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Center Olin Kreutz sidelined again

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Center Olin Kreutz remained sidelined at practice for the second consecutive day today.

The veteran missed Monday's 75-minute practice, and it wasn't a veteran's day off if he's still sideline today. He completed the game last Thursday at San Francisco, but may have suffered some type of rib injury. We'll see if more details are available after practice and when the injury report is released.

Kreutz has a long history of durability and has missed just one game since the start of the 2001 season, a 2002 matchup at St. Louis after he had his appendix removed. The guess here is he's ready to play Sunday night.

Tight end Desmond Clark (neck) and safety Kevin Payne (back) are also sidelined.

Check back later on for more details.

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Who is lining up at center with Olin sitting out? Garza or Beekman? Or Raiola?

Is there any indication of what is wrong with Kreutz? Given how badly our line has picked up the blitz so far this year, not having Olin against the Eagles is going to be ugly. I think it would be nice to get an idea of whether Beekman can play center, but I would be scared about a left side of Pace, Omiyale, and Beekman at center. That would be a rough go of it.

Maybe we can finally have a game without any STUPID illegal snap penalties, fumbled snaps or shotgun snaps to Cutlers ankles. Kruetz you're an overrated bum.

Nice one, Tom!

Same old Management, living in denial, but not so much that they're willing to talk about it. Every year, all excited about a group of draft picks, half of which are injured prone, half of which don't make the roster. The one guy who makes it, is usually a pleasant surprise.

QB center exchange is just one of many examples of the simple things that they can't execute...
or of stupid things they "Garrett Wolfe btw the tackles on the goal line" :-)

Curious why Costas didn't want to talk to R.Turner. Probably figured the interview would be as uninspired as the Bears offense.

Ok, so lets see if they can win one, but if they lose, then we better see some wholesale changes on this Offensive line to 'test' the abilities of specific players. Thats what a smart organization would do at 4-6

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