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Costas responds to Bears' silence: "What else can they say?"

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NBC-5 WMAQ caught up with announcer Bob Costas today to speak with him about being turned down by the Bears for a story Sunday night on "Football Night in America.'' The team was asked to supply quarterback Jay Cutler, coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo and was denied.

Costas and NBC will continue with plans to do a story on the quarterback and his struggles of late for the Bears leading into the network's broadcast of the game with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is a transcript of the interview supplied by NBC-5. We thank them for the heads up.

Q: Did you see the Sun-Times article today and what were your thoughts on it?

Bob Costas: Well, I'd rather that I and NBC not be the center of the story and I don't think that we are. And I don't think this is particularly a big deal. If let's say Jay Cutler had been removed as the starting quarterback and Lovie Smith had refused to talk about a specific move or something comes up with the commissioner of the league won't address a certain issue, then I think you have reason for complaint. In this particular case, I certainly don't take it personally. It's obvious that they have decided that there is nothing that they can add to it. What else can they say? The team has been playing poorly. Cutler had an especially bad game last time out. There isn't that much more that can be said about that, so they've decided that anything that they say just adds to the noise and they'll just out there and play on Sunday and let that be their answer. So, I understand. I don't have any particular problem with it.

Q: Did it bother you that the Sun-Times seemed to put you out in front of the story?

BC: I certainly don't take it personally. I think the answer would've been the same if it was Monday Night Football or if the request had been made by CBS or by FOX or whomever made the request. It's just the particular point in the Bears' season. I don't know Jay Cutler that well, but I've talked with him before and interviewed him a couple of times, seems like a nice young guy. I don't have any problem with him whatsoever and I'm sure at a different juncture either this season or next season, we'll sit down and talk again when the circumstances are different.

Q: Does it make you uncomfortable to be part of the story? I know broadcasters like to describe the story, not actually be a part of it.

BC: Yeah, you'd prefer not to be, but occasionally it happens because you can't control how other people decide to view it, but I don't think it's a terribly big deal.

Q: You've seen the Bears this year, this is the fourth time you will have done their games?

BC: On a number of levels, they are obviously not clicking offensively as one would have had expected and their ground game has not been as effective as one would have expected. And their defense has been in and out, but I don't see them every day in practice and I don't see them up close every week so I would guess that the people who cover them on a regular basis would have a better handle on that than I do.

Q: Do you think there will be any tension when you, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth attend the preproduction meetings this weekend?

BC: Oh no, not at all. No problems.

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Classy move by Costas and he's right! What really do the BEARS have to say at this point. Either win games or be gone from the standpoint of Angelo and Lovie, as for Jay it's the same thing; you want to be an elite QB WIN games, stop making dumb mistakes, become a professional both on and off the field. Everyone knows this is a do or die game for Chicago....with the lousy play going on the NFC east Philly can afford a loss and still be in the hunt, a Bear loss and we are done, they need to string together at least 3 out of 4 just to get back in the conversation.

This is one BEAR mannagement decision I agree with ....DO YOUR TALKING ON THE FIELD.....NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AT THIS POINT!

Creighton my man, your response is awaiting you on the other link.....

Really what are they suppose to say. You can't have Lovie and Angelo in the same place and ask them a tough question cause niether will give you answer.

Could you imagine Lovie being like "your right Marinelli didn't fix the line, I can't judge talent and don't know where anyone should play"

Or Angelo " Yep you nailed it Bob, I can't draft to save my life and I have no clue what I am doing. Sometimes I just laugh at the fact that someone pays me to do this. I mean really who extends two players with major injury concerNS?" "What half decent GM tries to build a line by signing well past their prime players or players who have never played a position?" "Wait till next year, Chad Cliftons a FA and I am trying to sign Curtis Enis out of retirment, awesome!"

How about Cutler? "I can't believe I left Denver for this mess, what was I thinking? So what McNugget is an @$$, who cares? I had Ryan Clady, Eddie Royal and Marshall." "God hates me"

I wish people would stop blaming Cutler for losses. One poster said if Jay wants to be an Elite QB then just win!
Name one Elite QB that became Elite without a Running Game, Good Offensive Line, and good Wide Outs?
Look at the Vikings. Hmmm, they are pretty good. Do they have a running game? Check. Offensive line? Check. Wide Recievers? Check.

Cutler can't do it by himself. Has Cutler made mistakes? Yes, but this is not on Jay?

Last game. Play selection. 1st Down- run 1 yard game!
2nd down - run 1 yard game! It is now 3rd and 8. I am no Defense Master but I know the Offensive Line Sucks and the Wide Outs can't get open in two seconds which is all they allow Jay to have.

Snap. 1 and 2. Ball better be gone or you are sacked.

THINK before you blame Cutler. Heck my retarded cousin can do that!

