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Catching up: Afalava questionable, Payne out & tidbits

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Finally made it to San Francisco after a long journey through the airport and via the air. No, United didn't break my guitar, but it wasn't a fun travel day. Let's catch up on some news from the day.

*** Kevin Payne has been ruled out for Thursday's game with a back injury and Al Afalava, who didn't practice this morning, is questionable. If Afalava cannot play, it is expected that veteran Josh Bullocks will get an opportunity.

*** No big news on the Niners' injury report, although wide receiver Isaac Bruce is questionable with an ankle injury. You can check out the full and final injury reports below.

*** The Bears-Vikings game at the Metrodome on Nov. 29 has been moved from noon until 3:15 p.m. Kevin Seifert over at points out that the Vikings can clinch the NFC North that day. It's not a likely scenario and the Bears would have to lose that day as well as either once to San Francisco on Thursday or next week vs. Philadelphia.

*** Ervin Baldwin, known as G-Ball to some, has been signed to the Indianapolis Colts practice squad. The defensive end was a seventh-round pick by the Bears in 2008.

*** Ex-Bears cornerback Marcus Hamilton has signed with the Las Vegas franchise in the UFL.

*** The Eagles, the Bears' next opponent after the Niners, have some issues in their secondary. Cornerback Ellis Hobbs was placed on injured reserve with a neck injury and nickel back Joselio Hanson has been suspended four games by the NFL for violation of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

*** Finally, the injury report:



S Kevin Payne, back--DNP, DNP, DNP
RB Garrett Wolfe, kidney--DNP, DNP, DNP


SS Al Afalava, shoulder--DNP, DNP, DNP


TE Desmond Clark, neck--LIM, LIM, FULL
DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM, LIM, FULL
CB Charles Tillman, shoulder--LIM, LIM, FULL

San Francisco


CB Nate Clements, shoulder--OUT
RB Glen Coffee, concussion--OUT
DT Demetric Evans, shoulder--OUT
LT Joe Staley, knee--OUT


WR Isaac Bruce, ankle--LIM


S Michael Lewis, quadricep--DNP, FULL, FULL
RB Michael Robinson, stinger--DNP, FULL, FULL
DE Justin Smith, not injury related--DNP, FULL (removed from injury report)
LB Takeo Spikes, shoulder--DNP, LIM, FULL
S Curtis Taylor, shin--DNP, FULL, FULL
TE Vernon Davis, shoulder--LIM, FULL, FULL
WR Jason Hill, ankle--LIM, FULL, FULL
TE Dalanie Walker, shin/knee--LIM, FULL, FULL
G David Baas, stinger--FULL, FULL, FULL
CB Tarell Brown, rib--FULL, FULL, FULL
RB Frank Gore, eye lid--FULL, FULL, FULL

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Bullocks!!??? Lol, here is the scoop on Bullocks:

I know I've posted that before but it's just too funny to forget about.

I've had it with Lovie. I'm even part of that "Fire Lovie" website. But darn it, I still want to see my Bears win from here on out. The Niners have crap QBs and the Eagles got beat by Oakland. It's not unfathomable to see "W's" there. And as far as the Vikings are concerned, division games are never gimmies.

If the Bears are going to get off the Bus running, maybe they should stay in the Castro

And the Vegas for the odds on which direction they run
pick em...towards

Wait Bullocks is starting? LMAO, what happened to Steltz? I guess I can go cross another one off the Jerry Angelo College exchange program, known as the Bears draft.

Brad you don't think the Eagles and Vikings can beat the Bears, I watched the Eagles and Vikings. You know what they have? They good QB's and good pass rushers, oh and blizting they both know how to blitz. Oh and that the Vikinga O-Line, have you seen them? Or that Peterson dude, seriously, Brad??? WTF. You don't think they can beat the 9ers but they are going to beat those two teams???

I want you to watch something ok. The last vid is the best one, its the Bears Brain trust in action.

My my. This has to be the dumbest column of the year. Danny Pompei says that the Bears can't fire Lovie because it'll cost money.,0,5658230,full.column

In the comments someone actually made a good point about how no one who was suckered into paying a lot of money for what turned out of be rotten food would be reasonably expected to stay the course. Irrecoverable losses are just that. Live and learn is the only solution.

"It's not a likely scenario and the Bears would have to lose that day as well as either once to San Francisco on Thursday or next week vs. Philadelphia."

Are you kidding me? In what world is this not a likely scenario? Seems to me this is a most likely scenario.


paraphrased = "The Bears are one of 10 teams that haven't produced a Pro Bowl position player via the draft since 2005. Angelo has drafted 43 players in the last five drafts and they count 10 of those players as starters, but none of them are elite.

2005 = swing n' a miss; 2006 = Devin Hester; 2007 = Greg Olsen; 2008 = Chris Williams.

