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Chris Williams fined five large for personal foul at San Francisco

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Chris Williams has more penalties than any other player on the Bears with five, and his most recent cost him.

The right tackle was fined $5,000 for unnecessarily striking an opponent late in the loss to San Francisco last week. Williams jumped over the pile to hit a 49er after the play was over at the start of what the Bears hoped would be the game-winning drive.

Three 49ers were fined coming out of the game:

*** Delanie Walker was fined $5,000 for kicking an opponent.

*** Tarell Brown was fined $5,000 for taunting.

*** Arnaz Battle was fined $5,000 for a facemask infraction.

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Gee, and I thought that kicking got you ejected and the other two penalties are 15 yarders. Seems like double jeopardy to me. Has anyone asked for an accounting of this fine money from the NFL? What's that now, New Financial Leverage? New Fiscal Liars? No Financial Limits? It sure as hell has nothing to do with football. Come to thjink of it, neither has the Bears organization.

Sounds like Obama's new tax...I mean health care plan

bears should have taken ian johnson from the vikes or isaac redman from the steelers.

wiiliams is a bust!they should've taken brandan albert from the chiefs.

Toby are you just pretending or ar you really that stupid? This is a sports blog keep your comments to yourself. As for Williams Loadholt was the man to take he is the starting right tackle for the viqueens now. Actually they should have drafted both, both were availible and would have made nice bookends for years to come. But that's the Bears JA is smarter than anyone else and is so busy collecting quantity he dismisses quality. Always trying to get by on the cheap.

Reading some of these comments just makes me shake my head...

Deputydawg. Loadholt and Williams were not in the same draft. Loadholt is a RT, in 2008 the Bears main need was LT, however they could have gone with Jeff Otah or Albert. They could have got Loadholt in the last draft and he was a major need, or Max Unger who is also a major need. But why do that when you can trade down and draft Gilbert and Iglesias. Two players who can;t even sniff the field.

Oh and if you really want to shake your head. The word is Gilbert is really, really bad. He can jump out of a pool though. People are saying him Melton and Iglesias will not be in the nfl long. But don't worry if your fans of these guys cause Angelo is sure to give them extensions for sitting on the bench and will keep them around far longer than most teams would.

So Angelo traded down to take a bunch of garbage, because he can't judge talent, but he liked their size. Whoc cares if they are good football players. In fact here is a video with Anelo and Lovie talking about their picks.

At least we have a second round pick next year. Oh wait we traded that for a guy who is considered a bust by the team that drafted him. Why draft your own busts when you can trade for someone else's after they have already been exposed. Oh thats right Rod Marinelli is going to fix everything.

Enjoy the video, its like listening to Al Davis talk about players.

Creighton I know they were in different drafts but talent is talent and even though they needed a LT when you are hurting on the O-Line like this team you need to stop the downward spiral and draft the best availible, In the positions they were drafted both could have been had. But one thing is for sure JA watches youtube. As I have said before this unholy trio of Angelo/Lovie/Turner will come out at maybe 6-10 and we will still be stuck with 2 out of 3 because Angelo suckered the McCaskey family accountant into what is a Barry Madoff NFL style scam.

Dane Noble: Reading some of these comments just makes me shake my head...

... but he doesn't because his little white helmet is just too heavy. Rally Dane, that some serious contribution you made. I mean I woke up this morning wondering what a whiny-assed little internet d-bag though about the comments on Biggsy's blog. I have to admit when I saw your comment I was so excited I peed a little. How about you go outside and play hide and go fark yourself?

As for Chris Williams ... Anyone else wanna tell me and Creighton how stupid we were for LAMBASTING Jerry Angelo for not taking Rashard Mendenhall? Williams sucks out loud.

// And for anyone telling me hindsight is 20/20 ... I refer you to this:

Creighton I am aware of the draft classes, Cherilus, Brown, Otah and Baker all came after Williams and were starters day one not injured.And in 08 Albert, Rachel and Collins were availible, in 09 Lang and Kopag were there, thats not counting the defensive players. Angelo has screwed the pooch for years and is being handsomely compensated for incompetence.

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