I bet your retarded cousin can snap a PSIII game controller clean in half with his bare hands, too...YayVandyCutlersCousin!

bubblegum and paperclips snapping...sounds of pass blocking

but do you blame the three stooges for not falling for some good ole ambush journalism?

I don't...


Creighton, that was awesome!!! lol

The Real question, Is what does Virginia think of this?

IMHO: She's ridiculously proud of this franchise; and probably thinks they're much better than they are? But, more BAD national press; let's all pray this disturbs her GREATLY and she has enough brains to sell off controlling interest before she passes away.

But if she's like my 83 DAD, she doesn't have clue anymore. WAIT, maybe she's the one calling for Garrett Wolfe into the center of the line on 3rd and 8.

This team is total S***. Fire the whole front office including the clueless Smith,,,,fans, boycott the Bears...that's the only way things will change.

Be serious Oh-Kwa it's football it's a game, the Bears faithful are like other counterparts in other cities. I live in Nashville they lost 6 straight with much better talent. The Bears are family owned instead of all this boycott crap get together a corporation and buy them if you don't like what you see. Angelo and Lovie buried this franchise and I fault Phillips and McCaskey they allowed the unholy trinity of Angelo/Smith and Turner to totally destroy this franchise with sorry talent evaluation. But they outsmarted Phillips and McCaskey they paid themselves for ineptitude and now we are stuck because the McCaskey's will stand pat until the contracts are done so if you are planning on boycotting I hope you have something to do for the next two fall and winters.

No wonder Jerry does'nt want to talk to Bob Costas ! If you read Mike Mulligans article today, you'll see Jerry spewing the same old crap ! We will "continue to develop our younger players" ? Who has this coaching staff EVER developed ? Yes, they get worse, but NEVER better. And if Jerry was not a PINHEAD , good players would be here and not need to be "developed" !! Jerry KNOWS Costas would have called him out on it! Jerry, who you crapp'in ?

Priceless photo of Angelo on the S-T's back page.

Angelo looks like he either just got laid (highly doubtful) or he just finished tokin' for the day.

Angelo sounds like a politician and that's never good for a GM.

Anyway, to Sunday's game...

Everyone seems to be picking the Bears. Eight days for Lovie to prepare and for the Bears to navel gaze about the Niners game.

Last time Lovie had this much time to prepare, the team was awful on the fundamentals.

Both McNabb and Cutler are awful at night. Both are facing banged up secondaries. Cutler has a mediocre receiving group and McNabb has no running attack.

Hmmm... let's see.

Both starting QBs get injured during the game via sacks. Backups are ineffective and it rains the entire game.

Eagles 9 - Bears 6

I heard someone say

Jay Is to Blame for the poor running game"

How in the hell?? When Forte runs we can't get past the tackle because he is tackled in the backfield.

Even Troy Aikman said the same thing!

When Jay has talent around him he will shine.

Case point.

Look at Matt Ryan, Turner gets hurt and the Falcons are losing games. Is it all of a sudden that Matt Ryan forgot how to play Quarterback? No, the issue is YOU have to be TWO DIMENSIONAL to succeed on the NFL.

Jay will be fine once we have a running game and time to throw.

THAT is just the TRUTH!!

Creighton they want Lovie to say, "OK, jokes over. I've waved my magic head coaching wand and it's all gone now. We are really 9 and 0, just like the Colts. Payton and Jay can't wait to have lunch together in Miami before the Pro Bowl. They can't play this year because they will be in the Super Bowl, but they still plan to go."

"And guess what?!!! The Queens are really 5 and 4!!! Now lay your heads down like good little fans and go to sleep." Followed by him crooning a Texas lullaby.

Costas is right. There's nothing more to say. I am not happy with the Bears this year, but I don't have a problem with them turning down NBC. We may not like the answers, but I can't see where Lovie Smith, Angelo, or the players (as a group) have dodged the questions.

It doesn't sound like NBC was going to break any new ground. They were going to ask those guys why the Bears are playing bad. We've all been kicking that around for weeks.

How does anybody like to answer the same repetitive questions over and over about why you've been screwing up? It gets old and it doesn't really help. I

Yeah, Jerry ... Da Church of Da Coach here with a 2-part question ... You're a douchebag and I hope you die in a fire. I'll hangup and listen to your answer.

Think NBC is trying to generate a little excitement for a game that has very little? Eagles have lost their last two games. The Bears have lost 3 of 4 and looked putrid in all of them.

VandyCutler -- point your chubby for Jay somewhere else. You must be a Cubs fan, too.

Ughhhh. I'm more clueless than Lovie and Angelo combined.

Anyone else read the Angelo interview? Well thats it, I backed off this guy for awhile now,but this is it, this mother ###### is a moron its on oh god is it on. I am going to wreck this b####. Have you read this garbage?

