensive playbook for Sunday's game vs. the Arizona Cardinals, we'll have to wait until after practice to get that word from offensive coordinator Ron Turner.

It was Turner, visibly upset with a lousy offensive showing following the 30-6 victory over the Cleveland Browns, who suggested that could be coming. The Bears rushed for 170 yards in the game but only because Garrett Wolfe scampered 36 yards down the left sideline in garbage time, and it was still short of the average being allowed by the last-ranked Browns defense.

The Bears were a woeful 2-for-7 in the red zone, although you can eliminate one of the opportunities as it came after Wolfe's long run.

"I don't know if we're going to exactly cut back on anything,'' Cutler said before practice, which will be starting momentarily. "We've just got to execute better. The guys know the plays. They know what they're supposed to do. We've just got to do it.''

The red zone remains a hot topic as the Bears are now tied for 25th, struggle that has prevented them from being one of the top scoring teams in the league because they're ranked seventh in red zone opportunities.

"We could do a lot of things better [in the red zone],'' Cutler said. "The players, we've got to execute, we've got to draw some stuff up and maybe attack them in a different way. But we're doing good stuff. We're having opportunities down there.

"We've busted on a few red zone opportunities. That's all on the players. We're getting our chances. Everyone knows. We have to take advantage of it. Right now we're just not doing it. Earlier in the season we were a lot better.''

One idea would be to start throwing the ball into the end zone. The Bears have been hesitant to push the ball into the end zone with the exception of the short passes they have thrown right at the goalline. Complete that pass and, you got it, it's a touchdown.

Whatever happens, though, don't expect major changes.

"We're kind of in the middle of the season. We've got our base plays, we've got our concepts that we like,'' Cutler said. "It's just a matter of us running those. Each week we're going to have some different wrinkles and stuff. But the offense is what the offense is."

We'll see what Turner says the offense is going to be after practice. Stay tuned.

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The offense line is a pile of crap. Ron Turner you and your brother suck as coaches. Whoever the offensive line coach is he should be fired. Angelo who has forgotten about the offensive line in the draft should be fired, along with Lovie Smith. Everyone who is sick of this crappy play should join this website.

At least we haven't seen the 1 yard fullback plunge play this year, but alas there is still 9 games left.

What I don't get is a 3rd and 16 and we call a draw with good field position, did Turner forget his Ginko Biloba on Sunday? The play calling this year has been questionable and why don't the Bears get more aggresive from the 30 in and start hitting some throws into the end zone?

On the positive side, it is only the 7th game they have played as a unit with all new receivers, whole new line except Garza and Kruetz and now Beekman is back and a new QB. An offense does take some time to jel but we are now at the halfway point after Sunday's game, so one would hope the offense will start to click and do so very soon getting stronger with each and every game.

Go Bears, dominate the Cardinals!

ah yes turner and his terrible play calling, the way he calls plays i think is meant to make our offense ultra conservative. Not to mention we don't have a real play for anything longer than 3rd and 10, 75% of the time he will just call a draw or a screen and punt. Another sad thing, why is he still trying to run wolfe up the middle like he is steven jackson or brandon jacobs? Does he think wolfe can run through the legs of the other players? one of the saddest things ever.

lol at dahlillama, that fullback plunge was so bad last year, mckie is much to soft for that play, now if we had a lorenzo neal type fullback...

The system needs changed......not the players!!!!

The system needs changed......not the players!!!!......and we'll go from there!

"The players, we've got to execute, we've got to draw some stuff up and maybe attack them in a different way."

Yes, Jay, that would be if you had a real offensive coordinator, which you don't. Oh well, hope you don't get killed before the end of the season by opposing defenses running through our turnstyle line.

Ahhh the drama continues. Turner is a bad coach period. He led the Illini to a winless season.. (Nice!) Hes stuck in the mid 90's with his Dallas Cowboy'ish west coast whatever offense. It does appear that there is friction within the coaching staff now, which is good. For to long it was the, "We are coming along or we like the players have" crap. This team as a whole needs a face lift. There are some excellent core players to work with.. Cutler, Forte, Hester, Manning, Briggs.. but alot of new blood is needed. JA has put us behind the 8 ball with that Gaines Adams trade.. Hope we find some decent talent in that 3rd round...

The 3rd round Bears they are already calling us.

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