Angelo has failed to add blues-scouts' term for elite players-via the draft in a half-decade"

And why do we believe this is going to change.....can we see any kind of comparison in staffing/personal evaluation between clubs. The RAVEN's are clearly near the top of the class w/ Ozzie Newsome involved.

I say The Bears have to win up front regardless of the coach. Chicago can win ALL of their remaining games if they don't have dumb penelties and we can get a pass rush. No false starts by the offensive line and we have to get to the qb. Josh Bulocks playing is terrific, let us see what he has. Some players are horrible in practice and after someone get's hurt wow they are great. Marcus Robinson was how long on the bench? So let's see we might be pleasantly suprised and yes I know he sucked on the aints but let's see what he has who knows he might have 10 tackles and 4 picks returning all for touchdowns. If anyone knows the number for any bear offensive lineman please call and ask them to please block this week against the 49ers.

I think Cutler is the future, let us design an offenense around him and forget about the joke of a running game. Jay isn't the problem the defense is the worst I have ever seen in a BEARS uniform can these bears play for George Halas? Ditka? skip Wanne skip Dick, skip Lovie future good bears coach?
If we lose to the 49ers lets move to the CFL.

We better put nine in the box and make Alex Smith beat us!!!!!...It's a shame our offense doesn't get to play against our defense...that would help our 23rd ranked rushing attack!!

Just like I should not be quoting the unbelievably biased and arguably delusional Larry Mayer, Brad your too good of a writer to be taking ANYTHING that comes from Mr. I am Truly a Viking Seifert as unbiased reporting. The ONLY thing that I've seen comes from him lately that is NOT Vikings biased is his very recently placed article where he actually degrades the Bears opponent a wee bit more than the Bears. The man calls himself a non biased blogger, but unlike the truly non biased bloggers who have the willingness to degrade/criticize their own favorites he only chooses to degrade/criticize the Bears, the Packers, and the Lions, while only wooing, complementing, brown-nosing and turf-kissing the Vikings. He has an immensely difficult time complementing the other teams in the division even if it would be in the slightest form. Don't get me wrong I am fully aware of the Vikings success at this time, but do not call yourself a fair and balanced reporter when the prime spectrum of your writing is focused on one team, in this case Mr. I am a Vikings Loyalist Under the Guise of Non-Biased Reporting Seifert. Brad, you are one of the few writers as well as the writers on the Chicago Bears news posts and the Chicago writers who are actually fair and balanced and who criticize the Bears when needed and produce the positives when available.

As for tonights game, I personally want us to win but in order for us to have change on our team, we need to lose. We the fans can certainly be the ones that make the difference in the matter by staging from extreme matters as protests to the more subtle and quite frankly more effective avoidance of purchasing merchandise and tickets - which will certainly hit them harder than the protests because it hits them where they worship the most their wallets. If we decrease their sales and their money they are wiping the backsides with with the message that we the fans and quite frankly many of the Bears reporters and writers claiming the need for change in the org, than we really ought to begin that campaing now. I have already started by vowing not to buy any merchandise and gave my two remaining tickets to my father-in-law. The change needs to occur and it needs to occur immediately. I know that my lone protest probably wont make much of a dent, but one can only hope and pray

Last time Alex Smith played the Bears, he ran up and down the field on us at will. Granted, only preseason, but I'm looking at a career game.

If you put 9 in the Box that means you leave Bullocks on Davis in man coverage. They would kill us.

Brad the Vikings are playing Detroit, Seattle and then the Bears, and just had their by week so they are rested and healthy. They will destroy those teams, they did win six in a row so they could win 3 in a row against 3 teams who don;t have winning records and the Bears are facing 3 teams two of which have winning record. The Bears have won one game against teams with a winning record.

Dave I don't like Pompei but I get his article, but actually I don;t think he went deep enough. I bloged about that same thing earlier this week. Except I took it to the GM and scouting as well. The fact is the organization needs an overhaul and it would cost more money than they have to spend. The Bears have trapped themsleves and they can't get out of it. They can't afford to fire everyone they need too and replace them. They are stuck so they are going to have to ride out the bad contracts. Turners contract is up but he may get a one or two year contract to finsh out his time with Lovie rather than bring in a new OC. Not many people will want to come into a job when they know the coach and GM are on the hot seat and the talent level on the team is bellow average. The Bears are stuck and they did it to themselves.

Dave I guess the point I am making is that this is not PIT or Indy. You can bring in a new head coach their without doing much. The GM,OC, and DC is not going anyplace and they have great scouting, in Indy its the same, you may change up the DC. But you can bring in a head coach their and just run the system. If it was just firing Lovie the Bears would be ok, but its not, its a total overhaul. Its like building a new organization. Its a lot of work and money in fact its more because you would have to pay all the new staff and the old staff. Its insane.

Thanks for the thoughts, Creighton and others. I guess it just infuriates me that we have to put up with this for another two years.

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