''Are we driven to find out where these players are coming from?'' Angelo said. ''We always do that regardless if we have draft picks or whatever. If something is good to us, if it can help, we'll do it.''

"Angelo insists the expectations the Bears carried into the season were not unrealistic and they can rise again, even this season, despite the uneven performances so far and the recent spate of losses. The great thing about running an NFL team, Angelo said, is that ''there is always hope'' because every year, two or three teams pop up with excellent chemistry and the right timing to compete for a title. He said the Bears don't have perfect players, but they have enough to win."

Win what? Win a game? Win two games or six games? They are not close to being good enough to a title.

Their are teams that are good every year, you haven't put jack on the field in years and your draft picks and FA are droping like flies as usual. This piece of s### has zero accountability. He could care less about this team, he has his fat contract and even if he is fired he gets paid and can retire without a second thought.

''If we continue to develop our young players, play good on both sides of the line -- the quarterback has to play well -- I don't see why we can't compete with just about anybody,'' Angelo said. ''There are some teams, obviously, that really have it going, but there are always going to be those two or three teams. And we would certainly like to be one, but we're not at that level now. Do I think we could be? Yes. But we're not.''

What world is he living in? Is he watching the game, "if we continue to develop players"??????? Is that a joke #### face? Continue to play well on both sides of the line. What the hell Brad??? Has this fool watched a game? This guy is actually saying there are really good team out their but that we don;t need to be one. We can be one of these teams that pops up every few years makes a run and then drops off. Oh boy the GM's plan is to go out and win once every 5-6 years. So the guy expects to be bad most of the time. He is actually saying we don't get to be one of those really good teams, but on a rare occasion we will be good for a short period of time. IS THAT A F###### joke. If he means what he says about wanting to do what is best for the team, then he nees to QUIT!!!!!!!! He has been here sense 2001 and he is not turned this team into an elite team, but he needs more time? Let me guess give him 3 more years and we will have 10 win team for a season and then 5-6 years of bad, then another 10 win team. How the #### does he just not kill himself?

How is he not getting hammered for this?

Yeah, Creighton...

Notice how Angelo keeps saying "compete" instead of "win" or "defeat."

The guy simply wants a team that competes.

Nothing against Lovey. He's a good coach. Needs healthy players.
Nothing against Cutler. He's a decent QB. Needs pass protection.

But neither of them truly understands Bears football.

You need a coach like Ditka or Singletary, and a QB that isn't afraid to take it on the chin, like a Luckman or a McMahon. You need linebackers like Butkus and Urlacher, running backs like Payton, and for heaven's sake get the ball on kickoff returns to Hester.

The team needs to return to Chicago Bears style football. Not some fancy wildcat or west coast thing, but old fashioned, smashmouth football.

There's a reason they used to call us the "Monsters of the Midway"....

A fourth-rate football team snubs a fourth-rate TV network. Amazing! I guess the Bears figured Jay Leno would show up to interview them instead. Sunday will be an unwatchable prime-time game on an unwatchable network with an unwatchable team with an unwatchable quarterback, along with promos for unwatchable show, "Heroes".

The key word here is "unwatchable".

West Coast how long you been out there? Must've been a long time or you have become like the rest of the west coast and have no clue about the NFL since there hasn't been a team out there in eons. The Bears mom & pop ownership have been hoodwinked into believing they have a coach and a general manager, these two theives have stolen money from the franchise for four years and are getting paid top dollar for this mess. Give Angelo credit he has no clue when it comes to talent but he sure knows a mark when he sees one.

shame on you vandycutler for bringing your cousin into it. Using the word retarded is just wrong and makes you look like a total tool.


Look at what the coast has: The Niners, the Raiders, the Seahawks. (Oh, yeah. The Chargers. Them too.)

That being said, at least The Bears can attract some talent. Try that in Oakland or Seattle. Niners have to lose player baggage. Give Singletary another year to recruit some talent.

I stand by my comments: The Bears need players and leadership that understand Bears-style football. No cute tricks, no fancy plays. Just good old fashioned football. With a front four that any one guy could replace the entire front four on any other team. With a QB that can throw for 12-15 yards without blinking. Give him some pass protection. Get a coach in there that does not tolerate stupid mistakes.

You think Cutler'd be in there if Papa Bear Halas was still around, or Mike Ditka or Mike Singletary were head coach? They would have benched his butt! (If they would have traded for him in the first place.)

Not to say Cutler can't play. He can--again, he needs pass protection--but what the Bears need is not just a QB, but a leader. With Urlacher out, the team needs a leader desperately.

Coach Smith needs some healthy players, who play and understand that this is the BEARS, not Miami or SF. We play hard out here.

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