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Brotherly love? Bears will play Eagles for 4th straight year in 2010

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Can't get enough of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Well, I've got good news for you.

They'll be back.

The Bears host the Eagles on Sunday night at Soldier Field for the second consecutive year, and the Bears will invite them back to Soldier Field again in 2010 in an odd twist of the schedule. The Bears play the entire NFC East next season. This year, they drew the Eagles because they finished in corresponding positions in their division last season. So, the teams are meeting for the third straight year and next season will make the fourth straight year they will face Donovan McNabb and the gang.

Here is how the Bears will wind up playing the Eagles four straight years:

2007, at Philadelphia--Played the entire NFC East.

2008, at Soldier Field--Both finished in last place in their divisions in 2007.

2009, at Soldier Field--Both finished in second place in their divisions in 2008.

2010, at Soldier Field--Bears will play the entire NFC East.

Here is the entire Bears' schedule for 2010:

Home: Philadelphia, Washington, New England, New York Jets, NFC West corresponding finisher, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

Away: Dallas, New York Giants, Buffalo, Miami, NFC South corresponding finisher, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

So, taking an entirely too premature look at it, the Bears would host Seattle in 2010 and travel to Carolina.

Stay tuned. And get the guest room ready for your friends from Philadelphia. Again.

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When did the NFL annouce they were going to extend the current schdule format into next season? This isn't even on the Bears web site yet.

Come on, TAMPA! You can beat Carolina out for third!

You can't figure out what dates the teams will play or what times, but you can figure out what teams you will road and home.

But at least we get to face the Eagles again, WTF? Sick of the Eagles already. Eagles fans must love the fact that we keep hosting them.

I count 9 primetime games choices for the NFL to choose from. This list of teams is bank for the nfl. Lots of big money high viewership, huge ratings games.


That looks like another 6-10 or 7-9 season at best........especially if Lovie returns next year......

Tough schedule, looks like it's "Go Blackhawks" again.

We actually get to go to Dallas and witness the $1.12 BILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE! At least I have that to look forward to!

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