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Bullocks to start at safety in place of Afalava

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SAN FRANCISCO--Veteran Josh Bullocks will make his first start with the Bears as a right shoulder injury will sideline rookie strong safety Al Afalava.

Bullocks has been inactive the last two games, and has been used pretty much just on special teams when he has dressed. Kevin Payne, another option at safety, is also inactive as he has a back injury.

Bullocks was chosen over Craig Steltz, a fourth-round pick in 2008.

Wide receiver Devin Aromashodu is active for the game with running back Garrett Wolfe sidelined with a kidney injury.

Here are the Bears inactives: WR Juaquin Iglesias, S Al Afalava, RB Garrett Wolfe, S Kevin Payne, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, G Lance Louis, DT Matt Toeaina, DL Jarron Gilbert

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We are doomed.......Cutler is horrible!!! What a waste of money and draft picks! This team is set back for the next decade!!!

I know Bear fans where right about Orton, but it looks like Denver fans where right about Cutler. He can't throw in the red, he throws everything in the middle. 5 picks????? Look three where not on Cutler but those two in the red where all him. This loss is on him and the line. Can't run the ball, can't protect the QB and can't score in the red.

I have no delusion that the 49ers have a good offense, but the Bears haven't got one either. Looks like we gaveaway two first round picks for nothing. You can have Orton here and get these results.

Just disgust. Thats it for the season, this team is done. When the game was on the line it was flags and an INT's.

This team sucks. Watch when the Bears have to play the Vikings the defense won't show up and you know the offense won't be their.

Makes me sick, and Lovie acting like his defense has changed. His defense always shows up against bad teams. Beat a good damn team you piece of ####.

What a pile of garbage, Cutler needs to take his head out of his @ss. Turner has no clue how to call a game, the line sucks, and the recievers arn't good enough, and someone needs to teach Cutler some footwork, he is literally regressing. He thinks he can throw off that back foot anytime he wants. STEP IN TO IT DIP ####!!!!

10 Penalties for 75 yards. Oh and wtf Kruetz learn how to snap a damn ball.

Cutler as the franchise???? Not anymore, he keeps this up and he will be benched by next year. Stop trying to do it all by yourself, if its not their eat it or throw it away. All that talent, and he is literally throwing it away. Someone coach this kid, anyone, he has all the damn talent in the world and needs help.Its simple, Clean up his footwork, why does every QB that comes here not work on his footwork? Rex had problems, Orton had problems and Cutler has problems, and Cutler did not have many problems with his feet before. He threw off his back foot sometimes, but he does it on every damn play now, I get it he is running backwards most of the time. He is spotting his recievers which is something he didn't do much of in Denver. What a mess I said earlier in the year, if this keeps up he would begin to regress and that is just what he is doing. Trying to do everything, and trying to make something out of nothing. Take what they give you.

Hey wanna know what you and the Bears have in common???? You both SUCK! Enjoy sticking up for your boy Cutler this time!!!!!! MAybe you can meet him in the locker room with your pink panties on to cheer him up, fat lard!!!!

Creigh-baby...wah wah wah!!

Hey the big non-Bear fan Brando came out after the Bears lost to show how much he hates the team. What shuck, any time any place you chicken s### p####. Now go back to hiding.

Yes..the loss is very upsetting...but for real..folks need to chill (see...Anonymous)... Cutler is a great talent..and a he needs to be surrounded with some additional talent... a true #1... a true left guard and left tackle.. then the o is ready roll...I'm sure with lovie, turner's and jerry's jobs on the line we will see them be active in the free agent market..they did save cash from the two number ones, plus two number twos that have been traded...Even w 4 picks they had a chance tonight and that was because of JC's you think if Orton threw 4 picks that he would hv a chance of making that drive?? HELLLL NO! Look at all the 60, 70, 80+ yard drives they have had...and yes it would help if they finish them with a TD instead of pick... But buck bear fans we are closer to a SB then we were at the end of last year... GO BEARS !!!!!

Oh ya... Bear fans ...don't worry I don't think Cutler will set the record for most interceptions in a season which is 42 by hall of famer George Blanda...also the record in a game is, of course..held by a former Bear.. James Hardy (??) in 1950 with 8...while JC obviously needs to pull it in a notch especially in the red zone the guy is a great talent...JA get him a true #1 AND some linemen... open up that purse !!! GO BEARS!!

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